How Do I Get A Naruto Wallpaper To My Sony PSP?

Naruto PSP Wallpaper

PS Vita is the successor of Sony PSP, and yes, PS Vita offers all the gaming superiority experience for its user. But after all these years, still, nothing beats a Sony PSP with custom firmware. Agree? OK, never mind that, now let's just get right to the point. If you're a fan of Naruto anime and manga, this is how you get a Naruto PSP wallpaper to your Sony PSP! Official firmware or custom firmware, it doesn't matter, the instructions are the same! The image size must be 480 wide and 272 high in pixels (480x272), else it would look funny.

Example of a Naruto wallpaper for your Sony PSP
Example of a Naruto wallpaper for your Sony PSP

How To Do It

First off, there are TWO ways of putting wallpaper and pictures on your PSP, which are;

  1. By transferring wallpaper or picture files from your computer to your PSP.
  2. By downloading wallpaper or picture files straight off from the Internet through your PSP.

And what we are going to explain here is the FIRST one, since the second one is pretty straightforward.


There are a few picture file formats that can be read by the PSP. So as long as your wallpaper or picture file is a JPG, GIF, or PNG, you’re okay. How to check this? It must either have .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG at the end of the filename. Eg. “Naruto_psp_wallpaper.PNG″. Got it? (But really, usually you can always skip this step, since a picture file would be very obvious).

So let’s begin with the first step to get Naruto wallpaper on your PSP;

1. Go to Google (Google is your friend) and search for "Naruto PSP wallpaper". Choose wallpaper category you desire (if applicable), and then choose the wallpaper you want. Say you chose an Uzumaki Naruto PSP wallpaper, once your desired wallpaper is loaded, right-click the image, and choose “Save Image As..” or “Save Picture As..” and save it to your computer. (You can try with any Naruto wallpaper I posted on this page without going to Google!).

2. Now, take your PSP and your USB cable, and plug your PSP to your computer with the USB cable that you have. If you need help with connecting this, please refer to your PSP manual.

One of my favorite Naruto manga colored pages. Nice to have it as a wallpaper for my Sony PSP.
One of my favorite Naruto manga colored pages. Nice to have it as a wallpaper for my Sony PSP.

3. Switch on your PSP (that power slider on the right hand side of your PSP), then navigate around the menu using the left and right buttons on your PSP, and find “Settings”. Under “Settings” find “USB Connection” and hit the X button on your PSP.

4. You should now see “USB Mode” on your PSP screen. Leave it like that. In the meantime, your computer should automatically detect the connection from your PSP. Usually you will be presented with options to “open folder to view files”. Choose this. If not, you can go to My Computer, and look for a new drive (usually C: is your hard drive, D: is your CD drive, then your PSP should turn up as E:).

5. You’ll see a few folders like ISO, MUSIC, PICTURE, PSP, etc. on this new drive. The folder that you are aiming now is “PICTURE” folder. Go to this “PICTURE” folder.

6. Now, drag the wallpaper or picture file that you have downloaded from our site earlier into this “PICTURE” folder. If you have downloaded several wallpaperss, you can drag them all at once into this “PICTURE” folder too.

7. Once all transfers are done, go back to your PSP, and simply hit the button O to break the connection to your computer.

8. Plug off the USB cable, and now on your PSP navigate around and look for “Photo”. Under “Photo”, choose “Memory Stick” by hitting X. Now you can see your wallpaper is displayed in thumbnail view.

9. Hit the button X to fully view the wallpaper. Now, hit the TRIANGLE button to see the options available. Navigate these options with your right, left, up, down button and look for “Set as Wallpaper”. Hit X button to set the wallpaper as your current wallpaper.

10. Hit O when you’re done, and now you can see your new wallpaper has been set!

To CHANGE your current wallpaper, simply repeat step 8 to 10, while choosing different PSP wallpaper.

Good luck!

Finally... A Naruto family PSP wallpaper for you.

A Naruto family (Uzumaki/Namikaze clan) PSP wallpaper for you! (Naruto, Kushina, and Minato a.k.a Fourth Hokage)
A Naruto family (Uzumaki/Namikaze clan) PSP wallpaper for you! (Naruto, Kushina, and Minato a.k.a Fourth Hokage)

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