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Halo Reach was released at midnight Tuesday and in the first twenty-four hours made $200 million is sales, making it the most successful launch of any game or movie released this year in the United States.

Thousands of stores across the nation opened the doors at midnight to appease the eager fans of the series. I know quite a few people who probably had the date circled in red on their calender and the game preordered for weeks.

I haven't played the game except a few times online with my husband. these attempts consisted of me running around in circles lost while I got shot at by everyone else. But those that did make the mistake of getting close to me likely had a grenade on their backs just before I died. I've never been good at first person shooters but I plan on practicing more as soon as I get my new Xbox.

A human Flood host
A human Flood host
Master Chief and Cortana
Master Chief and Cortana

A Quick Review of the Halo Story So Far

I may not be good at the game but the story alone is worth following, so I thought I'd do a recap before we get into Halo Reach.

It started with the ancient alien race that called itself the Forerunners which used its highly advanced technology to preserve and protect all life. Of course eventually they met a race they called the Flood which is a kind of between Resident Evil and Aliens. The Flood are parasites which infect the bodies of its victims by first incapacitating the host and, starting from the nervous system, mutating it into a variety of specialized forms. Most of the larger hosts are developed for combat, growing long whip-like tentacles, while others are merely incubators for the parasites or used to interrogate and strip information from the mind of the host.

The Forerunners couldn't stand by and watch while the Flood slowly took over all life so they decided to stop them, which unfortunately meant that they, in turn had to destroy every creature. They started collecting uninfected life forms to reseed the universe later while at the same time building a set of ring-like structures called Halos (hence the name of the series) which once activated would destroy all sentient life. The Forerunners waited as long as they dared but finally activated the Halos and disappeared along with most everything else.

So now about 100 thousand years later, humanity has flourished, developing faster than light "slipstream" space travel which leads them to colonized many different planets. Maybe too many planets because a rebellion breaks out among the less stable "Outer Colonies" and the "Inner Colonies". This rebellion probably saved humans since they were already prepared for war. In the year 2525 the human colony Harvest meets the Covenant, a alliance of different alien races. Humans are declared an "affront to the gods" by the Covenant and they methodically start killing off humanity.

In 2552, the Covenant find the planet Reach and quickly reduce it into a ball of glass. So now we meet John-117 otherwise known as Master Chief, one of the last surviving Spartans. The Spartans were created as a race of super soldiers during the rebellion, but, due to them not being very numerous to start with have mostly been killed by the Covenant. Master Chief escapes from Reach on the ship Pillar of Autumn. To avoid leading the Covenant to Earth, the ship heads over to a Halo installation. The Covenant follow, attack the ship and everyone takes the fight to the ring's surface. The Master Chief installs the ships AI, Cortana, in his armour to safeguard her before leaving the Pillar of Autumn. Here is where the Flood is released by the Covenant forcing Master Chief and Cortana to detonate the Pillar of Autumns engines which destroys the Halo ring and prevents the Flood from escaping. Master Chief and Cortana then return to Earth after learning of an impending Covenant invasion.

Meanwhile the Covenant faces inner turmoil as the Elites, one of the allied races, are declared as traitors by the High Prophets. The Arbiter of the Elites discovers that activation of the Halo Array, a central tenet of the Covenant religion, would lead to their extinction. He and his race ally with humanity in order to prevent that from happening.

There is still a lot more, but I don't want to completely ruin the story for those who haven't picked the game up yet, For those who might not want to play the game but still want to follow the story, I've included a couple links to books about it.

Halo Reach

The game starts out in the year 2552, on the planet Reach, one of humanities last major strongholds, just before it is attacked by the Covenant. The player is a Spartan who is assigned to join Noble team on a mission and is called Noble 6. The team's commander, Colonel Holland, sends them to check out a relay station that went offline. Instead of finding human rebels like they expected, the Spartans discover the Covenant.

Noble 6 and the rest of the Noble team are then sent on various missions to attempt to defeat their enemies as they arrive in force. I won't tell anymore so I don't ruin it for anyone. But the events in Reach sets up the opening for Halo: Combat Evolved that happens a few weeks later.

Halo: Reach Design

The designers at Bungie made it a goal to use every part of Xbox 360's hardware to improve on the gameplay and really just make it look better than all the rest of the Halo games. They planned at first to recycle and update Halo 3 assets but realized that completely rebuilding from scratch and improving that wouldn't take much more time.  Bungie redesigned key enemies, weapons and elements of the series but were determined to keep the spirit of the original using inspiration from concept art for Combat Evolved. The artificial intelligence of enemies was improved and encounters with them aren't scripted, making the gameplay a little more open world like.

New Features

Whats a new game without new features right? The single use equipment of the previous games is replaced by reusable armor abilities that remains on the player until it is replaced. The new abilities included being able to spawn a hologram of yourself, make yourself invincible for a short time in exchange for mobility with "armor lock" It also includes active camo and sprint.

Some multiplayer features include a new veto system, allowing players to vote for their preferred map and game mode,  new multiplayer maps and new  game types like "Generator Defense" which pits three Spartans against three Elites. The Spartans defend while the Elites try to destroy a group of generators. Players can now customize their armor better and even choose the gender of their Spartan.

So if all this sounds great to you check out the game trailer and then go buy the game, but don't wait too late or I might actually have time to get good at the game!

Remember Reach

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sord87 5 years ago

This is what people who love games might be looking for!A reasonable price also as well! Thank you for sharing!

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evvy_09 5 years ago from Athens, AL Author

Thanks sord87. I tried to take a different approach than other Reach blogs and wanted to include a little of the history of the series. I'm really happy my take on it interested a few people.

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