Great TV Show For Collectors

American Pickers

American Pickers is the most unique show about collecting that I have ever seen.  The show centers around these two childhood friends who drive all over the country looking for all types of collectibles and odd items.  The show is so much fun to watch because you can tell they are long time friends.  Some of the items they have found include old advertising signs.  They are very big on motorcycles and toys also.

American Pickers 02-14-11

This episode is really unique because the American Pickers have been summoned to William Shatner's home to help him decorate.  They have a long list of items to look for for the Shatner's.

They are looking for items for a room where the Shatner's want to decorate with horses as a theme.  The pickers need to look for hat rack, a wood display shelf.  They are looking for something unusual and a decorator will help with the decorating theme.  You really should watch this episode if you are a true collector of odd things.

Why it Fun to Watch American Pickers

I love watching this show because they find all sort of items.  My favorites are the toys that are found.  My favorite toys are tin plated toys and anything from the 70's.  It is also fun to watch the picker try to bargain with the sellers for a lower price.  This is really funny sometimes because te person really doe not want to sale.  In fact sometimes they can't buy the item because a price cannot be agreed on.  Watching this show really teaches you how to get the best price for your collectibles.

Schedule for American Pickers

American Pickers comes on the History channel at 8:00 eastern time.  The show lasts for one hour and is one of the best shows on television today.  Its informative and funny at the same.  A great show for the family to watch.


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