Guide to Obby Mauler Perfection

Obby mauler

1.0 - Introduction
Hey everybody, this is my first guide ever so please don't flame me for it if it's not top of the line . Over the past few months, I've seen more and more obby maulers step into the wild than ever before. So now I've decided to create this guide for anyone who has been inspired to create an obby mauler, but aren't sure where to start or how to execute this tedious process.


2.0 - Choosing A Name

To me, a good name should be one with little or no random numbers. If you want people to remember who you are, keep your name simple, and try to avoid using leetspeak. Also, you may not want to choose a name such as "I_Obby_u" (just a random example) because when pking, that may let your opponent know you have an obby maul hiding in your inventory if you're using a pre-ko weapon.


3.0 - Types Of Obby Maulers

1 Attack Obby Mauler: This type of obby mauler is fairly decent at most levels. However, this type of mauler uses an obby maul only, which is a slow weapon. They can very high for their combat level, and are usually the route most maulers take when starting out.

5 Attack Obby Mauler: This type of obby mauler is just like the 1 attack obby mauler, only it sacrifices 1 combat level for an extra 4 attack levels. I've heard that getting the extra 5 attack helps considerably, but i wouldn't know personally because I've never tested it out.

10 Attack Obby Mauler: This type of obby mauler is just like the 1 attack obby mauler, only it sacrifices 2 combat levels for an extra 9 attack levels. Again, I know a few obby maulers with 10 attack and they say it is definitely worth getting the extra combat levels for the huge attack advantage.

20 Attack Obby Mauler: This type of obby mauler is just like the 1 attack obby mauler, only it sacrifices around 5 combat levels for an extra 19 attack levels. If they are smart, they will do the quest
Death Plateau, which will raise their attack to 17, and allow them to wear climbing boots.

Obby Ranger: This type of obby mauler uses usually darts/knives to get their opponents hp down, and then quickly pulls out the maul to try to k.o. This type of obby mauler can have 1, 5, or 10 attack, or choose to get 15-20 attack and climbing boots. This type of mauler is very successful at any combat level.

Slayer's Staff Obby Mauler: This type of obby mauler uses the slayer's staff to lower the opponents health, then pulls out the obby maul to k.o. This type of obby mauler can have 1, 5, or 10 attack, or choose to get 15-20 attack with climbing boots, which allows an addition 1 max damage. This breed of maulers is very unexpected, which is a good and bad thing at the same time. It can catch enemies off guard if they aren't paying attention or careful.

Tank Obby Mauler: This type of obby mauler has 40+ defense, 60+ strength and usually 1 or 5 attack. I've heard they are very good not only at pking, but staking as well. They can hit fairly decent for their combat level, but also will rarely be touched by opponents because of the high defense and defensive gear. Another neat thing about these is they can wear defensive gear that can actually increase their strength bonuses dramatically (i.e. dragon boots, fighter torso, etc).

Please note that I will only be showing how to train a ONE ATTACK obby mauler with this guide, the section above is to merely show you the breeds of obby maulers that have sprouted up throughout the times.


4.0 - Equipment For Training


Iron Scimitar - Roughly 4k-8k xp per hour

a very primitive, low level weapon. However, there aren't many other choices being only 1 attack.

PROS: easily obtainable, very inexpensive
CONS: not the best weapon that could be used

Slayer's Staff - Roughly 20k-25k xp per hour

The best 1 attack weapons for obby maulers by far. It's as fast as a whip and has only 5-10 less attack and strength bonus than a rune scimitar. The downside is you need 55 slayer for to wield it, which i will cover later on in the guide.

PROS: fast as a whip, almost as good attack and strength bonus as a rune scimitar, deadly accurate for being only 1 attack
CONS: needs 55 slayer to wield

Other Helpful Items:

Amulet Of Fury

I cannot stress enough how important accuracy is over strength bonus when training from 1 to 60 strength with merely 1 attack. The amulet of fury gives VERY good bonuses to attack, which is what we want.

PROS: very good attack and defense bonuses
CONS: costs around 3.7 to 3.9 mil

Unholy Book

This is basically a damaged zammy book with all 4 torn pages attached. The zammy book can be attained by completing the Horror From The Deep quest. It gives +8 to all attack bonuses and a nice +4 prayer bonus. This is essential for efficient training with 1 attack.

PROS: gives a good attack bonus boost
CONS: quest may be hard for some

Mith Gloves

Obtained by completing any of the 5 subquests from the Recipe For Disaster quest.
(The 5 easiest subquests to complete are: the goblins, the dwarf, priate pete, skrach uglogwee (ogre), and evil dave)

PROS: give a +6 strength bonus, only cost around 2.5k each, best gloves for a 1 defense pure
CONS: time consuming to obtain

Items Recap:

WEAPON: slayer's staff > red topaz machete > iron scimitar
HELMET: iron
AMULET: fury > glory > power > strength
PLATE: iron
LEGS: d'hide chaps > iron
SHIELD: unholy book > iron
BOOTS: iron > leather
GLOVES: mith > combat bracelet > regular gloves
RING: warrior > berserker
CAPE: trimmed 99 stat cape > 99 stat cape = obsidian > regular


5.0 - Training Spots

Training for obby maulers is VERY limited, not only because of having 1 defense, but because of 1 attack as well.

Free To Play:

Strength 1-40:

I would suggest training on the monks at the monastery

Pay To Play

Strength 1 - 60

since obby maulers pretty much need to pk in members you mind as well get members asap. The best and probably only training spot suitable for a 1 attack obby mauler is rock crabs

So teleport to cammy and walk north till you reach relleka now you can eaither go in through the city of slightly east ofit there is rock crabson both sides.

Strength 60 - 99

from here on out you can train with a berserker necklace and obby maul at rock crabs. I wouldn't suggest training on experiments because their defense bonuses are just too high for 1 attack to hit often enough. I guarantee that at times you will get bored out of your mind training at the same spot with the same weapon, but you can take breaks. Try skilling, pking, or just chilling if you want, but don't get too preoccupied. Make sure you remember get back to training also


6.0 - Getting To 55 Slayer

Getting to 55 slayer is a long, rough journey being only 1 attack and defense. However, if you stick to it, you will achieve it. I will go over some of the techniques i used to attain 55 slayer.

I used the Vanaka Slayer Master for most of my tasks. I used all fire strikes and range attacks against the monsters I was able to fight that Vanaka assigned me. However, If I wasn't able to kill these, i went to the Burthope slayer master and switched tasks. Most of the Burthope tasks can easily be killed using an obby maul.

Helpful Tips:

  • Use any genie lamps or books of knowledge you get on slayer. The experience may seem small but it will add up.
  • Try to not take pking or skilling breaks if going for 55 slayer, the wasted time will build up and it will take you a lot longer than you thought.
  • Be aware that you will only receive roughly 1-2k experience in slayer if mauling, and 5-10k experience if maging / ranging.
  • If possible, complete the quest One Small Favor. It is a very annoying quest, but you are rewarded with 2 10k xp lamps, which you can use on slayer. This will knock out a little less than 1/8 of your total slayer xp needed for 55 slayer.


7.0 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a berserker necklace do?

» A:

It allows you to hit 20% higher when worn with an obby weapon, but takes away around 10 attack and 20 defense bonuses.

Q: Why don't you mention getting climbing boots for a 1 attack obby mauler?

» A:

The quest death plateau, which allows you to use climbing boots, gives around 3k attack experience, which would bring you to 17 attack

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