Gears of War

There are times during the day that the little, and big people become missing in my home, and I must admit it's because of a video game. Gears of War has become a family game that the boys love and they are determine to teach me how to play. Now the language and content on this game is M for mature so they are very limited in playing time but their dad is into the game also so there's an adult (sort of) supervisor in the room.

The game is a really unique world, and the characters are trying to save it. Even if you don't play the game it's almost like a mini movie. Maybe I'll be able to write a follow up story on how I figured out how to finally work both sticks at the same time. It takes a skill that I'm not ashamed to admit I don't have.

So whats a Horde anyway ?

It appears to be you and a group of friends can select a map and battle out to complete 50 waves of fighting.Some waves are more challenging then other. I believe its a way to teach you to work as a team because it's almost impossible to complete alone. It's funny how something that's so out of my comfort zone has become interesting in a way.

Things I've learned about the Xbox 360

Well being that a few of the game consoles have stopped working because their so popular; I've found that you can sell the boxes for parts, and use the funds towards a new Xbox. We have a wireless Xbox now that is great and a family friend just purchased the limited edition box which looks really nice as a Christmas gift. The Kinect is a great addition also. With games that range from sports to Zumba which is a great hit!

I don't completely agree with some of this games content or other games for that matter but I think as long as we talk as a family and mom learns how to play I can actively learn about the content and spend time with my boys.


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