How To Defeat Las Vegas Boss In Mafia Wars

Mafia wars:Las Vegas Boss defeating Guide.
Mafia wars:Las Vegas Boss defeating Guide.

Are you tired of trying to defeat Mafia Wars, Las Vegas boss but no matter how strong you are you get smacked in the face? If this is the case then this guide will prove to be helpful for you to defeat any Vegas Boss. If instructions are followed correctly, there is no doubt that you will definitely defeat any boss in Las Vegas.

Generally for everyone: the first, second and third mastery boss fights for any Vegas is quite easy but the main villain is the diamond level mastery which can irk any soul. So if you are one of those who are tired of spending your stamina and always losing and got yourself kicked out of fight several times, this is the first aid for you!

Preparation to Defeat Vegas, Mafia Wars Boss

The main idea behind one being able to defeat Vegas boss is by arming oneself with all sorts of consumables, like grenades, shivs, medi pack and last but not the least stun guns. Do not even think of going to fight with a boss without having 10 each. I was easily able to defeat diamond level mastery for all bosses without grenades but had 10 shivs, medipack and stun guns.

How to get Grenades, Shivs, Health Kits and Stun Guns

Now the problem is “How to get these consumables (grenades, shivs, medi pack and stun guns)

Firstly it is advisable to ensure full energy and stamina while trying to do this, because its virtually impossible to defeat the boss in one go, so you will need a lot of consumables which can only be found as loot drops in jobs and those jobs can only be done if you have enough energy.

Now you have wasted enough energy till now in waiting for the day when you will defeat those cruel bosses.

Grenades could only be found while doing jobs in Las Vegas. Other items can be easily found by going back to New York > Associate Tier

Do different jobs in that tier, since the jobs don’t cost much energy so you have better chance to get these loot consumables, plus you must have accumulated atleast 2k energy by now. So you just have to keep clicking on those jobs and they will give out shivs, health kits and stun guns as loot drops. (I found that I got the most stun guns with the “Bank Heist” job which consumed 9 energy but that may differ)

Once you think you have gathered enough of these. Go to your inventory > Loot and scroll down to check if you have 10 stunguns, shivs and health kits.

Keep in Mind: to first complete all the jobs and fights in the "Fight Path" tab because if you dont do so, I have noticed that it takes more time to defeat the boss.

Inventory   Loot Page
Inventory Loot Page

Helpful Tips

  • Make sure that your stamina and energy is full before trying to defeat any boss
  • Dont ever "Run Away" from any fight because if you run away and come back to beat him again his health will be full.

Stun Gun First
Stun Gun First
Use Grenade or
Use Grenade or
Use Shiv
Use Shiv
Health Kit to heal if injured
Health Kit to heal if injured

Attack strategy that works!

Now we are ready for the attack and this time, no one can defeat us!

  1. Use stun gun first, then click attack
  2. Use shiv/grenade to weaken the boss and again attack
  3. If you get injured use the health kit to heal yourself

Many think that stun guns are useless but stun gun is the main item that can defeat Mafia wars, Vegas Boss because when you stun the boss and then attack them you are able to attack them with vigor and they are not able to strike back.

This process should be followed again and again, (keep doing steps 1 and 2 i.e. stun-gun-shiv-attack) and there is no way you could lose.

I also found out that if you click on the heal button twice, the boss would also heal himself.

But just in case you run out of 10 stun guns and the boss defeats you, DON’T WORRY, just go back to New York and collect the items again. Once items are collected you can easily go back to the boss (where his health will be less because of your previous attacks) and you will win!

Some of us click on the "Run" button, when they have very less health left. Don't run away! They reheal themselves. Instead of running, keep attacking even if you die. When you are defeated, you go back to NY, heal yourself and go back.. so they will have the same damage that you caused them before you got crushed.

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Big Ray the future star rapper 6 years ago

Have Stun guns and heal packs and use them wisely. o and run away too if you have to. Even if they regenerate health, they wont regenerate all of it, so use it to your advantage and you will beat them

FuzzyCookie profile image

FuzzyCookie 6 years ago Author

Big Ray, thank you for sharing this information. :)

Mary 6 years ago

Don't run away. They reheal themselves. Die in the process and they maintain whatever level you had them at last.

FuzzyCookie profile image

FuzzyCookie 6 years ago Author

Yes, Mary its a very good advice.. not to run but die while trying to defeat the boss. cheers!

B Simonsen 6 years ago

Nice. Thanks for the tip :)

FuzzyCookie profile image

FuzzyCookie 6 years ago Author

Hi Simonsen, I am glad that info provided here will help you to defeat Las Vegas Boss. :D

lee 6 years ago

you should attack in this order; stun gun - attack - shiv - attack and repeat. when all of your stun guns and shivs are finished just attack then heal yourself with medkits. when they are all finished you can run away heal yourself at the doctors in New York then come back to the to attack again.when you run out of consumables simply run away and collect more and come back to fight before the allotted time runs out.

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