Half-Life 2 Video Game Quick Reference Guide

How to install Half-Life 2

Insert the Half-Life 2 disc 1 into your CD-ROM drive. If your CD-ROM drive's Auto-Play feature is enabled, select “Install Half-Life 2” from the menu and follow the instructions. If Auto-Play is not enabled, double click on the “My Computer” icon on your desktop, and then double click on your CD-ROM drive icon to begin the installation. Follow the installation instructions. If Half-Life 2 does not begin installing immediately, right click on the CD-ROM drive icon, choose “Explore” from the pull-down menu, and then double click on “autorun.exe” to launch the installation.

Main Menu

New Game: Start a new game. Choose from three difficulty levels:Easy, Medium or Difficult.

Note: You can change the difficulty setting any time during any level in the game from the Options tab.

Load Game: Select and start a previously saved game.

Save Game: Select “New Saved Game” in the list to create a new file, or select a prviously saved game to overwrite a file.

Resume Game: Select to return to the current game.

Options: Set audio and video settings, customize keyboard and mouse controls.

Quit: Exit Half-Life 2. Don't forget to save your game before leaving.

Steam Requirements and Offline Mode

A Steam account is required to play Half-Life 2 and an internet connection is required to create and use your Steam account. During installation you will be prompted to create your Steam account and validate your CD key. Once this is complete, you can play Half-Life 2. An “Offline Mode” will also be available if the “Remember my password” box is checked on the Steam login screen.

Offline Mode will not be available and an internet connection will be required if:

  1. You do not select the “Remember my password” option on the login screen
  2. You choose to login as a different user
  3. You check “Don't save account information on this computer” on the Steam Account Settings screen.

Technical Resources

For an optimal Half-Life 2 experience, be sure to update your computer with the latest drivers and system updates. Be sure to check your PC manufacturer's website for additional updates and drivers.


You can reconfigure the default control settings to fit your gameplay preferences. From the Main Menu, select Options to access the keyboard and mouse configuration settings. Here are the main default settings:

Movement Commands

Move forward – W

Move backward – S

Move left (strafe) – A

Move right (strafe) – D

Jump – SPACE

Duck – CTRL

Sprint (move quickly) – SHIFT

Walk – ALT+W,S,A or D

Crawl – CTRL+W,S,A or D


Turbo – SHIFT

Handbrake – SPACE

Drive Forward – W

Drive in Reverse – S

Turn Left – A

Turn Right – D

Weapon + Gear Commands

Primary Attack – MOUSE1

Secondary Attack – MOUSE2

Reload Weapon – R

Use – E

Squad Orders – C

Gravity Gun – G

Flashlight – F

HEV Suit Zoom - Z

Half Life 2 Trailer

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