How To Set Up A Hookah

Lets Set It Up Already

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Step 1. Fill the Glass vase up with water

Step 2. Place the hookah stem (vase gasket) into the glass vase. The stem should be 1/4 an inch into the water (DONT HAVE ANYMORE WATER itll make the hookah taste bad)

Step 3. Place the metal tray (ash tray) over the top of the hookah stem. Depending on your hookah model, the tray may either fit loosely or snap into place.

Step 4. Grab the clay bowl and break off some shisha tobacco into the top. Make sure not to pack it down. It is important to lay it gently on top of each other.

Step 5. Get a sheet of tin foil and place it on top of the clay bowl making sure that it is gently sealed on top of the bowl.

Step 6. Poke 6 to 8 holes around the tin foil on the top. While holding on so the tin foil doesnt fly out, blow into the bowl from the bottom and make sure that the air can get through the holes.

Step 7. Place the clay bowl firmly on top of the stem

Step 8. Light up a large coal and place it on top of the tin foil.

Step 9. Wait a good 7 to 10 minutes

Step 10. Insert the hose into the side

Step 11. Inhale on your hose. Enjoy!!!

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