GodFinger wonders (powers) - iPhone/iPad game tips & tricks

3 followers getting a dose of sunshine
3 followers getting a dose of sunshine

GodFinger is an addictive mobile game available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You manage your own world of followers, who do your bidding. You can manipulate the planet's terrain, make it dry and desertlike or lush and green, and create buildings and resting areas for your followers.

This Hub will describe all the powers (called wonders in the game) that you have available to you.

  • Rain (1 Mana) - Press down on a white cloud for a couple of seconds, and you'll see a little visible shockwave or pulse appear. Immediately swipe down towards the planet and it will rain for about 10 seconds. This will make the ground greener, start growing trees and other plants, and will help farms grow. You'll know when followers want rain when a thought bubble appears above them with little dashed lines (rain) in them. You can start rain at Level 1.
  • Sunshine (1 Mana) - With a beatific sound like the first couple seconds of The Simpsons theme, the sunlight wonder is activated in the same way as rain is with a cloud. You push down on the sun, wait a second or two, and then swipe down. Sunlight will make flowers grow, it will power most of the buildings you'll eventually build on your planet, and it will dry up bodies of water that you create. Followers will express their need for sunshine by a thought bubble with a sun in it. You can start sunshine at Level 4.
  • Lightning (1 Mana) - Dark clouds can emit lightning in the exact same manner as white clouds can emit rain, and the sun can emit sunshine. You can use lightning to kill skeletons/zombies, to destroy rocks (you'll need that to unearth some treasure), and to power some stone houses. Lightning will usually scare your followers and send them running, but they can be dragged back after a second or two. Lightning can kill followers so be careful! You can start lightning at Level 6.
  • Terraform (1 Mana) - Terraform will allow you to sculpt the landscape of your planet. Just hold down at a certain place below the planet's surface, wait until you see a spark, and then either flick up (to create a hill/mountain) or down (to create a depression or pit). You can start terraform at Level 7.
  • Move Buildings (0 Mana) - You can push down on a building and relocate it. Unlike other wonders, this does not use up Mana. You can start moving buildings at Level 8.
  • Flood (2 Mana) - Hold down a white cloud for two pulses instead of one, and you'll start a flood instead of rain. You can use floods to create ponds and rivers which your followers can fish at (to recuperate and regain strength after working). Don't worry - you can not drown followers. To dry up a body of water created by a flood, just use the Sunshine wonder. You can start floods at Level 10.
  • Super-Terraform (2 Mana) - This is a more powerful version of Terraform, and requires two pulses (and 2 Mana) to enable much more extensive reshaping of the planet's surface. You can start Super-Terraform at Level 14.
  • Firestorm (2 Mana) - Holding down the sun for 2 pulses creates a huge firestorm which you can use to burn up monsters (skeletons, zombies, etc.), old trees, and, yes, followers, so be careful! You can start firestorm at Level 16.
  • Electrostorm (2 Mana) - An electrical storm can be created by holding down the dark cloud for 2 pulses. It will power up your stone houses nicely, and shock/kill monsters and followers alike (beware!). You can start electrostorm at Level 20.

All of these wonders will get upgraded at various levels, becoming more powerful and longer-lasting.

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spowwow 6 years ago

Awesome page! Thanks for the tips!

Isa 6 years ago

Thanks for the tipss! :) add/enchant me: IsabellaRicci

Shanaynay 6 years ago

Welllllll I REALLy wanna know how u make ur planet perfectley round But grate tips shhh I'm on like level 49 aaaahhhhhhhh almost therreeeee

Gromitcomet 6 years ago

Thanks! Add/enchant me: gromitcomet

To make your planet smooth and round you need to move a building. If you put the building back down where the surface isn't level, it will smooth it out. You may need to move the building a few times to get the desired result. Good luck.

Mmmmcitrus 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips! Add/enchant mmmmcitrus and I'll return the favor!

Beamer35 6 years ago

So for the super transform, is their a point where you can't transform your land up any more?

GromitComet 6 years ago

I was told by Support that there is a limit to the size of the planet. Apparently this is outside their control. I believe the limit is based on radius, which is why you can Terraform one side of the planet (if it's lopsided) but can't raise the other. I wasted a lot of Mana finding that out :(

hairdresser007 6 years ago

i need more friend planets and enchantments i want to know how to earn awe

livelonger profile image

livelonger 6 years ago from San Francisco Author

Lynnyousosilly  6 years ago

Thanks for posting. :) Enchant me:lynnyousosilly

Hi 6 years ago

Can you have more than one game happening on this app?

GromitComet 6 years ago

You can create multiple Plus+ accounts, which will allow you to have more than one Godfinger game on a single device. You have to log out and log back in.

MrNegative370 6 years ago

What do superfollowres do?? Plz tell me

Theresa 6 years ago

How do you fit 20 structures on your planet after your planet is full sized, perfectly round and can no longer be enlarged?

Lahvin 6 years ago

Hey Lynn enchant me back when you get the chance yea! ?

Martin  6 years ago

How to fit 20 building on the planet ?

Ryan 6 years ago

Enchant Me! I'm legoman321!

marissa 6 years ago

soooo i got to level 50.... and... uh.... now what? haha

Christy7592 6 years ago

How do you resurrect a villager after you accidently killed them???

Charley 6 years ago

To get 20 buildings, you will need smaller structures such as as teepees.

Guyrider 6 years ago

Enchant me plzz


thank you ^ ^

Rouyuu 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips since I'm only level 10 I wonder about stuff.

Vikusz 6 years ago

If you want an active friend: plus+ name: Vikusz

sixtamix 6 years ago

to resurrect a villager, you just press on the villager's tombstone that pops up where the villager died, it takes 1 mana. the villager needs to regenerate since he/she just came back from the dead.

Nicole 6 years ago

When I got the challenge to burn down the haunted trees I used the fire storm and it burned all the trees except one... I go over it with the firestorm like five times a day but it won't burn! Does anyone know what's happening?

Shena 6 years ago

This game is so addicting

thanks for the tips

though can someone tell me

how to remove the flood?i need to so bad :|

Jason 6 years ago


u can just use the sun rays on the pond. it may take few times, but the flood will disappear. also, you can read the powers more carefully.

Winnysorensen 6 years ago

Does anybody know I a follower can drown?

jyan570 6 years ago

cool tips :)) thanx so much helpful :)) add me guys (jyan570) or add me via email jyan0912@gmail.com :))

gigi0023 6 years ago

Thanks a bunch for the tips! **>>ADD ME gigi0023

firty45 6 years ago

one more wonder is ressurection

i killed a follower with a few shots of lighting

you can bring them back with 1 pulse

Ay yo 6 years ago

Can you teach your follower how to swim????

popoducks 6 years ago

I cannot pass the "Sunken Treasure", if someone knew, please let me know.

Add me at popoducks and moobe

I am waiting for ur enchant.

pitbull901445 5 years ago

Very good game and easy to play

Kblaxer 5 years ago

This helped me a lot!!!!!!!!!!

LOL it's sorta funny to. Check out my signature


Star blaster  5 years ago

I cant drown them theve been in water for a week

Sarbear1521 5 years ago

Omg I accidentally deleted the pond and I tried to make another one but it's not working! Help!!

Double AA 5 years ago

Wat age do u have to play won't let me sign in :(

Diddle303 5 years ago

Some of my friends have more buildings in their store than me and I'm on a higher level. I tried deleting the app n re installing it but tht didn't help

Any ideas???

Jacqueline 5 years ago

Thanks for the tips! I love this game! :) Feel free to add/enchant me! I'll return the favor: simb4king

imon111 5 years ago

enchant me name: imon111

will return favour!!!

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