How To: Get 3-Stars on Every Level of Angry Birds!

So you've been sucked in to the world of Angry Birds, huh? That's ok, there are many just like you, including myself! Here in this How To, I'll be explaining some useful tips that just might earn you that 3-Star Top Score on every Angry Birds level you play!

Please know that these tips will not guarantee immediate success, but with time, patience, and diligence, and possibly a few snacks in between, they will help you on your quest to mastering this Aves Adventure.

To start off, we'll go about a brief discussion of the birds and what they do:

1. Red Bird

The red bird is the staple Angry Bird, and the most famous. He is the mascot bird for the game, comparable to a Mario character of sorts, because he is the all-around bird, with no real strengths but no real weaknesses. He can damage anything, but may not destroy anything.

TIP! : He is used well when accurately shot at trigger objects or already weakened structures. If you see something will fall if hit, or a weak spot in the structure can be hit by the red bird, then go for it, don't worry about maximum destruction with this bird, focus on the future events that will lead to strategic destruction.

2. Yellow Bird

The yellow bird is the speed bird, and when launched, click it in the air to get a boost of speed that greatly increases it's destructive capability. It can easily go through wood, has a bit of trouble with ice, and will get stopped every time by the concrete.

TIP! : This bird is good for reaching golden eggs that lay far off in the distance, but for the top score, if this bird is your usable bird, try aiming it at the lower, wooden structures that are close to the ground. This creates a toppling/crumbling effect that tips structures over, and will destroy objects as they drop, and in turn the pigs!

3. Blue Bird

The blue bird is the multi-shot bird. He is fairly weak, and can pretty much only be used for the ice. When you launch the blue bird, tapping it in the air splits it up into 3 separate birds. It can damage wood, and will be stopped by concrete.

TIP! : The blue bird may seem like the perfect bird to get multiple pigs with, however, if you want those 3-stars, this bird is best used as a way to set the stage for your next bird. If you have concrete holding up wood, for instance, launch this bird at weak points where the wood touches the concrete, and split it up at the last possible second. This just might cause objects to topple over, leaving open spaces for more direct attacks by your next birds. If there's ice, don't immediately shoot it at the ice. Ice will be destroyed if it falls, so use this bird to plan for your next birds attack.

4. White Bird

The white bird is extremely powerful and useful in several different ways. It can reach high altitudes, go farther distances than the red bird, and when tapped in the air, drops an egg that acts as a bomb. The bird itself can not destroy much of anything, but the egg can destroy anything. When the egg is launched, the bird shoots up at an angle and out of the field.

TIP! : The white bird is best used when the egg is dropped in a highly vulnerable area. See the picture below of level 16-12, for example. When dropped down that space between everything, it can not only destroy that base, but also what surrounds it, causing, much to our delight, a topple effect, where objects will get destroyed by falling. THAT IS NOT THE END OF IT'S JOB! This bird is useful even after it's dropped the egg!!! Take the mining levels for instance: you see a space where you want to drop the egg, but up above you see some stalagmites that you know, because you have a vast knowledge of angry birds, will drop and destroy what's below them if they're hit. Try to find a place where dropping the egg might launch the bird to trigger objects such as those stalagmites, because even without the egg, it can still do some damage!

5. Black Bird

This bird is the Bomb Bird. Its top feathers even resemble a fuse! This bird can destroy anything upon a direct shot into an object. When tapped this bird will blow up in a fantastic explosion, causing ultimate destruction to the structure.

TIP! : Do not blow this bird up until it has hit something! The bomb bird is very capable of destroying concrete, and therefore with a well-aimed shot it can destroy the first wall of anything, and THEN blow up, causing a two part effect. Exploding this bird in the air is almost always a waste of its potential, so just like the white bird, scout out a place where the explosion will do the most good, i.e. creating topple effects or possibly destroying a whole section of the structure, and aim your shot. When it's in the right position, let it go! You will smile at the destruction.

6. Green Bird

The green bird is the boomerang bird. It can't destroy concrete, but will tear through wood and ice. When tapped in the air, it will quickly, and I mean QUICKLY do a complete 180 turn-around and start flying back the other way. This means that you can launch it to the other side of the pigs structure if there is a vulnerable spot, tap it, and it will turn it around straight to the area that it can do the most damage.

TIP! : When I said this bird can tear through wood, I meant it can absolutely tear through wood! That being said, sometimes this birds little trick isn't as useful as it can be just shooting it straight at the wooden objects. Most of the time to get the top score you need a good portion of the level destroyed as well as the pigs squashed. This bird will get rid of the wood and fast, so think about that next time you think you're forced to use its ability. You're not, and in fact it just might do more destruction if you don't use it!

7. Big Red Bird (Big Brother Bird)

Last but certainly not least, is the big, red bird. It's the bigger version of the little, red mascot bird, and can do much more damage. This bird simply needs to be shot at the proper spot, and then let it do the work for you! It can destroy anything, and it is good at it.

TIP! : How you use this bird may seem like the easiest thing in the world, I mean you just shoot it, that's all you can do with the bird right? Well not exactly. The placement of this bird can be crucial. When this bird is up for launch, scope the structure for a spot that it can do the most damage, but ALSO where it can fall. This bird is heavy, somehow it actually has weight in the game, and you can use that to your advantage. Before shooting this bird, think about where it will land and what it's destroying. If it will land on wood, it will destroy the wood, then keep falling, and whatever's below it just might be destroyed too! This can create toppling effects, or simply drop till it can't drop anymore, doing damage to whatever it lands on!

Now that we've covered the birds and what each of them bring to the table, it's time to talk strategy. Like I stated in the green bird above, to get the 3-star score on the levels, you usually need to have a good portion of the level destroyed. That's not all however. For each bird you DON'T use, you are awarded 10,000 points! Yes, I said 10,000. That's two pigs worth! With that in mind, think about doing the most destruction you possibly can with your first two birds.

When you have your first bird ready for launch, look back to see what the next bird coming up is. If you have a white bird ready to go, and the next bird is a bomb bird, try clearing a space for the bomb bird to land with the egg of the white bird. You don't necessarily need to do mass destruction with the white bird, because the bomb bird after it does a better job of that.

Another example: Say you have two yellow birds in a row as your first two birds. Look for a spot of wood that the first one can go through in one shot, clearing the space for the next yellow bird. This takes planning. If you see a weak spot in the structure that you believe can topple if hit or destroyed correctly, try your best to use that first yellow bird to clear the path for the next bird to get to and do the real work. Don't try to just huck birds at the spot, carefully aim them in the most precise position. You might not have found the perfect spot your first try, so just keep aiming and trying spots, and remember to plan it out in your head before you shoot one. Keep in mind that the best spot to use a bird in might be somewhat hidden to you at first, like the white bird spot for level 16-12 up above, so look through the level and pick out the best couple of spots you think are suited to the birds at hand. Or, slingshot, I should say.

Now that were at the end I thank you for reading and I hope this aids you in your long and perilous journey to completely annihilating every level on Angry Birds! Be sure to leave a comment and check out Angry Birds Seasons, holiday versions of the original Angry Birds! Halloween and Christmas pictures are below!


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Comments 19 comments

Maddie Ruud profile image

Maddie Ruud 5 years ago from Oakland, CA

Nice tips! I tried Angry Birds for like 5 minutes, but couldn't really get the hang of it. Maybe these hints would help me step up my game, and maybe even actually enjoy it!

cmlindblom profile image

cmlindblom 5 years ago from middletown, ct

I just got 3 stars on all the levels and I'm pretty pumped but now I'm bored. good hub.

Taylor Lueck profile image

Taylor Lueck 5 years ago from Dayton Author

Thanks so much! Yeah it takes a bit of practice, but after you beat a few levels your skills improve and you get the hang of it. Thanks for commenting and should you pick up the game again, let me know if this works!

Taylor Lueck profile image

Taylor Lueck 5 years ago from Dayton Author

@cmlindblom I know how you feel, I beat Angry Birds, so I wrote this hub!

J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

Very helpful tips! I admit that I am an Angry Birds addict. I might not play for a couple weeks then I get addicted for days! Thanks for sharing this.


Taylor Lueck profile image

Taylor Lueck 5 years ago from Dayton Author

Thanks J.S.! I was the same way, it's hard to break free once it pulls you in. Thanks for your comment!

Admiral_Joraxx profile image

Admiral_Joraxx 5 years ago from Philippines

Thanks for the tips Taylor, I will surely use what I learned here the next time I play. probably that will be tonight! Voted up and useful!

Desmodium 5 years ago

What about those blue birds that are tied together? Any advise on those?

Taylor Lueck profile image

Taylor Lueck 5 years ago from Dayton Author

Yeah Des the blue birds are up there under the yellow one!

Helena Ricketts profile image

Helena Ricketts 5 years ago from Indiana

I am completely addicted to this game! Thank you for posting this, I had no idea that each one of those birds could do so much and found out I was actually wasting some of them. Hopefully this will help me get through the game quicker so I can move on to something else. :)

seriousnuts profile image

seriousnuts 5 years ago from Philippines

I like angry birds. Although I can usually move on the next level easily, I have difficulty getting a 3-star score. I just completed the levels in angry birds original, and will be moving on to angry birds rio. I had fun reading your tips and also enjoyed the pictures of the colorful birds. Voted up!

Taylor Lueck profile image

Taylor Lueck 5 years ago from Dayton Author

Thanks for reading Helena! I'm glad I could help!

Taylor Lueck profile image

Taylor Lueck 5 years ago from Dayton Author

Good luck with Rio, Serious! I have yet to try it! Thanks for reading!

Taylor Lueck profile image

Taylor Lueck 5 years ago from Dayton Author

Joraxx I'm not sure what happened to my reply to you but thanks for reading and I hope the tips did some good!

Richie Fenwick 5 years ago

Thx for the tips; I've now only got 3 stars to get on "Mine and Dine", which are proving to be really tough - Goin to keep tryin, tho!

Taylor Lueck profile image

Taylor Lueck 5 years ago from Dayton Author

yeah mine and dine was difficult but i wrote this after playing those levels so the tips should work! thanks for reading and good luck!

drspaniel profile image

drspaniel 5 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

Well I've been playing Angry bird's for quite a while now, and I've still not been able to get all 3 stars... However hopefully with this new information I might be able to achieve more!

Taylor Lueck profile image

Taylor Lueck 5 years ago from Dayton Author

i hope so too! everyone should know the feeling of being an Angry Birds kung-fu master! good luck and thanks for reading!

Freedom4All profile image

Freedom4All 4 years ago from Planet Earth

Very helpful tips! Thanks!

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