Hasbro FurReal Butterscotch Pony - Review by terryandco!

The Perfect Gift...

The Hasbro FurReal Pony is the ultimate Christmas or Birthday gift for a little girl. The ButterScotch Shetland Pony is extremely life like and makes a great companion for any little girl with a love of horses. If you haven't seen the Hasbro FurReal Butterscotch Pony in action then you can watch the video below to get an ideo of what she is all about!....

What can you say except WOW! This 3ft pony really does respond to touch, light and sound. Amazingly the beautiful butterscotch Pony is able to move in lots of life like ways that simulate a real pony. Butterscotch blinks, wags her tail, moves her head, twitches her ears, makes real life horsey noises, eats carrots and acts as the ultimate cuddly toy all at the same time. She is completely harmless to young children whilst at the same providing them with a wish come true. She doesn't poop all the over the carpet and she requires very little maintenence! Your children can also sit on the pony and pretend to ride her as she moves up and down to simulate the real thing! You can charge her in no time at all, and she will last for hours and hours! She will sleep, snore and even crave cuddles and stroking. If you turn the light off and leave her in the dark you will notice that she gets a little bit scared and wanting a cuddle! This fury little friend really does make a wonderful companion and can be considered more like a pet rather than just a robotic toy! It is expected to be in the top10 christmas gifts for 2010, and it is extremely easy to see why it will please thousands of little girls throughout the world! You can pick up a butterscotch pony for a really good price at around the $450 mark.

Great Interactive gifts for the boys!

Now that you have the girls presents sorted what about a super interactive gift pet for the litte boy!? What about a fantastic Pleo Interactive Dinosaur! Pleo walks, talks, eats, plays, blinks, senses light, touch and sound, and will walk around your home all day long without knocking anything over or making a mess! Pleo has sensors that enable him to know where he is going and will develop a personality of his own... you have to remember that not all great gifts are cheap, but this really is value for money!

Still over budget? Do NOT fear....

 Looking for something a little less expensive which will still provide your children with hours of entertainment day after day?! If so then what about the D-REX Interactive Dinosaur, this costs around $120 and acts as a great interactive pet. You can either control him by remote of set to automatic - take a look now!

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