How To Make A Powered Minecraft Piston Gate

... and closed.
... and closed.

Pistons are useful for many things, including gates (finally, some way of creating a gate that doesn't involve modding Minecraft or shoving a door in the middle of your fence awkwardly.) It's actually pretty simple to make a retractable gate using pistons. I should note that the original design for this is not mine, but the cutaway showing how the design actually works on the inside is.

For this build you will need:

  • Fence posts.
  • A sticky piston. (Click the link to learn how to make a sticky piston if you don't know already.)
  • A lever.
  • A redstone torch.
  • Four redstone dust for wiring.

To understand how this design works, you need to know a two things about how redstone components behave:

  • Redstone wire can be powered by a switch on a block above it.
  • Redstone torches provide a continuos signal, but if the block they are placed on is powered, they turn off.

So, to make your piston gate, you need a sticky piston that will push and pull a fencepost. What's great about this design is that when the gate is in the upright position, the fence forms a seamless line. When the gate is down, a neat gap opens up.

To start the piston gate dig two blocks down where you want your gate to be and place a sticky piston at the bottom. Place a fence post on top. When you look at the fencepost from ground level, it should not protrude above the surface when the piston is closed.

To power the piston, dig down below it and place a redstone torch. This will make the piston extend, and if you have other fence posts in place above, your fence will now be complete and secure.

Of course, you need to be able to toggle the power to the redstone torch, so dig out the block next to the one the redstone torch is placed on, and place some redstone wiring. This will deactivate the torch and the piston will retract again.

Now run redstone wiring up two blocks below ground level. Place a solid block above the redstone wiring and put a lever there. There will be a gap at this point if you've done it right. By operating the lever, you should be powering the redstone wire on and off, causing the piston to rise and fall.

And you're done! Fill in the ground layer so that the mechanism is hidden and enjoy your tidy piston fence!

The finished product...

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