Hobbies HubMob: Why don't I have a hobby?

I want a hobby. Hobbies seem to be really good for folks. People derive joy and happiness from their hobbies, and as Teresa McGurk recently reminded us, we all need to play, not just now and then, but as much as possible!

My mother, DonnaCSmith, turned her equestrian hobby into a business a long time ago. My grandfather collected coins. My daughter has loved to draw and paint since she was tiny. My grandmother loved to fish. (I share the fishing passion, but I don't think I can qualify fishing as my hobby - it's more of a vacation activity...come to think of it, fishing probably did not qualify as a hobby for my grandmother until after my grandparents retired.)

Would my dad or my husband have ever considered golf as their hobby? I don't know. I suspect it is similarly confined for them as fishing is to me - by time, location and money. But my husband has recently started playing guitar again, and my dad plays a variety of instruments, as does my sister. I love hearing them all play together every year at the Preddyfest Bluegrass Festival.

But I think of a hobby as something one can enjoy daily.

My Past Hobbies


In grade school, one of my teachers gave our class an assignment to share a "collection." Some students were already "collectors" of shells, rocks, insects or stamps. I didn't have a collection. Those of us starting from scratch were permitted some amount of time...I don't remember how much time, but I do remember that I solicited help from all of my parents' and grandparents' out-of-state friends. I put together a collection of post cards, based largely around an old set my grandmother had saved from her WWII Army days.

I don't remember if my grandmother required me to return her post cards after my assignment, but I no longer have the collection.

At different times in my life, I've completed a few cross-stitch projects. I crocheted a baby blanket once, as well as a slew of smaller items like hats, mittens, and a couple of Christmas stockings.

As a young adult, I collected autographed copies of various works of fiction by contemporary Southern writers. Once I divorced and down-sized, however, I started letting go of my space-consuming, dust-collecting, seldom re-read books.

Reading and Writing

I still read. A lot. Though I admit that in the last year or so, more and more of my reading occurs online. Who has the money for books, or the time to go to the library?

Money and time are probably the easiest excuses to use for my lack of consistency in the hobby arena, but the truth is, I think I'm just easily bored. And I like variety. I typically order the Appetizer Sampler when we eat in a restaurant, because I can't settle for just one main entree.

Maybe that is why writing is really the only hobby I've enjoyed consistently as long as I can remember. Writing allows me to engage in a variety of different activities, sometimes recalling my own participation, other times exploring the experience of others.


But is writing really my "hobby"? Even when my official title has not been "writer", writing (or at least editing) has played a large role in the work responsibilities of my primary "jobs". Here on hubpages, I'm counting my pennies anxiously as I write. There are plenty of articles out there in internet land about "Turning your Hobby into a Business", but the truth is, I write for myself, often, whether I think it will be profitable or not. In that respect, writing meets the definition of hobby for me.

I almost skipped this hubmob, and when I finally started putting it together, I did so from a negatvie and frustrated perspective. I felt unfocused, undisciplined somehow, that I have never "stuck" with a hobby. Even my writing has been all over the place - periods as a newspaper reporter, a magazine feature writer, a wanna-be novelist or poet.

But as I've written this, as often happens for me, I've realized again the value of putting together words and finding satisfaction with the end result. Thanks, HubPages!

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fortunerep profile image

fortunerep 7 years ago from North Carolina

Dineane, You know us Carolinians prefer fishing over golf any day.

You write very well, so hopefully it will turn into a business.


dineane profile image

dineane 7 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks, Dori! Actually, I'm sure my husband would agree with you - he fishes much more than he golfs anymore!

Uninvited Writer profile image

Uninvited Writer 7 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

Well said. I think my hobby is watching television and playing computer games :) Yes, I occasionally do digital scrapbooking, but not often. Lately most of my spare time is spent writing.

I guess books could be a hobby. I have a couple of collections.

dineane profile image

dineane 7 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks, UW! I could have answered something similar ;-) Seems like HubPages is replacing my television habit though...I'm terrible about falling asleep while trying to watch my "favorite" recorded shows!

jdove-miller 7 years ago

I love your writing. You can definitely count your hubs as a hobby.

dineane profile image

dineane 7 years ago from North Carolina Author

thank you, j! Comments like yours are definitely part of the pleasure of writing!

Princessa profile image

Princessa 7 years ago from France

Mu hobbies change all the time. Only a few ones remain consistent, but I think that is part of the fun, to find new interests and learn new things on the way.

dineane profile image

dineane 7 years ago from North Carolina Author

Princessa, it IS fun, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

DonnaCSmith profile image

DonnaCSmith 7 years ago from Central North Carolina

My first hobby was collecting feathers, then as a 4-Her I collected leaves and BUGS. Then stamps were my main hobby. Somehow I don't equate my art as a hobby - it was, and it is my "art." Horses were a passion. I hate saying that in past tense. I miss it so much.

As always a good hub, daughter-of-mine;o)

Army Infantry Mom profile image

Army Infantry Mom 7 years ago

Your writing is definatly a hobby,..you enjoy writing and it shows through to the reader's as they are reading your hub's. That's why your so well liked !!!

But if you ever want to do a little sewing project - And make Something for a wounded Soldier,...  WOUNDED WARRIOR MINISTRY CENTER                     CMR 402                        APO AE 09180

RGraf profile image

RGraf 7 years ago from Wisconsin

Wonderful. It's amazing how getting things into words can really help you evaluate things - even writing :)

AuthorLMS 7 years ago

I like your writing style its very well done, I thought I could also use a hobby which is why I started to blog as I love writing but to write on paper these days just drives me nuts but I love my computer so I see these writing blogs as many hobbies all rolled into one :-) Thanks for sharing.

Sally's Trove profile image

Sally's Trove 6 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

Your words touched me deeply. I used to crochet, sew, paint, sculpt, craft. For me, unlike for you, writing was never a hobby, it was always work for pay.

These days, for me, everything has a purpose; little time seems to be left for indulging (is that the right connotation for engaging in a hobby?).

As I read this Hub, I'm remembering the joy I had as a kid collecting mineral rocks and stamps and dolls, being completely engaged in the fascination of learning something new and applying what I knew to learning more, and having something not only to hold on to but also to give.

All of this was outside school, work, family obligations. These hobbies were things I did because I loved them and I wanted to share them. And I relaxed with them. That was long ago.

Thanks for giving me insight.

dineane profile image

dineane 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thank you for the comment, Sally - and I hope you'll be inspired to make time for the things YOU love!

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 6 years ago

To stay with a hobby, you have to have an interest in it. I'll bet you have hobbies but don't even realize it.

dineane profile image

dineane 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I'm sure you are right, sheila :-) thanks for your comment!

Juliet Christie profile image

Juliet Christie 6 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

A hobby is a great thing.the problem with me is anytime I master it I move unto some thing else.I never stay to turn them into viable business.

dineane profile image

dineane 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Juliet, sounds like we have a lot in common :) thanks for stopping by!

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

I have too many hobbies to name, I think I've over hobbied myself. However, writing is definately your hobby and you're good at it. Isn't it nice to have a hobby that also makes you a little money?

dineane profile image

dineane 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks, KKG. I do like the little (and trust me, "little" is the correct adjective) money earned.

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