Great Baby Shower Food Planning

When expecting a baby, it is always a great idea to have a shower where your family and friends can get together to celebrate the coming of the baby. In addition to the games and decorations, the baby shower food is very important.

The first thing to consider when it comes to baby shower food and drinks would be what the guest list is like and if there are any special concerns or dietary restrictions. If it is going to be a party where a lot of young children will be attending, there should not be a lot of unique or exotic foods. Whether or not alcohol is served is also a concern. 

Getting the message out

Baby shower invitation templates can help inspire you. There are loads of options on the internet, and you are unlikely to come up with an idea that is the same as a friend down the road. Traditionally, blue is for boys, pink for girls, but you don’t necessarily have to stick with tradition. To make an invitation truly original you could take photos of your baby, hands and feet which you can change into soft focus with free software is often effective.

Obviously, the expectant mother (or any others for that matter who might be having a baby) will not be drinking, so it might be in bad taste if there are a lot of people there drinking.  Of course if you are having the party after the baby is born, you won't have the new mum to worry about too much.  However, there may be some pregnant mums to be there, and you have to be careful with the baby shower food appetizers, because those little picky finger foods are often unidentifiable, and there are certain foods that pregnant women shouldn’t have, like pate.

Stick to appetizers and other food that is really obvious what it is, and that you know the ingredients to.

Choosing Baby Shower Food and Drink Ideas

The right wording for invitations

If you are dreaming up baby shower invitation wording, then you could do worse than writing your own poetic verse. There are various different ways of generating beautiful wording, from searching the net, to looking at pictures that describe what your baby will be like to you. But nothing, perhaps, can beat writing some words just after the baby is born since then you will be able to put the full emotion of the experience into your words.

There are a lot of baby shower food and drink ideas out there; it is just a matter of finding the ones that will work the best. This is usually dictated by the wishes of the mother. It is just a matter of how involved she is with the party. She may be planning the entire thing or she may be getting a surprise shower.

Budget is also a major determining factor when it comes to the baby shower food and games. If money is not a concern, then it is always best to have a catered meal. This gives the people planning the event one less thing to worry about. The catering company will prepare, serve, and clean up all of the things that have to go with the food. This gives people the ability to focus on more important things like the mother to be and all of the guests. If catering is not an option, many people will have pot luck dinners, where every guest is expected to bring a food or drink item to the party. This can give you a lot of great things to eat, but some people can feel uncomfortable if they have to bring an item. Having a sign-up sheet makes this process less painful. Have options on there that require no cooking. For a person that does not cook, they can still bring a bag of chips or pretzels to the shower. 

Baby shower gifts

Baby shower gifts ideas come in all shapes and sizes. If you are the one who is putting together the list for the baby shower then there are a couple of things that you need to be mindful of. How much can people afford? There is nothing wrong with putting a more pricey item on the list because sometimes people want to join together to be able to buy something more reasonable. However, do make sure that people who can’t afford much have some options: a great idea is suggesting a voucher from a particular baby store. The other thing to think about is when the shower is happening in relation to the baby being born. There is no point in having things appropriate for in the hospital given if the baby has already arrived!

Baby shower food, appetizers, and drinks are certainly important to the overall success of the event. Once these items are in place, the games, decorations and everything else should easily fall into place and it will be a shower that everyone truly enjoys. Baby shower cakes may serve many purposes, whether the affair is relatively simple or on a larger scale. In addition to serving as dessert, a beautiful cake may serve as a beautiful centrepiece as well. Choosing a cake that is well-made and aesthetically pleasing may be an affordable way to round out a happy gathering, and fills people up as well...unless it is a diaper cake of course!


In closing...playing games?

What would you do at a party?  Are you someone who likes playing games?  Did you know that not everyone does?  When you are putting together printable baby shower invitations don’t forget to put vital information on like if you are planning to have a few games at the party.  Whilst it won’t mean that people who don’t like games will feel happy all the time, they will at least be more prepared for it, which will make the party feel that bit warmer.

One of the most helpful baby shower gifts ideas that a new mother will appreciate is new baby clothes. There are a couple important things to keep in mind when purchasing these. Make sure to purchase clothes in a variety of sizes so that as the baby grows, the mother will not have to be purchasing new clothing every few months. Also extremely helpful are clothing accessories such as basic onesies and plenty of warm socks.

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