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Grepolis is a NEW internet browser strategy online war game that allows you to build tribes and alliances, and conquer other tribes in order to gain more lain and more bonus rewards. Grepolis is extremely easy to start playing and required just a Username, Password and an email address to get started.

Unlimited Resource

It is of key importance to work out a lot about your market. You need to choose your village and then compare it with the other villages. You should see what their greatest needs will be and use this to your advantage. Make sure that your main resource is what the opposite village needs the most - This gives you a headstart before you have even begun! Now its time to work on your market. Make sure that you focus heavily on storage and ensure that your market can deal with high numbers of trading resources. A high number is above 1800.  Once you have resource should trade it into whatever the opposing village is after. This way you can ensure that you will get a better exhange rate every single time. All you need to do is switch back once you have done it, and reverse the trick! It can be time consuming but you will be rewarded heavily for your perserverance.

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How To Stop Hacking and Cracks

You should always make sure that your account details are safe and not shared with anyone. There are large groups of people that aim to hack into user accounts and withdraw the success that has been achieved. Passwords should not be guessable or simple. e.g. 1234. The best passwords normally have lower and upper case, as well as numbers, and are betweem 12 and 16 digits. However this doesn't mean that you should have your street adress, e.g. crumblestreet1 - because this is also easily obtained information!

If playing the game in a public place, or using a public computer than it is important that you do not select "Save / remember password"... By doing this you are inviting the next user, or people connecting through unsecured networks to hack your user ID. Grepolis will never ask you for your password, so make sure that you do not fall for any scams that could take place in order to obtain your password or personal details.

Try not to use the same passwords on different sites, as there is no way of knowing whether these sites are secured properly.

Codes & Cheats

There are no codes or cheats for Grepolis - the best way to be success is to be patient and play for yourself. Build good teams and good resource, once you have achieve this it is simply a case of how effeciently and how effectively you use what you have - and essentially it comes down to good management. Once you have cracked it you will be laughing.

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gunbun 6 years ago

helloooooooooooooooo can i see a vidioe

hy 6 years ago

yes, please expline you us how we can do .... or maybe you can expline us how we can farm more resource for we can up quikly.


sam 6 years ago

how do you unlock trades/esspionage/and the princess thingy on the grepolis game

liam 6 years ago

you have to buid it and plz join my alliance it it called the anzacs of grepolis

ecm10 6 years ago

i am using my grepolis name concintrating in gamma my alliance rank is 69 so join now

adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

The game invites their users to a journey in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Ulysses and the beautiful Helene. All about ancient Greece.

alicia 6 years ago

please can you tell me some codes

ruben 6 years ago

battlefield heroes is the best online game

i have vote other becouse he don,t stand there

its the best online game

whoperkins 6 years ago

Join my alliance "Elite Crew" for easy trade and to become part of a brother hood on Grepolise

jared123456789 6 years ago


Dimitrij 6 years ago

Alexander the Great is not from Greece . He is MACEDONIAN..

Dylan 6 years ago

Runesape is better

Dylan 6 years ago

im a rank 103

wouterexkil 6 years ago

runescape is better

anonymous :/ 6 years ago

runescape is old and boring

manslayer1 6 years ago

ya grepolis is better runescape is pretty boring but fun at the same time look me up the city is manslayer1

Sabzzyy 6 years ago

grepolis is wicked im number 1 in ocean continet in zeta !!whoooooop ;) u have to play repolis it is wicked

Phaikrates 6 years ago

Join the mighty alliance of the Hellenic League!

mr hanky 5 years ago

game is epic my alliance is second in gamma and my name is wasty

jefferson 5 years ago

the best game go to zeta and join Divison 6

andrew norris 5 years ago

club penguin rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Death 07 5 years ago

join my alliance called Rage in the delta world

emd244w 5 years ago


CHEESE 5 years ago

ask Bizarre on Grepolis to join The Invaders

ANGELO 5 years ago

greatest game ive ever played! all games involving ancient greece is sooo coool! MAN I WANT TO MOVE THERE! :D

phoenicia 5 years ago


ladan 5 years ago

if you want to get resource then do this.

WOOD=build Timber camp.

STONE/ROCK=build Quarry.

SILVER COINS=build silver mine.

POPULATION=build farm.

to get silver mine you must have timber camp level 3

triny4 5 years ago

if you like spartans and are in lota join the Hard Core Spartan Camp it needs players thanks

oreyoh 5 years ago

join the blood hounds or the bloods wut ever u want

anonymous 5 years ago

Hellenic League are a bunch of nubes... Infinitive had you guys begging for mercy ..

Lawrence Boone 5 years ago

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Coleton16 5 years ago

Grepolis is the best. If you are in Iota join the Vampire Knights

LatLos13 5 years ago

how do you become apart of an alliance, cuzz they say u must be intited, but alot yall want us to join you. Also do guys have any way i can make my resources sky rocket???!!! ^_^

plinvinciboy 5 years ago

qui connaitrais des cheat codes??,

skull crusher  5 years ago

Join the world of NU and join Narcotic Casserole u wont regret it

me 5 years ago

Alexander is Macedonian., not greek.

zoran 5 years ago

is there any way to demand resources from everyone under you control at once?

gk4com 5 years ago

grepolis is but take forever to build and get money

Blue 5 years ago

Grepolis is awesome. It's such a refreshment as compared to travian and ogame.

Btw I found a grepolis cheats site, is it legit? The site is :

xrogerx 5 years ago

come si va acancerlarsi da greopols

jethro75usa 5 years ago

You just need to be bad azz like Lords of Light from theta.If you join theta contact me jethro75usa 5 years ago

grepolis is the best game ever

ZOMBIE MAN 5 years ago


stinkyman 5 years ago

Grepolis is the best I'm stinkyman in sigma number one top ocean.Join Bucking Fretal the 30 top alliance.

deathkingson 5 years ago

how do you become a vapir night in gripolis

zeus 4 years ago

everybody knows that alexander is greek,skopians stop that filthy propaganda.

bob marley 4 years ago

i heart runescape my name is oojay7

kosovadude 4 years ago

alexander is albanian and ancient greece didnt exist they were all illyrians.

THOR 4 years ago

ha your all a joke when it comes to the real god Of THUNDER!

CÚ 4 years ago

Vai se fuder eu quero e hackear esse caralho seu filha da puta

pal no có ro ró 4 years ago


achilles 4 years ago

Mr super ASH HOL kosovadude...................

you don't now anything about history,open a book and read before you writhe somthing..

LOL in a few years they gonna tell us Alexander is from Germany.

Jon 3 years ago

Hah! I haven't played Grepolis for a while ,definitely a good game. I've been playing a lot of Vindictus. I started using the vindictus hacks that I found at Working pretty good so far. I kind of feel my characters a bit too powerful though lol

Raizo 3 years ago

when i copy the confirm activation code and erase the the link above and then paste it and press enter then it says : ANTI SPAM PROTECTION

Complete one survay to continue

Click here to see if you are a winner

and then nothing happens but in the vedio it successfully happens can u tell me what to do i really need gold and resources

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