Hobbies We Do

 What are some of the hobbies we do? For some people it's writing blogs,cooking,making or repairing things. Some people like to out door hobbies like fish,hiking,camping. Some like to read,do Bible studies. Me I like to cook,read the Bible and do Bible studies,listen to music. I like to hike,camp,roller skate,bowl. I like walks especially if I can find a nature trail. I think out of all my hobbies my favorites are Bible study and cooking/baking while listening to my music. My partner likes to do latch hook,reading,word searches and writing blogs. Some people like to do crossword and puzzles. I also like to play chess as a hobby.I have an acquaintance who loves to shop and that is her hobby. My dad's hobby when he was alive was restoring cars. He and i restored a 66 mustang,68 caddy eldorado,79 trans am and alot of others. As a kid we would go to the junk yard looking for parts and I'd go wild looking for all kinds of stuff I use to come home rich with money I'd find in the cars. Alot of people do hobbies not just because they enjoy them but it also relaxes you. I use to build model cars,every week I would go buy a new kit to put together. It takes alot of patience to do some hobbies. I've often wonder how someone could have so much patience putting a boat in a bottle. I don't think i would do a hobby like that. some people make careers out of their hobbies. I use to collect and sell comic books as a hobby. There's so many different things we can do as hobbyists. What ever your hobby is do it with pride and honor.


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