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There must be a few thousand people modding Halo 3. Everyone wants to know how to do it, and so do I. I see these amazing maps that have been modded, and you can play those by going on to bungie.net and creating your windows ID. The thing that bugs me is that nobody will tell me how to make my smg's shoot rockets and make my warthogs fly. When you finally find a friend on xbox live who has these things, they never have anything good. This blog is for people who have any information on how to easily accomplish Halo 3 modding, and for anyone who has any creative ideas on how these mods could be put to use. In the the past three years that I have been playing the Halo games, i have developed multiple ideas, and im sure that there are many more out there. Here are some of my latest ideas...

  • The ability to drive a vehicle through object that you create in forge. This would create hours of good fun for anyone willing to play the game correctly.
  • Singleshot / Automatic battle rifles (I have a feeling that this has already been done... If you have any information on this, please share.)
  • Automatic shooting with a sniper rifle (I have already seen this done, but only in Halo 3.)
  • Ability to fly???
  • To change the colors/designs of guns or objects in the game.

If you have any ideas or information, please write!

Modded Maps Straight From Bungie.net!

  • Go to www.bungie.net
  • Click "Sign in" at the top right of the home page.
  • Your username and password will be the same as the ones you used to activate your xbox live account.
  • Once you have logged in, you should see your personal halo 2/ halo 3/ and halo odst profiles.
  • Click "Online Stats" tab
  • Click "Community Files" tab
  • Click "Map Variants" tab
  • Once here, type whatever you want into the search bar, exp: Mods, and you will see many squiggly boxes with the pictures of the maps inside.
  • Click "Download to Halo 3" next to the picture of the map you want.
  • Go on your xbox and enjoy.

Things like this look like a lot of fun, but if this doesn't require mods, i dont feel like taking the time to do this kind of thing.
Things like this look like a lot of fun, but if this doesn't require mods, i dont feel like taking the time to do this kind of thing.

Flying Warthogs

Flying warthogs were seen quite a bit on halo 2, but i have not yet seen it happen in halo 3. This would be very nice
Flying warthogs were seen quite a bit on halo 2, but i have not yet seen it happen in halo 3. This would be very nice

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canadian idiot9 7 years ago

i am in the process of becoming a local modder. after i have made a few mape sure to inform you

Ps3>Xbox360 7 years ago

Yes, id like to call for the EG package and was wondering if you were the kid that gets head shotted daily by a kid named hawke47 in the ps3 at CoD5. I hear he is godlike

mcbel profile image

mcbel 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author

No, that would not be me.

kyler2 7 years ago

ya i always wanted to know how to mod

mcbel profile image

mcbel 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author

well come up with some ideas, im getting modding tools and i need some ideas.

rofl man 7 years ago

well i wanna see a map with some clones that move, now that would be awesome

mcbel profile image

mcbel 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author

I'll look into that. If you find anything tell me but I'll try my best to find out

deathbydoubleG 7 years ago

i've modded a couple of maps but cant get them onto xbox live

mcbel profile image

mcbel 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Found some good ones

---------------------- 7 years ago

plz gimme mods my gt is:

x BaLLiZt1k x

skullwarriors 7 years ago

dual wield able s-lasors looks like so f-ing cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mcbel profile image

mcbel 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author

I've realized that many people have been hunting me down on xbox live lately. This is good, but I'd also like some ideas for mods to build for halo 3. Also, if any of you are actual hub members, please become a fan!!!

kyon crescent. 7 years ago

i want to know if ud be willing to add me, or let me get some modded maps off your file share? Gamertag is Raphiel300

levelXXlegendXx 7 years ago

its my gamer tag up the top and im wondering if you can try the mod flying a pelican cause you can do that send a game invite some time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your mama 7 years ago

i hate moders but i am 1 so i can say anything...

Ty 7 years ago

I'm a modder.

I'm afraid flying Whogs, re-skinned weapons, moving clones or custom vehicles simply aren't possible with the tools available to the everyday modder. Additionally, that Dual SP-laser Screenshot is done via holding a weapon to the Spartan's hand in fForge.

If anyone has any Mod requests, be sure to let me know!

17832 7 years ago

Ty my gt is Pvt Pwny. I want a flying pelican and the best mods you've got.

emilio 7 years ago

i have modded a lot of halo combat evolved maps for pc but iv always wanted to learn how to mod halo 3 for xbox 360.... if i had the right tools and knew how to do it, the first thing i'd do is make bots THAT CAN ACTULLY DO THINGS. im sick of bots that stand their and do nothing. my gametag is emiliocuddi...

tat 1 dude 666 7 years ago

ok... ALL mods you wanted to know how to do were devkit excluding the flying worthog. I mod h3 add me.... my name is my GT spaces included... if my friendsw list is full, pm me

levelXXlegendXx 7 years ago

did you Know you can easily get modded maps off bungie.com

1.mod maps bungie on google

2.sign in

3.download to halo 3

and presto you've got it

Blayz1n guns 7 years ago

Hey my gt is blayz1n guns I should get a transfer cable soon nd if u add me I will tel u My mds

xII I2e4L IIx 6 years ago

Please add me

Eric 6 years ago

I found halo mods on http://www.iommo.com but I'm not sure exactly where. They were damn nice but the site doesn't seem to update that often. If anyone finds some good ones lemme know.

ian77551 6 years ago

i have a few modded maps.my gt is ian77551.send me a friend request.

2232X 6 years ago

I mod my gt is Want 2see how I, or Ar You Dead Yet, add me kids, and if anyone knows how to mod exp tell ME PLEASE!!!!

xULTIMATExSPAZx 6 years ago

im in need of mods and if anybody can get me some and some modded maps that are actualy worth playing on then send me a pm or friends request also need cod mw2 10thprestige lobby will pay thanxx my gt is GT-xULTIMATExSPAZx

XxkreationxX 6 years ago

Can u add me tat 1 dude 666

gt is XxkreationxX capitals included

The teleban man 6 years ago

Modded forge where you could add mountains and gates that's what I want

garra8998 6 years ago

could you add me my gamer tag is garra8998 no caps i want i need help modding maps for halo3

XxelitelbxX 6 years ago

cool modded stuff i always want to mod if u can help gamer tag is:lbwoodson

XxelitelbxX 6 years ago

i have a ethernet but not tranfer what website can i find modded maps other than bungie.net

halois awesum 6 years ago

i have the im watching you map for the pit add me my gamertag is debombking500.i got a heck of awesome maps

zzhaywire195zz 6 years ago

hey, i can do every mod here that your talking about and give tutorials on them. your gonna need some stuff though. lol. message zzhaywire195zz on xbl. i can do halo 2 modded maps too.

bob 6 years ago

i am the best halo 1 modder!!! ask me 2 do anythin!

im a macker though

FoDawg 14 6 years ago

Hey I need modded maps send me a friend request I'm FoDawg 14

halois awesome  6 years ago

Exept one thing about that other comment I said,I don't have them in my fileshare cuz I don't want to be banned from live so you will have to play on my maps...-sorry-

sonicwolf 6 years ago

i have mod my name is sonicwolf22

sonicwolf 6 years ago

i have sweet mods ask mean d i give you mods add sonicwolf or send me a messege or riend request and i give you some so i will wait

sonic wolf 6 years ago

i ment ask me for mods i messed up at the begining so sorry

sonic wolf 6 years ago

i ment ask me for mods i messed up at the begining so sorry

FoDawg 14 6 years ago

Does the sword in the killball to get recon really work

FoDawg 14 6 years ago

Do u have the sweet weapon mods like were a sentimal beam shoots wraith


FoDawg 14 6 years ago

Does anyone have weapon mods

izanagi desmond 6 years ago

hey anybody got flyable pelican maps if so add Izanagi Desmond on Xbox Live

Fodawg 14 6 years ago

No I don't but does anyone want to help me with the odst vidmaster endure I need three people this weekend but it's late at night probably 2:00am on Sunday

Fodawg 14 6 years ago

Send me a friend request I'm Fodawg 14

garrett 6 years ago

do you needs xbl for mods????

halo 3 master 117 6 years ago

do u believe that i am freiking good at halo and dont have xbox live

the kid 6 years ago

ok so im looking for modded maps because i like them like i have this one that's kinda a forest and its on valhalla in Halo3 but anyways im not a modder but does any one have the mod to make where in forge you can have infinite objects because well i want to make a temple out of fusion coils then cover it with palets so no one knows its explosive and you could play predator or like red vs blue so squad vs squad.YAY baloon energy swords as weapons!!!!!!

007=modern day 117 6 years ago

You know the maps like votex and JuMpEr. I have an idea for modders. Use the same kind of thing except make something like a human race track

danny 6 years ago

i know how to make a vehicle fly

Fodawg 14 6 years ago

Yes I do need mods

Fodawg 14 6 years ago

Hey does anyone play halo wars

Lil killa 6 years ago

If any one has a file share with modded maps please tell meh

archeryguy 6 years ago

most gun mods are done with a jtag. to mod online you need a jtag like the 10th prestige lobbies in mw2 or waw(not wow=world of warcraft

oliver1009 6 years ago

i hav modded maps

Tek 6 years ago

I have some awesome modded maps. My GT is Phaaze247. Please add me.

Fodawg14 6 years ago

But does anyone play halo wars

ryan 6 years ago

i can make chopper fly

guitarrocker171 6 years ago

Does anybody kno where to get a cheap but good dev kit for halo 3 modding, btw if anybody has modded maps and wantes to share pls add me GT-> guitarrocker171

lol 6 years ago

turrd add me L33THA40R80, i am keen to mod

Halois awesome 6 years ago

yeah i want a mod that u can dual weild sl's(spartan lasers) or any other non dual wieldable weapons AND smgs shoot rockets!!!!!HOORAH!! send me friend request debombking500!!!message me for the free modd!!!!!!!!!!

mcbel profile image

mcbel 6 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Please let me know if you have any ideas for other hubs i could make... I enjoy doing these but i don't have many ideas of things to write about.

Fodawg 14 6 years ago

Hey could you do a halowars help type because I need people to help me with online achievements

Mcbel 6 years ago

Yeah sure i can do that.

Fodawg 14 6 years ago

Thanks man hey do u play halo wars

imyourmomand she luvs me 6 years ago


Fodawg 14 6 years ago

Hey does anyone want to help me with halo wars legendary trying to get Eva helmet for avatar

Jenuis24 6 years ago

Send me some modded maps gt is jenuis24. Someone should try making a scarab

Jeansy95 6 years ago

all you need to mod realy is the halo 3 toybox and a map from ur hard drive ive begun modding and im proud of it i googled how to mod halo 3 there are a few good ons but be aware you should look for a good rehash and resigner

Dekanuva 6 years ago

Hey, couldn't you just use a USB for a memory unit, save the maps to it, then plug the USB into your computer and mod? You wouldn't need a transfer cable that way. BTW, how do you JTag?

Whothehell 6 years ago

ok you know what i wanna know. how do mod a map to be nighttime, and would that require a modified xbox, or is there a program or modding tool that the everyday modder can use do to such

A Pro Hider 6 years ago

dekanuva u you can use a flash drive but you need need usbxplorer instead of xport

Dekanuva 6 years ago

Actually, I have found all the software I needed. I use Xtaf for the USB Transfer and Forge 2.6 for the modding. You usually need a Resigner to make the maps work, but Forge 2.6 comes with that standard. I also think that it might be possible to do Jtag mods with a USB drive. As for modding night, I believe that if you actually lower the sky it SHOULD make the map appear to be set at night. The ground may or may not be light, but the sky will be dark if you get past the light layer.

Dekanuva 6 years ago

I anybody wants the software I found, write your email address in a comment and I can give it to you. I'll let you guys know if I find how to Jtag with USB too.

luis fernando fdz. t. 6 years ago

nesecito ese mod jaja

porfa demen mod plis plis plis mod plis plis

chachachacharles 6 years ago

hey, i know this is halo 3 topic, but on halo 2 you could buy mod chips memory cards for your xbox, i did this and got flyable pelicans, modded weaponry, clones that actually fight against or with you, i just bought another memory card but for the 360 this time and got all kinds of good stuff, basically everything listed here. it doesn't work on live though, but its great with friends.

holdenrs 6 years ago

hi, i mod and u all have really good ideas, but you all need t put them to work yourselves. i mod, but have no ideas any more, and half of the stuff u guys just sed ive already done. i mod halo ce for mac and have found a WORKING full version on thepiratebay.org. i use eschaton to mod and any ting is possible. someone sed flying pelicans. done. smg or other weapon shoots rockets. done. if you want to download my mods go to sites.google.com/site/holdenrs/halo_mods. it should be up in a couple of days.

holdenrs 6 years ago

sorry site.google.com/site/halocemods

holdenrs 6 years ago

oops i already broke it. srry but find some others. ill post a link to any i find.

....... 6 years ago

lol n00b

Slimjob 6 years ago

ok this is where im confused, u ppl say OH U CAN JUST GET THEM OFF MY FILE SHARE, but that's pretty much impossible cuz bungie would just pwn ur ass wit the ban hammer

F U ALL 6 years ago


holdenrs 6 years ago

oh no what sould i do now reach is just about to come out and now we can't play it.

ha ha 6 years ago

your all f***** now

Some Guy 6 years ago

Don't worry. He's probably just some shit head who has no life and no friends who thinks it's funny to scare the crap out of people. And I can GUARENTEE that he doesn't work for bungie. Even if he DID, he wouldn't be high enough up on the food chain to ban us with one message. It would take at least fifty. Banning is very serious and is not just tossed around whenever shit heads like him complain. After all. there have to be thousands of noobs who meet their first five star general and complain that they're modding. And with all offense intended "F U ALL" aka Mr. Shithead, you have atrocious spelling and would never get a job at bungie, their standards are too high. And you have no way of knowing that we aren't just using someone else's GTs. So have fun with your measly apprentice rank and empty friends list. Now excuse me while I trace your IP address, hack your internet, find your GT, hack into xbox live, delete your profile and ban your box until Dec 31, 9999. Bitch. And yes, I actually CAN hack. If you don't believe me, check out a program called Jack the Ripper. It decrypts passwords. Just a small sample of the wrath you bring upon yourself when you mess with modders and hackers that are out of your league.

Some Guy 6 years ago

Oh, by the way, I looked into your alleged ability to banhammer us. Bungie will give a custom content ban for two weeks for the first offense and a permanent ban for second. So the worst we could get is a two week ban. And you would have no way of knowing if we are still modding or have learned our lesson so you can't ban us a second time with out actual evidence. You could say that you just happen to have the ability to skip to the full ban, but all bans are double checked by supervisors, and the supervisors have supervisors, and you certainly aren't the head CEO of Bungie. So have fun loosing your imaginary job for allegedly giving us a full on ban without permission from your pretend boss. Seriously, you represent the lowest form of un-intelligence known to man. Your big talk means less to the world than the unfortunate shit that comes out your ass. You really do not deserve the courtesy of my accepting your existence by spitting in your unworthy face. So I have one last thing to say Mr. Asswipe Shithead Buttmunch Hole Dewlling Piece of Crap AKA F U All, "No, sir, F YOU!"

F U ALL 6 years ago


gmx7superfan124 6 years ago

awsome!!!!.....but I want to fly a pelican just like in that youtube video in my playlist in my channel

anonymous 6 years ago

You should really start with Halo: Custom edition. It's a perfectly legal version of Halo: Combat Evolved that was released by gearbox software for the PC. It is a stand alone game, but you need the product key from a PC copy of Halo 1 to make it work, but you can do amazing things with it. Like AIs, cinematics, weapon and vehicle mods and you can even edit terrain. It really is the ultimate modding tool for Halo 1. You can even make Halo 3 spartans in halo 1. And bubble shields. Just do a google search on it. Quite brilliant I think. I also like how you can actually see the map as you mod it unlike Forge 2.6 and stuff. It is an unsupported game though. That just means no customer support. Halo 2 Vista is pretty good for legal modding too. And it is supported. Hope this helps. Just thought some of you would like to have modding fun without banhammer.

Jake 6 years ago

if you want any of those mods you'll need a jtag, contact me at jakejtag1@gmail.com if you need any assistance or have any questions concerning modding, im quite expirenced as far as mods go

Jun 6 years ago

I've always wanted to make my own map but have never really had the time nor patience to do so. But these are pretty need mods.

chase3400 6 years ago

if any one will pls send me a mod my gamer tag is glum penguin4 and tag number is U26

Armageddon97 6 years ago

You can mod maps (I think I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to) so that the guns shoot different things using a usb and the programs: The Johmson, and Hex Editor. The come in the Halo 3 Toolbox (the ultimate Halo 3 modding program pack). I beleive that you can find a needler shot and change it so that it shoots fusion coils instead. Again, I am not sure and am going to try this for myself first.

vittu 5 years ago

how to download

Awsome alex13 5 years ago

I have allways wanted to mod so I would love it if someone taught me how plz

christian 5 years ago

make a double qudetruple rocket lancher and 2 cannons on the tank and wrath

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