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How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay to Desktop or Laptop.The Best Information and Video Guides to Help Get you Recording Today.

There are a lot of different methods and devices to record your Xbox 360 gameplay if your computer does not have a built in capture card. You can use external capture cards, USB capture devices, and even your home DVD recorder. I will be providing guides and information for some of the easiest and most affordable of these capture methods in one place. You will need to make sure your computer has all the necessary video codecs and hardware specifications to run any software or capture devices before making any purchases.

Facts Regarding Playing in High Definition and Recording your Game Play at the Same Time

There are capture devices that allow you to play in High Def and record gameplay at the same time, however they are slightly more costly. Note that you can use the standard definition (480p) capture devices on a HDTV, but keep in mind you will not be able to play in High Def and record your gaming at the same time. You will have to set your Xbox to standard definiton and this will seriously degrade your picture quality on your T.V.. The reason for this is because most affordable capture devices only have composite RCA audio/video inputs (red,yellow,white) or S video inputs. These devices only accept up to DVD quality input (480p) so if your playing in High Def the capture device cannot transfer the HD (720p or 1080i) audio and video to your computer.

I WILL BE LISTING SOME HD COMPATIBLE RECORDING DEVICES that enable you to record in standard and play in High Def simultaneously later in this article. However the prices can vary dramatically on these devices. There is only one somewhat affordable external device that allows true HD capture and that is the Hauppauge HD PVR and it is listed below. I will also be listing a few devices that enables you to record using a mac or macbook laptop. As far as I know there are no affordable external devices that record 1080p or from an HDMI cable. The Hauppauge will do HD but it will only record in 720p or 1080i.

Keep in mind that no guide will ever be 100 percent perfect for everyone. Differences in televisions and computers can make an enormous difference so if your having problems check your owners manual. If you still cannot resolve your problem then do some research online, someone else is likely to have had the same problem before.

Devices For Those with Standard Definition Televisions

 If you have a standard definition television then not being able to play in High Def and record simultaneously is not an issue for you and it gives you a lot more recording options. The capture devices for standard (480p) televisions are much more affordable for the average person and very easy to set up. Choosing the right hardware and software can be confusing and intimidating to the average gamer. Hopefully by the end of this article gamers will have a better understanding of how to record xbox 360 gameplay.

Dazzle Video Creator Plus (Standard Definition)

This method of recording uses the Dazzle Video Creator Plus. For this method you will also need 3 RCA Y-adapters and a set of good composite RCA audio/video cables (red,yellow,white). This capture device comes with Pinnacle Studio video editing software which features one click uploading to YouTube. This device is a good all in one package for recording and editing.

There is one thing you need to be aware of before purchasing a Dazzle to record your gameplay; it may or may not work with your operating system.To check if the Dazzle you are going to purchase will work with your system simply check the Dazzle device driver download page by clicking the link below. (Right click and open in new tab or window.) The Device Driver Download Page for Pinnacle Dazzle Capture Cards.

Home DVD Recorder (Standard Definition)

This method of recording is recommended to anyone who already owns a home DVD recorder. If you already have a DVD recorder then you have nothing to buy to begin recording your gameplay. The benefit of this is the fact your storage is on DVD discs and you do not have to worry about the large file sizes associated with recording on your computer. The downfall is that a DVD recorder will not make separate files like an external capture device. This means browsing through hours of footage to find what you need which can be extremely time consuming.

If you do choose to use the DVD Recorder method keep in mind you will have to convert DVD video files to YouTube friendly video formats such as AVI, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4. This is a very very slow process and does take some computer and software knowledge.This is not a recommended method of recording if you are not willing to spend some time learning new software or if you are computer illiterate. There is a lot of free software out there to help you either edit DVD videos or convert the DVD files to another format.

USB Capture Device

Easycap Vista, Windows 7, 64 Bit Driver Info

EasyCap 2.0 or Roxio Video Capture USB. (Standard Definition)

EasyCap 2.0 and Roxio USB Capture Device

If you have Windows XP then using an EasyCap 2.0 is a cheap way for you to record your gameplay. Its one of the most affordable capture devices. It is made in the U.K. so the software is set to record in PAL as standard. If you live in a PAL region be sure to buy the EasyCap 2.0 DC60+ as it is the only one that records in PAL 60. The standard EasyCap 2.0 will not work for you it will be in black and white.

If you live in the U.S. you can go with the standard version of EasyCap 2.0 because you will be recording in NTSC. You can easily change to NTSC in the settings with one click. Even though a website may say that the EasyCap works for Vista be aware that it does not do so out of the box.

Warning Concerning the EasyCap usage with Vista, Windows 7, and 64 bit PC's

To get an Easycap to work with Windows Vista, 64 bit computers, or with Windows 7 you may have to hunt down additional drivers on the web. Even if you find a driver from a 3rd party source does not always mean it will work for your operating system. ALWAYS be sure to check to make sure any device you are going to purchase has drivers available to work with your operating system. To the right is a video on Youtube detailing how to get an Easycap to work with Vista, 64 bit, and Windows 7 computers.

One of My Videos Made Using USB Capture

Roxio Video Capture USB (Standard Definition)

This is a fairly new capture device from Roxio and it is compatible with most operating systems out of the box. This device costs around the same price range as the Dazzle capture devices but is in a lot smaller package. You can easily hook the Roxio USB Capture up using the same method as shown in the above YouTube video for EasyCap. Buy Roxio Video Capture USB here.(right click and open in new tab or window)

I persoanlly have used this device and highly recommend it for anyone with a standard definition television setup. The device is tiny compared to a Dazzle and you can usually get a Roxio USB Capture for around 20 to 30 dollars cheaper than a Dazzle itself. It does come with editing software as well so it's a pretty affordable package to get started with.

Devices For Those with High Definition Televisions

There are a lot of Devices on the market now that allow you to play and record in HD at the same time. The prices on these devices vary but typically run in the $100.00 to $200.000 range. Keep in mind that MOST of these devices DO NOT RECORD HD BUT ALLOW YOU TO PLAY IN HD AND RECORD IN STANDARD DEFINITION. These devices however are much more affordable than buying an internal capture card and a grapics card to run it.

I have not seen an affordable External Device that accepts HDMI inputs. Even the HD PVR is limited to component and composite inputs. This means YOU WILL NEED XBOX COMPONENT CABLES so you can run them to your device of choice. I have listed an affordable pair of Xbox 360 component cables for those devices that will need them.


Blitzbox (A Customer Support Nightmare) DO NOT PURCHASE A BLITZBOX!

I used to host a link to Blitzbox on this page, however, after having a huge personal issue with them I decided to use this section to warn potential purchasers of their capture devices. Their customer support will answer you but not do any of the things they say they will. Their capture device also has horrible quality which can be verified with any video capture test you can find on Youtube. If you feel that my sentiments about Blitzcast and the Blitzbox devices are not enough to deter you then please read in the comments below about another users experience and do some reasearch on the web about them.

I ordeded a Blitzbox AirDuo ($157.00) for the wireless streaming ability of it for recording things I was not concerned with being in HD. I changed my mind however for a number of reasons. I received an email saying my money would be refunded after my e check cleared. My e check cleared 2 days later and they shipped the item immediately. I never received the item because one of the reasons I cancelled it is I ordered it to a P.O. box I no longer paid for. I have sent numerous emails to their customer support and have not received a refund to date. They have not responded to my latest emails even though I have forwarded all my correspondence showing my requests and their confirmation that it would be cancelled.

Setting up Hava HD Wireless

Hava HD Device (Record in Standard and Play in HD)

The Hava is also a newer device that allows you to play in High Def and record your Xbox 360 gameplay at the same time in standard definition. It is quite expensive for a standard def recording device but it is a small price to pay for someone who has paid a few thousand dollars for a HD-TV and wants the full benefit of it while recording their game play. It also will has many more uses than system than a game specific capture device.

There are a few versions of Hava on the market and a lot of guides available on setting them up. Hava's are becoiming quite popular for recording gameplay even with their cost. The Hava Platinum is slightly more affordable than the wireless versions of Hava. I have found a very good text guide for using the Platinum version of Hava to record your 360 gameplay. You can view the detailed text setup guide (right click and open in new tab or window) here.

Hauppauge HD PVR Setup

My Video Using the HD PVR

Hauppauge HD PVR, (Record and Play in High Definition)

This is the device I personally now use for my Youtube recordings and for publishing videos to Machinima Respawn. Here is a video showing how to setup a Hauppauge HD PVR to record your Xbox 360 or PS3 gameplay. This device captures FULL 720p or 1080i HD video in a variety of formats and is worth the money for anyone interested in capturing their gaming in extremely high quality.

There is one downfall to the HD PVR and that is the fact that it does not have an HDMI input port. An HDMI port is necessary to get a quality HD signal with a 1080p HD TV because component cables are really designed for 1080i or 720p signals. This means you will have to purchase component Xbox 360 cables to run to the Hauppauge HD PVR to plug into the devices component input port. A new HD PVR in box comes with a set of component cables to run back to your HD TV from the output so there is no need to purchase another set.

The Hauppauge HD PVR will accept a 1080p signal through the component cables however it only records in 1080i which is basically an upconverted 720p signal. For this reason it is much better to set your Xbox 360 to 720p and record in 720p as well.The truth is there is very little difference between 720p and 1080p on a television that is under 50 inches. There have been a lot of studies done on HD TV picture quality to verfiy this fact.

Hauppauge HD PVR System Requirements

  • You need AT LEAST a dual core PC with AT LEAST 1 gig of RAM...
  • You need AT LEAST a 256 meg Video Card...
  • You NEED HD video editing software that will recognize the M2TS files produced by the Hauppauge. (Sony Vegas Pro 8.0c, Pinnacle Studio, and Corel Video Studio work)

Devices For Those with a Mac or Mac Book Computer.

There has been a limited amount of external devices that allow you to record gameplay on a Mac however as the popularity of Mac's continue to increase more devices are becoming available. I will list these devices as I can as they do become available.

Slingbox Media Pro HD Setup

Slingbox Media Pro HD. (Record Mac in Standard and Play in HD)

A lot of people have been looking for a way to play their Xbox 360 in HD and still be able to record gameplay on their Macbook. There used to be no other way to do this than spend thousands of dollars of equipment. Most equipment on the market was and is only compatible with windows computers and devices. Now there is one device on the market that enables Mac users to get in on making game videos affordably and its called the Slingbox HD Pro.

This video tutorial will show users how to record their Xbox 360 gameplay on their Macbook Pro using the Slingbox HD Pro without losing their HD gameplay quality.

Video Capture for Mac Setup

Video Capture for Mac USB (Standard Definition)

This is a newer device for those with a Mac that has a USB 2.0 port. This is one of the more affordable devices that will work for a Mac but it only works for standard definition recording. Only purchase this device if you have a standard def t.v. and a Mac with a USB 2.0 Port.

This device is the same thing as a Dazzle capture card for Windows computers. They are fairly relaiable and offer decent quality standard definition video as well. They typically come with a software editing program from Pinnacle Studios. The sotware is fairly simple to use but limited in its capabilites versus a program such as Sony Vegas 9.0.

You can view the knowledge base for the Video Capture for Mac USB here.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • A Macintosh computer with a Power PC G4 (500MHz or faster)
  • G5 or Intel Core processor 256MB of RAM
  • 512MB recommended Internet connection for registration

Roxio USB Capture for Mac (Standard Definition)

When it comes to affordability and quality for capturing standard defintion gameplay on a mac this is the device many may want to consider. I have personally owned a Roxio USB for Windows and used it for well over a year with no issues. Its an extremely small capture device yet does not lack in power or capability. This device is what built my Youtube channel to over 3,000 subscribers so its definitely a good device to start your gameplay recording with.

You can view the text guide for setting up a Roxio USB Capture for Mac here.(right click and open in new tab or window)

You can purchase the Roxio USB Capture for Mac here.(right click and open in new tab or window)

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adrian 7 years ago

great guide 5/5!

Frantz 7 years ago

Wow, nice list

Just something I wanted to mention,

Guys, stay away from tv tuners! I just purchased a tv tuner card, thinking that I could hook up my xbox 360 with it, and record the gameplay on my computer. But the thing is, it did work, however I was getting a min 5 second delay between the time I move a button in the controller, to when I actually see the action on screen. So, the game was practically unplayable.

Im gonna try that roxio capture card thing and see if that works.

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 7 years ago from Tennessee Author

Ya I did not put a lot of info about t.v. tuners because they may not work depending on your computer hardware. Its cheaper and easier to go with a capture device that is external.

Unknown 7 years ago

Can this work for other gamesystems as well?

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 7 years ago from Tennessee Author

Yes. I stuck with 360 as its popular to record from.

rhys 7 years ago

so if i use a recordable dvd player , i can just use that , but i have to convert the file type , is this very complacated?

Patrick M 7 years ago

What if I wanted to use my laptop to record just SoundFX or BGM from games on my 360?

Zachary S 6 years ago

Instead of using a T.V., I use a separate computer monitor from my computer, just for convenience. Could you create a segment on how to record computer monitors?

some guy 6 years ago

if i use a pinnacle dazzle dvd recorder will i be able to record from the xbox 360? or can i only use this on dvds? if i cant use it will an instant dvd recorder work?

Blitzbox Sux 6 years ago

I bought and Blitzbox - it took weeks to get. It comes with virtually no instructions. While plugging in cables is intuitive as the video shows - getting it to work on Windows 7 is a nightmare. The Blitzcast support is absolutely terrible. The message board on blitzcast is loaded with lots of complaints and mis-information and the company makes not effort at all to help.

madkid360  6 years ago

Does it have to be slingbox HD pro for it to record xbox game play or can it be another model like slingbox media ?

Chad 6 years ago

not one mention of the Blackmagic device here? Google Blackmagic Intensity Pro

BrazenZero 6 years ago

Can someone add me as a friend and message me a reccomendation for a recording device because all i know how to do is play my game. =( i really want to record stuff to for a project please add me! =)

Tony 6 years ago

Lets say I play on an HD TV but i turn off the HD setting. Will I be able to record gameplay with the Easy Cap 2.0?

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 6 years ago from Tennessee Author

Yes but you will suffer in quality of your picture.

Tony 6 years ago

How much will it suffer? Will gamertags and the scoreboard be legible without the hd setting because the main reason i am looking to buy a cap card is for gamebattles.

Tony 6 years ago

Also for the Dazzle VC Plus HD setup, is the Dazzle the only thing i need to purchase to start recording or do I need other devices along with it?

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 6 years ago from Tennessee Author

A good example is what a non HD show looks like on an HD TV sometimes. There is a way to get a somewhat better picture doing it that way but you need the xbox component cables that have both Composite and Component wires on it. Red, Yellow, White and blue,green, etc.

Run the component cables to your HD TV and the red yellow white to your capture device. Set your xbox on normal definition and you will get a fairly good picture.

I really don't suggest doing this though. I really suggest just saving up for a Dazzle HD which is about the cheapest you can get for a true HD TV. It records standard def though but you get HD quality tv picture.

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 6 years ago from Tennessee Author

As for the Dazzle HD you will need to get a set of composite cables and I have not found a guide for its setup online yet and I do not have to do make one for it.

I will add what you will need. Keep in mind that these devices take composite inputs and not HDMI. You will need the xbox composite cables, run it into the dazzle, then run the dazzles output composites to your T.V. Then just plug in the USB cable to your computer and your good.

Tony 6 years ago

Thanks for the quick response =]

Tony 6 years ago

Oh and i forgot to ask. The Dazzle is compatible with Windows Vista right?

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 6 years ago from Tennessee Author

Yes and I changed it around to show what you need and gave a quick how to setup for it. I was on here editing anyways as I am getting ready to post it on a few forums.

Mike McCoy 6 years ago

Jacob Smalls help me out brother I have a quick question will the Hauppauge HD PVR(Record and Play in High Definition)be compatable with this laptop I'm looking into purchasing

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 6 years ago from Tennessee Author

Post a link

Michael McCoy 6 years ago

Sorry if theres some confusion man Im just trying to get what I need to record for my soon to be contract with machinima btw thanks for taking the time to get all this information for all of us its a huge help and saves people like me a lot of time. Quick question with the Hava HD Device is it compatable with the ps3 cause I notice in the description you just mention the xbox. I use a ps3 myself with an HD projector so trying to find the right software to capture my gameplay for my viewrs is tricky. Im looking for something that allows a crisp clean look for youtube that wont mess with my 1080i audio and visual. Can you help me out man I really would appreciate it and in return I'll offer my services when it comes to design work you may need considering I'll be purchasing an Alienware M17x soon including the Adobe Creative Suite 5 master collection which is a huge deal. So like I said when I get all the big toys I'll gladly hook you up with some design work if you can help me in return

- McCoy

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 6 years ago from Tennessee Author

Ya it will work. The Hava will not record HD though though it will be 480 unless they got a new one out I haven't looked at yet. It allows you to play in HD though. I think all these will work with ps3 its mainly the computer you gotta worry about.

I got a machinima contract myself. My first video goes live this thursday so looking forward to it.

I really do suggest the Hauppauge though if you have component input and outputs for your stuff as it does not have HDMI ports.

Before you get an alienware though be sure to check the link I posted. You could likely build a damn near supercomputer with the affordable parts on there for half the price.

Mike McCoy 6 years ago

Wow looking at that link has me realizing I could save some cash however to be honest I know little about putting a computer together and on top of that I need a laptop nott a desktop. Btw send me your youtbue account man I'll gladly subscribe to your channel. Ok so back to my situation, I'm looking for something that will allow me to record in HD and as well play in HD since I run off and HDMI port so idk if that rules out the Hauppauge. Looking back at my options I notice the Slingbox Media Pro HD allows gamers to record in HD and as well play in HD which catches my eye however this guy is using a Mac Book pro (another laptop I was debating on purchasing) however if it can run off the Alienware M17 then that's the way to go in my personal opinion. I simply need something that will work with my HD Project/PS3/Alienware M17. FYI my youtuve channel is TMA5T3R

Tony 6 years ago

Just to be sure, I only need to purchase one of each item you listed right?

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 6 years ago from Tennessee Author

My youtube channel is

If you need HDMI input for a catpure device then your likely going to have to go with a built in capture device. There is the Blackmagic intensity pro but I think it is for desktop only.

Those deals on parts are amazing and your talking a 6 core processor vs duo core with that amd. That's fast.

Ever consider maybe getting a netbook for your mobility as they run in the 200 dollar range and use the desktop for the majority of your high powered applications. You would still come out cheaper.

As far as building a PC goes theres a ton of guides out there. You could likely save a 1000 dollars building it and getting a netbook.

Don't get a slingbox though as it does not allow recording. You have to use 3rd party applications to record with that basically hack the video stream.

You may not be able to do HD without getting a Built in card. You could maybe do the HAVA and do standard def if it has HDMI ports which I think it does.

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 6 years ago from Tennessee Author

As far as the items I listed be sure to check some video guides on youtube to make sure your getting all you need. I posted everything I am sure you need but always double check. I have owned a slingbox, dazzle, roxio usb capture, and now a hauppauge hd pvr so I know them all pretty well.

Mike McCoy 6 years ago

Mr. Smalls I appreciate the quick response man by the sound of things I think the hava may be the way to go. I'll ofcourse take the time to look into it more. Yea I'm sure there's guides to making a Pc and I even share an office with our Tech guy so it could be something to consider. The only reason the Alienware M17 x caught my eye is cause it can handle the adobe creative suite CS5 Master I plan on placing on it plus my new camera software and lastly the game play recorder. Btw if I tend to use the HAVA and do standard def will I still be able to play my mw2 in HD 1080 and have a decent video quality recorded for my viewrs?

Mike McCoy 6 years ago

Ok lets look at things this way the HAVA Vs. the Hauppauge HD PVR in my situation. Keep in mind Im a man of my work I'll offer you some of my services to say deck out your channel background on youtube or if you can wait a month or so I can come up with a Logo animation for your videos

Mike McCoy 6 years ago

I've done some HW I was comparing the Blackmagic intensity pro vs the Hauppauge HD PVR and I've come to the conclusion Hauppauge seems to come with less problems and the quailty difference between the two isn't much

Chaos haxor 6 years ago

Black magic is superior, let me get this straight future consoles will phase out component as it can not be used for 3d, so go and get an intensity pro as it supports hdmi.

Future proofing is a good idea and it is best quality by far and easy to install.

Michael McCoy 6 years ago

Chaos if your reading this check these two links out and get back to me on this topic

jacob007 6 years ago

wheres black magic intensity pro?

Jacob Smalls profile image

Jacob Smalls 6 years ago from Tennessee Author

This page is for affordable external devices. The blackmajic is similar in price to the HD PVR but I don't want to list something that could cause a lot of confusion. It takes a powerful desktop and graphics card to capture with one and I don't want people to buy and have to return something based on my tutorial.

Mike McCoy 6 years ago

Good man Jacob haha on the other hand that's something I could consider since the Alienware M17x packs a serious graphics card

Tony 6 years ago

Hey Jacob I've been looking all over youtube for a Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD setup tutorial for playing in hd and recording in standard but all the vids I've seen are all playing in standard and recording in standard. If you know a good video tutorial please post it. Thanks.

Tony 6 years ago

Also are you absolutely positive that you can play in hd while recording with the dazzle hd because all the videos ive seen only show playing and recording in standard def?

jackcaughlin 6 years ago

The Sling Media Slingbox for the MBPRO, does this record ps3 as well, you only mention xbox360, but say it's essentially the same as the dazzle which is ps3 compatible?

Marsh 6 years ago

I'm thinking about buying a hauppauge but I haven't been able to find an answer for my problem. I don't have an HD TV so I am limited to playing in standard def. But my question is can I record with the Hauppauge in standard def. the composite cables (yellow/red/white) If so, please tell me what I need.

Liam 6 years ago

what's the best software to use with EzCap to record xbox 360 gamplay? the arcsoft i got with it doesn't work well>

Mike  6 years ago

For easy cap you have link to male to dual female plugs. These are the wrong plugs! You need female to dual female.

Tracey 6 years ago

The Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD does NOT allow you to play in HD while recording. You have to switch the 360 to SD. The "HD" in the name is misleading and refers to the ability to make HD titles, etc.

Tracey 6 years ago

Also, Marsh, if your TV is not HD, it doesn't make sense for you to spend the $$ on the Hauppage HD PVR unit. Go with an Easycap or the Dazzle instead.

Rob 6 years ago


i was clueless before this. ive wanted to record for ages but had no idea where to begin.

thank you.

Podblur 6 years ago

Could you explain to me how you plug up the Roxio for mac to the Xbox360?

amo 6 years ago

When I record game play then go to watch it on my computer it plays real fast. is that normal and can I slow it down do I can tell what is going on? Using SD tv on the dazzle.

Jason 6 years ago

A lot of gamers are now streaming live on justintv etc, do these work for streaming live as well? thanks

Kyle 6 years ago

Windows Vista Primium(my computer)and it already has audio video input on it but no software (disk), which disk should I buy?

Evan 6 years ago

Could I use that for splitters when setting up a Roxio USB?

Krazie1976 6 years ago

Thanks..Very informative..I do my recording in standard Def so it good to see that there ways to do it in hi-def!!Maybe someday I'll have the money for an upgrade!!!

Josh9415 6 years ago

hey i don't suppose you could tell me if the age of a computer can effec the quality of video Captured as i have a EzCap DC60+ and every video i see on youtube the video quality is Clear and not blurry but mine is Blurry.

Please reply to my email address: or My youtube channel Josh9415 ( Please put subject as Ezcap Help otherwise i may delete the message) Thanks :)

abby 6 years ago

im interested in the hava platinum HDTV device. I need to know the if the quality is like the HD PVR's, and i need to know the min. computer specs. and the editing sofware. I want to record xbox 360 video games through this. can you also make the video without the editing sofware.please reply as soon as posssible this is very important

joe 6 years ago

this shit is fucked...i'm from aus, bought 2 dif types of capture devices, the only one that seemed to work was DVD maker... i have a 42inch LCD and ran my xbox thru RCA to telly, then ran output from telly thru device to lappy and only the sounds worked.... nothing works...

Felix 6 years ago

Dazzle x1

AV splitters x3

AV chords x1

100 dollar.

Cheap, easy, good recording quality. BUT you can only play in SD but i don't mind :)

simon layhe 6 years ago

what i don't understand about the easycap 2.0 is that he says you need 2 or more av splitters and i need 3 cause i use the red and he says "female to 2 female and i don't know where to find or purchase those anywhere on the net

Me 6 years ago

is it ok if i have a single core processor running hd pvr or will it lag

Paulo 6 years ago

Great quide.

I am using an easycap for my capture, but the picture quality is really poor and game footage makes me look like a beginner. Is it the quality of the splitters rca leads or easycap that would cause this.

Also is the Roxio better quality than the easycap


JustinDapper 6 years ago

Thanks Jacob for this guide, it was really helpful and I'm sure it helped a ton of other people.

Quick question/comment: Can't the Happauge HD PVR work with a Mac with El Gato's EyeTV or something along those lines? I forgot the exact name.

Do you or anyone else know anything about it?

Also, I'm selling my Pinnacle Dazzle for Mac of anyone would like it. :/

Hoping to upgrade.

Logan 6 years ago

I have the hava hd plaatinum and when i plug everything in the tv is blurry and the whites show up as a greenish tint. DOes anyone know what the problem is and what i need to do to fix it????

John 6 years ago

It wouldn't matter on the "Blackmagic Design Video Recorder" it doesn't capture anything above what I want to see is a comparison between THAT (component blackmagic) vs composite EZcap or similar composite usb video capture....

I want to see if there is a difference...

Record Xbox 360 Gameplay 6 years ago

I have done a few of my own guides on recording xbox 360 gameplay, I concentrated on only the HD solutions though, I don't think many people want to record in low quality

george 6 years ago


josh 6 years ago

hi i really need some help, i am currently using a hdmi cable to connect my xbox360 to a pc monitor. I want to be able to record videos but don'k know what kind of software of recording device to use.

Devin 6 years ago

Well money is pretty tight atm and i have been searching around and found this place and i read threw everything but everything is pretty pricey do you have anything that is affordable say 10- 50 USD or something around that thanks and great guide bro

Oliver 6 years ago

Great guide! Thank you very much!

SkillzzThatKillz 6 years ago

Hi, this was great im thinking about buying an hd pvr to record fifa gameplay this makes it really tempting i have a dazzle but i don't like the standard def hd is way better. and do you make money from machinima?

turbo614 6 years ago

i use roxio easy vhs to dvd capture,w my mac........erg definition from my led tv/monitor via componentcables/the sweet part is when you upload to youtube,macs will resize video so it looks better........i recommend this way if u r on a budget.........good guide brother!

see 4 your self......go to my youtube page



JG 6 years ago

I notice some of the links are for VHS to DVD. You can also get the capture device on its own from Roxio.

Cameron 6 years ago

Great guide, really helped me a lot! Having trouble with HDMI cables though..

panda 6 years ago

looking through commen ts and you say there's a hd dazzle? as in play in hd record in sd?

KR9 6 years ago

Can you use a normal hd pvr, lets say for example the one BEll provides to you?

Keir S 6 years ago

i was wondering if my computer had the right requirements it is a windows xp pro and it's hp pavilion dv5000 i am pretty sure it does not have the right graphic settings so would this be fixed with a graphics card thanx also i am wanting to buy a hauppauge

jacob007  6 years ago

black magic intensity pro is the best

jack b 5 years ago

is it possible to record gameplay staright through my laptop?

Josh0529 5 years ago

Hey is the Roxio video capture good? I want to record my gameplay on xbox360 an make montages and stuff but I'm a clueless amatuer. Please help

Christian 5 years ago

I going to ude the Happuage HD PVR for PC gameplay recording. I will use an RCA to HDMI converter for hdmi indput in my laptop. I will record in full graphics like Modern Warfare 2.

My setup is a:

Intel Core 2 duo p9800 2.93Ghz

Dual NVidia GTX260M in SLI

And 4 gig ram

Will it lag when the HD PVR store the files on a external hooked up through my laptop?

Thanks for reading this. :)

Christian 5 years ago

I going to ude the Happuage HD PVR for PC gameplay recording. I will use an RCA to HDMI converter for hdmi indput in my laptop. I will record in full graphics like Modern Warfare 2.

My setup is a:

Intel Core 2 duo T9800 2.93Ghz

Dual NVidia GTX260M in SLI

And 4 gig ram

Will it lag when the HD PVR store the files on a external hooked up through my laptop?

Thanks for reading this. :)

Austin Jordan  5 years ago

Hey man I need your help...I'm not amazing with this stuff sice I'm only 13 but I was thinking about getting a hauppage. One thing though, I play on an HDTV and I have a pc in another room not close to the is there any way I can record and then transfer the recorded video onto my computer?? If this doesn't make sence just tell me..also is there any editing software that the hauppauge will work on that is free or at least not hundreds of dollars? Anyway if u could respond and help out I would appreciate it! To answer you could just email me at adog.jordan@ also 1 last thing... I'm trying to get more known on YouTube so if u could maybe check my channel out and subscribe I would really appreciate it man. Thanks:)! Inane sum other questions that I will ask if u respond.

A Gamer In Need! 5 years ago

I'm clueless on what I have to do with my XBox and my soon to be Hd PVR Capture Card. I wasn't one hundred percent sure on how I was going to do this considering the fact that my computer is about 15m away. :( Anyhow, I would also like to ask what softwares would I need for my HD PVR and how I'm going to get the cables to the computer.


CYRAPHYM 5 years ago


Help 5 years ago

If i use a HDMI cable and also plug in the standard xbox cables and use them for a dazzle, would i be able to play in HD and record in standard quality?

288cooldaniel 5 years ago

Read my tutorial. 288cooldaniel.

Dom 5 years ago

I have an easycap and I was wondering if I could use a notebook to record my gameplay please comment back because I'm really confused tahnk you for your time.

Matthew 5 years ago

Is the Black Magic USB recorder any good? Any word on it?

Raust 5 years ago

Great guide Jacob. Thanks for taking the time to provide all this information, very helpful

LISA MCNAY 5 years ago

hi my son wants to record his game play onto you tube , weve bought him a new tv for christmas which says it has a PVR in-built ...he wanted a hauppage ... my question is can he use the one on the tv to record his gaming . if yes will he need a sept hard drive , he is doing my head in over this keeps saying i don't know what im talking about please help me to understand it more if you need any more info please email me on ... a.s.a.p thank you

Dale 5 years ago

What about a bauhn (aldi) hdd pvr ?

Is it possible to record off that ?

Dale 5 years ago

What about a bauhn (aldi) hdd pvr ?

Is it possible to record off that ?

Darren 3 years ago

is their a capture device for xbox 360 that doesen't have to be connected to the pc or computer ??? it would be easier mail me back

Jordan 3 years ago

Check out the fifa strategy guide everybody thanks

LoLcatescape 2 years ago

omg I reading this when am only 8!? Wow

VampAdd 7 weeks ago

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