Gears Of War 3 Infinite Ammo Mutator & Field Engineer Onyx Medal

There is an easy method to get both the Gears Of War 3 infinite ammo mutator and the field engineer Onyx medal. There are a total of 65 onyx medals which go towards the seriously 3.0 achievement. You can use the infinite ammo mutator in both campaign arcade mode and horde mode (which helps tremendously). Infinite ammo gives you unlimited ammo in the lancer, retro lancer, hammerburst, gnasher shotgun, sawed off shotgun, boltok pistol, gorgon pistol, and snub pistol. It does not give you unlimited ammo for any of the power weapons in Gears Of War 3, like the boomshot for example.

In order to get infinite ammo in Gears Of War 3, you need to build/repair/upgrade/refill ammo to fortifications five times in one round, in horde mode 100 times. This obviously can take a long time, but there is an easier way to do this by boosting.

How To Get Infinite Ammo In Gears Of War 3

First off, you will need another player to help you do this. Host a private match on the map "checkout" with difficulty on insane." You might be wondering, "why on insane?" You need to put it on insane so you can die from enemies easier to repeat wave 1, otherwise, it will take too long to get the infinite ammo mutator.

  1. Have the other player give you 1000 dollars, you now have 2000 dollars total.
  2. Find a command post and buy it, costs 0 dollars.
  3. Build a turret nearby and have the other player shoot it repeatably.
  4. Keep refilling ammo to the turret until wave 1 of Gears Of War 3 horde mode starts.
  5. Run out and get killed by the enemies as soon as the wave begins, then restart the wave.
  6. Repeat Steps 1-5 until you unlock infinite ammo mutator.

Note that you can also get the Gears Of War 3 field Engineer onyx medal at the same time. Building or editing any fortifications such as barriers, turrets etc. counts toward it. You need to build/edit fortifications 1000 times to get the field engineer onyx medal, but every time you reload the turret it counts.

Infinite ammo will help you if you intend to complete Gears of War 3 on insane. Or complete Gears Of War 3 horde mode on insane.

Hope this helps, any questions, feel free to ask me below in the comments section. This is not a glitch in Gears Of War 3, it's just a way to get infinite ammo and an onyx medal faster.

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Carl 5 years ago

I have the onyx medal for field engineer (So I have done 1000 fortification modifications) by doing the turret trick with a partner. But when i go to mutators - infinite ammo, it says Combat Engineer 2/100. So this method didn't work for me. :/

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

You have to repair/edit a fortification 5 times in one round for it to count for just 1 combat engineer.

Dh biker 650 5 years ago

I've done that a lot, trying to get infinite ammo but it doesn't give me the engineer ribbon or whatever, I only have 3/100. Idk if it's a glitch or something but it's pretty gay

Memphus 5 years ago

This does not work. You need to repair/edit 5 DIFFERENT fortifications in a round. Reloading the same turret 5 times will not count.

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

It worked for me. It should work, unless EPIC did some kind of update.

Massivel 5 years ago

The method works, i'm on 22/100. but the thing is you only get 1 combat engineer medal per wave. I usually just quit and start over again. haven't tried the getting killed method.

d00d 5 years ago

If you delete your cache off the hard drive and go into Gears without doing the update and doing it offline, you can use the turret trick without problems.

Frank 5 years ago

I have already done 111 repairs and it doesn´t activate, do you know why?

blakklore 5 years ago

This does work, however u can only earn one combat engineer ribbon per game of hoarde, not per wave, hence the reason for dying and restarting. When u die and restart u can earn another combat engineer ribbon.

Stevo 5 years ago

I'm not sure if you can only get one per set of waves (1-10, 11-20, etc). Either way you would probably want to start on the first set and keep restarting.

But you MUST be playing with more than one person. Plug a controller in and play offline or go online and try it. You CANNOT do this in solo horde.

Frank 5 years ago

In some youtube videos they show that you must erase the xbox cache because if you downloaded the update it will not work, i did it in my xbox before updating the game and it works fine, so keep this in mind if you want to get the mutator the easy way

tano3589 5 years ago

yea they did an update so you have to go to you memory settings and clear your cache first in order for this to work bc its a glitch in the game that they had to work out. So just go to your settings from the dashboard then go to memory and clear cache. And don't worry its not going to clear your saved game just the update. then when it asks you if you want to update just select cancel and then you should be able to do it from there.

caboose 5 years ago

i have comfirmed you can not just keep playing and do this, we received one each round by dying and restarting from beginning

Frank 5 years ago

Yes caboose, that´s if you updated the game, if you do what tano3589 says you will be able to get at least 10-15 ribbons per round

ViperMan93 5 years ago

You don't need to clear nothing off your hard drive. Purpose of insane is to die in first wave so you can rinse and repeat. It only works once per session so if you keep dying it resets everything. I got this with help from my 8 year daughter :0) This boost just fine. ....

Ryan 5 years ago

Sounds like you have to choose "restart from wave 1", not "restart from last wave" option when you die in order for this to recognize a new game without going through the menus. With that in mind it should still only take a night for both people to get this with the update. Thank you for the help, was taking a long time to get this the traditional way.

Jeff G Fresno Ca 5 years ago

Ok to clear up some confusion you have to restart from begining not current wave. You can only get the ribbon once in 1-10 once in 11-20 once in 21-30 once in 31-40 and once in 41-50. That is why you have to RESTART from BEGINING not from Current wave.

Infernokush 5 years ago

Just found out a faster way. Took lest then 1hr

mattdowning85 5 years ago

Once completed, does the infinite ammo trick work on every horde game you play thereafter, or just for that single game?

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

The infinite ammo works on Private Matches, not online searching with random players.

So you might want to try and get a few friends to play in horde.

I don't think there is any way to have infinite ammo in public matches

doobieman 5 years ago

So what's ur method infernokush??

Cursed 5 years ago

Easier way to boost is to delete system cache which is every game update start gears don't update sign in second controller and then do what is stated above but it takes two refills instead of five and can be done in the same round instead of once. I did 43 in the first round that's 30 seconds so just two or more rounds and your done.

PhoenixMako187 5 years ago


You can use infinite ammo in online horde Android arcade that I know fact I think you can use any mutators...the fortifications will work once per wave and will follow you and finally save the fortification engineer ribbons after wave 10...these facts I know due to I just played to 30 and some guy kept burning out the turret and I spastically fortified and saved every cent just for that...whenever one locust left came Hurst, I gunned it for thr turret. you can do this solo as I did due St everyone else fortifying the base in the marshes...just shoot a few rounds the jump off, fortify, shoot a few more, you can hit one ribbon per wave going solo.

above.corrected 5 years ago

spellcheck is a pain...let me rewrite myself. I was able to get the "fortification engineer" ribbon as often as I could get it in the time I had available...25 seconds per wave I think. It saved my ribbons progress after every boss wave which is every 10 waves. I quit after wave 30 as I knew my progress would save. I reviewed the mutators and I now am ahead by 32. I am much closer to having infinite ammo. I do know that doing the turret trick alone only allows enough time for one ribbon per wave unless you get the angle perfect and you can just jump on, fire, jump off, fortify, and repeat really fast. With someone else firing and myself button mashing to fortify, I nailed 2 sometimes 3 per wave. I have played Arcade online as well as Horde where someone else had selected mutators...they are hard to come across as most hosts of the game are moreso after the points and leaderboard ranking than just playing Horde uniquely.

Deion 5 years ago

can infinite ammo work in story mode

Carlos 5 years ago

It works, but you have to clear the cache...

Gears3 5 years ago

Hi, can you play online after you clear the cache, or do you have to be two friends in the same room? :)

B-boss 4 years ago

It works. I got it with a friend. Go to horde, private match. WITH a friend. You can get the combat engineer ribbon ONCE PER WAVE!!! So go to checkout, insane difficulty, with a friend. Take his money, build a base, and a turret. Have your friend shoot the turret. While he is shooting, repair it over and over again. When the wave starts, die, restart from current wave, and repeat the process. I JUST did it. The date is April 19, 2012. The time is 9:16 IT'S POSSIBLE!!!

tommy2guns 4 years ago

ive got the combat engineer 100 times but still cant get infinite ammo in public horde why is this ?? someone please help its doing my head in now thanks

Jarritos 4 years ago

Delete the system cache and it works fine to get the 100 ribbons in a few rounds

meetingthree11 4 years ago

you guys are idiots

DirtyWarCrimes 4 years ago

This works 100%. But instead of only 5 times; it's 100. If you have 2 hours of free time, you can get this easy. Did this 5/30/12 , so it works.

bruce wayne 2 years ago

You can get it every round so there for you can play on casual and not habe to die every round

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