Gardening in Sims Social, And How To Get More Garden Plots

Grapes ready to harvest. Note the sparkles, which indicate a Freshness Bonus.
Grapes ready to harvest. Note the sparkles, which indicate a Freshness Bonus.

Earn money and energy!

Gardening is not the fastest ways to earn money, but it is the most tempting. And you can earn substantial amounts of money if you are willing to lock yourself into returning at specific times to harvest your plants.

Better still, it does not cost an Energy point to plant your garden.

However, it does cost an Energy point to:

  • Water your plants (which is not necessary - it gives you Simoleons and other bonuses, but does not improve the plant's quality)
  • Harvest plants
  • Remove dead plants, if you don't harvest them in time.

Unlike the PC version of the game, tending to your plants does not appear to increase their worth. Although you can earn a few Simoleons and some random other things (including potentially another Energy point) by doing so.

The most important way to earn money by gardening in Sims Social is to harvest your plants on time. When a plant’s harvest time comes up, it begins to sparkle. This sparkle indicates the “Freshness Bonus” which can be a substantial bonus above and beyond what the plant will earn you.

If you forget to harvest your plant on time, it will die. You will have to use an Energy point to clear it out, and you will not get any money from its harvest.

How can I get more Sims Social garden plots?

You can buy more garden plots in Sims Social, but this item is only unlocked when you have maxed out your house value level.

Not your player level, which is listed in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, but your house value level, which is listed in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

Once your house reaches Level 50 you can buy more garden plots. Each garden plot costs $1,000. You can find them in Shop under “Outdoor Items.”

Plants in Sims Social

Strawberries (Time to harvest: 5 minutes. Costs: $6. Earns: $40.)

Lettuce (Time to harvest: 30 minutes. Costs: $8. Earns: $55.)

Tomatoes (Time to harvest: 1 hour. Costs: $10. Earns: $66.)

Pumpkins (Time to harvest: 4 hours. Costs: $13. Earns: $88.)

Chili (Time to harvest: 8 hours. Costs: $15. Earns: $110.)

Watermelon (Time to harvest: 12 hours. Costs: $19. Earns: $138.)

Grapes (Time to harvest: 1 day. Costs: $23. Earns: $176.)

Pineapples - unlocked at level 15. (Time to harvest: 2 days. Earns: $220.)

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HomeEnergy profile image

HomeEnergy 4 years ago from California

A question - from where did you get the lovely small painting at the hub top?

Blogging Erika profile image

Blogging Erika 4 years ago Author

It's a screenshot from the game. :-)

EverythingLina 4 years ago

I have maxed out both house (50) and player level (100) but i am still unable to buy more plots... i have 5 atm because of the quest i completed (within the time limit) so it increased from the defaulted 4 plots to 5 but i still can't buy more... why?

Lilo 4 years ago

Hi, my garden plots just keeps on loading on my storage and i am not able to use them,by any chance do you know why?and what shall i do? thanks!

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