Game Battle! Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility vs. Animal Parade


Harvest Moon games have been around for a little while now, and they all are very similar with slight differences. This article is about the two Harvest Moon games that were specifically for the Wii, and it will cover their similarities and differences.At the end I will state which one i think is better overall

-Both games have the same, solid Harvest moon gameplay. This includes growing crops, raising animals, and of course finding a spouse.
-Both games have the same Bachelors and Bachelorettes
-You can have a variety of pets from dogs to bears

Tree of Tranquility:
-You can pick one of three plots to put your house
-There is a part time job feature where you can grab a little extra cash.
-The game takes place on an island
-In ToT the Harvest Goddess is in trouble and you have to help the Harvest Sprites regrow a Tree.
-Slight motion controls

Animal Parade:
-Your children will look more like your spouse, this abandoned the always brown hair, brown eyed kids.
-There are 4 character models to choose from: 2 boys and 2 girls
-There is one set plot of land for you house to be on
-The publishers added some more tools like a camera.
-A couple of new characters were added
-The characters have more personality and are more likeable
-In AP, The Harvest Tree is dying and the Harvest Goddess needs your help to ring bells to bring it back.

There are some of the differences and similarities of the two games. Overall, I think that Animal Parade is overall the better game. Though both games are great, Animal Parade just feels like a better game than Tree of Tranquility. I contribute that to the characters having more personality. In ToT, the characters had an introduction cutscene in which they pretty much just said "hey" and then stated their profession. In Animal Parade, the cutscenes are longer and you really get that feel of their personality by what they say. I also really liked the fact that your kids look like your spouse. I was getting tired of always having a brown haired, brown eyed kid. I have to say too, that I liked that AP lacked motion controls. In ToT, I would accidentally flick my wrist and use up more stamina when i didn't mean too, so AP fixed that problem.

All in All, whichever game you get is going to be a good one, but if the store you go to has both, I would highly recommend getting Animal Parade over Tree of Tranquility

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prairie111 profile image

prairie111 5 years ago

I agree. Animal Parade has kept me more entertained. I have played both and there is only one thing I like about ToT, the fact that to build buildings I don't have to get a bunch of lumber and stones and getting these materials are super easy. I enjoyed reading this review. I am glad I am not the only one who likes AP more than ToT.

AnimeHime2011 profile image

AnimeHime2011 5 years ago from Greensboro, North Carolina

Makes me want to suggest/hint hint this to my brother about getting this game for my nieces so that I can play it whenever I go to their place since they have a Wii, lol.

Kexul profile image

Kexul 5 years ago from La Vergne, Tennessee Author

you should definitely try that! If it works you can enjoy it some!

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