GirlCraft Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

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GirlCraft is one of those texture packs you don't see very often. One of those texture packs where pinks and pastels reign supreme. It's supposed to be a texture pack for girls and girls who aspire to be princesses and such will probably love it. But then again, so might boys and bearded grown men. Don't let the title make you feel discriminated against.

You'll know when you've loaded GirlCraft correctly because the background will change from gritty dirt to pretty pink love hearts. Lovely.

Once I entered a game with GirlCraft enabled it was something of a Stepford moment. Everything is so... pink. Wood planks have been replaced with pink planks that were almost certainly factured in China. Cobblestone is a pastel blue color and half blocks are purple. Without even trying, my favorite lounge space was instantly transformed into a psychidelic experience. Only the flowing lava (which I am almost sort of surprised wasn't replaced with candyfloss or similar) reminded me what game I was playing. Beds are particularly adorable in girlcraft, having sleepy time clouds on them. Awww.

My only real complaint with the redesign is that the crafting, chest and furnace interfaces have a lot of white in them, which sort of burns my eyes for some reason. It would be preferable that they were shaded and dimmed a little so that crafting pretty pink dye wasn't a retina destroying experience.

But enough with that whining, onto the outside world!

Dirt in a girlcraft world no longer looks dirty. It looks like cake with green icing. For some reason it has pink bits in it.

Torches have also been transformed with pinkness. This means that your world will very quickly end up looking like it is covered in birthday candles if you use it to light your way. In fact, combined with the cake – like dirt, you're pretty much wandering around in a giant dessert factory.

Sand and Sandstone have also been unable to escape the pink onslaught. Though they are a pale tan color (beige, really) they are speckled with pink and purple, just so you don't forget where you are, or how cloyingly girly everything is.

Seriously however, this is an excellent texture pack because it has gone where most other texture packs have not dared to go. If you or your offspring are fans of pink, then it's definitely worth the download.

Download GirlCraft Minecraft Texture Pack

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