Gears of War: Unofficial review


Loved by many fans (Spoilers)

As the title above says the Gears of War series is loved by many fans. The story behind this great series centers around Marcus Fenix and the Delta squad consisting of Dom, Baird, Cole, and a Carmine here and there.

A war for survival has broken out between the Horde and the human race. In game one Marcus is broken out of prison. Through the first game you struggle through multiple levels and a action packed story line to set off the Sonic Resonator in hope that it will end the war.

Even though the first game is quiet enjoyable I personally found the interruptions from the in game conversations, either from headquarters or within the group, far too continuous. It made the game play seem slow and uneven. Other than that though I really enjoyed the game and the story line was addicting if nothing else.

In the second game of the series the in game conversations are cut way back. On top of that the in game play is far better. The game is designed to answer some of the questions you have from the first yet awaken even more questions for the next game in the series. With the drama of searching for family members and cutting yourself out of a giant worm the second game is far more entertaining then the first. Not to mention that Carmine lives longer in this one than in the other. There is also a little give away in this game as to how many games there is actually going to be in the series. Ben Carmine, the brother of A. Carmine in the first, says that all four of the Carmines were Gears. If a Carmine dies in every game then there should be four games to the Gears series. That's something to look forward to Gears fans.

The third game has yet to be released. I believe it comes out sometime in September and I assure you that as soon as it does and I play through it that review will be up here with Hub of it's own.


Now for the ranking. I give the gears series so far a 3.7 out of a scale from 1 to 5. The first game sort of hindders the series but after that it smooth game play. Don't let this rating stop you from buying it though and testing it out for yourself. I am just one of many Gears fans out there. I'm sure this game will become a favorite for anyone who loves shooting games with fasinating story lines and agonizing cliff hangers that make you excited for the next game.

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