Have Hours of Fun With a Doll Styling Head

Doll Styling Head - Always a Favourite

 The popularity of the doll styling head has never waned. I remember my sister having one as a child and playing with it non stop, and now, despite the pull of computer games and other fads, her own daughter spends can spend hours trying out new hairstyles and makeup looks.

Kids are attracted to hairdressing dolls from a young age, and they're great for parents too as it means their little angels has an inanimate model to practice on, so no chance of tears from hair pulled too hard or makeup applied too close to the eyes.

There are a wide selection of dolls heads to choose from, from the typical blond barbie styling head, to brunettes, African American, Disney Princesses and even a Hannah Montanna Styling head.

Most come with a certain amount of hair accessories but these can always be topped up with cheap and cheerful additions from the local store.

Barbie Candy Glam Style Station Styling Head by Mattel
Barbie Candy Glam Style Station Styling Head by Mattel

Doll Styling Heads

 Kids hairdressing dolls head toys are not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts, but generally kids need to be about 4 or 5 before they can really begin to appreciate these toys, get the most use out of them, and learn that you shouldn't cut the hair because it doesn't grow back.

Buying additional coloured hair extensions can be a great way of giving this toy a new lease of life.

Barbie Styling Heads

 For those with kids who are huge Barbie fans there are a good range of styling heads to choose from.

First are the standard blond and brunette versions which provides a good basic styling head and comes with hair accessories and a brush.

For the ultra keen there are the Barbie Fashion Fever Styling Heads, a set of 2 15" heads with over 50 accessories included.

For little girls who dream of a white wedding there is the Barbie Wedding Day Styling Head. Supplied with veil, tiara and gem stickers this doll is just waiting to be made into a beautiful bride.

There are also Barbie Princess dolls plus the ultra stylish Candy Glam Style Station Styling Head with lip gloss and glitter wand.

Disney Styling Heads

Make Belle the belle of the ball by giving her a new hairstyle with the Disney Princess Belle Styling Head, Or how about a Princess Ariel Styling Head, or the long long hair of Rapunzel, or a Princess Anneliese Styling Head.

Alternatively you can make Sleeping Beauty fit for her prince, or give Tinkerbell a new look.

Other Doll Styling Head Options

 Dream Dazzlers also have a selection of hairdressing doll heads to choose from such as the Dream Dazzlers Chic Styling Head Doll, plus there is the Hannah Montanna Styling Doll or Moxie Girlz Magic Makeover Dolls.

Kids hairdressing dolls head toys are a great way for girls to have fun and expand their imaginations. Make believe play is very important for kids, as it helps them develop their creative side, and if playing with other kids, their social skills.

With a doll styling head they can keep them amused for hours, which keeps them out from under your feet. As toy benefits go, that's about as good as it gets.

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