Gears of War 2 Character Multiplayer Quotes

Oath of the Coalition, Sworn by all Recruits

I shall remain vigilant and unyielding in my pursuit of the enemies of the Coalition. I will defend and maintain the Order of Life as it was Proclaimed by the Allfathers of the Coalition in the Octus Canon. I will forsake the life I had before so I may perform my duty as long as I am needed. Steadfast, I shall hold my place in the machine and acknowledge my place in the Coalition. I am a Gear.

This is an ongoing guide to all the funny, stupid, quirky, sad, angry, annoying, disturbing things the characters say in multiplayer, and a statement to how much time i have spent with this game hearing these lines.

I feel that these lines add depth to the overall gears of war experience. They add personality to the characters you are playing and they give a sense of feedback for your actions in a match. so its not just you fighting the locust, it's a squad of solders, of comrades, of gears.

you are the solders of the cog, a gear in a great machine.

My fellow gears, go forth and bring back the hope of humanity!


To this day i am still discovering new quotes in the multiplayer of this game witch leads me to believe that ether some are very VERY rare or that epic is constantly adding more and more.

If you have any that i have missed please tell me and i will add them.

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Marcus Fenix

1.Where ya goin', I thought you wanted some of this?-after downing somebody

2.looks dead to me-kill

3.who's next?-kill!-kill

5.look ma, no face-headshot

6.go, go, go-start of a round

7.bullets,bullets,bullets-ammo pickup

8.time for you to be a bullet sponge-taking a meatshield

9.ready and waiting-planting a grenade

10.would ya get the F*** outa the way please?-shooting a teammate

11.Ah, i've been lookin for this-ammo pickup

12.God Damn sonofab****!-weapon jams

13.A parting gift-grenade tag

14.boom!-grenade tag em-kill it!-kill

17.what's amatter? you hurt?-downs an enemy

18.this'll do-weapon pickup

19.that's gotta hurt-headshot

20.goddamn pain in the a**-weapon jams

21.damnit-weapon jams

22.come on!-weapon jams

23.that all you got?-punching execution

24.time to get dirty-start of a round

25.planted-grenade plant out-out of ammo

27.get back here-picks up a meat shield

28.take it!-kill

29.looks dead enough to me-kill

30.gimme that-weapon pick up

Damon Baird

1.this wont hurt a'll just die.-meat shield s*** and die

3.c'mon whos next

4.armed and ready

5.hehe sorry about the brains-headshot

6.what's the matter? not feeling good?



9.frag out

10.lock and load hit, same team!-friendly fire

12.dibs-weapon pickup


14.that's gonna burn!-hammer of dawn kill

15.we have a big plus size over here-meatshield

16.So good I should charge admission-headshot

17.smoke out-smoke grenade

18.oh yeah-perfect active reload

19.that smells really good-chainsaw kill

20.lets do this-start of a round

21.come on, piece of s***!-weapon jams

23.oh yeah!-kill

24.that may burn a little-scorcher kill

25.come on, you through? what are you doing?-downs an enemy

26.ill take that-weapon pickup

27.right behind ya-start of a round out-out of ammo there tough!-kill

30.that's gotta hurt-kill

Dom Santiago

1.nothin' but bits!-chainsaw kill

2.oh yeah!-kill/perfect active reload

3.hold up,we're not done yet-kill/random

4.s***! -weapon jams that was nasty!-chainsaw kill

7.Sup B****es!?-headshot

8.S*** yeah!-perfect active reload

9.smoke out!-throws smoke grenade

10.dibs!-weapon pickup

11.armed-tags wall out-out of ammo another-kill

14.that's gotta hurt-kill

15.ah, come on!-weapon jams

16.damn grubs are tough!-takes damage/downs an enemy

17.nice-weapon pickup

18.yeah!-perfect active reload

19.lets go!-start of a round

20.this'll do-weapon pickup one-kill

22.i need ammo-out of ammo that-curbstomp

24.sweet!-ammo pickup

25.don't mind if i do-weapon pickup

26.hell yeah-kill/torque bow tag

27.attack!-start of a round

28. surprise-torque bow tag/kill

29.who's next?-kill

30.we're done here-melee kill

31.up close and personal-punchout execution 

Tai Kaliso

1.hey they soft in the center!-chainsaw kill bad-after shooting a teammate

3.hold up, im not done with you, hehe

4.You sucka like die, then go then, come come, try me!-start of a round

5.we eat tonight!-start of a round

6.this is as good as hunting boar, better even!-start of a round

7.ah reminds me of my childhood-start of a round


9.the locust, they that way, not here-start of a round

10.ya brah!-weapon pickup it-weapon pickup

12.hey i could really use this-weapon pickup

13.that may burn a little-scorcher kill

14.nice-perfect active reload

15.let us do this-start of a round

16.ill take that-weapon pickup

17.taking fire-takes damage

18.goodnight sucka!-headshot

19.and stay down-melee kill

20.who is next?-kill

21.not good for Tai-weapon jams

22.she's empty-weapon jams dirt and die!-kill sucka like play with fire?-scorcher kill

25.lets do this-perfect active reload

26.smoke out-throws smoke grenade your ugly face-kill

28.a parting gift-torque bow kill

29.gotcha-torque bow kill

30.its about to get hot-scorcher pickup 

Dizzy Wallin

1. What's wrong with you? Get up, be a man!- revive(The way he says it always makes me laugh)!

3.this is gonna hurt!-start of a round

4.hooo yeah-chainsaw kill

5.oooh chunky!-chainsaw kill

6.heheh nice!-weapon pick up

7.I got me one!-kill

8.ha HA one dead grub!-kill many time do I have to hit you?-wounding an enemy

10.aww s***!-weapon jams

11.beatdown!-using the Y button execution

12.ready and waitin-start of a round

13.looks dead to me!-kill

14.scratch one grub-kill

15.S*** yeah!-start of a round, crap on a stick!-weapon jams

17.Look ma, no face-headshot

18Ho ho, Charcoal bits!-HOD kill

19.Quite wiggling!-meatshield

20.Ow, don't crawl away mad!-when downing someone

21.Sh*t Yeah!-start of match

22.smoke out-smoke grenade

23.good to go-weapon pickup

24.hey this is heatin up-scorcher pickup

25.oh ye he ah!-perfect active reload

26.shes armed-grenade plant

27.yeehaw! i like em crispy on the outside-scorcher kill're good to go!-grenade plant

29.surprise! he heh-torque bow kill

30.ill take that-weapon pickup


1. Aww s***!-after getting shot with a Torque Bow

2.s*** yeah-perfect active reload

3.oh i could use that-ammo pickup bad-friendly fire

5.ashes to ashes-hammer of dawn kill

6.ooh that might burn a little!-hammer of dawn kill em-grenade pickup

8.armed-planting a grenade

9.I'm out!-out of ammo

10.aah I'm hit!-takes damage one!-kill

12.who's next?-kill/headshot

13.yeah this'll do-weapon pick up that!-grenade tag!-kill

16.aah burn b****!-hammer of dawn kill/scorcher kill

17.hey come back here-downs an enemy

18.damn grubs are tough!-wounds an enemy

19.oh you think you can get away huh?-downs an enemy

20.ENGAGE!-start of a round

21.s***!-weapon jams

22.stay down!-after using the punchout execution

23.yeah, time for a cookout-after picking up the scorcher boot!-curbstomp

25.oh yeah!-perfect active reload

26.move out!-start of a round

27.I'll take that-weapon pickup

28.i am in the zone-headshot

29.throwing smoke-smoke grenade

30.if you can't stand the heat stay outta my face!-scorcher kill

31.take it-kill

32.go!-start of a round

33.heh mine now-weapon pickup it-weapon pickup

35.yeah not so tough now are you?-melee kill

Lt. Minh Young Kim

1.ashes to ashes-hammer of dawn kill

2.A parting gift-grenade tag

3.come on-weapon jams

4.smoke out-smoke grenade

5.dibs-weapon pickup

6.who's next?-kill

7.oh that's gotta hurt-chainsaw kill one-kill that-curbstomp

10.attack!-start of a round

11.armed-grenade plant

12.nighty night-headshot

13.that saved some ammo-melee kill

14.lights out-headshot

15.take it-kill

16.the one dead grub-kill one-kill

18.that all you got?-melee kill

19.oh that didn't sound good-drops meat shield

20.ah!-weapon jams hit-takes damage

22.don't mind if i do-weapon pickup

23.oh that's crispy-scorcher kill

24.come on!-weapon jams

25.i could use that-weapon pickup

26.hold up i'm not done with you yet-downs an enemy 

27.roasted locust-scorcher kill

28.surprise!-grenade tag

29.mine now-weapon pickup

30.that's gotta hurt-kill

31.taking fire-takes damage

Augustus "Cole Train" Cole

1."It was nothing killing yo' weak ass!

2.Did you see that?!-headshot

3.Outta the way else yo' ass is done!-start of a round

4.that's one for the highlight reel-kill

5.So hot-kill

6.smoke out-smoke grenade

7.look what we got here!-weapon pickup

8.planted-grenade plant out-out of ammo

10.aww did that hurt?-damages enemy

11.boom baby-kill

12.yeah i know that's gotta hurt! look at your legs! they hangin off-chainsaw kill

13.uh huh yeah take that-kill

14.bring it!-start of a round

15.are you kiddin me?-weapon jams


17.dont mind if i do-weapon pickup

18.goddamnit-weapon jams

19.aww man-weapon jams

20.dibs-weapon pickup

21.nothing but bits-chainsaw kill

22.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-chainsaw kill

23.good to go-weapon pickup

24.were not done yet-downs an enemy

25.can't wait to smash heads-start of a round

26.heh heh gotcha-picks up a meat shield

27.don't need no crosshair-melee kill

28.surprise!-perfect active reload

29. oh yeah i got enough for all y'all!-perfect active reload

30.ah you shouldn't play with fire-scorcher kill 

Victor Hoffman

1.this'll do-weapon pickup

2.let's do this-start of a round/weapon pickup/perfect active reload

3.attack!-start of a round

4.great-weapon jams

5.who's next?-kill

6.this'll come in handy-weapon pickup

7.roasted locust yeah-scorcher kill

8.feel the heat-scorcher kill

9.your out-curbstomp

10.thats gotta hurt-melee kill

11.go!-start of a round

12.smoke out-smoke grenade

13.ashes to ashes-scorcher kill out-ink grenade

15.oh perfect-weapon jams

16.don't mind if i do-weapon pickup

17.that didn't sound good did it?-curbstomp

18.need ammo-out of ammo it-weapon pickup

20.a parting gift-torque bow kill out-out of ammo

22.thats one-kill about to get hot-scorcher pickup

24.uh got you-torque bow kill

25.i got my name writin all over it-weapon pickup's off-weapon pickup

27.right, stay in touch-punch out execution

28.this war's gonna be over in no time boys-start of a round

29.ill take that-weapon pickup


31.nighty night-headshot 

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danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

Nice Job! Great Idea ;) I've had kids at school talking to me about Gears 3 all week. See, it pays to play video games as a teacher.

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