Hop Movie Toys Include E.B. Plush and Carlos Plush Toys

Toys from the movie op include plush Toys of lead Characters E.B and Carlos the Chicken. Hop is the new live action animated movie from the prouder of Despicable Me, Chris Meledandri. Hop is the tale of E.B (Easter Bunny Junior) the son of the Easter Bunny who decides to fulfil his destiny of being in a band rather than take over his family legacy of being the Easter Bunny. While E.B. makes his way to Holly would the Chickens head by Easter Chick Carlos are trying to take over Easter. E.B meets Fred O'Hare (James Marsden a fellow misguided should. Despite their short comings the two manage to save Easter.

Hop Movie Toys
Hop Movie Toys | Source

Hop Plush Toys

Plush Toy Sets From The Movie Hop

  • Hop Plush Toys includes E.B, Fluffy The Pink Beret and Carlos Plush toys as well as mini action figures. One of the best offers includes the trio of & inch E.B, Carlos and Fluffy the Pink Beret.
  • This trio of Hop Plush Toys retails from $16.00(As advertised 02.04.2011-Amazon.com). The Hop Plush toys are 6" tall, from tip of ears, to their feet. This could make a great Easter Basket filler for kids, especially if they are a fan of the movie.

E.B. Plush from the movie Hop
E.B. Plush from the movie Hop | Source

E.B. Plush

  • The HOP 11" Plush E.B. Bunny is a replica of the character E.B.

  • This E.B plush comes dressed in a white t-shirt and blue short sleeved check shirt and currently retails from $45 (As advertised 02.04.2011-Amazon.com).

Hop Trailer


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