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All About Grepolis...

Grepolis Tribal War is the fantastic new online game that allows you to build tribes and alliances. The idea of the game is to build the strongest tribes and alliances you can, as you will need them when you place attack on a competitor. Grepolis is a web based play online game that allows you to play against other players throughout the world! Don't be put off by getting set up as it takes just a few moments - requiring only a password and then a username..

The Scoring System

The scoring system is responsible for the competitve side of the game. Your game gets measured via a ranking system, that allows you to compare your rank against other players throughout the world. It is then up to you to try to work your way up the ladder and to become the No.1!  Working with the right strategy will bring the best results. There are no tricks or cheats available for this game, but working in the right way will bring its rewards!

Online Community

Forum and messaging centres are available on this game, and they allow you to contact other players. Therefore when you sign up with Grepolis you are not only joining a fantastic game, but you are also engaging in an online community! 

Alliances & Attack

To become the best it is extremely important that you build good alliances as without them you will not suceed. At the end of the day one man can not do it all by himself! Making alliances is not as easy as it might sound and you need to gain prestige and trust in order for people to want to team up with you. You should start off by making alliances with people that have a similar rank to yourself. That way you can both support each other and grow together as you learn new things and work your way through the quests and stages. When the time is right you might feel the need to place an attack on other cities and troops. You can do this easily by choosing the attack tab on the right hand side of the game screen.

Gold Coins

Just like any real city you will find that money plays an important part in your success and therefore you must aim to achieve as many gold coins as possible. You have the option to play at premium rate whereby you can buy coins to help you in suceeding. 

Codes & Cheats

There are no codes or cheats for Grepolis - the best way to be success is to be patient and play for yourself. Build good teams and good resource, once you have achieve this it is simply a case of how effeciently and how effectively you use what you have - and essentially it comes down to good management. Once you have cracked it you will be laughing.

Happy Gaming!.........

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hardinflash profile image

hardinflash 6 years ago from Montana

This looks pretty interesting. I don't get a lot of time to play games but this looks like one I'm going to have to look into.

Dennis 4 years ago

the best

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