Gearcrafting Guide - Asheron's Call

This hub is about part of an online game by Turbine. It's a skill system they added to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Characters must first train the Gearcrafting skill before they'll be able to use it. You may also choose to specialize in it (for additional skillpoints) if you want to maximize your crafting chances. There's a new inventory slot on your Asheron's Call characters to wear forged gears.

Some of the items that can be created this way boost your maximum health, experience earned, arcane lore ability, or even help your entire fellowship of friends. Game quote: "The most advanced form of Gearcrafting includes the way it interacts with trinkets. All trinkets possessing magic seem to have further innate magics that can be tapped into. However Gearcrafting trinkets have a set of differences and some very specific rules."

The Basics

Let's assume you have a character with the skill trained for this Asheron's Call guide to crafting. There are several different types of trinkets you can use. However, each only has a limited amount of upgrades. What this means is that you'll have to make a decision on what type of ability you want. On the bright side, you can swap your gearcrafted trinket at any time to another from your inventory.

You can do "Minor", "Moderate", and "Major" upgrades on your trinkets. Minor and Moderates can be done with little chance of failure. Majors are another story. Even people with high skills in gearcrafting will fail them most of the time. This system is similar to the tinkering imbues that add special effects to your loot-generated armor, items, and weapons.

Online games grow over time. More abilities may be added at a later date!

What are the gear effects?

They are added with salvage. The following options are currently available for aspiriting gearcrafters:

  • Additional Health (through Ruby salvage). +5/10/15
  • Additional Stamina (through Amber). +10/20/30
  • Additional Mana (through Sapphire salvage). +10/20/30
  • Additional Damage (through Diamond salvage). +1/2/3
  • Additional Damage Reduction (through Gromnie Hide). +1/2/3
  • Additional Experience Earned (through Pyreal). +2/4/6%.

The trinket effect numbers listed are in the minor, moderate, major format.

How to use gearcrafting

Firstly, you will have to buy a basic armature item. These are sold in several shops around the world. These are available in minor, moderate, and major forms. Choose the type you want to create based on your gearcrafting skill amount. The cheapest location for major armatures should be your faction stronghold if you are a high level to join one with your Asheron's Call game character.

  • Find a full bag of salvage, or create your own through destroying items.
  • Apply Salvage (chosen from the list above) to your armature item.
  • The above step may have to be done twice - it's complicated.
  • Use the salvage-infused armature on a trinket of your choice. Your gearcrafting skill level will determine whether or not your crafting attempt was a success. This will destroy the armature no matter what happens.

What else can I do with the skill?

Crafters can also use this ability to make other items which aren't trinkets. Below is a short list of them. For exact recipes please refer to the ingame booklet sold wherever you can buy an armature:

  • Horn of Leadership (Health boost to entire fellow)
  • Medal of Loyalty (Mana and stamina boosts for your fellowship)
  • Examination Lenses (Acts as Imperil Other, enemy armor penalty)
  • Trapped Virindi Essences (raises your Arcane Lore skill)


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