How do I buy a house? (Skyrim)

How to buy a house (Skyrim)

How do I buy a a house in Whiterun?

I would like to buy a house Whiterun, you say? This is how you buy a house in Whiterun. The option of buying a house will become available after completing the dragon rising quest, in which you also get Lydia, a female nord, as your housecarl. Proventus Avenicci deals with real estate in the city of Whiterun, and it is to him you have to talk to be able to buy a house, and also furhter decorate it the way you please. The prize for the Breezehome house in Whiterun is 5000 gold, with an additional 1500 for full decoration of all the rooms etc.


Q - Who can I talk to about buying a house in Whiterun?

A - The person you can talk to is Proventus Avenicci.

Q - How much does it cost to build a house in Whiterun?

A - It will cost you 5000 gold pieces.

Q - Where can I find Proventus Avenicci?

A - Proventus Avenicci can be found in Dragonsreach, normally standing around close to the throne and the Jarl.

Q - When will I be able to buy a house in Whiterun?

A - When you have become friends with the Jarl of Whiterun, after helping him fight off a dragon at the western watchtower.

Q - How much does it cost to buy a house?

A - The cost of buying a house is 5000 gold, but with decorating it will cost you more.

Q - How do I decorate my house?

A - You can decorate your house by talking to Proventus Avenicci who will supply you with a decorating handbook guide. This guide describes what is included in the price of decorating i.e. the kitchen.

Q - Are my items safe in my own home?

A - Yes, you can safely store all your items found on your adventures in chests or drawers located in your house.

Q - What is a housecarl?

A - In the world of Skyrim, a housecarl is a person who have either been appointed by honour or free will to protect a noble person and their items. In Whiterun, this housecarl assigned to you is Lydia, who you can also ask to join you in your quests for fortune.

Q - How do I get Lydia to be my housecarl?

A - Lydia is a follower obtained in Dragonsreach upon completion of the Dragon Rising quest.

Q - How do I marry Lydia?

A - You must wear an amulet of Mara to be able to marry Lydia, then talk to her, after she has said yes you need to talk to Maramal in Riften to initiate the ceremony the following day.

Q - How do I buy the house in Riften (Honeyside) ?

A - You need to take care of Riften's skooma (drug) problem to be given the chance to buy the Honeyside house in Riften. You need to speak to Anuriel, the jarl's advisor, to do this. The house is 8000 gold plus an additional 3000 gold if you want decorations.

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JohnGreasyGamer profile image

JohnGreasyGamer 4 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

I didn't think this guide would be helpful, as in some cases buying a house in Skyrim is fairly easy. But the marriage part is nice - I was going to sacrifice to her to Boethia to start his/her/its questline, but.... an achievement would help first. Nicely written!

Jesss 4 years ago

Preventus anenicci where else is he he is no where to be found around the throne

Resolver2009 profile image

Resolver2009 4 years ago from Bournemouth, UK / Oslo, Norway Author

Jesss: Try out on the balcony. Go up the stairs to the right of the throne and then proceed through the big doors.

Andy 4 years ago

What if your a female character in this game, can u marry a dude?

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