Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls Under $25

When buying a gift for a 3 year old girl, you always wonder if it will be one of these presents that keeps her attention for 5 min. over the next 2 days, or it will be a toy that will last for a while and it will account for hours of imaginative play.

3 year old girls love dancing, a pretty leotard would make a nice gift.

Here are more suggestions for gifts for girls this age.


3 year old girls love to imitate their mothers. I had found half of my chapstick smeared over my daughter's face. It was time to buy her own purse with pretend lipstick and a mirror. The featured very reasonably priced purses come with excellent reviews on Amazon. We own the International Playthings My First Purse in Purple, it comes with a wallet with a debit card, a set of keys, pretend lip stick with a mirror and a phone. There is even room for my daughter to stuff her bunny there too.

Tea Sets

Children's tea sets are wonderful toy leading to hours of amusement and imaginative play, involving all stuffed animals invited to the tea parties which your girls will organize. There is no doubt that you shall also be invited and offered about 25 refills of tea. My daughter owns several tea sets which I rotate every month. You can add pretend or real cupcakes which makes the tea party very yummy.

Mini Electronic Laptops

Laptops will definitely keep your little girls, and maybe other siblings in the house busy. It is very educational and helps with hand - eye coordination -via its mouse training applications.

It helps children recognize letters and numbers while having fun. It also gives them a chance to be just like daddy while he works on his computer. It offers ABC's, Numbers, Logic and Games. Games, of course, will be their favorite.

While doing research for this article, I bought the Vtech Tote and Go Laptop Pink. With this one you get a lot for the money, this is defenitely a toy that I would recommend to anyone.

Stamping Sets and other crafts

Melissa and Doug Stamping sets are very affordable and would be an excellent gift for girls who love arts and crafts. They can create different projects - beautiful scenes, greeting cards and pictures. My 2 and 4 year old ones play with these for a long period of time, the stamps are very cute, stamping helps young children with hand coordination, it's just another great product from Melissa and Doug.

Little Playsets with ponies, puppies or pretend food

3 year old girls love to play with ponies, fairies, puppies and pretend-food toys. These adorable little play sets are beautifully designed for make-believe dance or tea parties and would make a terrific birthday or Christmas gift for any little girl.

Little Band Sets

Let's get the party started with a little band set. This is an awesome toy for 3 year old girls who love music, several children can play together, each playing different instrument or mommy and daddy can partake in the adventure.

Mellisa and Doug Band in a Box is our favorite. These are real instruments, not plastic imitations. We have a special music time when we get our band set and play all favorite songs, daddy hates singing but under the beat of the cymbals you can't really tell he is off key.


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