Hitting the Books (Skyrim walkthrough)

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Hitting the Books (Skyrim walkthrough).

To start the skyrim mission Hitting the Books, you first have to have finished the Under Saarthal mission. After finishing that mission, the Arch-Mage will send you to Urag in the Arcaeneum (the grand library of Skyrim) to ask for any relevant literature which might assist in identifying the orb of energy you found in the ruins of Saarthal. However, when speaking to Urag, you find out that the books were stolen by a former student elf called Orthorn; and then brought to Fellglow keep as a gift of sacrifice to the powerful mages which inhabit it; amongst them, their mage leader called The Caller.

Mission objectives:

1. - Talk to Urag gro-Shub

2. - Find the Stolen Books (3 stolen books)

3. - (Optional) Free Orthorn

4. - Return the books

1. Talk to Urag gro-Shub

Seeking Urag in the Arcanaeum to learn more about the mysterious orb of energy, he tells you that three of the most relevant books were stolen by a mage who used to attend the College of Winterhold, this elf mage was called Orthorn. He brought the books as a means of getting himself in with the necromancers and powerful wizards of the Fellglow Keep, and since nobody has seen him.

2. Find the Stolen Books

You will find Fellglow keep northeast of Whiterun, directly east of the White watchtower; close to Valtheim towers. You will not get a friendly greeting as several mages will attack you upon arrival, casting powerful spells, mainly ice and fire types, so equipping a ring or necklace with some frost or fire resistance would be a clever move at this point. You enter the Fellglow dungeons, and fight your way through the hordes of mages. After not too long you will see a prison like area, in which the cells contain vampires; who are being used as test subjects for the necromancers and mages. If you free them, they will not attack you, but will aid you in battle. I will get back to recovering the stolen books under point 4: Return the books.

3. (Optional) Free Orthorn

Venturing through the Fellglow keep dungeons, you find a prison cell; in which the elf, named Orthorn, may be found. He says the books were taken from him upon arrival in Fellglow Keep and since he has been a test subject for the necromancers. He asks you to free him. You have the option to free him, or not. If you free him there are several benefits, 1) He will aid you in combat. 2) You may make a deal with The Caller later in the mission, avoiding bloodshed.


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4. Return the Books

Ok, first to get back to the end of point 2; Find the Stolen Books. After having battled your way through countless mages, wizards and their atronachs; you will arrive at a door leading to the Fellglow Keep ritual chamber; within this door you will find The Caller; she is the leader and boss of Fellglow Keep; and she is not happy about you killing of her apprentices and staff, plus releasing her test subjects. However, you may come to an agreement with her, exchanging Orthorn the elf for the books. The books are placed at three pedestals located in different areas of the room. You may also persuade The Caller to let you leave with the books, without bloodshed. These options are nice and well, but there is a problem... this will leave you without the Fellglow ritual chamber key, which you need to exit the 'exit' door behind The Caller, for a quick escape you may sneak attack The Caller with a knife which will provide you with the key you need to exit.

Taking the books, you should return them to Urag sho-Grub in the Winterhold College. He will thank you, and provide you with 6 skills point books as thanks for the job well done. He especially finds one of the books to be of special interest "Night of Tears", which describes the battle which occurred at Saarthal, a long long time ago. Returning the books will immediately start the skyrim mission Good Intentions; and Urag asks you to go mention the book to Tolfdir.

Mission rewards:

- 6 skill books, which gives you increases in the following skills;

+1 conjuration

+1 restoration

+1 enchanting

+1 destruction

+1 illusion

+1 alteration

Next College of Winterhold mission:

- Good intentions

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