GodFinger Awe - all about getting more Awe

Awe - exactly what is it?

Awe is one of the four types points you can earn on GodFinger, in addition to experience points (XP), Mana and gold. But, it's probably the most mysterious. XP allows you to level up. Gold allows you to buy things in the Store. Mana enables your wonders. But Awe? Well, it can do a few things for you:

  • restore the energy and vitality for an exhausted Follower
  • build a brand-new building immediately
  • buy you things in the Store that are denominated in Awe and not Gold (things like certain tents and taverns, like the Orange Medieval Tent and Thatched Forge, and premium Shrines)
  • buy you gold, at an approximate exchange rate of 45-100 gold per Awe (depending on the volume; larger purchases give you a better exchange rate)

What ngmoco would like you to do is buy Awe, since, with a free game, advertising and virtual goods sales are the company's sole source of revenue. I have to say I enjoyed the game so much that I bought a 35 pack of Awe for $4.99; I've paid more for apps I've used far less.
But how do you get Awe without having to shell out cash? There are only two ways I've found out:

  • Leveling up. Not every level up will give you Awe, just like every level up doesn't necessarily give you a new or an improved wonder. But certain levels will give you an Awe.
  • Completing goals. Certain goals, when you've accomplished them, will give you Awe. (Others will only give you XP and/or gold)

So if you really need that new forge built on the double, and can't wait until the capricious environment gives you the Awe you need, you can buy some from the store. Here's what the cost works out to be, based on the volume you buy:

  • 35 Awe for $4.99 = $0.14/Awe
  • 225 Awe for $19.99 = $0.09/Awe
  • 900 Awe for $49.99 = $0.06/Awe

You definitely get a discount on larger purchases of Awe, but you'd really have to want to pimp out your planet to get the $50 pack. But, hey, to each their own.

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Bud Adams 6 years ago

Yes, awe is awesome. I can help you get more awe, a lot more awe for a lot less than what they charge you. visit my website and send me an email "Godfinger" in the subject field. Basic awe pack is 500 awe with 500 gold for $5, 1000 awe with 1000 gold for $10 and 5000 awe and 5000 gold for $20. All billing is done through Google Checkout, so it's secure and safe! Have fun.

Lele 6 years ago

Why is it that some people on a lower level than me have more experience points???

To lele 6 years ago

If your asking about xp points, it adds up and when u hit a new level it restarts... So it be stupid if ur asking that. If your asking about awe, some people buy or hack more, or you could of spent all of yours. I'm pretty sure your talking about experience, right? So in detail, every leveling up you must fill up your experience point bar to the ullest. Each leveling up consists of different experince you need to fulfill. So if people under your level have a fuller bar, it just means they are closer to leveling up to the next level than you are to yours.

jujubeehoney add me 6 years ago

Does anyone want free awe?? Just give me your username and password

airtoy 6 years ago

Jujubeehoney I'm interested.

What is your email?

icangetyouawe 6 years ago

I can do the same. But yes unfortunately it appears shady cuz username and password is needed. I suggest changing your password prior to giving it out so you can change it back to your normal password. If anyone wants awe and/or gold email me zach.bernard@live.com I can also boost you to level 50 too if you want.

airtoy 6 years ago

icangetyouawe, I sent you an email with my account details.

Rufhdjdi 6 years ago

I think awe shud b free no matter what coz I need a dragons cave by Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olbitt 6 years ago

It would be stupid if awe was free, then the makers would loose money imstead of earning money.

Linzeeboo 6 years ago

Some people have more experience points b/c they have added more friends to their godfinger universe. You can add people you don't even know and benefiting by enchanting their super follower; the followers with the stars above their heads. You can earn coins aster this way. The more followers you enchant the better. Click on the "plus+" in the upper right corner of our a screen when your looking at your world, then click leaderboards an you can select people's names and add as your friend. After that you click on the add friend on plants circle and you can view their world and enchant followers. I hope this helps.

superpwn 6 years ago

enchant me im donut222

ill enchant u back

and i like chicken

ToxicPuddles27 6 years ago

Hey, can some of ya'll add me? My username on here is the same username I use on the game. I'll visit your planet everyday! please??????

Tiffani Jane  6 years ago

Enchant me tiffani71!

Cebo83 6 years ago

Enchant me? I am level 22 and can't get past some of the goals because I only have a couple of friend.

--> Cebo83

Eskimodo 6 years ago

Please enchant me! +plus name is eskimodo


Lolol1916 6 years ago

Please enchant me!!!! Lolol1916

Cool cat 6 years ago

How do you use awe???

Kim 6 years ago

Everyoneee should add me as a friend - superchameleon

Alexandra LeBlanc 6 years ago

Add me! sparkles2789

Alek 6 years ago

Add me! alekdick, Enchant me!!

Kentrelle 6 years ago

Enchant me (kentrelle) I enchant back n send gifts

Alex 6 years ago

Enchant me (baltbiom) and I'll send lots of gifts!

taffy774426 6 years ago

enchant me i'm taffy774426 i'll enchant back

Koryyyshweet 6 years ago

Haha ya know, I found another way to get two free awes without really doing anything. When you fly out to orbit, there seems to be two ads, one for Windows XP and one for free gold orbiting around your planet. Press the windows add. Once you do an ad will pop up telling you to press it. Do press it. Another ad will pop up, but just pop out of it by pressing done on the lower right hand corner. Or where ever it could be. You automatically get two free awes! Just like that! The ad will dissapear, but will pop back up again in about an hour or two. It's pretty epicccc! ;D If ya would like to enchant me, here's meh username: korysweet

Someone 5 years ago

I installed two apps. one for 8 awe, and one for 4 awe and haven't received any awe yet. I'm very annoyed because I don't like these apps and I got no awe. I'm Pissed. it's been two days, I opened the apps and made accounts and still no awe.

oh by the way, they don't lose money for giving free awe, because awe doesn't exist. Awe is worthless, paying for it is stupid.

Jinxii123 5 years ago

Yeah i just wat more friends so add jinxii123

Darbi28 5 years ago

Well im on a goal where you need to enchant some one and they except it. If you add me ill enchant you if you enchant me. My game name: Darbi28

Kat 5 years ago

Add me! I'm cute and fun and want more friends!!!! =P

User name is KatPatches

5 years ago

Add me kayla0820

Wesen500 5 years ago

Please add me also - Need more friends for enchanting ,-)

My Account is wesen500

Mikecherves 5 years ago

Add me and enchant me please! I'll doo the same

teerb 5 years ago

enchant me pleaseeee

Fuzzzycat 5 years ago

Enchant me and friend me plllzzz

cheat machine 5 years ago

if u wanna get free awe just zoom out into outer space and click on the ads. it will add up, trust me. You can also get free gold. The ads come back like every 10 minutes but they are worth it!

Blondechik 5 years ago

Please add me, blondechik33 :)

Aquajesus 5 years ago

Add ME Aquajesus

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