Halo Reach Hacks & Credit Farming

Halo Reach Cheats And Hacks

These cheats and hacks will let you advance quicker throughout the game then maybe you can get some other things done afterwards! 

Get Elite Armor

  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Follow this sequence: Depress LEFT JOY STICK twice, Depress RIGHT JOY STICK once, Rotate LEFT JOY STICK counter-clockwise, Rotate RIGHT JOY STICK clockwise, A, Y, Y, DOWN, LEFT, X, X, B, RIGHT, DOWN, UP.
  • Must be done at a medium pace.

Unlimited Ammunition

  • While in the game follow the sequence: [Using Directional-Pad] UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, LEFT, DOWN, A, Y, Y, B, A, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, X, X, RIGHT BUMPER, LEFT TRIGGER, SELECT.

Modded XBOX controllers work with Halo Reach and can give you an edge during Xbox Live matches. It's a good way to rank up quickly!

UPDATE: We've got word that the Se7ensins Aim Bot has been made available here.

Se7enSins AimBot

Has anyone been able to get the bot loaded on their Xbox?

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Halo Reach
Halo Reach

Halo Reach Credit Farming Tutorial

One of the reasons why Halo Reach is such an addictive and popular online multiplayer game is the fact that you can gain credits and use them to attain armor upgrades and customize your avatar. I am going to outline a simple hack, known as Credit Farming to gain these credits quickly and easily.

How are credits earned?

You can earn credits in Halo Reach both during online multiplayer play and the offline campaign mode. Since credits can be earned on multiplayer, this opens a huge window of opportunity to earn credits quickly. You will need the assistance and some degree of collaboration with some of your online Halo Reach friends.

What to do?

First get a group of close friends together and hopefully a bunch that won’t rat each other out to Bungie.

Create a private map then invite all your close friends to play.

Have everyone meet at a central location on the map

Now, here’s the fun part. Everyone takes turns killing each other in various ways. For example: headshot, grenades and running people over with vehicles.

This is an easy and quick way to build up Halo Reach credits and get all the cool stuff. I would recommend getting an Xbox Headset as it is very useful for communicating with your friends to get everyone to meet at the right location.

Video: Halo Reach Credit Farming

Comments 61 comments

i eat kids 6 years ago


Bungie 6 years ago


Yeah Right Bungie 6 years ago

You are all dumb arses. First; Private matches don't count for credits. And @Bungie; You can't be banned for boosting by using any in game features, only manipulation of network, ect. I've sat on ONI Sword base boosting using the target locator over and over and Bungie can't do anything about it :P

BLOBBLES1O1 6 years ago

This works I tried it but as your commendations go up, your credits go down :(

Cyborg Pirate Ninja Jesus 6 years ago

lol you are retards... firstly bungie can do what they will with there own system and as they have the right to ban people from xbox live for 24 hours, which was granted by microsoft, they can do it when they want. if you boost your credits to the credit cap within a certain time period, they reset your credits to 0cr and they strip your rank off you (not sure just a rumour) but they do ban you for a day. network manipulation has different system, which is where bungie report it to microsoft and they ban your serial code on your xbox 360... either way you'll get banned for essentially cheating... oh and for good measure im at university studying computer systems, networks and network security, which include microsoft systems.... so fuck you to everyone who says im wrong.

Credit Farmer 6 years ago

This works great but don't overdo it as Bungie will catch you.

To the stupid Cyborg above... You sound like it is your first semester of college. You will probably end up dropping out next year, dumbass!

xTGMx INF3RNO 6 years ago

this actually works...

ACommoner 6 years ago

Umm..why not just play the game as it was meant to be played? Without any hacks and earn credits the way you are suppose to? It is ridiculous how many people like you guys cheat and use hacks to gain a huge advantage over others. It is childish nonsense. So what if you die? Not using hacks is one way to become really good at a game instead of just pretending to be good. And if you start start calling me a dumb-ass and other foul words then that just shows how truly childish you guys are.

Purity 6 years ago

Dudes Bungie dont ban you at all. Trust me, me and all of my mates do it and none of us have been banned. Yes they do ban you for hackz and stuff but not credit farming because it doesnt give you an advantage during the actual games so no harm done. Credit farming doesnt make a player better at the game so whats everyone bitching about?

Purity 6 years ago

Dudes Bungie dont ban you at all. Trust me, me and all of my mates do it and none of us have been banned. Yes they do ban you for hackz and stuff but not credit farming because it doesnt give you an advantage during the actual games so no harm done. Credit farming doesnt make a player better at the game so whats everyone bitching about?

Tyson F. Gautreaux 6 years ago

Awesome! Can't wait to get more credits!

George Sorro 6 years ago

you guys are losers

feopolis 6 years ago

i cant earn credits i only get 50cr for finishing the game. is this right? or am i just wasteing my time

chuckie 6 years ago

I can see from above that this works, but how many times can you do it before they catch you and strip you of your rank and credits?

A Hacker 6 years ago

Bungie detects the Boosting if u do the same thing over and over... BUNGIE WILL RESET U

adam meyers 6 years ago

yeah bungie can ban and reset you if you boost enough. ive emt kids steamed up about how they sat online boosting with friends then wake up the next day and be a recruit

dont need to know 6 years ago

y do you all give a shit its just a game go and play it and be on with your lives

gary larson 6 years ago

i just found the halo reach aimbot here http://haloreachaimbothack.blogspot.com/ does anyone know how to work it?

Some guy 6 years ago

Armour bought by boosting doesnt make the boosters any better, just look better. And bungie won't reset you for reseting a checkpoint, but they might get pissed when they find out.

Gofuckurself 6 years ago

We just need some sort of halo lotto so people will stop wasting their time

Never connected to Xboxlive dude 6 years ago

U can't boost on ONI swordbase offline because you dont get commendations. Someone please post some useful offline boosting tips

some guy  6 years ago

bosting on ONI swordbase=good

aimbot= stupid

seriosly aimbot is for people who are crap! if your thinking about aimbotting dont

y r u looking at my name? 6 years ago

U bithes are so stupid...... u cant get big credits in private matches!

Kronulus 6 years ago

Or, you could stay committed to a certain game type and get rewarded for playing. Bungie awards those who are patient and ban those dumbasses out there that try to beat the system. Here's another tip to those offline people, get Xbox Live! Totally worth the fifty, sixty bucks.

MonkeyX 6 years ago

If u want credits just go build a fancy map in forge world, tada your 7,ooo credits closer.

chop d bire 6 years ago

these hacks all work on me

chop d bire 6 years ago

i also made a asut rifle and a sniper

chop d bire 6 years ago

or go foge world and put a map on and rub all things on ther and save as new map then end game

chop d bire 6 years ago

if it do not work u r dum

crane 23 6 years ago

u should all just play how bunjie wants u 2 hack like lethellegend10=meh

chop d bire 6 years ago

yeh just go with crane

theCEREALKILLER 6 years ago

This works. And to all you people out there saying it doesn't work, Bungie will ban you, or play the game fair-Well, it works perfectly-it just requires a brain-Second of all, Bungie can ban you when they want, but the sword base thing does not improve your skill-just your credits, but your credit amount is limited.Lastly--play the game fair--whats your problem--does it affect you?It doesn't even improve them. Anyway, if it wasn't fair

Bungie would ban you. I do agree that that credit farming is for people that don't have enough skill to really earn it, but how does it affect me? Thumbs up for everyone that doesn't credit farm. ;)

BAMBoozal 6 years ago

I only credit farm because i rarely use XboxLive

Aimbot 6 years ago

forget credit farming the sevensins aimbot works wonders


chop d bire 5 years ago

who cares about aimbot my haks r better

BURNIN FLAME 5 years ago

oh yeah i'll just press A ...ooooh i got 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cr

chop d bire 5 years ago

about i have a fank cheat for download and i got more moneyand the higest rank

hack maniac 5 years ago

these arn't hacks, their glitches

chop d bire  5 years ago

go home burnin flame u have no mind dont try 2 ly u idiot

chopchop 5 years ago

Chop I bet you suck at halo! Loll

Anyway that sevensins aimbot is pretty sick

halo reach aimbot 5 years ago

the aimbot is good but i wont recommend using it alot... ppl will send you some nasty messages lol


DangDong 5 years ago

@BLOBBLES1O1, The credits yu're given are completely random! except you complete a challenge you get challenge bonuses. And it also depends how you play. But overall it's random!!

ThirdPartyWithNoRealIntrestsWhatSoEver 5 years ago

i find this method is ok if you just want to get alittle boost to help you rank up and mabye get that peice of armour you want but if your trying to get realy high in your rank its not that great

sniper 5 years ago

hmm should i be getting 1000-5000 oer firefight on heroic mod?

xX FAILURE Xx 5 years ago

wassup. can someone plz tell me what button is select on the controller? for the unlimited ammo thing, i mean. plz plz plz

??? 5 years ago

select is the button to the left beside the xbox menu button.

guest 5 years ago

wow. what the hell is wrong with that. sounds like a fun time to me. get all your friends to do it. and whats wrong with credit farming. not like the armour you unlock gives you any bonuses and the weapons always stay the same. you can't get banned and besides whats the credit limit like 3 grades up or whatever? i doubt you could get that in one game. stop being idiots and shut the hell up kus ppl who are complaining obviously have nothing better to do with their lives then b*** at ppl who ain't doing a d*** thing wrong. if they get to b a higher lvl then you and they suck thats more credits and good news for you. its a fucking game don't be so d*** serious

xX FAILURE Xx 5 years ago


Thank u

Guest is an idiot 5 years ago

Dude the credit cap is like 120K credits a day. And if you reach it (especially in a quick amount of time) you risk temporary/permanent/other disciplinary actions. Just say'n.

EBJ 5 years ago

What the hell? it's not select i'ts back! and guest, lay off the swearing. Nobody likes hotheads and I reccomend that Gruntocalypse is the best way to get credits and changing the firefight settings to invulnerable,300 percent damage, anunlimited ammo. best stradgety. AND on firefight when phantoms come,fire a rocket just as the hatch opens

randomer 5 years ago

wow i cant beleive theres so much debate on ethics regarding credit farming. i mean we all look a quicker way too do things even you guys who say we should play the game, found this site through searching for credit farming and if you dont credit farm and just search the web admonishing people for not conforming to your ideals of gameplay thats sad. and i know im only adding to it but after reading all of the bs above i felt i needed to say somenthing. happy hunting

unknown 5 years ago

aimbots just plain cheating why can't you aim urself u wusses! i pone at reach cause i play every day so why dont u try that!

soandso 5 years ago

i dontno ifi shoud tri it

Chasedpenguin74 5 years ago

Everbody know's it in Halo Reach

Rage1337 5 years ago

To all you retards who think that hacking is cool and bungie will catch you... i have 3 things 1. no one likes game hackers 2. bungie didn't make reach they quit making halo after halo 3 it's 343 studios now watch the intro and 3. play a game and play it right... if it doesn't have built in cheat codes you don't need em!!!!

OverExplanatoryPerson 5 years ago

The target locator is great but if you're online you raise your commendations. As your commendations reach certain levels over a certain time period the credit rewards become shit but after every time your commendation award gets to the next level you are rewarded with large credit jackpots. I wouldn't recommend it because it gets very tedious and boring after a specific point during the same time period as you started.

wwid 4 years ago

Rage1337...u r a fucktard...so bungie is handing over reach to 343 in March...and y...because they made it u fucktard...

R,3,A,C,H 4 years ago

I can do whatever I want whenever because if your like me and dont have LIVE it's impossible to be banned. B)

Oh, and this wworks

Finished Ice 4 years ago

Well, I play alot of gruntpocalypse and since im good and patient, Bungie rewards me with 10,000cR every 5 matches of gruntpocalypse. Just play the game and stop worrying about hacking and cheating. I'm only 10 and I am Nova (RANK) on Halo Reach! After I get an account I will post strategies, not cheats. Trolol

reach rain 4 years ago

what is the point in hacking just play the game properly

truth teller 4 years ago

keep playing halo reach on hihger difficulties to earn credits and also i get only1 credit by playing one whole match and sometimes 0 cr [this happens when i play easy difficulty]!!!!!

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