Grand Theft Auto 4 GTA 4 cheats for pc, Xbox 360 and PS3

cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) on the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

You play as Niko Bellic, an east european war veteran, and it's now your job to bring havoc, steal cars and earn money and respect in the resurrected Liberty City.

It's your job to bring havoc to the streets of Liberty City
It's your job to bring havoc to the streets of Liberty City

To be able to cheat in GTA 4 you need to get a cell phone first. To get the phone you have to complete some of the first missions but it's not a hard task and easily done.

To activate the cheats you need to dial the numbers beneath on the phone.

Using cheats can dissable Xbox 360 achievements

Weapon cheat #1 - 4865550150

Weapon Cheat #2 - 4865550100

Change weather cheat - 4685550100

Armor Cheat- 3625550100

Increase wanted level cheat - 2675550150

Remove wanted level cheat - 2675550100

Spawn Comet cheat - 2275550175

Spawn Jetmax cheat - 9385550100

Spawn Sanchez cheat - 6255550150

Spawn NRG-900 cheat - 6255550100

Spawn Cognoscenti cheat - 2275550142

Spawn FIB Buffalo cheat - 2275550100

Spawn Annihiliator cheat - 3595550100

Spawn SuperGT cheat - 2275550168

Spawn Turismo cheat - 2275550147

Health, armor and ammunition cheat- 4825550100

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Post Modern Man 6 years ago

Wow, great cheats, I didn't even know these existed. I recently got back into this game and this will make it even better.

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