Get a Copy of a Blank Birth Certificate (Sometimes Free!)


It’s not too hard to get a copy of a blank birth certificate, especially if you are simply looking for a fake template to use, for a doll or pet.  Best of all, there are some free options out there that really work.  Of course, if you have super specific needs you will need to keep your eyes open, so you get exactly what type you need.  Here’s how to get a copy of a blank birth certificate really cheap or free.

There are a couple of ways to make a decent looking copy of a blank birth certificate you can use.  If you have a Xerox machine you can use at least one of the methods for the fake document free of charge, with only a little of your time used. 

Low Tech Fake:  Make a duplicate on your Xerox machine of the original.  Now, to make it a copy of a blank birth certificate, simply white out or cover up the writing (being sure to do this on the duplicate, not the original).  Make a duplicate of your duplicate, and you will have a document suitable for a pet, doll, or toy.  While not an official record, it will work pretty well, and is a really cheap printable method to use for a fake document.

Make One:  Once you see how a copy of a blank birth certificate looks, you may want to alter your fake record a little, to fit your personal needs.  Perhaps you would like it to be more animal oriented, for example.  You can make up your own little template to follow, so it would be printable any time you needed to use your fake.  You can really put as much into this as you want, so you can make your printable records look any way you want.

Trophy Stores:  Let’s say you need a copy of a blank birth certificate, but it doesn’t have to be free, and you want it to look more authentic, perhaps for a full blown adoption for a child’s doll.  Go to your local trophy shop and ask what they can do.  Most shops like these make wall hanging awards, which could be altered to suit your needs.  It may be the best way to get a copy of a blank birth certificate that will look like a more official record.

Images:  Download a printable image online and use it for a copy of a blank birth certificate.  You can actually use Yahoo or Google images and simply print off the search results you find.  It’s a free and printable method to use, so you won’t have to pay a dime for the official looking document records.  This really is a great way to get a free, printable copy of a blank birth certificate.  Check out what you can find on the images sections, you’ll be quite surprised.

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adog 1029 6 years ago

Thi is so stupid why pay so much!

Jetsyn 3 years ago

Heck yeah ba-eybe keep them coming!

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