Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Predator

GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Trevor's trailer, Sandy Shores

Unlocked After: Paleto Score Setup

Bloody rampages do not come without consequences, and if anybody has learned this lesson, it's probably Trevor. The guy has a ton of enemies - and though he thought he'd wiped out the most rural of the lot on one particularly bloody crusade, well... no. Apparently not. It's the O'Neil comeback!

- After finishing the Paleto Score Setup, wait around as Trevor for a short while. You'll soon get a call from Franklin who will alert you to the vengeful O'Neil brothers.

- Make your way to Trevor's trailer. The mission triggers inside.

- Watch the cut scene. These two are getting along real well these days.

- Hop in Trevor's truck and make tracks to where Franklin's waiting. It's a long, long drive -

- - except now the game jumps to Franklin. Chase the O'Neil brothers into Raton Canyon. Don't worry about knocking them around, just stay on them until they crash their truck.

- Run to the crashed car.

- Back to Michael and Trevor. Drive to the airstrip, hop into the helicopter, and take off towards Raton Canyon. Fly towards the yellow waypoint floating over the canyon.

- Jump to Michael. You need to use a Sniper Rifle to pick off the O'Neil's while they hide in the woods. Turn on infrared and you'll be able to better ID heat signatures, though there are a lot of deer in the forest that'll screw up your searching.

- When Trevor mentions shallows, look almost straight down. The first guy is wriggling around in the water below the helicopter.

- The second will be stalking through the woods. Pull the zoom out a bit and look for a form that's a little bow-legged, walking near the shore. Shoot him down.

- The third guy is on the right side, nearer to the bridge than most other things. Once you spot him he'll fire a rocket at the helicopter and disappear from sight.

- Down to Franklin. Follow Chop through the woods until he tracks down the last O'Neil. Shoot him up.

- Almost done. Switch back to Trevor and land on the road to pick up Franklin and Chop. There's more than enough room here to land; just be careful not to swing around too much, lest you run into any trees. Bring the helicopter straight down.

- Fly back to the airfield and land by the waypoint. Mind that you need to land fairly close to the thing - if you land too far out everybody will remain staunchly sitting in the helicopter. Lazy.

Gold Medal Completion

Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%. Time your shots well, and wait until you verifiably know that you're aiming at a person before you shoot.

Time - Complete within 9:00. The helicopter sections can really mess you up on the time, especially if you're bad at landing. I recommend switching to an overhead view whenever you're coming down to make sure that you're not going to land on uneven ground. (Or a tree.)

Headshots - Kill three enemies with a headshot. Ooo, very tricky. You need to kill all three brothers with head shots, in other words. Perhaps surprisingly, Franklin's target is the trickiest; let auto aim track the guy, then aim slightly upward and shoot.

Thin the Herd - Don't kill any animals. Fortunately, it's easy to ID the deer compared to the rednecks.

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