How to Beat Corvus in Dragon Quest IX


So, I'm sure you stumbled onto this article after wanting to pull your hair out for being unable to beat Corvus' second form, which is also the final main boss in Dragon Quest IX. (Corvus' first form isn't particularly worthy of its own article. :P) I can't guarantee that I can make this fight painless, but I will give you a character setup to strive for, that should work most of the time unless he gets lucky with critical hits or his attack routine. Let's start with the recommended character setup.

The Final Boss of Dragon Quest IX

Corvus' second form. Menancing, ain't it? :P
Corvus' second form. Menancing, ain't it? :P

Suggested Character Setup

There are many ways to set up your party in Dragon Quest IX which can be a source of confusion for many players. While there's no right or wrong way to do so most of the time, I can tell you that for the Corvus fight, you want to have certain constants, even if the rest of your party differs:

  • Your party should be at level 35 as a bare minimum. Level 40-45 is preferable if you want to attempt this fight without having skills from other vocations.
  • Your whole party should be equipped with Life Bracers. 25 HP regeneration every turn adds up fast, and reduces the strain on your healer. Speaking of healers...
  • Your healer MUST have a Wand and 100 Wand Skill. Seriously, the myriad of MP boosters you get from the Wand skill tree become ridiculous, and this is going to be a long fight unless you're incredibly lucky. I had a Level 35 Sage doing my healing for me.
  • Your healer MUST have Multiheal. The ability to heal everyone is awesome in this fight, especially if he gets trigger happy with breath attacks. Good luck healing through that if he does it several turns straight and you don't have Multiheal.
  • If your healer is a Priest with Omniheal, that's even better, but that may be overkill for this fight.
  • A paladin is a recommended boost to your defensive setup. Paladins can Kabuff long before they hit 35, and their Coup de Grace is Knight Watch, which renders him/her invulnerable for several turns, as well as forcing Corvus to attack him/her for 1 or 2 of those turns. If you managed to get Forbearance, then Knight Watch becomes cheese, since the Paladin will absorb ALL attacks until Knight Watch wears off. I didn't have it in my playthrough though.
  • I recommend keeping your main character as a Minstrel, since they have the ability to cast Zing. Essential when Corvus decides it's a cute idea to kill your healer in one round.
  • My fourth slot was occupied by a Warrior, who was my damage dealer and resident Whipping Boy (as in the skill that shields an ally of your choosing. :P), but the Paladin could easily fill that niche if you don't want to use a Warrior.
  • Your party members should have their shield skill as high as possible. Reaching 100 in the Shield skill tree allows you to use a shield with any class and, among other things, gives you a whopping +6% chance to block with a shield. Blocking can also block critical hits, so this is very good indeed. :D

Corvus: His Battle Strategy

I can summarize it in one sentence:

Corvus' battle strategy is completely random.


I wish I were joking.

He does have certain patterns within his battle style but, for the most part, what he'll do in one battle will differ greatly from what he does in another.

Some constants in his chaos:

  • He attacks twice per turn. (Although, it's more accurate to say that he acts twice per turn, because sometimes he'll waste an attack on "laughing confidently" which does nothing).
  • After he uses Magic Burst, he won't use another attack for that turn. Either you're so unlucky that he Magic Burst you after he had already attacked once, or he does it as his first attack and skips his next action.
  • When his health is low, he'll start using Meditate more and more often. This skill heals Corvus for 500 HP. Since it's not a spell, Antimagic isn't going to stop him from using it. In any case, I doubt you can Antimagic him. (Bosses stink like that.)
  • He has the ability to land critical blows. His criticals do 210-220 damage, so I recommend dabbling in vocations that have a skill tree with +HP boosters, unless you fancy dying every turn. :P
  • He casts Kafrizzle. Since it's the only spell he casts, I don't particularly suggest you use Magic Mirror (a skill in the Shield skill tree) unless you truly feel like it. On the upside, a reflected Kafrizzle does upwards of 200 damage to Corvus, and he's reckless in casting (at times using it on a character he saw use Magic Mirror not more than two turns ago).
  • He uses Disruptive Wave at times, especially if you try to use a lot of buffs on your party. If you don't use too many beneficial spells, you may never see him use it. I saw it twice in my winning run.
  • He uses Burning Breath at times, but the chances of success are rather low so no worries. On the other hand, he likes to use a Sleep attack ("gleaming eyes") that always connects, so I recommend having some Panaceas in your inventory, just in case.

Suggested Battle Strategy

So, you have a level 35-40 party set up just like I recommended. However, you still need a good strategy to use against Corvus. My best piece of advice for you is to assume the worst. Assume he's going to land a critical every turn. Assume he will use two breath attacks a turn. If you can beat his worst-case scenario, his real attack sequence will probably be much easier to thwart.

Some general tips:

  • Have your healer use Multiheal (or Omniheal if he/she is a Priest and has learned it) every turn. I mean this, EVERY turn. You should be able to survive two breath attacks in one turn, but not four in a row.
  • When one of your characters is near death, use Whipping Boy with your tank character. This is especially important if it's the healer at death's door.
  • Know when to use your Coup de Graces. Just because you're able to use it doesn't mean it's always the best moment to use it. An obvious exception to what I just said is the Paladin Coup; use that one ASAP.
  • Stay Kabuffed at all times. Having a high defense prevents his regular attacks from doing too much damage. This won't stop critical hits though.
  • Smack Corvus hard with Psyche Up cheese (Use Egg On with your main character on your damage dealer and have your damage dealer Psyche Up. If you're lucky, he/she will be at 100 Tension by the end of the second turn). An attack at Max Tension does from 12x-16x normal damage, so you shouldn't need too many, as long as you don't get overeager and try to finish him off instead of holding back in a crucial moment, getting your damage dealer killed.

In Conclusion

This is an insanely hard fight to predict, and as such you should prepare your party as best as possible to withstand his relentless assault. If your party is set up adequately, I have no doubts that you'll prevail!

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve this article, feel free to comment on it in the comments sections!

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)


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oh Yea 6 years ago

You should have all your party wear life bracers

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

I discovered the awesomeness that are Life Bracers way after Corvus... :(

But yeah, they would help a lot, that 25 HP regen's a life saver. I'll add that tip into the article, thanks for the comment! :D

M. T. Dremer profile image

M. T. Dremer 6 years ago from United States

I've never actually played dragon quest but I saw this article and had to click on it. I named one of the characters in my book Corvus and I always get a wide-eyed expression when I see it used elsewhere. But I suppose I should expect that considering I stole it from somewhere else. I found it on a star chart, it was either a star or a constellation, I can't remember which, but Corvus means 'the crow'. There was also a character on the short lived television show 'the bionic woman' who had the last name Corvus. It's funny how you don't notice a name until you use it for something (especially if you're a writer, but it happens when naming children too).

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Hehe. Thanks for the comment! :)

It's a recurring theme with the Celestrians (race of winged beings that look like angels) in this game. Every Celestrian has a name taken from a constellation (all bird names). I recall reading that somewhere. That's pretty remarkable, since there are at least 8 named Celestrians in the game. :)

????GUEST???? 6 years ago

reckon i can beat him with:

Minstrel lv 44 (fire blade)

Armamentalist lv 21 (blowy bow)

Gladiator lv 19 (Uber war hammer (nice))

Paladin lv 20 (fire blade (he's omnivocational sword master from when he was a warrior if you're wondering)

P.S where can I find falcon blade ?

............. 6 years ago

my guys r nearly lvl 50 and i cant beat em. their thief,gladiater,priest,mage. instead of wipping boy you can have 1 ygdraisil leaf.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@GUEST: Your only healers are your Minstrel and your Paladin. I always like a Sage or a Priest for the ability to heal multiple members of the party of the same time.

Also, while I don't know what other vocation skills and boosts you've picked up, your latter 3 characters look a little flimsy.

As I mention in the article, Corvus criticals for 210-220 damage. Each of your characters should have around 250 HP so they don't get one-shot by him.

What's the HP, Attack and Defense of that party you have? :)

The Falcon Blade is available for purchase after you beat the game, in Stornway. The weapon shop should have two shopkeepers now. Check both of them. :)

@ ........ : By this time, your Priest should have Multiheal, if I'm not mistaken. Just make sure he/she is using it every turn. Never slack off on that. The Yggdrassil Leaf is good, but trust me when I say that Whipping Boy helps. If your healer gets knocked out, then you have to revive that character, just so he/she dies again if Corvus uses a breath attack or Magic Burst.

(Besides, it's only 8 points in the Courage skill tree.) :P

What are your party's HP, Attack and Defense?

Guest  6 years ago


I've changed things around so here's what I have:

Minstrel Lv. 45 (fire blade) (233 HP) (defence= 250) (attack= 258)

Gladiator Lv. 22 (Uber War Hammer)(171 HP (OUCH!)) (defence= 196) (attack= 221)

Paladin Lv. 22 (falcon blade (I found it in my ship)) (157 HP) (defence= 223) (attack= 165)

Priest Lv. 42 (Sceptre of Gitt) (187 HP) (defence=171 :()

(attack= 159)

Help me out here by the way where are level 7 grottoes found?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Guest: You know, I never thought to look in my ship...

I'll have to do that one of these days. :o

Ok, let's see:

The Minstrel is fine, although more HP won't hurt.

The Gladiator and the Paladin need more HP bad!

The Priest could use either more HP, or the quest reward from Buckler's 100 Shield Quest (the character equipped with the reward blocks all critical hits).

The fight becomes vastly easier if he can't critical you to death. Oh, and your Gladiator and Paladin would die to Magic Burst as well. :P

In my opinion, those two skills are the road blocks for any party wanting to beat the game. If you can withstand Magic Burst and his criticals, you'll probably win.

In other words, your characters have good equipment, so the problem definitely isn't there. :)

Does your Priest have all of the Wand skill tree bonuses?

As for the grotto question, I assume you got the first treasure map? If you didn't, you need to complete the quest given to you by the person laying near Zere Rocks (you can Zoom there). If you did, then the answer is that it's random.

When you beat a grotto boss, it drops a map to another grotto. That map could be level 10, 20, or lower or higher (I don't know the math formula by heart, but it involves the average level of your party, among other things). If you needed to get a level 7 grotto, then your party would have to be weaker than it currently is (or you would just have to get lucky with the randomizer when the map drops).

Lastly, but not least, check out the skill trees for each vocation and see if you can't get some easy HP boosts for your party.

This is the part where I frown and mention that you'll probably have to grind out more levels to beat him easily.

(I know I had to. :( ).

Summary: Minstrel and Priest are largely fine. Other two characters need HP boosts. Recommend you get HP boosts from other skill trees if you can afford to. Grotto maps are dropped by grotto bosses, but are random.

Guest 6 years ago


thanks but that's not quite what I meant about the grottoes

I meant I have loads of level 7 maps but I can't find any of them :(

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Oh, I get it now! Ok, you may be needing something like:

(There are links to the different treasure map locations there).

Or, if you don't want to wade through those .png files, just go here instead:

D.Virtual.Doctor profile image

D.Virtual.Doctor 6 years ago from Europe

I have a cousin who is soc razy about Dragon quest IX, I will inform him about this and as well bookmark it for him to read later. Thanks a lot and you are doing a great job. You have really opened my eyes to see another dimension of been a writer. Writing is much more easier, interesting, fun, creative and passionate when we inculcate it into our day-to-day activities, hubbies and life as a whole. Great job, I must say....

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Thanks a lot for the comment! :D

I'm glad that you enjoyed my hub! That's part of what makes this worth doing, even when I get writer's block or am not motivated to write about anything on a given day. :)

Much appreciated! :D

Deargdoom 6 years ago

i hope this helps but when i killed corvus i didn't know about having a team lol (stupid me) so i beat him solo so what i did was get warrior vocation to level 60 with caduceus ability with wands to heal me when i got low on health had 100 skill in shield so i couldn't be crit by him (swinedimples academy quest for shields) and use falcon slash with an inferno blade and i wore mirror armor to deflect some spells.

fight went like this:

falcon slash till low on health ( leave just a bit health than what he can do in an attack)

then caduceus to heal when low on health and keep this up till he was dead :)

Guest 6 years ago

Hi, after hearing that you should be around level 40 for this battle, i was wondering which is the best way to quickly level up my characters to this level.

I have a Minstrel Lvl 39, Warrior Lvl 38, Priest Lvl 38, Mage Lvl 37.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Deargdoom: Lol, but you soloed Corvus, that's pretty hardcore. :D

Way to go!

@Guest: The Bowhole. Liquid Metal Slimes can be found there, albeit rarely. Other than that, you could grind in the Realm of the Mighty, but that could get tedious. :o

In either case, it could take a while.

Deargdoom 6 years ago

nah i was just wasn't smart enough to realise i could get a team so i had to solo everything till i found out that if i talked to patty i could get a prty lol xP

Deargdoom 6 years ago

but now i know you can have a team beating bosses is much easier lol :)

Guest 6 years ago

Thanks for the advice, finally leveled up party to lvl40, and going to go take Corvus on!

Deargdoom 6 years ago

good luck dude with corvus :)

DragonQuester 6 years ago

what's the best armour and weapons, that i should have for this fight?

I have a minstrel, warrior, priest and mage

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Ok, you should've gotten a Rusty Sword if you've been diligently exploring. If so, then you can throw it into the alchemy pot along with 9 Glass Frits and a piece of Orichalcum and make Erdrick's Sword, which has a boatload of attack. Equip that to your Warrior (I bet he/she hits harder than your Minstrel). If you look in your ship once you get the Ultimate Key, you can find a Falcon Blade there. You can equip that on your Minstrel (or swap, so your Warrior, who hits harder has the Falcon Blade equipped).

When I beat him, my Paladin had a Celestial Spear equipped (IIRC). You can do much better than that via Alchemy if you have patience (Priests can equip Spears too). Then again, as your main healer, your Priest should be equipped with a Wand. At this point the game, I don't think it gets much better than the Scepter of Gitt you get at Gittingham Palace. Your Mage can use a Wand as well, since he/she should be spamming damage spells or Oomph-ing your Warrior and Minstrel so they hit harder.

As for armor, use Mirror Armor with all characters that can equip it. For those who can't, armor becomes less of a concern (as their defense is low-ish anyways).

Also, if you have the patience, make Life Bracers for all 4 members of your party (25 HP regeneration each turn). Getting Psyche Up on all 4 of your characters is highly recommended.

After all of that prep work, the battle should be doable if you're at an adequate level.

Hint: If Magic Burst or critical hits from Corvus are one-shotting members of your party (assuming they're at full health when Corvus uses either) then you may be too weak to beat him.

Good luck!

DragonQuester 6 years ago


where can i find glass frit, i have 6 already and the place near gleeba doesn't have any more at the moment.

and how exactly do i make a life bracer, the items i need locations would be handy too

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

You can find Glass Frits on Cyclowns (they're located outside of the west gate of Port Llaffan; enter the town and leave through the left, much as if you were trying to get to Lleviathan). That's how I got my glass frits. Steal it off of them (keeping in mind that they also carry around Agility Rings, so you may end up finding some duds before you find Glass Frits).

Life Bracer = Gold Bracer + Life Ring x2

Gold Bracer = Purchase at Port Llafan

Life Ring = Prayer ring x1 + Resurrock x3

Resurrock = Spawns at Djust Desert, Khaalag Coast, The Plumbed Depths; Dropped by Handsome Crab

Prayer Ring = Dropped by Genie Sanguinis or Hocus Chimaeras.

Hope this helps! :P

P.S: Seeing as how you seem like a DQ fan, I'd like to invite you to

It's a new forum, but the community is growing. :)

Hfff 6 years ago

To get falcon blade go on boat and go to bottom if boat you need altimate key to open a cage with a chest which has falcon blade

Ads 6 years ago

I have a Minstrel lvl 45, Warrior lvl 46, Ranger lvl 40, and priest lvl 41(With like 88 staff). When should stop grinding?

Ads 6 years ago

Also, would it make sense to swap my ranger for a paladin?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Ads: You probably have enough stats and skills to beat him already, assuming you've leveled up other vocations already as well.

(I had about 15-20 levels in 5 or 6 vocations per character when I finally beat Corvus, but my party wasn't in their 40's yet).

And yes, it's always good to have a Paladin, if only to prepare for the post-game content which pretty much requires a Paladin (unless you use 3 Gladiators and a Priest instead).

Ads 6 years ago

I tried and failed because I ran out of mana for my healer.

Coolio2039 6 years ago

Well, i need more help.I have a

Minstrel(lvl 61)

Gladiator(lvl 53)

Martial Artist(lvl 56)

Sage(lvl 45)

The main problem is that he keeps parlizing my healer so i have to use my minstrel to heal.maybe i should change my martial artist to paladin? PLZ respond...cuz i'm about to pull my hair out....

Guest 6 years ago

@coolio well um i think you should be able to beat him but tell me your weapons and armour

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Coolio: Sorry for not responding earlier. :O

Anyways, it's what Guest said: Judging by those levels, you should've been able to beat Corvus a long time ago.

What are the stats of your party?

Matt 6 years ago

Honestly I expected him to get back up for a second round after beating him because he definitely came out easier than the dragon did.

42 ish ranger, had right as rain so that helped, also had dazzling suit or whatever it is called so sometimes Corvus would hit himself with spells

30s armamentalist (because I know he didn't have the book which makes fource target all)(full swords/fource)

priest/warrior both in the 40s

Priest had full priest class skill and a bit in wands

warrior had probably full bravery, mid-high knives (because for some reason when I originally got him I decided he should take mage class but only use knives anyways.)

dragon quest 6 years ago

is this a good team?

minstrel :lvl50

thith(sorry for spelling)lvl47

marsal artist X2,48,47

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

No worries about the spelling. :)

Ok, as for your team, you don't have a healer (the Minstrel doesn't really count since his best healing spell is Midheal if I'm not mistaken). I mention the healer a lot because Corvus has at least two mass attacks (Magic Burst and a darkness breath attack). If all of your characters keep getting hit repeatedly, it's going to be a painful fight.

With that said, Corvus has 4800 HP, so if your Martial Artists do a lot of damage, you might be able to beat him by using Psyche Up and then attacking while under Tension. If that fails, then you might need a healer. :/

Summary: Your team can beat Corvus, but it all depends on what Corvus attacks with. To increases your chances, get a Priest or Sage on your team. :)

Hope this helps!

dragon quest 6 years ago

yes it did help

my hero has NINE pages of abilertys

including gigagash magic mirrer (egs u know)my thith

knows vanish(hopefully shall make him not get ataxed :))

would hardclaw and crushed ice be good?

dragon quest 6 years ago

oh and i know psyche up

plese reply

dragon quest

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

I had to look up Hard Claw and Crushed Ice because I don't have any points in Staff or Claws. :P

They're multi-attacks. Yes, that's definitely good. Multi-attacks are affected by Tension, so you hit even harder.

I'd say try it now. The worst that could happen is that you lose and, in that case, you know you need to get more skills/level-ups. :)

But, I have to go to bed, it's 6:30 AM where I live. I should be back on in around 10-12 hours.

Good luck! :)

theguythatatesomecheese 6 years ago

Hey.awesome guide mate.These were about my levels not too sure though

Minstrel:lv 53 min

Warrior:X3 lv 54 min

theguythatatesomecheese 6 years ago

When I killed corvus.He was ez

dragon quest 6 years ago

well will Hand of god be good with tensen?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Yes. :)

You're going to have to do some testing yourself to see what hits harder when under Tension. Hand of God has a damage cap of 1999, so multi-attacks may be better if you already reached Hand of God's damage cap. :)

DQ9 Fan 6 years ago

Winterfate... Amazing Guide especially like all of your VUST series. Unfortunately I've already beaten Corvus so this is just an interesting read.

Anyway I find for most bosses it's good to have 3 healers as it splits the work load... You don't have to have dedicated healers only for them to know heal spells.

When i fought Corvus I used a Martial Artist, a Paladin, a Ranger and a Sage. My Sage was a dedicated healer while Paladin and Ranger could chip in if needed. Beat Corvus first try with all my characters under level 40 and only 1 with a second skill tree (Martial Artist was a Thief).

I haven't changed the setup except now my character (Martial artist) is now a Gladiator and with only 1 character above level 50 can beat Atlas easily. Seeing as your obviously very good at the game could you give me any hints to further better the party.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

First of all, thanks for the comment! :)

Secondly, I believe you have a pretty solid party. It is widely mentioned that there are two successful party types for once you reach the harder Legacy Bosses:

a)3 Gladiators and a Priest (for Omniheal). This build seeks to wipe out the boss before the party wipes. The riskier of the two.

b)1 Gladiator or Warrior, 1 Paladin, 1 healer (preferably a Sage, but Priests work too) and your main character. Here you have a bit of leeway because your main character's main function will be to Egg On the Gladiator/Warrior to maximize damage. My MC is still a Minstrel, but you could always have another healer.

So, as you've probably noticed, you already have a pretty solid setup. :)

I would recommend 100 Fans, Magic Mirror and 100 Virtue for your Paladin though. 100 in Fans lets you use Fans regardless of vocational restrictions, and there's a Fan skill called Reverse Cycle that reflects breath attacks. A lot of the harder Legacy Bosses spam those, so it's crucial to have. :)

Hope this helps! :D

dragon quest 6 years ago

i am training a prist for my healer

And my minstrel is lvl.52 and my marsel artist X2am lvl.49,48.My only christs am qruit puny.

Dq9 Fan 6 years ago


Cheers for that I've been looking for a secondary weapon for my MC anyway so that should be fine He's a claw Gladiator just now and on full tension he can hit 3000+ with Blind Mans Biff and double up.

So I'll get OVM for Fans and then become gladiator again I think thanks for the Info

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@dragon quest: Well, if you need anymore help, let me know, but I think you'll be fine. Corvus is actually quite easy once you have enough HP and skills. :)

@DQ9 Fan: The whole Reverse Cycle thing is usually combined with Forbearance so you can tank breath attacks with your Paladin, but that works too I suppose. ;P

(The above statement is operating on the assumption that your MC doesn't have Forbearance, which may or may not be the case. Disregard this statement if he does. :) )

dragon quest 6 years ago

my prist knows Moreheal with mp about 216 with cadus antimagic and belzefreze now i am rtaining it till it is lvl 40 with multheal(if so fullheal)u know that sometimes

he laughs conthictly and does magic burst or mevolent darrknas breath.What should i do then multiheal or fullheal

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Well, you basically NEED Multiheal. You can't spend 4 turns doing Fullheal; it's much too risky.

Multiheal is actually what turns this battle from impossible down to doable. :)

dragon quest 6 years ago

Hav u forgot onviheal?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Ah but Omniheal is not Fullheal. Omniheal is a Fullheal on all party members. If you have Omniheal, then yes you should be using that. :P

But, I guess I should've been clearer about what I meant with the party heals, so let me clarify that in my article. :)

dragon quest 5 years ago

Thanks for telling me that u need a healer,i beat corvus on saturday with hundreds of multiheal with my healer,though it died twice in the battle and every time i zinged on my healer it came back to the living

muh 5 years ago

I have a lv. 46 minstrel with fireblade, lv. 44 mage with staff of gitt, lv.46 priest with lightning staff, and lv.47 martial artist with fire claws, but i still cant beat him... HELP!!!!!!

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@dragon quest: No problem. :)

@muh: The one problem I'm seeing off the bat is that you don't have a tank to take punishment for the rest of your party. You should have someone with points in the Courage and Virtue skill trees for the skills these give you.

Whipping Boy is good, and Forbearance is better.

But, besides that, you should be able to beat him. What are your party member's stats?

muh 5 years ago

YES!!!! i beat him by getting martial artist to 100 tension, oomph, then hand of god. 1999 damage!!

outsider 5 years ago

could i beat him with this?

1 minstrel lvl 48 inferno blade

2 warrior lvl 49 demon spear

3 thief lvl 47 inferno blade

4 ranger lvl 36 combusticlaws

oomph 5 years ago

i need help my party is a minsterl lv 49 warrior lv 47 and a martial artist and thief both lv 47

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

outsider, oomph: The both of you are missing a good healer.

You're either going to need major HP boosts or you're going to have to pack a lot of curative items. If he starts using Magic Burst or other mass attacks, it's going to be a very uphill battle.

oomph 5 years ago

thanks, im training a priest now

guest 5 years ago

i could beat him with minstrel lv.44

oomph 5 years ago

really Guest?! mine is lv 50 and I still cant even beat him

oomph 5 years ago

i finnally beat corvus! i just had my minstrel (erdricks sword) use gigagash 4 times with an elfin elixeer in there, and had my thief (fire claws) use hand of god a few times. i had my martial artist use some yggidersial leaves and some yggidersial dew. my warrior just attacked. i didn't even need my priest! (though after on the grottoes i prububly will)

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Congratulations oomph! :D

Yeah, I can assure you you'll probably need that Priest for the grottoes, but for now you can enjoy your victory. :)

corvus killer 5 years ago

just keep !@/#ing hammering him with gigaslash , falcon slash , and have a ball and have your party hold life bracer and uber miracle sword or an even powerful weapons and you need good defense and attack not to mention agility and make sure you hav alma mater to protect yourself from automatic kills since he is insanly strong

guest 5 years ago

my team is:

Minstrel lv.51 Mage lv. 48

Warrior lv. 47 Armamentalist lv. 37

Mizter Epic 5 years ago

Hey. I really im kinda confident i can do it with just one character. I have a Lvl. 99 Armamentalist with 570 HP. the armors equipped help too, so I wear the Armamentalist's traditional outfit, which works very well. I have a Seraph's Bow, and a Soul Sucker shield. My other characters are only like lvl 17 and such, so I don't feel like going in there with them. maybe I should work on leveling them up first, but maybe not. just let me know what you think.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

First of all...kudos for getting a character to Level 99 before post-game. That's insane lol.

Well, just to concrete your dominance over Corvus, I would get some curative items and the 100 Shield book that allows you to block critical hits automatically. But, with your HP total, you might not even need it. Part of Corvus' power comes from his mass attacks, and if there's only one character to damage, well you get the idea. ;)

The dude 5 years ago

I have a good team I think it seems really strong but only on the offensive side I have two thieves and two warriors one warrior has two of the tree leaves the other theif does too and also has lots of panaceas and he has good hp the two thieves are lv 37 one warrior is 38 the other is 37 they have the highest items I can find at the part of Corvus second form but I can't seem to beat him is there a suggestion for more offensive sides because everyone says get belated and such but I don't know how to train beakers and stuff quickly???

The dude 5 years ago

Oops I mean Healers not beakers and belated sorry spell check is doing t again

The dude 5 years ago

I have erdricks sword red Afro mirror armor battlers bracers dragon warrior trousers dragon warrior boots and a spirit bracer so he can have a lot of mp for giga slash and that is theif number one. Dragon slayer dark shield raging bull helm dragon mail battlers bracers sea breeze skirt and strength ring are my lv 38s equipment. Lightning lance white knights shield mythril helm mirror armor vesta gauntlets (from dqvc shop) swinedimple slacks safety shoes and raging ruby are the second warrior. Sword breaker sun crown (dqvc) enchanted armor silver bracelets transparent tights sneaker and holy talisman are the last theif.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Well, if you're using an offensive party, it's harder. Corvus uses a lot of mass attacks, so you run the risk of him using two in a row and vastly weakening your party. One strategy that could work (if he doesn't spam Disruptive Wave) is to go up to 50/100 Tension and attack with your whole party at the same time.

Also, if you want a healer that can cast some offensive spells, you could always switch one of your characters into a Sage.

If you want to go brute force, Gladiators hit harder than Warriors and Thieves. ;)

The dude 5 years ago

My theives are used to heal because they always go first so I think I can keep one for using healing items my major problem is that I don't exactly want to spend time training only because I don't know of good places and that makes using other vocations limited because they won't be very strong and my Mage needs to use friz on the trolls but is too weak and I don't know how to train so I can't exactly get sage :( but I can use the idea of egg on but then :( I can't use giga slash that turn because only my main guy knows egg on and he knows giga slash so currently I am getting skill points to teach my sword using warrior giga slash so I can egg him on my worst problem is that I run on a strategy of overwhelming my enemy with strength so I never need healing because by the time I do the enemy is dead. But it isn't working because Corvus is so high in defense and heals I one time did at least 4000 dAmage to him and was about to hopefully finish him off when like you said he double used breaths and magic which is my bane because I am all weapons and no anti spells and everything so I relie on my leaves to revive my characters so I can deal more heavy damage. What I'm trying to ask is if you know any types of strategies that use heavy damage and no healing(I'm working on training so that might work because I might get enough strength to kill him if my plan does work I'll let you know thanks for the help

The dude 5 years ago

I wish I had trained a bigger variety at the beginning of the game so I could use magic and healing now but none of my other vocations are trained making only these four vocations strong:/ ? Oh well I'll find a way too overwhelmed him eventually if you have any hints on abilities or skills that would cause major damage or good defense( that are for warriors or theives) then that would probably help a lot thanks

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Well, the two best places for training before beating Corvus are the Bowhole (where you can rarely find Liquid Metal Slimes) and the Realm of the Mighty (best experience gains outside of the Bowhole until after Corvus).

And, the only strategy that many people use in post-game to do heavy damage still involves healing. :P

(To be exact, it's a Priest and 3 Gladiators.) On that note you could try to use 4 Gladiators, but you run into the same problem you currently have, with the difference being that you hit harder. ;)

Otherwise, as you suggested, you can create some Yggdrasil Dews, and use your Thief to heal the rest of your party if need be.

The dude 5 years ago

My main char. Has 100 skill for sword and 31 acquisitiveness my second theif has 60 knife skill and 32 acquisitiveness my first warrior has 68 sword and 16 courage my last warrior has 60 spear and 25 shield

The dude 5 years ago

For some reason the bowhole never seems to work for me oh well but that's a good idea I'll try get some dew ( lol I only have leaves because don't have proper alchemy items) and more healing items. So your saying that defense is the best offense in this fight? Ok I'll try thanks I'm about to fight him now here goes

The dude 5 years ago

You have been a big help thanks

The dude  5 years ago

Wow he used some attacks I didn't know he had ouch well do you know how much health he has?

The dude 5 years ago

New accolade achieved " game beater" thanks

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Oh, you beat the game? Way to go! :D

Now you can enjoy post-game. :P

So, how many hours did it take? My game completion accolade was Lionheart. :)

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

hows the team to beat corvus minstrel lv64 edricks sword m.a lv 40 sadistick mage lv40 sceptre of gitt priest lv40 lightning lance so is it good enough

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

It definitely should be. :)

Your Priest should have Multiheal by now if memory serves me correctly. All you really need is a good healer to beat Corvus. A good tank will help, but it might not be necessary. :D

The dude 5 years ago

Yep I beat it the first try but now I'm stuck a harder question where are easy grotoes because the grotoes I have unlocked the bosses wipe me out really fast but yes post game is awesome especially getting to use the starlight for everywhere so can you tell me where some easy treasure maps are??

The dude 5 years ago

It took me maybe half an hour very hard but my tanks took him down with 3 leaves to spare I was completely surprised I didn't get an accolade actually how did you get one?

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

ya once i almost beat him but his dang paralyzing breath got my priest and killed us easily and what was really stupid is that he killed my priest last

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@gdragon: Ahh, that sounds like bad luck. :(

It happens to all of us. When in doubt, get more HP boosts. Those always help. :)

@The dude: You get an accolade for beating the game. The title you get at game completion doubles as your accolade.

As for grottos, which bosses are wiping you out?

The dude 5 years ago

I found it I am the accolade ...... Ugh so you. Get lion heart and I get punching bag because I think I died 50 times wow. Well I don't remember the name but it was a level one grotto!! And after that I BEAT a level three grotto ;( I don't understand oh well but besides that my new latest problem is getting the bonus characters : sellma patty errin and aquilla I find it cool that you can unlock them without hacks and stuff considering the fact that I don't like that stuff. But the problem is I have patty and I'm trying to get sellma but then I can't beat the boss rover. ;( it is stronger then Corvus?! I checked the stats and yep he is. Why didn't he try taking over the worl lol well anyway he is STRONG he attacks twice doing a hundred damage a price and has 5k hp it's maddening corvus only had 4k hp and didn't do barily as much damage I figured you did this part in the game and decided to ask what you did ps: I have 5 birthday cakes which full heal one yddragsil dew and 3 yddragsil leaves and still can't beat him. What's you suggestion I have the same team just am lv 39,39,39, and 40

The dude 5 years ago

By the way gdragon if you haven't beat Corvus and he is paralyzingly you then try using panacea it heals paralysis something else it slips my mind and heals 90 hp thAt might help

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

help i have a lvl 31 paliden 330 def 310 att 280 hp boss shield and inferno blade max virtue and sword/priest lvl 37 boss shield and storm spear 270 mending 140 def 260 att spear skill to multi thrust/mage lvl 38 sceptre of gitt 330 might boss shield 190 def and A lot of spells and abillities/and another mage lvl 37 lightning conducter wand 220 might boss shield 190 def and quite a few spells and abillities. i just made this account and im really desperate!

The dude 5 years ago

What do you need help with the party sound really strong if you are fighting Corvus then get a way to revive fallen allies with either a spell or an itme like yddragsil leaf but get winters perspective I just saw this and wanted to help

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

The dude: I don't have access to Wi-Fi, so I haven't fought Rover. :P

I'm going to recommend you go train at Slime Hill. It's a great way to get a bunch of levels fast if you can find Liquid Metal Slimes.

Inferno Blade 99: Hmm, well a problem I see off the bat is that your priest is using Spears. You'll probably want your Priest to do the healing, so he/she should have a Wand and points in the Wand Skill Tree. Once you max out the Wand Skill Tree, you get 100(if I'm not mistaken) bonus MP for equipping a Wand AND you auto-regen 1 to 5 MP per turn as well, making your magic stores last longer.

Also, what The dude said. To play it safe, you're going to want a Yggdrasil Leaf on each of your characters, because Zing has a 50% fail chance.

Another good thing to do is get as many health boosts as you can. Farm skill points on vocations you haven't used yet and use those towards skill trees that award +HP.

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

i have done the vocation thing with the characters and my priest does heal and my 3 mp users dont really need more mp or mp regen i can use it to its most. i can heal up to around 10000 hp with the mp my priest has and cause well over 20000 points of damage with spells and add an extra total dmg of 6000 to my paladin. and i have a lot of leaves to revive. the problem i seem to have figured out is that my armor is a little you know any way to get good armor within 2 days (crud this keyboard has no question marks)

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Inferno Blade 99: Within 2 days? Why the urgency? :o

Well, to be honest, I didn't do much armor upgrading from the time I got to the Realm of the Mighty to the time I beat Corvus. My Minstrel had Dragon Warrior Armor. My Paladin had Spiked Armor. My Warrior had Mirror Armor and I can't even remember what my Sage had at that time.

Keep in mind you can use Kabuff to boost your Defense. Corvus shouldn't be hitting that hard unless he's hitting you with criticals (they ignore defense) or right after a Disruptive Wave.

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

i have 69.5 hours of playing main game and i dont know how long before i cant get the accolades for beating it quickly and corvus uses distruptive wave then uses magic burst as soon as he can.

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

i managed to get knight watch 1st turn so i managed to prepare and with the 5 turns of immunity i could use the battle style i do with any battle use priest to boost paliden def a lot use 2 mages boss shields to sAp him and oomph priest to boost att a lot then use priest's multithrust. im fighting him right now wish me luck!

The dude 5 years ago

Oh thought you had wifi you MUST get it it allows you to get erinn the questers rest owner Selma the dqvc shop owner aquilla the dead mentor and patty the party planner on your team without having to delete space how cool is that plus they come with exclusive armor. Well actually I beat rover on my 500th time :) it's good and bad I guess but still can't beat the grotto it's weird the monster look like a flying umm something with a snake as a tale he only seems to use magic but when he does I die instantly he does about 150 damage to all my team yet he is in a lv 1 grotto I have beaten a lv 3 and 4 and am about

To beat a lv8 one but this I really feel like beating but I can't I don't understand how he is so strong for lv 1 grotto and the grotto doesn't have any other rooms besides the boss room. I'll Just do other ones instead. But seriously the wifi quests are really cool and have extra bosses armor weapons and so on maybe you should toto a mc donaldson wifi spot and try it. And how do I get a good accolade mine is horrible I got punching bag because I died so many times on the story can I change my accolade by refighting him.??

The dude 5 years ago

Oh I forgo to tells you his attacks : hellfirebreath c-c-c-cold breath and I never survived past that to see his other attacks lol I'm a weak punching apparently.

The dude  5 years ago

I forgot to ask you where is slime hill it sounds helpful

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

he killed me :( i was practicly 10 points away from killing him then he used his dark breath which criticaled and killed everyone i realy need some good equips that can raise my hp any one know an easy way to find something like that?(yay found the ?)

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Inferno Blade 99: Good luck there! Let me know how it goes. :)

The dude: If you're wandering into a grotto with only a boss room...congratulations! That's a Legacy Boss grotto. :)

And, yes, they're amongst the strongest bosses in the entire game, especially when you start leveling them up (yes, you can level up those grotto maps). :D

I don't think you can change your end-game accolade. :/

Also, if that boss is spamming breath attacks, you could always get 100 Fans skill with your tank and use Reverse Cycle (reflects breath attacks 100% of the time for several turns) in tandem with Forbearance. :)

Slime Hill is the nameless hill that can be accessed by flying a little to the northeast of Angel Falls. It's the cave you probably noticed but couldn't access because there were no stairs or ramp connecting it to the rest of the area.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Inferno Blade 99: Aww, that stinks man. Well, to the best of my knowledge, no equips increase HP. The closest you can get to that is make several Life Bracers and equip them on each of your characters. Life Bracers heal the equipped character for 25 HP at the end of every turn.

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

ok ill try that but its seems its gonna take awhile so while i do that im gonna train my weaker mage of the 2 into a gladiator with all the strength boosts i can find and a psyce up so i can have a powerhouse,protecter/good hitter/buffer/small healer,big healer/good multi hitter/buffer,and a spelluser/healer/buffer/sapper

The dude 5 years ago

Oh well I beat rover got sellma ( finally) and I am grinding grottoes fast I think I have done 15 already. I remember going to slime hill I had no idea that that was it's name and I'm trying to do the quest to unlock errin on my team the quest is that I have to kill 20 octagons in grottoes is an octagon a boss or a monster ??

The dude 5 years ago

Hey winterfate I saw another one of your guides and it was talking about how hard some drops were from monsters but you know if you make it your birthday it doubles your chance of getting items so ten percent would become 20 and one would be 2 obviously but anyway everytime I start the game I turn it to my birth especially when I'm doing grottoes try it it might help.

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

i just got the miracle sword from max meddlin so i might make it an uber miracle sword and use that instead

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

i started doing grottos so i can get some good stuff and in 2 equinox battles i got 2 vesta gloves and a 2% chance of it being dropped i feel slightly happy

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Inferno Blade 99: Miracle Swords heal you for one quarter of the total damage you deal, if I recall correctly. So, they are better than Life Bracers, provided you can do at least 100 damage in one attack.

(Or was it 1/8? Hmm, haven't used a Miracle Sword in a while lol).

Also, WAY to go with the Vesta Gauntlets. I've only gotten one pair of those. :)

The dude: Octagoons are a high-level monster found in some grottos. I run into the darned things all the time haha. They're recolored Hexagoons. :)

Also, thanks for the birthday tip. I had heard of it, but never used it. :)

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

what is the 2nd thing equinox drops? i have gotten maps and the gauntlets. it took me forever to get 1 life bracer now i need anoter for uber miracle sword.currently im doing the 2nd paliden quest.

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

noo the game didn't quicksave when it said it did and ilost all the cool stuff i got including the gauntlets and a lot of lvls! :( ):

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Inferno Blade 99: Ahh, the second victim of quicksaving I've met recently. I hate using Quick Save because of stuff like that. :P

Equinox drops the Dragontail Whip at a 10% if I recall correctly. You can purchase that weapon anyways (if memory serves), so no big deal. :P

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

im not at all mad im training one one of my characters who i missed a few vocations and have 41 skill points in only 2 vocations and im not done with one of them i training to level 18 i can pretty much swap vocations so if you have any suggestions i have right now a paliden,priest,and sage lvls 36,41,and 25

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author


I like to have 100 Fans on my Paladin so she can use Reverse Cycle to reflect breath attacks. You combine that, Magic Mirror and Forbearance, and nothing's getting through unless Disruptive Wave is used.

So, you might want to farm skill points until you get 100 Fans. All of your characters should also have 100 Shields, because Shields are just that awesome.

You should get as many HP boosts as possible because more HP is better.

That's the general tips. :)

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

i still have gladiator,paliden,armamentalist,and sage vocations undisturbed. should i not take skiill ploints from any of them beacause i might need it later (for example a legecy boss that hits realy hard and i need higher def)?

The dude 5 years ago

I'm fighting a weird monster named tyrannosaura wrecks ( not tyrannosaurus but tyranasaurA It keeps beating me. And I need to know how much health it has can you please tell me?? The monster is located inside the starlight express and is in the back locked up room that you unlock by getting a drivers license from sterling it looks just like the boss you face in harshest just different colors. And if octagons are strong then how am I gonna kill 20;( I have no idea oh well and also there is this guy in dourbridge who's a thief and gives you a quest at level 40 to steal a ring from a monster but the place he tells me to toto I haven't heard of If you have done the quest could you tell me where the place is?? Thanks

The dude 5 years ago

I meant batsureg not harshest

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Inferno Blade 99: Well, you can grab some of those skill points and invest them in said vocations. Just see what you need more of at the moment. :)

The dude: That's odd. What quest is that? :o

Maybe I can figure it out given that info. But, I've never heard of tyrannosaura wrecks. :/

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

ok here are the stats of ALL my chars. MC:paladin,lvl 38,EXP 353761,shield skill 30,virtue 100, sword skill 100,strength 177,agility 42,resilience 289,deftness 6,charm 58,magic mending 98,magic might 20,max hp 362,max mp 73,attack 336,defence 438,and style 315. ally 1:priest lvl 42,EXP 502598, spear skill 92,faith 86,stength 89,agility 159,resilience 91,deftness 92,charm 65,magic mending 304,magic might 14,max hp 187,max mp 170,attack 246, defence 207,and style 255 Ally 2: sage lvl29,EXP 118238,skills in to many places to name all, stength 66,agility 72,resilience 66,deftness 19,charm 77,magic mending 155,magic might 345,max hp158,max mp 267,attack 136,defence 154,and style 208 (My 3rd ally is still increasing skill and attack) (the weapons for each are Pal:inferno blade,Pri: storm spear,Sage:sceptre of gitt,and A3: friendly fan)

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

BEAT CORVUS YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! i finnaly beat him with 3 hp man talk about hard

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

and now i got to beat that quest that jona gives ya and im really having trouble with leviathan o my gosh hes stronger than corvus :o and now all my people r 65 and still nothin and please make something to help me with this

The dude 5 years ago

The monster I think is a wifi monster. Forgot you didn't have wifi but if you figure it out could you tell me. And you don't need wifi all the time for the quests you get on wifi once and BAM you have all of the quests so you could try going to mc Donalds or some other free wifi area and you would get all the stuff even the monster in he starlight but I do need to figure out the location of the thieves quest could you help me with that??

miketheknight 5 years ago

my team has no priest or mage and i can beat a malroth (legacy boss) with a warrior lv 67, minstrel lv 71, martial artist lv 68 and a thief lv 74. in the end the character with the highest health (warrior) with 450 something out of 560 (i was just that dumb to get an all-offensive team , but i still have a priest lv 56, and, well im pretty well balenced

juicebox30 5 years ago

i just got patty and sellma, (patty=paladin, sellma=sage) but can i unlock erinn too? that would be awesome!

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

woot i upgraded my mirror armor to make something called a suit of catoptic armor (3 stars,+60 def,AND has a higher chance to reffect spells) now im gonna make another catholic ring (used first to make armor with i think 3 mirrorstones) that way i can be protected from,if i recall,"most of those pesky conditions". then ill only have to use insulate 2X to be protected from everything in some way.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Inferno Blade 99: Sounds great! :D

gdragon: Congrats! And yes, Lleviathan redux is harder than Corvus. :P

Wiped me the first time because I got cocky lol.

miketheknight: Well, one of the two top strategies for beating Legacy Bosses is 3 Gladiators and a Priest, so brute force CAN work. But, I prefer finesse. :)

Also, I just got my new connection today, but it's still inactive (using my old connection atm). So, until that's done, I can't access the Wi-Fi. But, soon, I'll be able to access it.

Hopefully, I can stop playing Starcraft II long enough to actually resume my DQ IX adventures lol.

The dude 5 years ago

Yes you can get errin AND ........dun dun dun aquilla

The dude 5 years ago

Cool but what's starcraft and have you figured anything out about the thief quest yet

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

i got a little ..... ok very cocky when i was battling him to think all lv 65s cant beat him i need help!!!!!!!!!!

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

The dude: Heralded by many as one of the best, if not THE best Real Time Strategy game of all time, for the PC. :o

I wrote a review for it, if you're ever bored and want to read it. ;)

And no, I have no idea about that quest. Sorry. :(

gdragon: He's not that hard. If you don't already have a Paladin tank, now's the time to start using it, although it's not necessary as long as you have Multiheal.

Optimally, your tank has the Shield book equipped so he/she is immune to critical hits.

Abuse Tension as well. Tension is a life-saver.

Not much else to say. Let me know if you still can't beat him. :)

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

wow i can defeat a liquid metal slime in 2 turns im gonna train at bowhole for awhile before retrying corvus. my martial artist has phsyce up,245 attack,double up,and a friendly fan to heal whole party

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

beat him!!!! man talk about luck all my party was dead and i had 13 hp left what a rush but now im training at slime hill but thanks for the info and i never figured this out what's a paladin tank? :\

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

my paladin has 468 defence,a boss shield(casts sap),mythril helm catoptric armor(can reflect spells BUT NEVER EVER DOES IT WHEN FIGHTING CORVUS),light gauntlets,sturdy slacks,saintly sollerets,and a catholicon ring(can make you immune to conditions occasionaly)...and yet with that i cant protect my party for a second martial artist combo(super-high tension,double-up,and two sucssesful saps-which caused 1798 damage to corvus before saps-to destroy him). i need help!

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

maybe u should try going solo for a while to train and get your self to a high lv and when u think ur high enough lv up ur team to lets say lv 40 then if my meomery is correct if u have a preist then he\she will have multi heal a good healer is the trick to beat corvus hope this will help u out inferno blade 99

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

before you answered i beat him!all i had to do was survive the first round and use maggic mirror on my paladin.after that i also went to a lvl 20 cave of fear and killed the traminator.he was quite easy.

oomph 5 years ago

i just got a legacy map and a schooled baramos with everyone, (now a minstrl, gladiator, priest and a warrior) all used magic mirrior, (maxed shield in other vocation for gladiator) and whenever he used a spell,it would do about 500 damage, so it took 7 turns

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

in the first 20 minutes after credits i killed a traminator,shogum,8 equinoxes,and lleviathan. aparrently my only obstecle to complete monster destruction was corvus.

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

what alchemy items need chronocrystals?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

gdragon: Tank is a general term used in RPGs for the character that has the most HP and Defense, and is meant to take the punishment while others in the party deal it. :)

Inferno Blade 99: Way to go! Yeah, Corvus is a lot harder than most early grotto bosses. That'll change eventually, but you'll probably find a good spot to train before then.

Also, Chronocrystals are used to create Agates of Evolution, which in turn are needed for the top level gear of the game.

I'm not that invested in the alchemy tree yet, but I can tell you that it's going to take quite a while. :P

(Getting the materials for ONE Agate is tedious, and you need a bunch of them if you want to complete the list.)

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

oooooooooooooh ok

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

uhhhh... i can't beat baramos.I need luminary and ranger so i can skill point sap sob i can get max fan skill(magic mirror + reverse cycle + forberence = suicidal Baramos)

Inferno Blade 99 5 years ago

i forgot to mention : make things sound and simple makes the actual problem...simple.

theilluminator 5 years ago

what's you guys's highest stats? mines a wariior lv 99 with 876 hp, 690 attack, and 745 defene! shes my tank, so i almost never lose! all my priest has to do is keep fullhealing her and it usually turns out great!

theilluminator 5 years ago

by the way, her armor is a dragon rod (originoly matial artist), a silver sheild, halo, femi-something mail, transperent tights, aliahan boots, and a mighty armlet :)

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

now im training as a paladin just turned lv 50 yesterday but it was fast because when i first started as a lv 1 yesterday so lv 1 to lv 50 awesome :D

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

theilluminator: :o

I haven't reached level cap with any of my characters. My highest leveled character is my Warrior at Level 82. My Paladin tank is 71 if I recall correctly. :)

gdragon: Way to go! :D

How did you level up so fast? :o

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

it took me about 50 mins mostly because the slimes didn't ecapes i was so happy i even forgot why i was training lol :D

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

[oh and paladins co-op de grace is awesome!!!!!!!!!!]

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Haha, lol that's awesome. :)

I usually just grind Legacy Bosses for Mini Medals.

But, I've recently been doing grottos to try and find one with Greygnarl so I can get the Dragonlord Map.

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

greygnarl (from grotto) gives a dragonlord map? how do you get it?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

It's a 5% chance drop when you defeat him. So, you may have to beat him many times before you finally get one. :(

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

that sucks, but i have 2 maps with him on it, even with my all 99 team, it gets hard when he decides to use breath attacks 3 times in a row

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

you know winterfate, one time i went to that slime hill when my party were about lv 86 each, and i struck luck, because i found a LMS and five of them were in one battle! none of them escaped though.... they were about lv 93 after that.

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

i hate cheats, but i did see a good one that unlocked all armour, but in different parts, each a mile long. i dont have an Action Replay though

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

hey winterfate i was wondering were r these awesome grottos im hearing about im battle all the grottos i can find but none reached a high lv all i have is a lv 1 lv 3 lv 6 and lv 7 man:(

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

hey winterfate, what's your current main character's stats and armour? mine is (unfortunately) still a minstrel, with an odins bow, silver sheild, liquid metal helm, catoptric armour, light gauntlets, sturdy slacks, aliahan boots, and a spirit bracer. he has 100 bows, and 100 litheness,faith, and spellcraft.

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

part 2: he has 346 strength, 559 agility, 439 resilience, 516 deftness, 345 charm, 497 magical mending, 463 magical might, 780 as max hp, 335 mp, 536 attack (pretty good, eh?) 626 defence, and 672 style.

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

theilluminator:what lv im now training as a paladin right now so and now training is going very well im a lv 78 now i trained harder than before because my minstrel is lv 65 big difference hu :)

The dude 5 years ago

Winterfate do you have the wifi yet and if the map is a 5% drop then do the birthday trick ....... No one ever remembers that :(.

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

hey guys i made it to lv 99!!!!!!!!! i really like paladins now also i was battling corvus again (i beat him already but u can do it again) i beat him all by my self but what really save me was knight watch man that helped me! :)

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

@Gdragon: nice job!

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

thanks man

The dude 5 years ago

Gdragon: nice job man!

I wish I were level 99 but my ds decided to break

The dude 5 years ago

Hey winter I am having some trouble getting the those things you get when being level 40 of a certain vocation. You first get the armor of the vocation for being level 15 and doing a quest bu what are the tomes or whatever that I get from doing the quests on level 40??

The dude 5 years ago

Also I read your metal slime hunting guide !!!!! Totally awesome!!!!! It gave some amazing tricks that are easy. I always had trouble killing the things but I have 100 spear so I should try using multi-thrust and thunder thrust but what s hatchet man when do you gt the ability. And my ds broke( the top screen) so I am trying to get another one:(( ;//

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

how do u guys like the new picture eh

The dude 5 years ago

What is it?? Lol

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

laugh out loud thats what it means dude

The dude 5 years ago

Cool I just beat another grotto and am leveling up fast :). Gdragon what level are your team?

DawnRedd 5 years ago

I cant do it.. I beat all the bosses after Gadrongo on my first go but he is evil.. XD

I have..

Gladiator - Level 38

Priest - Level 26 (Focus on healing)

Theif - Level 42 (Show no mercy)

Warrior - Level 40 (Show no mercy)

(I changed the vocation of the preist thats why its a low level)

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

oh i have a lv 99 paladin lv 83 mage and lv 84 m.a lv 83 priest awesome right :) and where is winterfate i been posting comments to him but he nevr answered

Dragon Quest 5 years ago

Before I defeated Corvus I had a minstrel(lv45) martial artist(lv40) mage(lv40) priest(lv36). I almost defeated him! then I got a paladin and deteated Corvus when my team was like this:minstrel(lv50) paladin(lv27) mage(lv42) priest(lv42) it was a whole lot easier since the paladin has Kight watch and my priest had multiheal.

the dude 5 years ago

i dont know he wont respound to me either but yeah awesome team mine sucks compared to that my team is two theives and two warriors both level 44

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Hi guys! Sorry for that long lapse. For those of you who remember what I said a few weeks ago...well, it happened last week.

In other words, the internet connection was shut down. My new connection was installed today. :o

Well, I'm going to cherry-pick things to respond many new comments. :/

the dude: Vocation quests give scrolls for completing the Level 40 quest. The only one I've gotten so far is Solar Flair (Paladin).

The books are for the non-vocation skill trees like Shields and Swords. :)

the dude 5 years ago

what do those books do exactly are they alchemy recipes i almost have the theif one and am trying for the warrior.

the dude 5 years ago

by the way winter do you finally have wifi yet??

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

finally i have to tell u something winterfate i have every single vacation!!!!!!!! :D and i have gritty ditty and solar flair awesome right but the priest quest are pretty difficult but i will keep trying and my paladin minstrel and mage also sage are lv 99 i have to say and i forgot to mention when i beat the game my name was the extermanater awesome right i forgot got to tell u a looooooong time ago hehhh :}

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

the dude: You give them to one of your characters and he/she can use the ability it gives.

And yes, I finally have Wi-Fi. This week is Pirate week on DQVC. Argh. :P

gdragon: Woah! That's pretty good. :o

I've yet to get Gritty Ditty. Can't be bothered to try and get 2 critical Pratfalls. :P

I got Lionheart when I beat the game myself. :)

Redemption  5 years ago

Hey I've been trying with Corvus none stop for a week here's my party. (Minstrel MC) lvl 50. (Mage) lvl 49. (Warrior) lvl 48. (Priest) lvl 35. I know people are gonna flame me about the priest not having multiheal but 2 things. I'm an old cheatcode user I was lazy. Now it's so hard for me to lvl with metal slimes they run away all the time I wanna take the game and break it in half! So what I need to know is do I HAVE TO NO MATTER WHAT need multiheal, and if so is there any places I can lvl faster then the bowhole cause I'm stuck. Second thing what armors should I use to keep my guys alive. My game time is already 71 hrs and 18 min right now! Plz I really need the help not from a walkthrough but an actual person.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Redemption: Hey there! :D

Well, Multiheal is necessary if you want to survive Magic Burst and Corvus' breath attacks. Unfortunately, the only place better to get levels than the Bowhole is a grotto that contains Metal King Slimes. :/

When I beat Corvus, I had Mirror Armor on my Minstrel, Gigant Armor on my Warrior. My Paladin had Catroptic Armor and my Sage had a Divine Dress.

Armor isn't SO important, as criticals ignore defense anyways. Just make sure to stay Kabuffed.

Redemption 5 years ago

Thanks for the help I'll be sure to get multiheal and to put mirror armor own my MC. And yeah 2 minutes after posting I challenge Corvus again 13th time D: and the first magic burst I was wiped out D: Thanks again for the information Winter I'll be sure to put it to good use.

Redemption 5 years ago

:o Well Winter and others you might already know this but the sacred armour heals you in battle so what I did is equipped it to my MC along with a life bracer this combo of healing works very very well. I don't have it but also I think equipping a Uber Miracle Sword with this will be enough to even face Corvus without a priest or sage or anything else I don't know about XD healing that character I'll try it and send back results :)

Redemption 5 years ago

Ok so last night with Corvus I tested the combo out it was just as I have planned but you should put it on your healer to be sure he doesn't die :)

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

hey winter, what's the new hub? i got it in an email today

the dude 5 years ago

winter do you know how to beat tyrannasaura wrecks yet or have you gotten to the quest. btw isn't wifi quests awesome. winter lastly what is this weeks dqvc shop my ds with wifi broke so now i am borrowing one with wifi and want to know if im missing

Redemption 5 years ago

O.o I beat corvus this morning not trying I was just doing it for fun I HAD NO HEALER but my minstrel! Ikr crazy I was speechless. So the dude I know how for this boss I set the date to my b-day go to the guest you get on wifi and they give you birthday cakes which I used during battle and just like corvus surprising won. But this time you do need someone with AT LEAST multiheal but I recommend (spelling sorry) omiheal! Don't even try to sap it or bring down it's attack you only have 10% chance of either working. He has around 7000 hp so have someone with an uber falcon blade and falcon slash. Hope this helps :)

Redemption 5 years ago

My first legacy boss malroth 8th strongest I think. I was killed in 1 turn talk about humiliating D:

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

the dude: I haven't gotten to that quest yet. I did the Brigadoom Quests, which were pretty darn fun.

I've done a few grotto related quests as well, but those are somewhat tedious to be honest. :P

This week is Hat Week. Hats of all types. :)

Redemption: Congratulations! :D

Haha, yeah, Malroth handed my butt to me when I tried to beat him with my party of level 35 characters (I revocated my Warrior and am now leveling up his Gladiator vocation as I have him set for the role of damage dealer).

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

i finnaly got an edricks sword! now my best character's attack is 734 ;)

Redemption 5 years ago

Hey guys it's me :) And thanks Winter I was so excited I didn't even care my endgame title was Punchbag o3o Well anyway so I've been looking for the elite sword I saw in previews that brings down a giant sword and destroys all monsters (except bosses D:) I think it's called gigabreaker but when I completed the quest it ended up being gigagash um.... is that all you can get cause it's not that giant sword thing I saw. And btw now it takes marloth 10 turns to kill me ;D

Redemption  5 years ago

........... Holy crap .............. I beat marloth ...........! :D

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

the attack with the giant sword is a co-op de grace. a co-op de grace involves all players,but i forget the details though...

Matt 5 years ago

When I killed him I was like OMG WAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!! Because my party was a level:

48 Paladin(Main)

Equipped with:

Dragon Slayer

Boss Shield

Santa's Hat

Ethereal Armor

Ethereal Gloves

Chainmail Socks

Saintly Sollerets

Mighty Armlet

56 Warrior

Equipped with:

Uber Falcon Blade

Ogre Shield

Mythril Helm

Sacrosant Armor

Light Gauntlets

Warriors Trousers

Warriors Boots

Ruby of Protection

41 Gladiator

Equipped with:

Uber Miracle Sword

Battlers Band

Mirror Armor

Metallic Mitts

Gigasteel Kneecaps

Payback Pumps

Dragon Scale

21 Ranger(Died instantly by one of Corvus's moves)

Equipped with:

Great Bow

Thugs Mug

Cannock Cloak

Archers Armguard

Transparent Tights

Hiking Boats

Dragon Scale

No healer my Paladin just attacked.

My strategy was:

Paladin Gigaslash

Warrior Attacking normally

Gladiator Falcon Slash

Ranger Attacked once

But I got a load of coup de graces. :D

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Matt: Congratulations! :D

That reminds me of the fact that I just beat Malroth yesterday. I'm going to write a hub about him ASAP. :)

Anyways, what title did you get for beating the game?

Redemption 5 years ago

Congratz Winter it was crazy hard right?!?! Anyway co-op de grace eh? Well I need some advice since I have yet to unlock it D;

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

See for yourself. ;)

It was hard, but to be fair, part of it was fake difficulty (my party being in their early 40's instead of much higher as I could've done easily). :P

I've never gotten a co-op de grace either. All four of your characters have to use their coup de grace on the same turn. Closest I've gotten is 3/4. :/

alex 5 years ago

lol ur all noobs i beat corvus with a lv 29 mage, a level 34 warrior, a lv 14 preist, and a lv 25 minstrel. all i did was multi-heal and attack. he was an easy boss to beat. mirror armor helps to, sends the spells right back to him so he sucks now.

Redemption 5 years ago

Well Alex Corvus' strength is based on your lvl unlike most bosses it's not because we're noobs we had it harder then you. Plus you were just lucky he probaly didn't use his magic burst cause one that would destroy your whole party at ur lvls and two mirrior armor or magic barrier doesn't reflect it. Learn your facts before you criticsize others ;)

the dude 5 years ago

well guess WHAT i totally killed tyrannasaura wrecks adn saw a cool cut scene telling that stella was celestrias sister. i did it with my new team i changed my theif to ranger my warrior to paladin adn my other theif to gladiator. they are aLL ABOUT LEVEL 40 AND HAVE SOME REALLY AMAZING EQUIPMENT. SUCH as, OOPS CAPS, pallium regale gigante armor tropotoga etc.

the dude 5 years ago

now i am trying to find and defeat sir sternivus with the swinedimples blazer equiped it sounds hard have any tips for sir sternivus winter?

the dude 5 years ago

btw winter i dont understand the malroth guide. i have the map but i cant beat him with level 40 team so i was wondering you had level 40s and beat him so how much health does he have?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

the dude: Way to go! I beat her myself a while ago. Still wondering what was up with that evil queen carrying the same name as Stella. Hmm...

I haven't done the Sir Sternivus quest yet. It's on my to-do list. :P

Assuming the only thing you HAVE to have equipped is the Blazer, it shouldn't be that hard...although I can guarantee you'll miss the bonus defense from your regular armor. :P

the dude: Well, at that party level, Malroth can win as easy as landing 2 breath attacks turn one. I actually got wiped once yesterday... -_-

It's a fair amount of luck and knowing what to do. If you're having trouble, just level up your characters some more. I personally started grinding Dhoulmagus, as he's somewhat easier.

I answered your health question over at the Malroth Hub. :)

Redemption 5 years ago

Hey guys I see the talk is about Stella being the little sis of Celestria SHOCKER! btw Winter the evil queen comes out later in the plot line I heard. Btw I'm trying to get Aquila back to life (When I say he was still alive after Godwyn attacked him I was like :D 2 secs later he dies CRAP I LIKED AQUILA D;) but I'm having trouble getting quests to have his quest unlocked quest 156 or 157 I think it was I need help finding where gem jamboree is can I get help?

???????? 5 years ago

Thankyou a LOT fro your help i now beat him but only with your help so thankyou a lot !!!!!!


?????????????(u dont need 2 no )

???????????????????? 5 years ago

do u have any advice the dragon lord he is so fliping annoying i hate him !!!!!!!!!!!

the dude 5 years ago

well my ds is fixed and i have wifi again well anyways what is up with the swinedimples quest ??? can i have ONLY the torso swinedimples armor or can i have everything just the torso armor is different? because it sounds like i can wear anything i want besides the blazer or do i need the slack and stuff?

the dude 5 years ago

also i got a solar flair scroll almost done with the warrior and ranger one but am stuck on the gladiator scroll. i dont know how to get my character envenomated. i never thought i would ask it but how can i get poisoned easily and quickly do you know of any weak monsters? the quest requires killing a green dragon while envenomated with double edged slice. and what are the brigadoom quests you were talking about earlier they sound fun.

the dude 5 years ago

by the way winter one of your hubs doesn't have correct information i decided to let you know so you could fix it. You see in the theif guide that tells about there skill tree it says eye for trouble tells how much health is left but it doesn't do that. i dont think there is a skill that can. but eye for trouble really does is it puts EVERY single bit of information about a monster in the defeated monster list so if you feel like it you might want to change it.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

???: Well, thanks a lot! :)

I haven't fought the Dragonlord yet. I've yet to find a grotto with Greygnarl, so it'll be quite a while yet. :(

the dude: I still haven't checked out the quest. XD

But if he says you need the Blazer on, but doesn't specify anything else, then it's all good.

Contrast that with the Mortamor map quest where you have to beat Trauminator without anything equipped. XD

The Brigadoom quests are a TAD hard to access. :P

I think you have to have completed Quests: #4, #5, #8, #23. After that you can cure King Schott of his nightmares via quest #127. It keeps going from there. Maybe I should write a hub about it, there's quite a few quests in that line. :o

This site may help:

Also, thanks for pointing that mistake out. I'll fix it ASAP. :)

theilluminator profile image

theilluminator 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

hehe. ive been doing grottoes A lot lately, and ive gotten some interesting things: beast claws, the whole set of that really good red armour, various weapons, and other armours. my team is great right now :D ( i can beat a level 8 baramos with ease)

John 5 years ago

I just beat Corvus 2nd form without a sage!!!!! :D

(but my mage died in final round)

DQPlayer 5 years ago


I'm having some trouble with Corvus's second form. My warrior, equipped with Edrick's Sword, (Did I spell that right?) and her attack is 402. With 100 tension, her falcon slash does about 2000-3000 damage, but at level 48 is the only one in my party that has higher than 300hp and 400 defense. Being a warrior, she is quite slow and can't cast any spells and is not reliable when she is the only one left. Could you tell me if I should equip her with the Uber Falcon Blade instead? Or should I keep Edrick's sword?

Thanks in advance.

person 5 years ago

I can't beat him and need help! I have a lvl. 62 minstrel equiped with an inferno blade, boss shield, mythril helm, mirror armour, magic mittens, sturdy slacks, dragon warrior boots and a ruby of protection. For my second character he is a level 36 minstrel with a miracle sword, power sheild, iron helmet, mirror armour, einhander,red tights, saftey shoes and a brainy bracer. My 3rd character is a level 37 warrior and he has a fire blade, dark sheild, hardwood headwear, spiked armour, transparent tights, safety shoes and a tough guy tattoo. As for my last guy he is a level 35 martial artist who has a sadistick, a cloak of evasion, ultramarine mittens, red tights, sandals and a lucky pendat. Thats it so please tell me what to do and help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DQPlayer 5 years ago


If I were you, I would get at least your other members to 50-60. Liquid metal slimes are great for level grinding, but even then I really suggest someone with magic. Mages can help with omph and kasap, priests can keep everyone alive with multiheal, and if you have it a sage could be helpful.

But seriously, with 3 people in the 30's is NOT going to get you anywhere, and if I were you I would chuck the lv.32 minstrel out because minstrel's aren't really strong. If you want sheer power, get a gladiator.

I may not be Winterfate, but I'll try to help in any way I can. If you need me again, I'll check this page in about 1-2 hours.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@theilluminator: That's great to hear! :D

@DQPlayer: Well, do the math:

If your Warrior's attack with the Falcon Blade is more than half of your attack with Erdrick's Sword, then keep the Falcon Blade (this is almost always true once you get a lot of +Strength modifiers). Otherwise, Erdrick's Sword is better.

Do keep in mind that you can stack Falcon Slash with a Falcon Blade for a quad attack. :D

@person: DQPlayer gave you some great advice there. :)

Alternately, get some levels in other vocations and try to get stat boosts with the bonus skill points (especially for HP and Resilience). Those will help you out even if you're at a lower level.

DQPlayer 5 years ago


Thanks. I wasn't thinking to hard... :( sorry to make you do the math. Alright, here's my line up for Corvus.




Weapon-Stardust Sword




Weapon-Erdrick's sword




Weapon-some dagger I can't remember the name but has 132 attack




Weapon-Spectre of Gitt

All of them have life bracers, and Rosalina can use multiheal.

Should I go ahead, or should I grind some more levels?

Bmm209 5 years ago

Do you think I'm ready for Corvus? I keep trying to level up, I'm not sure If I'm ready yet.




Fire Blade




Miracle Sword



Fire Blade




Lightning Lance

DQPlayer 5 years ago


Never mind, I just soloed Corvus with a gladiator LV.12

because my shield blocked every attack he tried and I evaded his magic burst. My luck has taken a serious turn lol.

Any tips to get a map with Platinum King Jewel Slimes?

Any specific one? As I said, my luck is awesomely epic, and I got a map with a floor where only Metal King Slimes appear.

Am I lucky or what? :D

Redemption 5 years ago

Hey guys I know I haven't been on for awhile but I beat all the DQ games :D I'd say the hardest was still for me number 5. Toke me a week or 3 to beat that again D:

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

DQPlayer: Sorry for not answering sooner. There's so many comments to reply to. XD

Anyways, to get a map with Platinum King Jewels, you want to revocate your main character three times in a class, then get to Level 99. That will increase the average quality of dropped maps. That doesn't guarantee PKJ's will spawn in any of those maps, but it does increase the chances.

The formula is a bit odd, but basically grotto map quality increases as your average party level goes up and as your main character's active vocation gets revocated more and more as well.

Redemption: Woah. :o

I've yet to play any other DQ games. Once I get some money I want to get a copy of 5 before they sell out everywhere. :o

DQPlayer 5 years ago


No problem, you do get lots of comments and you have a life to deal with, so don't fret about when you answer.


I have been working hard and my 2 best characters are level 99 and 81, while my other characters sit around at level 50-60, but Patty(she joins your party when you complete a quest) to level 71, so I feel ok.

Any tips on the Tower of Nod?

I'm going to get my characters to level 99, maybe revocate some times, then take on Noldolph.

Shouldn't be hard, with my attack up twice, defense lowered twice, tension 100, my "have a ball" move does a lot of damage. How much damage? Well I will say....IT'S OVER 9000!!!!

Sorry if you don't get the reference.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

The Tower of Nod is actually pretty easy. If anything, you're way overleveled for Nodoph.

I beat him with a party of level 50-ish characters myself.

As for the reference, I may be misremembering, but:

Nappa: Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his [Goku's] power level?

Vegeta: It's OVER 9000!!! *breaks scouter*

It's been a while since I've seen DBZ, but that meme is everywhere nowadays. :)

DQPlayer 5 years ago


Lol, I can't believe we just had a conversation about that. :D Wow, you aced my test. I'm very proud. lol

Is it true you can find Metal King slimes there?

Geez, I talk to you as if you are my neighbor.

Sorry bout that, I consider you a friend lol.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

DQPlayer: Yes, but the encounter rate is pretty low. I've personally never seen one there. :/

As for the rest of your post...I talk to everyone in the same way, so I don't mind at all. It's all good. Scroll up and see for yourself. :P

After all, this is a comment section for a videogame article, not a college classroom. :D

DQPlayer 5 years ago


Hey, I've got something to ask you.

My parents have decided that I can have a Youtube account, so I'll think I'll start off by making DQ9 vids (the channel is made for video games) and I was wondering if you would like to check them out and if you'll let me I will mention your article and you. Would that be okay?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

DQPlayer: I would love to check them out! Let me know once you upload them! :D

Feel free to mention me and my articles as much as you want. :)

If you make any videos related to any of my article topics, let me know so I can link back to you as well. :)

DQPlayer 5 years ago

@Winterfate I'll hopefully be posting vids next week, and once I know I'll send my account name so try to stay around next thursday/friday, ok?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Sure thing! :D

I might be getting called for a job some time soon, but even if that happens I'll pop in as often as I can. :)

DQPlayer 5 years ago


If you do get called for a job, best of luck. I'll send a comment when they're up, alright?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

DQPlayer: Thanks! :)

Sure thing, I'll be checking my comments as much as possible. :)

Sam73 5 years ago


Hello, nice to meet you.

You might now DQPlayer, he's actually my boyfriend.

I just wanted to see if you could help me.

I'm having lots of trouble on Leviathan.

Here's my party:

Samantha: Minstrel, Lv.29, 412 attack, 214 defense, 187 agility.

Jdude: Warrior, Lv.29 , 407 attack, 219 defense, 71 agility.

Seth: Priest, Lv 19, 120 attack, 107 defense, 101 agility, 212 magical mending, 102 magical might.

I've been seed farming for a while.

If you're wondering where my 4th character is, she's still in training. I'm posting this at DQPlayer's house! lol.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Sam73: Nice to meet you! :D

And yes, I know DQPlayer quite well (as well as you can know someone from a videogame comments section, that is. :P). He's posted in some of my hubs for a while now. :)

So, if I recall correctly, it seems that you're actually very overleveled for Lleviathan (I assume this is the first time you fight this boss; you fight him again later on, but I won't say when, as that would be a spoiler.)

If you're still having trouble with this boss, it might have to do with the way you're using your characters.

Your Warrior should have Whipping Boy so he can cover your Priest if need be. If you lose your healer, you're probably in trouble. I took a party of Minstrel, Warrior, Priest and Mage all the way to the final boss of the game (where I had to switch vocations because you die if you don't have a good healer that uses Wands. :/)

Another neat trick I used early on was training my characters a bit in Martial Artist, so they could get Psyche Up from the Focus skill tree.

Psyche Up is one of the best abilities in the game. It allows a character to store up tension and release it dealing 2x/4x/8x/16x damage, depending how many turns you dedicate to Psyche Up. Tension also affects healing spells, if you need the boost in that instead.

Your main character should have Egg On by this point, so you can Egg On your Warrior and have him Psyche Up to get his Tension boosted up to the 4x level in one turn.

So, with all of that said: How are you losing your fights against Lleviathan?

P.S: Use the Alchemy pot and make better types of medicinal herbs. Put some of those in the bags of each of your characters so they can heal after Tidal Wave.

shaknu 5 years ago

i have a lvl 21 warior a 30 gladiator and a 78 warior [i always use maracle slash]

DQnoob 5 years ago

Hello there. I'm having a lot of trouble with Corvus and the reason why is because I made a rule of not changing vocation until beating the end boss, which means I don't have a levelled paladin.

Thing is, as soon as my priest is dead, I've basically lost as I don't have zing on any other party member.

So I'm dead. Can I get past this or is it a must? I DO have my warrior lvl 41 (who is also a lvl 16 minstrel, only time I changed vocation) but that's it.


DQnoob 5 years ago

Never mind, I beat him anyway. Alma Mater comes in handy for magic burst :D

Also, he only meditated once (not sure why, I think he must've not done enough damage before meditating) and he used Kafrizz like 4 or 5 times on my warrior and mage (which had magic mirror and bounce respectively) and that helped a lot.

(Spoilers) Now Stella is gone forever :D

Token 5 years ago

Ok so I just found my dq ix after about 2 months because I couldn't beat Corvus I've been leveling up I've got a minstrel martial artist priest warrior all 43

minstrel has attack 293 defence 251 230 health

martial artist has attack 298 defence 202 health 275

priest 236 attack 215 defence 193 attack

warrior 412 attack (Erdricks sword(thanks to y'all)) 325 defence 269 health

Mespia 5 years ago

I just defeated Corvus after a long time of trying. My whole party was levels 41 or 42, and I didn't have any fancy training or life bracers and stuff, although it probably would have been easier. Me, a thief, propeller-bladed every turn, my martial artist attacked, my priest healed as necessary, and my mage kept up the buffs (acceleratle, oomph, then sap as needed). It's probably very useful to keep a wakerobin on hand of a person who's not your priest, though, in case your priest gets hit. Also, an yggdrasil leaf on one of your tougher members can really be a lifesaver...

The ending was so sad, though. I'll miss you, Observatory.

Mespia 5 years ago

He only meditated once, and I don't think he used magic burst at all, so I was insanely lucky. Luck really helps. No magic burst + loads of critical hits = win.

Token 5 years ago

Bea himt kept using gigaslash me and the warrior it was epic

Sam pez 5 years ago

I agree that Corvus is mostly invincable.I cannot defeat him and I am on level 53 or 54.My partners are on level about 46 to 50. I would recommend that you should use Gigaslash but it does cost 15 mp. So also use acouple of miracle slashes because they do a lot of damage and do not cost much mp at all.It even heals your health, or do both of those if you prefer. Good luck with Corvus then you will need it ... and this info.

Anonymous 5 years ago

I beat Corvus with a level 40 gladiator lv. 55 armamentalist, level 47 mage, and a level 26 priest. It just takes time. My friend could't beat Corvus and his party was all in the 60- high 50s, so it take a matter of luck too.

jbl 5 years ago

if you are a minstrel of a lv then use a ubber falcon bade and keep using falcon slash ,it is your best bet.

s.o.d 5 years ago

i cant beat corvous and my party is

lvl 40 minstrel

lvl 41 martial artist

lvl 40 warrior

lvl 38 priest

am i on a low level or what

Dqfan 5 years ago

I have a lv 47 minstrel with friendly fan, lv 40 paladin with terra hammer (used to be a warrior) , lv 45 Mage with scepter of gitt, and a lv 40 ranger with purbling bow (used to be a thief)

I mainly use my minstrel and ranger for healing and have figured out that if you the lv 40 vocational quests they can really work to your advantage.

My paladin has the special scroll which allows me to use solar flair which takes 300 hp from corvus.

My minstrel has the gritty ditty scroll which ups attack of the whole party and is easier than raising tension.

The only thing is, I've figured out this whole game plan but still haven't beat Corvus!

I have come so close then I let my guard down then he used magic burst I was gutted. :(

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

im back guys and here's some insainly awesome news all my vacations r lv 99 its great and here's the new team paladin lv 99 sage lv 97 gladiater lv95 m.a lv96

anomnymous 5 years ago

i have had SO much trouble on him thanks so much now i have an idea of how to defeat him and i can see the storyline after and then i can help my friend who has trouble making this far

Secret Gamer 5 years ago

I need a little bit of help with Corvus (OMGWTF he is pure evil) My party, stats and main equipment are:

MC Minstrel Lv.45 Sword:48 Shield:55 Litheness:45 MaxHP:236 Equiped with Dragon Slayer(attack+:245) Dark Shield & Mirror Armor(defence+:258) +Gritty Ditty scroll

Priet (Focus on Healing) Lv.47 Spear:49 Shield:48 Faith:48 MaxHP:207 MaxMP+Spirit Bracer:201 Equiped with Demon Spear, Etheral sheild gloves and robes (defense+:220) (magic mending+:290)knows up to Fullheal +Wave of Relief scroll

Martial Artist (Show no Mercy) Lv.48 Staff:46 Focus:46 MaxHP:312 Equiped with Ballistick & Mighty armlet (attack+:361) (defence:200) +Tension Carrying scroll

Theif (Fight Wisely) Lv.47 Claws:45 Acqisitiveness:42 MaxHP:272 Equiped with Hammer handrills (attack+:260) Sacrosanct Armor-ability to heal wounds (defense+222)

My main problem is that Corvus REALLY likes putting my Priest to sleep and not just the first battle but every battle since. The first few turns with him are ok but once my healer's asleep, all of hell breaks loose. My damage dealer (MA) does around 100 pts every attack but in the next half of the battle he actually starts spamming his healing ability and breath attacks. Appearently he's also very good at timing his Magic Burst attack if you know what I mean. I've tried 3 times.

Am I doing something wrong? or am I just unlucky?

anomnymous 5 years ago

finnaly beat corvus with priest lv48 warriorlv48 paladin lv36 gladiator lv30 lol i had no scrolls and no high alchemy equipment just used helm splitter double up and fource it is that simple remember for your team to have life bracers (all of them) and also not to brag but i survived multiple magic bursts on the second turn lol it was fun watching him get enraged he cant even kill 1 of my teamates

Da WAAAAGH! 5 years ago

I just got my sorry ass magic-bursted. :(

Moon 5 years ago

GAH I hate Corvus... Anyway, here's my team, and If anyone has any tips for my team, just tell me.

Moon: Minstrel LV 46

Erdricks Sword LV 100 Sword Skill

Boss Shield Lv 52 Shield Skill

Spirit Bracer

Max HP: 231

Attack: 342

Defence: 274

Carries Gritty Ditty scroll + GigaGash scroll

Archer: Priest LV 46

Sceptre of Gitt, LV 100 Wand Skill

Boss Shield, LV 7 Shield Skill

Goddess Ring

Max HP: 209

Magical Mending: 252

Max MP: 261

Kiba: Martial Artist, Lv 47

Optimistick, Lv 100 Staff skill

No Shield

Max HP: 286

Attack: 360

Agility: 277

Tension Carrying Scroll (Working on staff scroll lol)

Echo: Thief, Lv 47

Combusticlaws LV 100 claw skill

Agility: 232

Max HP: 272

Attack: 306

Thief's Scroll + Hand of God Scroll

I also have The Uber Miracle Sword, Uber Falcon Blade, and have snatched 5 miracle swords of of that slime guy down in the grottos. I've also completed 19 grottos, my highest being a level 21 grotto. I tried and epicly failed at a lv 26 one, which contained a green version of the Dread Master. (BLARG)It was called the Clay mine of Regret and was located south of Batsurg.I've faced off against corvus a few times, but his magic burst usually murdered my team. Any sugestions? And yes, I have also gone into other vocations. I've unlocked the Paladin vocation as well. Well, end of my rant. DX

Dragon killer profile image

Dragon killer 5 years ago from United Kindom

This is my team since i last killed Corvus

Me: Minstrel lvl 66(after barmous)

Partner 1: Priest lvl 50(After Barmous)

Partner 2: M.A Lvl 61 (Before Barmous)

Final Partner: M.A lvl 59 ( Before Barmous)

Moon 5 years ago

@secret gamer

Lol, I literally JUST beat Corvus, and you had almost the exact same team as I did. First off, Your weapons aren't the best. My minstrel had Erdricks sword, letting her attack around 156 damage everytime with falcon slash. She was lv. 46 too.

For Martial Artist, Im impressed, I don't even have the Balistic yet. ^^ but I do have the optimistick. Lv. 48

Lol, he loved putting my priest to sleep as well. WHY DID YOU GIVE THE PRIEST A SPEAR! Giving the priest a spear was not the best me. Priests have extreamly bad phisycal strength, not to mention the lack of MP absorbtion. Reserve spears for warriors or paladins. A wand is best.

Thief is pretty good...exept the claws are pretty bad. Buy fire claws and upgrade them to combusticlaws. Also, make sure he knows the hardclaw ability, as it uses no MP and lets you attack twice. Work on getting the Claw scroll as well, as it allows you to use Hand of God ability, kind of like a gigagash for a claw user.

What I did, was I made sure my minstrel used magic mirror at the beginning, because he liked to send some frizz spells my way, and it simply bounced back on him. Them I made her use gritty ditty, while my priest held up the rear with multiheals. My martial artist and my thief struck hard with gritty ditty, my MA striking around 180 damage a pop, and my thief getting aroung 450 with hand of god. Corvus has around 3400 HP so I've heard, and with my minstrel using falcon slash, the battle was won quickly. However, make sure the most durable character has a ydrassil leaf to revive key team mates such as the priest. Magic burst can be really annoying, but his regular attacks aren't really that strong. If you don't have enough money, a good thing to do is go on odd jobs around the game. Treasure maps, quests, and be sure to kill lot's of Gold Golems, who drop 505 gold coins per kill, and if your lucky, they'll drop a gleeban gold piece, which you can sell for a lot of money.

DQPlayer 5 years ago


Dear Winter,

Thank you so much for everything you have done, I can't express how much you've done for me. I currently live with my gf and we are very busy. I hope this isn't the end, but I'll try to get back to you in a while


P.S. Do you remember me?

Secret Gamer 5 years ago

Oh hurray! I beat Corvus! I followed some of your advice about raising the tension of my MA. Thank you ever so much!

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@DQPlayer: Hey man! Of course I remember you! :)

I actually logged into HubPages just to answer your comment, as I've actually stopped writing new articles for a while (got a job, so my free time is much less than it used to be).

I'm glad to hear that you're doing great, and happy to hear that I've been of so much help to you. It's awesome to write about things and help other people in the process. :)

@Secret Gamer: You're welcome! :D

Krystal 5 years ago

I like the guide. Thanks :)

But I can't beat Corvus! I have a lvl 46 Minstrel, a lvl 42 Priest, a lvl 47 Warrior, and a lvl 44 Armammetalist (spelling?). I don't really have good armor, I think.

My Minstrel has maxed-out sword skill, with 277 attack and with 16 shield (embarrassed O.o) Max HP: 231, Max MP: 86. 251 defense.

I'm going to train my priest for wand, but right now he's using a spear. He has 234 attack and 32 shield skill. Max HP: 190 (liquid metal slime time) Max MP: 140. Defense 219.

My Warrior has 100 sword, 341 attack, and 18 shield, 13 courage. Max HP: 281, max MP 42. Defense 310.

My Armametalist has 100 sword, attack 309, shield 18. Max HP 255, Max MP 110. Defense 254.

Do I need to level up more, or what? I've be going at Corvus for the past three days, been wiped out at least ten times.

Thanks :)

JJ 5 years ago

LOLZ when I beat the game I got the "Grievous Angel" accolade. At least it sounds cool.

guest 5 years ago

i have a lv 60 minsterel lv60 priest lv60 warrior and lv50 sage and cant win what do i do !!!!!!!!!!!!

DQPlayer 5 years ago


I've missed these rare little chats with you!

So sorry about not answering you sooner, I was Hawaii for 3 weeks with my girlfriend, and I didn't have lots of time to recline on my laptop.

I also proposed to her, and we are getting married in 2 months! I feel like the luckiest man in the world :D

I'll try to stay in touch, it's been a while since we chatted. I've been playing a ton of minecraft, after having my DQ9 file literally finsihed, my character has all 999 stats besides MP because my girlfriend didn't tell me that she started seed farming for me XD.

Just 67 or more seeds and a freaking awesome magic burst will be on my favorite moves.

Played a ton on the plane ride. 12 hours :D

At least we flew first class.

Alright enough about my life XD

Congrats with the job, hope everything is going well.

I'm going to go to Puerto Rico in a day XD Maybe I'll see you there XD

Not likely, but I'll try my best to log on every day or so.


DQPlayer 5 years ago

LOL I posted my real name XD

epb45 5 years ago

i havnt read all the comments... theres a fair few... but someone said something about where to get a falcon blade... once u get the ultamate key, go to your boat/ship thing, and switch inside, on the lowest part there is a locked door, which u cant get into with out the ultamite key... open the door, and in one of the chests is a falcon blade... Also... is and uber falcon blade, attack bonus 27, with ability to attack twice better than an uber miracul sword, or and inferno blade with a bonus of about 90 something?

gdragon profile image

gdragon 5 years ago

winter how u doing! :)

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@DQPlayer: Thank you for the good wishes! Everything's been great, although I miss writing articles. :'(

@gdragon: As I wrote above in response to DQPlayer, lol. :P

Got a job, so my free time has been mostly dedicated to playing videogames rather than writing about them. :)

Hope you've been doing great!

@epb45: Depends on whoever equips the uber falcon blade.

Generally speaking, if your attack with the blade equipped is more than half of the attack you have when you equip another weapon, the falcon blade is better. Otherwise the other sword is better:


I have a Warrior with 300 attack without weapons equipped. I equip him with a sword that gives +150 attack, boosting him to 450.

If I had equipped him with the uber falcon blade, he would only go up to 327, but would swing twice having an effective attack of 327x2.

Generally, the uber falcon blade is better in endgame content. :)

Matt 5 years ago

I can't find my dragon quest.

... 5 years ago

get edricks sword... my gladiator level 34 it makes him have attack:457

DQPlayer 5 years ago


Glad to know you still exist. XD

Sorry bout not replying, I totally forgot lol.

Don't have much free time, but I hope all is well :D

See you around!

lol 5 years ago

ok i have a lvl 36 minstrel lvl 38 warrior lvl 29 priest [but now i'm training it as a sage and its lvl 13 as a sage] lvl 35 ranger. his other moves i'm ok on, because thanks to his moves [besides magic blast] i'm able to slowly whittle his hp. so i have problems with his magic blast and his healing move. if you can tell me other notes about my characters please do it. P.S please reply.

Panik 5 years ago

I read all the comments :)

btw DQPlayer, you had to ask your parents for permission to make a youtube account yet your getting married? Kinda confused about how old your meant to be.

Anyway, thanks for the tips WinterFate :) im maxing out Virtue VUST for paladin on a few characters for the awesome stat bonuses :P these are the chars i had at first and what i changed them to :D

Minstrel - Paladin lv 40

Priest - Sage lv 40

Warrior - Gladiator lv 40

Ranger - Martial artist lv 40

Bob 5 years ago

May I recommend the Sacrosanct Armor or the Catoptric Armor which I both made in alchemy. Sacrosanct: 53 defense and heals 25 HP a turn. Catoptric Armor: 60 defense can reflect spells. Also the miracle sword is MP free healing. On average for a turn I gain 37 HP without any MP

Lord of the Sword 5 years ago

I was going to ask how, but I beat him the next day (which was yesterday)!

The main thing you need is a massive amount of luck, and for me, a minstrel using "egg on" on my mage which was using Kafrizz was helpful, 300 DAMAGE EACH!!! ("hahaha..... YOU SHALL DIE!!!").

The main helpers is a priest (or sage) that knows multiheal, and a mage (or, once again, sage) that knows Kafrizz, those are good to have.

I can't say my characters stats or lvls cause I'm in school, if I'm seen with a game system (or cell phone) out, I get a $5 fine! But I will say their vocations:

Main Char


Minstrel (uses Egg On and has 100 sword skill); around lvl 53 to 55


Priest (one that knows Multiheal); around lvl 51 to 54


Sage (previously Mage and has 100 bow skill (go Shining Shot!)); around lvl 43 to 52 (unsure w/o looking)

Xenon (lol I didn't even know about Xenlon stuff)

Mage (didn't know Kafrizz until last battle w/ Corvus); around lvl 50 to 55

Even with this, Corvus trolled me constantly...

Then I got Kafrizz (and a massive amount of luck, no criticals, no Magic Burst)...

And this happened

*Corvus laughs confidently...*

*Gisele uses Multithrust!*

*Corvus is defeated.*


That was awesome.

Lord of the Sword 5 years ago

On your far previous comment near the top of comments board, I didn't use Multiheal execpt twice because Corvus didn't use criticals or Magic Burst (as I said previously).

Before the true Lleviathan (which I haven't fought yet, but have heard of, what items and/or equips do you need?), Corvus was the ultimate "troller" (perhaps exluding, I hope I say it right, Saranastral).

You mainly need an unlikly amount of luck (and Multiheal, MUST) to beat him. It is not required, needed, or possibly even helpful, but Kafrizz was really helpful. The first time I faced him with Kafrizz was my last time to face him in the main story. It also helped that he not use:

group attacks (including magic burst)

and/or critical hits

(I am also wondering, why is this thing double spacing, I'm not doing it!)

Huntr 5 years ago

I just beat him, and my team was, not as strong as your guyses teams, Note I have keep my team the same vocation since I got them.



Level-41-Martical Artist


Now I had my Martical Artist, Monk, be my powerhouse, I keep raising his tension, and oomphed him, after I drop Crovus's defence as low as possible, then used hardclaw, it did about 1224. I did that twice, and my Preist was soley stalked up on sage elixers and the leaf's that revive you, I only used like 5, but I gave him the spirt bracer, so he had TONS of mp....My Minstrel was maxed with his sword, and it's an uber miracle sword, he had the sacred armor, from the mini medal man, so he got A LOT OF HEAL, PLUSH he used miracle slash, A lot....I had my mage oomph everybody, and a gigaslash killed worked, and he landed 3 crictle hits, and used that paralizer breath quite frequently!

Lord of the Sword 5 years ago

Wow how did you do that with those (no offense) low lvls? Mine were all around lvl 50 and he usually beat me! Probably a great amount of luck, probably the most important component in this battle. You can get the best gear, lvl up like crazy to lvl 50 or above (like me), and etc., but no luck, and your down the drain.

(Also, PLEASE TELL ME why this thing is double spacing)

Lord of the Sword 5 years ago

Never mind, it not doubling now.

Lord of the Sword 5 years ago

In reply to "..." quite a ways up, yeah, edrick's sword is pretty much BEAST! I don't know if there is a more powerful sword or not, but I don't care! It's like a broadsword with a blue outline glow, IT IS AWESOME! I only got it after endgame because i used my orchialcum on safest shoes. (i still wearing them though ;) )

Love the hub!

Lord of the Sword

StephenSMcmillan profile image

StephenSMcmillan 5 years ago

Entertaining hub.

s.o.d 5 years ago

i really cant beat corvus now

i now have a lvl 43 martial artist a lvl 42 priest a lvl 43 minstrel and a lvl 43 warrior

i must be crap at this game because that shold be a high enough lvl for each

s.o.d 5 years ago

forget my above comment i beat im and here is how i did it ok if yo dont have a martial artist with claws this wont help you ok if you do read on look at my above lvls reach them lvls higher even better ok here it goes just fight corvus any way you want then increase your martial artists tension up to 50 with phyce up then if he is still alive use flaing nails and you should have beaten corvus but this strategy wont work on 2nd levithan

miles cas 5 years ago

hi guys i lv this site


my team

minstrell lvl 47

mage lvl 42

warrior lvl 44

martial artist lvl 44

plz can some1 help me cause i am stuck and i don't wan't to train up another person again cause it is hard

if there are any replys to this plz post them here but also send them to my email at


Pie Lover 5 years ago

I have confidence in my beating him.

I'm a gladiator, level 41 (I think) HP: 300 :)

My mage is level 42 or 43. HP: 200+

My martial artist is the same level as my mage. Her HP is: 250-300 (I forgot :P)

I have a priest as my healer. She's level 45 or 46 and her HP is at least 250. :)

MaestroYoshi 5 years ago

I just clicked on here for a read, it's probably dead anyway, but I ground so much after I lost to Hootingham Gore the first time that I breezed through the rest of the game. Also, if anyone's curious my team consists of me, alternating vocations but usually a paladin, (+3 revocations to paladin) with EVERY skill (minus the manuals that don't fit in my pocket) grinding my lvl 92 grotto for PKJs and high lvl chests,

getting ready to pull my hair out

each time I don't get beast claws from B rank chests so I can finish that quest, and generally trying to get good Ice and Water grottoes. What a long post. How are people faring against Nokturnus?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@MaestroYoshi: Hello there, thanks for reading! :)

Well, to be quite honest, I stopped playing Dragon Quest IX a while ago. Got bored after putting in about 150 hours of playtime. Wasn't able to find a good grotto to grind in (where's the Kawasaki grotto map when you need it?), which made it all the more tedious.

The last legacy boss I went up against was Mortamor, and he handed me my posterior in about 3 turns. :P

dragon7076 5 years ago

I really cant beat him! its infuriating!could u please give me some tips?

my characters:

ranger:lv36 (purblind bow:took me ages!)(im also a minstrel lv45)Iknow omniheal!

str 121

ag 144

res 115

def 271

cha 54

mag men 79

mag mig 0

hp 202

mp 91

att 301

defe 224

sty 255(dont know y im telling u about style...)

bow 100!

ruggedness 54

gladiator:lv37(exequesners axe/edricks sword/uber falcon sword)

str 223

agi 50 (mabye i can give him meteor bracer(100 ag) and sacrosanct armour to replace a life bracer)

res 131

def 104

cha 36

all magique 0

hp 249

mp 47(spirit bracer=+25 mp)

att 398

defe 262

sty 275(i still dont know...)

axe 100

sword 58

guts 37

martial artist lv 54(stellar fan)

str 234

agi 293

res 138

def 208

cha 67

mag mend 21

mag might 4

hp 333

mp 36(rosary =+15 mp)

att 371

defe 221

style 263(really im telling you i dont know y...)

fan 100

focus 64

mage lv50(at the moment im training him as a sage lv 16and il tell u his stat as well)

mage:(scpter of gitt)

str 52

agi 210

res 87

def 159

cha 81

mag mend 20

mag might 415

hp 210

mp 226

att 52

defe 87

style 81(seriosly i dont know...)

wand 84

shield 17

spellcraft 100

sage:(scpter of gitt)

str 43

agi 47

res 43

def 72

cha 50

mag mend 117

mag might 265

hp 102

mp 239

att 113

defe 139

style 247(i give up)

enlightenment 30

I thought i might as well tell u evrything so u wouldn't have to ask so many questions.

(ps: what does def(deftness)do anyway?)

thanks in advance

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@dragon7076: Hello there!

Last thing first: Deftness affects a character's ability to land critical hits and steal items.

Anyways, you're going to want to get your Sage to at least Level 30, as that's when he/she will learn Kabuff. You can use that spell to increase your party's defense.

Besides that, give your Gladiator the Whipping Boy skill from the Warrior's skill tree and you can use him to shield your healer in a time of need.

Your party should be able to beat him once you get that Sage up to 30, so try again and let me know.

If I don't answer fast, I'm probably sleeping or at work. :/

You're welcome. Good luck! :D

dragon7076 5 years ago


my glad knows wipp boy,my sage is at lv23 now and i know moreheal not omniheal(sorry for the confusion!)

and i got your message really fast

edrick's armour rules!

dragon7076 5 years ago

nothing to do with corvus but does deftness affect spells or just ordinary attacks?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@dragon7076: To be honest, I'm not sure. It MIGHT affect spells, but I don't know.

guest 5 years ago


minstrel lv 50

gldi lv 41

paladin lv 40

warrior lv 50

Kasumi 5 years ago

I already beat Corvus but I didn't know about a Priest or a Sage. Could you tell me where I should improve? 'Cuz the only boss I fought after thet was a Lieviathan and a few Shogums...

Kasumi-minstrel Lv.53

Attack: 317 Defence: 278 Max. HP: 246 Magical Mending: 130 Max. MP: 128 and 100 in Fan Skill. Fan: Frendly Fan (can heal around 90 Hp to an ally), and Dragon Warrior Armour with a Spirit Bracer (30 more MP)

Akio-warrior Lv.52

Attack: 239 Defence: 320 Max. HP: 319 Agility: 164 and 100 in Sword Skill. Sword: Miracle Sword (heals 25 HP each turn), and is wearing Sacred Armour(heals 25 HP each turn)with a Meteorite Bracer (+100 Agility)

Ayumi-mage Lv.51

Attack: 215 Defence: 206 Max. HP: 208 Magical Might: 270

Max. MP: 194 and 100 in Dagger Skill. Dagger: Gladius, is wearing the GUSTO Garb and has a Prayer Ring.

Dai-martial artist Lv.51

Attack: 354 Defence: 231 Max. HP: 287 Agility: 294 and has 100 in Staff Skill. Staff: Mistick, is wearing Dragon Top and has a Ruby Of Protection.

Could you tell me what other bosses there are?


Meow 5 years ago

I've been trying to take Corvus down for a few weeks. I've been grinding in the Realm of The Mighty like crazy, and I've only gained a few levels. This is my team

Main Roo

Allocation: Minstrel

Level 42


Strength: 114

Agility: 155

Resilience: 106

Deftness: 196

Charm: 139

Magical Mending: 106

Magical Might: 91

Max HP: 215

Max MP: 82

Attack: 251

Defense: 232

Style: 399

Fan skill: 81

Shield skill: 7

Litheness: 32


Stellar Fan

Dark Shield

Silver Specs


Mayoress's Mittens

Sturdy Slacks

Dragon Warrior Boots

Ruby of Protection

CPU1 Leon

Allocation: Martial Artist

Level: 43


Strength: 191

Agility: 237

Resilience: 111

Deftness: 116

Charm: 55

Magical Mending: 0

Magical Might: 0

Max HP: 275

Max MP: 17

Attack: 323

Defense: 223

Style: 265

Staff skill: 74

Focus: 44



Steely Sweatband

Santa Suit

bruiser's Bracers

Dragon Trousers

Thug Boots

Mighty Armlet

CPU2 Bianca

Allocation: Priest

Level: 42


Strength: 89

Agility: 139

Resilience: 91

Deftness: 92

Charm: 65

Magical Mending: 224

Magical Might: 19

Max HP: 193

Max MP: 223

Attack: 159

Defense: 225

Style: 314

Wand skill: 60

Spear skill: 5 This was accidental, I didn't watch what I was improving

Faith: 53


Sceptre of Gitt

Power Shield

Spellward Circlet


Maya's Bracelets

Transparent Tights

Frugal Footwear

Spirit Bracer

CPU3 Genesis

Allocation: Warrior

Level 43


Strength: 194

Agility: 39 I can't use whipping boy with her, as she is my slowest, but strongest, character

Resilience: 182

Deftness: 54

Charm: 40

Magical Mending: 0

Magical Might: 0

Max HP: 259

Max MP: 39

Attack: 307

Defense: 342

Style: 280

Sword skill: 74

Shield skill: 32

Courage: 16


Fire Blade

Boss Shield

Mythril Helm

Gigant Armour

Light Gauntlets

Skeletal Slacks

Warrior's Boots

Holy Tailsman

Thankies! Oh and, I've never changed their allocation cause I really don't feel like re-leveling them up..and I'm lazy. xD

Meow 5 years ago

Genesis's helmet is now a Metal Smile Helm, btw. Just bought it yesterday

Omega 5 years ago

Hi umm i tried to fight Corvus and all my guys were level 40. i fought like 5 times and couldn't beat him so i started over. but is there something special i should do and what should my main characters vocattion be?

Azza 5 years ago

i have a lvl 40 paladin a lvl35 gladiator a lvl 42 priest and a lvl 28 sage

kingsmoo1 4 years ago

To be honest i think it would be a better idea to swap the warrior with gladiator and get them using the falcon blade. yeah they don't use shields but if you double up you can get around 500 totals each turn

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago


So many god****ing posts.

I kept my main as a minstrel.

I have a priest as main healer.

I have a sage as backup healer and as the guy that knows Kazing.

I have a mage that knows Kafrizzle and Kacrakle, Channel Anger, and the Twocus Pocus scroll.

Corvus, art thou a scaredy-cat now? :P

omega 4 years ago

heah kingsmoo1 that would be good it would also be good though if you made the warrior swithch vocations constantly until you got a hundred skill pionts then you could put them all on shield and have yput gladiator a shield right?

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

Hello, Winterfate.

By now I hope you have noticed some of my posts.

If not, eh. :P

On another note, I guess I'm at that point where I don't suck to ****, but I can't 4 round most bosses.

I mean, I've seen videos of people 2-rounding lvl.99 grotto bosses, no cheats.

I sorta feel a bit inadequate.

But, of course, those people have spent half (aka from 11 in the morning to 11 at night :P ) of their lives playing, but still...

I wouldn't wanna meet 'em in a dark alley!

A dark alley...

Something glows...

"Hey look, something's glow- OH WHAT THE ****"

Like that.

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

and I mean lvl.99 LEGACY bosses

J-Boy 4 years ago

i have a:

52 warrior

36 preist

39 warrior and i keep getting him on rlly low health and he still dosnt die, i even get my bro helping me but still we get killed :L

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Lord of the Sword: Oh, I've noticed your posts AND read them. I just don't spend much time in Hubpages anymore, thanks to my job. It's the reason I've stopped writing hubs (except for the rare exception). :(

But, rest assured I still read the comments. :)

Tomo 4 years ago

Is my team alright for this fight? I've been fighting him for a while and keep losing DX:

1- Warrior lvl 42 (sword)

strength- 190

agility-57 (plus an agility ring)

attack- 232 (falcon blade)

Defence- 356

2-mage lvl42 (wand)

strength- 45

agility- 178

attack- 115

Defence- 151

magic might- 262

3- Priest lvl 43 (spear)

strength- 95

Magic Mending- 327

Attack- 200

Defence- 214

4- Martial Artist lvl 43 (claws)

strength- 191

Attack- 284

Defence- 199

btw i'm training my warrior to become a paladin, would it help?

Guest. 4 years ago

All my characters are currently level 30 and I just reached the town after you collect all the fyggs. Do you think I'm on a good track that I'll be at a high enough once I reach Corvus?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Tomo: Well, you didn't tell me their HP. However, if you're still having trouble with Corvus, you should seek out vocations whose skill trees give bonuses to HP and get some levels in those. Then you can switch back stronger than ever.

@Guest.: Well, it's a bit less about the level and a bit more about the amount of skill points you have in good skill trees such as those that grant HP, Attack or Defense. With that said though, you're higher than I was at that stage of the game. :)

Kasumi 4 years ago

Hi again..

So a couple things changed, and I was wondering (again) what other bosses there are after Corvus and the final stage of Lieviathan.

Kasumi-minstrel Lv.61

Attack: 336 Defence: 310 Max. HP: 302 Magical Mending: 145 Max. MP: 142 and 100 in Fan Skill. Fan: Frendly Fan (can heal around 90 Hp to an ally), Mirror Armour with a Spirit Bracer (30 more MP)

Akio-warrior Lv.58 (I prefer warriors over gladiators)

Attack: 481 Defence: 369 Max. HP: 352 Agility: 149 and 100 in Sword Skill. Sword: Erdrick's Sword( its awesome!) , and is wearing Sacred Armour(heals 25 HP each turn) with a Meteorite Bracer (+100 Agility)

Ayumi-mage Lv.55

Attack: 239 Defence: 228 Max. HP: 208 Magical Might: 276

Max. MP: 208 and 100 in Dagger Skill. Dagger: Flame Tang, is wearing the GUSTO Garb and has a Life Bracer( heals 25 HP per turn).

Dai-martial artist Lv.57

Attack: 378 Defence: 248 Max. HP: 319 Agility: 325 and has 100 in Staff Skill. Staff: Mistick, is wearing Dragon Top and has a Life Bracer(heals 25 HP per turn).

Please reply soon, thanks!

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Kasumi: Hello there!

Well, once you beat the final stage of Lleviathan, you are done with the linear part of the post game plot. After that, the world is your oyster, as the saying goes. There are several more grotto bosses and a bunch of Legacy Bosses though.

The first Legacy Boss you'll probably run into is Baramos. To get his map, just complete Quest #62. Here's a link for how to complete it:

As for your party, I noticed the lack of a Priest or Sage. You might have trouble with the tougher Legacy Bosses if you don't have access to Kazing/Multiheal.

Besides that, you have a pretty solid party. Baramos at Level 1 should be a piece of cake for your party. :)

Kasumi 4 years ago


Thanks for the advice! I defeated Baramos, like you sugested and somehow got the map for Lv.1 Malroth.

I fought him around 4 times but always ended up dying after 3 rounds, probaly becaue I dont have a sage or a priest...

So im wondering if I should get one or if I somehow could manage to beat Malroth.

Here's my party(lots of things changed):

Kasumi(Hero)- Minstrel, Lv.63

Attack: 421 Defence: 376

Magical mending: 359 HP.: 461 MP.: 176

100 in fan skill(fans are awesome!)

100 in shield skill

100 in litheness

100 in courage

100 in faith

100 in guts

100 in fource

Akio- Warrior, Lv. 60

Attack: 558 Defence: 453

HP.: 523 MP.:66 Agility: 310

100 in sword skill

100 in shield

100 in courage

100 in focus(I find agility useful)

100 in aquisiveness

100 in guts

Ayumi- Mage, Lv.57

Attack: 331 Defence: 311

MP.: 305 HP.: 350 Magical Might: 544

100 in knife skill(I know should of used a wand)

100 in shield

100 in spellcraft

100 in courage

100 in guts

100 in enlightenment

82 in fource

42 in litheness

Dai- Martial Artist, Lv.59

Attack: 475 Defence: 439

HP.: 560 MP.: 23 Agility: 425

100 in staff skill

100 in shield skill(to me, defence is important.. even for Martial Artists)

100 in focus

100 in courage

100 in guts

100 in virtue

100 in ruggedness

If I should get a new teanmate who should I take out?

Thanks again!

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Kazumi: Your party is pretty well set up actually. It's just that Malroth is a LOT harder than Baramos (but you figured that one out already :P). Also, I'd swap that Mage into a Priest or Sage (and yes, you should've used a Wand. :P).

So, the best advice I can give you is to check out the different skill trees and try to get more HP boosters in them. Since Malroth likes to land critical hits (those ignore Defense), Defense isn't as useful.

Kasumi 4 years ago


Sorry to bother you again...

For every character in my party, in every vocation(execpt lumanary, cant unlock it..)I leveled them up to level 30's. I also put in around 30 SP. in wand skill for Ayumi(mage).

I was wondering if I should make Ayumi a Priest or a Sage. I think that only Priests know things like omniheal, but Sages are more powerful...

Thanks again!

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Kasumi: Don't worry about it! It's no bother at all. :)

I would make Ayumi a Sage. I prefer Kazing to Omniheal myself. :)

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

I read your reply and this was mine


now i have two lvl 99 (possibly three) and one that's around lvl 86-90 (the mage that change vocation to sage)

My mage and sage both maxed their VUSTs (-25% MP Consumption, by the way, isn't that good except for spells or abilities that cost A LOT; mage, GOD**** I LOVE +180 MAGICAL MIGHT!), i didn't upgrade minstrel's VUST except for 10 points for SiaC (i just thought, why not?), my Priest has 54 points in Faith (i know because im 2 points short of Magical Mending +60, X((this is a space)

my sage has 100 in bows (i know, i should have wands, i did it before i read your post, now it hard to get points because i upgrade sage VUST)

my mage has 100 in knives (same as sage, but now upgrading wands)

that it for now, someone needs to use this comp, bye

Zick 4 years ago

A Gladiator: Using Uber Falcon Sword with Falcon Slash Skill.. with buff full tension, Omph, light force... is most effective also even though at lvl 45 it can sometimes ONE SHOT corvus with this STYLE..each slash doing 800-1700. then if we sum up x4 its even greater for REAL..

bleaaa 4 years ago

i have a level 43 minstrel(girl-me)

a lvl 43 warrior(girl)

a lvl 44 martial arts (girl)

a lvl 44 warrior (boy)

and STILL cant beat corvus,i've been playing this for over a year,and i'm too impaitient to wait for my paladin to level up to level 40+.

What should i do?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Oh my. :o

bleaaa, you need a healer in your party that can cast Multiheal. If you haven't already done so, you can also do this:

Keep switching your party member's vocations and get them to at least level 15. This will give you extra skill points to invest in skill trees.

Then, find those trees that give you extra HP and put points into them until you get to the extra HP.

Once you get someone that can Multiheal, this should be much easier.

Hope this helps!

abolx101 4 years ago

yo guys i need some help with the quest Cry Wolf for my MA.Also is this a good party Armentalist,2 prests and a MA(my char)also i cant connect to wi fi cz i use WPA there any good story quests i can do without downloadindg them cuz im boooored.

Epos77 4 years ago

My team is :

my character: warrior level 42 (maybe making him a gladiator) with 100 in sword and have whipping boy

martial artist level 42 with 100 in staff skill

mage level 37 or 39 with 100 in spellcraft (i think)

and finnally a paladin lvl between 29 or 35 (with a spear)


OH and i have a priest in stornway level 38 with caduceus and multiheal and stuff


??? 4 years ago

i leave my name a mystery.epos it took me nine tries before i beat king godwyn but now i beat the game and im searching for a lv60 or higher grotto map (for a chance to find a MKS)but i can help you.ok then,now i beat the game with my main as a ministrel,a warrior,a martial artist,and a thief.get them to about level 50 to have a sure way to beating the can reply if you want.

??? 4 years ago

by the way winter,can you help me find a MKS treasure map.its taking me forever,i havent even gotten a level 50+ map.

epos77 4 years ago

??? thanks, i cant see my other post

but i want my char to be the dmg dealer please reply

epos77 4 years ago

Maybe i can put a priest, a paladin, a mage, and a gladiator

but i have a question: if my warrior will continue to have falcon slash and gigaslah when in gladiator vocation

??? 4 years ago

yeah if he has a sword equiped he can use it whenever.i have 100 shield and 100 sword points for my i can always use them.heres when my main has on:Uber falcon blade,power shield,halo,emperors attire,dragon warrior gloves,dragon warrior trousers,dragon warrior boots,and a mighty armlet.with super saiyn hair :3

epos77 4 years ago

hey, how can i do the armamentalist quest. im at the place (quaratomb) how do i kill them with my mage? its impossible

only with my warrior

??? 4 years ago

i never did that quest.i am fine with just the main vocations i beat the entire game without switching vocations.

A Girl. 4 years ago

Wow! I must be lucky or something. I beat corvus with a level 46 minstrel, level 45 priest, level 46 thief, and a level 44 mage. And on my first try! I only had a party member die once! I got lucky and got the Soul Asylum Co-op de grace. And Corvus only used his move that heals 500 HP twice. Wow... just wow I need to just bask in this moment....

epos77 4 years ago

i did it

i was lucky.

A Girl. i have a warrior martial artist both in level 42 a mage level 39 and a priest level 37

How do u get Co-op de grace?

A Girl. 4 years ago


You get a co-op de grace when all of your party members use theit coop de graces at the same time. You get different options based off your character's vocations.

abolx101 4 years ago

best weapon for sage?And also is tis good team:sage,paladin,warrior and priest?i looking to make my sage my mgic caster.and pally my tank.Is there any good quest with goood clothing rewards i already got a halo and im looking to level upto 15 as a sage to gain their armour.PLZ ANSWER....AND IS THERE ANY INTRESTING QUESTS WHICH ARE STORYLINE RELATED WHICH DO NOT NEED TO BE COMPLETED USING WI FI EG:STERLING WHISTLE QUEST

Epos77 4 years ago

My team is a warrior, a martial artist, a sage, and a paladin

im thinking in putting my hero(the warrior in gladiator or paladin, cause of the whipping boy) the martial artist in armamentalist and the paladin (if i change my hero to paladin, for ranger or stuff)

abolx101 4 years ago

answer my question above?

Epos77 4 years ago

i think the only person who can answer that is the writer... i a noob at rpgs but theyre awesome! Dragon QUest IX is my first...

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Hello there abolx101.

Well, since your Sage is a spell caster, you should use the best Wand you can find, and invest points in the Wand skill tree if you haven't already. As for your tank, you can have him use Fans if you want access to Reverse Cycle (bounces breath attacks). Otherwise, it doesn't really matter what weapon he uses.

As for quests with good clothing rewards, it's been quite a while since I've played DQIX, so I can't remember. You're probably better off finding a hard grotto and trying to find the good armor in chests.

Finally, most of the best quests require that you connect to Wi-Fi at least once. There are one or two quests that open up without Wi-Fi Access after you beat the game, but they are very few and you've probably done them already if you've been in the post-game for more than 5 or 10 hours or so.

Hope this helps!

Epos77 4 years ago

Winterfate tell me if this is a good team to defeat corvus since my hero should be the damager

Hero-Warrior(give me a suggestion to make him another vocation) sorry for bad english

Martial Artist(awesome damage, again tell me a good vocation for him

Sage(good healing and good magical damage) she was a pries, so she has 2 or 3 priest abilities.

and a paladin that was a priest ( it should be a warrior because the whipping boy)

please REPLY!

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

Lol, I just found out that sages can use multiheal :P.

Now I just have to 100 skill points so that he gets the magic mending bonuses from the priest's VUST


Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Lord of the Sword: Pwned. :P

But seriously, definitely get those magic mending bonuses. They go a long way towards making Multiheal viable against harder bosses.

@Epos77: Well, the team itself is solid. As long as you have Whipping Boy on your Paladin, you don't need to switch him back to a Warrior. In fact, Paladins get a better variety of defensive skills from their unique skill tree, as they're made to take damage. I THINK that Warriors have slightly higher Resilience, but they have less HP, so it balances out at the stat end.

As for the rest of your party, you have a healer, a tank, and two damage dealers. If you want your hero to do more damage, definitely use a Gladiator instead. You could also go Mage, but Mages are flimsier and need MP to do most of their damage.

Not sure what you should do with your Martial Artist. I've never used one (outside of switching to one to level up Focus and get more skill points), so I have to take your word for it when you say he's doing awesome damage. In that case, he's fine as is (in other words, don't change him; there's no need).

In summary, yes, that's a great team to beat Corvus. :)

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

I should have some time today. I have robotics and when I'm not doing stuff, I play video games or go online, use an unblock hack, and watch assasin's creed.

Either way, I should have some time.

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

Hey winterfate, I have a couple of things to say:

1) Did you know there is a winterfat (not winterfate) plant?

2) I am on my third DS (I have had 2 break... man, I have to stop dropping it...I mean them).

abolx101 4 years ago

hi guys i really not sure wether i shud change by sage(main)to range since my sgae is lv17 and ranger lv30 and i have 30 bow skill i currently hav:warr,sage(considering changing) and 2 my party oky my war is lv45 and my 2 priests lv47 and 44.wat do u guys think i looking for balanced team since i in post game.

Epos77 4 years ago


Epos77 4 years ago

I defeated Corvus on my first try.

i had my hero warroir level 45 my marital artist 45 and i took my mage level 42 and my priest level 40 i won, but he didnt make any crit so i was lucky. my mage died once, i use 2 critical claims on him.

my priest died in the end , but in the same round. my martial artist killed him.

i think i was lucky , or maybe i had good equipement, because my hero wasnt taking any damage because of my awesome shields!

anon 4 years ago

I beat corvus easily with a lvl 42 paladin 41 gladiator 48 priest and 44 martial artist. Paladin, gladiator, and martial artist had mastered 3 different class specific accolades. Critical hits only did 25 damage to paladin and gladiator.

Epos77 4 years ago

Look, if i have a falcon blade and if i use gigaslash, do i attack tiwce with it at the same mp cost of 1?

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago


No, you should keep lvling up your sage. The sage's VUST and the things he can get from it (like at 10 points, ability to change a party member's vocation even if not at jack, appropriately called "jack's knack"). Don't change. Sage is awesome.

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

On the other hand, you only have 1 melee damage dealer (warrior). You can (if you want) change sage to gladiator (the gladiator's VUST = massive melee damage when completed). If you don't like my advice, disrgard it.

I'm not pushy.

Though all this may make it seem I am.

But I'm really not.

...Trust me.

(By the way, I'm hyper, so I'm pretty sure these posts sound wierd. :p)

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

Although, you need a tank, suggest you change the 1 priest back to paladin, because on the harder bosses, YOU NEED A TANK!!!

abolx101 4 years ago

thnks so heres my party:

MC-(100 in guts tree)not sure wat class to make him.

JAN-A LV49 WARR/LV20 GLADIATOR(100)in sword acts as tank and primay damage dealer.

Donna-a lv48 priest(100)in wands.

Ana -a lv51 priest,i might make her pally

I hav beat post game and got Baramos map level 1 but cant find it.

any party changes u reccomend?

oh yh any tips for whhere to lv up ibeen at tower of nod and slime hill but at slime hill cant find any type of MS.PLZ HELP???oh yh is there anyway i can download quests from DQVC sincei use WPA key which is not supported by Nintendo.

abolx101 4 years ago

sooo....any tips for LMS AND MS AND MM hunting?

abolx101 4 years ago

so heresm my team..:


JAN-warrior lv 49

DONNA-priest lv48


this good party for Baramos and groto bosses etc?

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

@ abolx101

And I thought I was hyper... :P

1) You need higher lvls

2) You NEED higher lvls

and 3) YOU NEED HIGHER LVLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago



I'll let Winterfate cover it from here :P

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

@ all people

I thought it had erased my former comment, that's why i repeated.

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago


I wonder.....

if you used whipping boy on your paladin (who's using forbearance), would your "whipping boy" take all the damage for the entire round?...

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

Just a thought.

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

Why does no one comment?

I'm gettin' lonely. :(

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

@ Winterfate

Oh Winterfaate!

Where are youu?

abolx101 4 years ago

i comment...!!!!!

u rock!

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

Thank you abolx101!

And you rock too.

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago


As I said, you need more lvls, and I'll let Winter take it from here.

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

I said that before, but it was many comments ago, so I repeated.

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago


It's so lonely w/o Winterfate...

It's like this comment board is empty w/o his wealth of knowledge and his awesomeness...

Christopher 4 years ago

Am I ok to defeat the Corvus(question mark) SlayeZ: Lv:91 Platinum sword 100 everything

Christopher 4 years ago

Am I ok to defeat the Corvus(question mark) SlayeZ: Lv:91 Platinum sword 100 everything

The rock 4 years ago

I beat Corvus with people that weren't even a lv.40's!

tchabot 4 years ago

This is myteam.

warrior lvl 44

Warrior lvl 43

Warrior lvl 39

Paladin lvl 27

Good enough to beat corvus?

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

On this historic day, I, Main Character Taran, Lord of the Sword, have my first full party of lvl. 99's, on this day of March 20, 2012.

Second Attempt 4 years ago

this is my second time trying to beat this game and i would say gladiator is a better damage dealer and dont use archers or ppl with bows in general and u should use a goddess ring on your healer before you fight so you can restore mp after you beat the monsters to get to corvus in the first place. Just my opinion

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago


Wait... you're lvl 91 and you only have a platinum sword?

That's from all the way back in Bloomingdale!

Why not get a sword from any of the towns after? (preferably Upover)

If you found the "rusty sword" in Realm of the Mighty (RotM), use it along w/ 9 glass frits and 1 orichalcum in alchemy to make erdrick's sword, which has a crapload of attack.

Or a fire blade, one sunstone, and... i believe 3 lava lumps. If not 3 ll, I'll tell you later.

Cool black 4 years ago


omega13 4 years ago

hi if i want a really good sage would it be good throughout the game before i can turn into one to level up the priest and mage VUST??? oh and if you invest 100 points in enlightenment does it stay with you no matter what vocation you are.

because if it does this would be good for omniheal

Bodkin Fletcher 4 years ago

Ok my team is:

Me: Minstrel: lv. 48, attack 235, defense 248, HP 241

Evan: Warrior: lv. 47, attack 306, defense 317, HP almost 300?Wendy: Mage: lv. 47, Magical might 286, defense 193, HP 187

Alan: Priest (healer): lv. 46, attack 211, defense 220, HP about 220?

Any tips for the existing vocations? Because I seriously don't feel like changing the vocations. But I did hire an armamentalist (lv. 38), a gladiator (lv. 37) and a paladin (lv. 15) later in the game for the quests, so should I switch them in instead?

Vickydog 4 years ago

After like 30 tries to beat Corvus i still couldn't do it. Once i read your post it took 2 tries to beat him, thanks so much.

oicochuu 4 years ago

seriously all of you should just go fight LMS in bowhole. you'll be strong enough in no time at all.

blake 4 years ago

ok this is what i need i have 2 minstels man person and other female 1 fighter uses a staff ans one wizard all round level 45 or higher and cant beat stupid corvus

awsome fighting kobi 4 years ago

I have a action replay and got all of my guy to lvl 99 (sorry for cheating) and im just about to battle corvous and advice help?

RICHU 4 years ago

hi read the tips and it was HARD beating corvus even thou I read it. i beat him with lvl 50s. but i would have prefered lvl 65s. if you are ever going to make any more of these plz add this in thanks! plus i had really good healing armor and thats what saved me while i was battling corvus

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

@awsome fighting kobi

well, afk (lol, u cheat and look at the abbreviation), by the way it's awesome, not awsome...

but, I digress. As all of your party is lvl 99, so are mine, and I did it LEGIT. As I said, as they are all 99s, you should have no trouble at all and if you have good enough weapons (and life bracers or sacred armor, by the way those don't stack, winterfate if you get this add it) you should beat him. Just power your guys up (not too much though or he'll use DISRUPTIVE WAVE, which should be called OH GODF*** IT WAVE, which takes away all positive boosters on your team, including ones from skills, magic, etc. unless you use Soul Asylum Co-op de Grace, use all four coup de graces in one round w/ a minstrel and/or a... I can't remember! GOOGLE IT. XD).

Conclusion: As long as your team stays lvl 99s, don't you don't use too many boosters (Disruptive Wave), and wear life bracers, you're good!

And winterfate, add the thing about sacred armor and life bracers not stacking plz!

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

EDIT: Section: Conclusion

As long as your team stays lvl 99s, DOESN'T use too many boosters (Disruptive Wave), and wearS life bracers, you're good!

(*Changes capitalized*)

Axeman 4 years ago

Is it a good idea to fight him with no healers

My team is

Me lvl 33 gladiator sarahlvl 49 martial artist holly lvl 45 theif and blue lvl 44 warrior

Im not going to switch vocations help please

shadowveil13 4 years ago

By the way, I looked..... well skimmed through all the comments of how and or what strategies to have when beating Corvus. So this is what I know about Corvus, also if I am missing some stats of him let me know.



Attack-???-let me know, otherwise he is weak if you have high defense

Speed-depends on how fast your team is

If there is anymore info of Corvus you guys know let me know,hope this helped =).

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Hello there shadowveil13! An easy way to estimate Corvus' attack (or the attack of any monster for that matter) is by seeing how hard its criticals hit for. In this case, Corvus does between 210-220 damage with his criticals. Hence he has from 194 to 226 attack. (Criticals do between 90% and 110% of a character's or monster's base attack in damage, unaffected by armor)

Epos77 4 years ago

Is a team with a gladiator, an armamentalist, a sage and paladin a good team?

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Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

It most definitely should be. If you're having trouble beating Corvus, try getting more stat boosters from other vocation skill trees.

Good luck! :)

Epos77 4 years ago

I already beat corvus, i just want to get cameo gear and defeat grottos.

My team is a warrior, he was a gladiator and a minstrel

a martial artist who was armamentalist, a priest and a sage

what characters should i change vocation, and to what vocation.

Gut 4 years ago

well my character in my game are

Me: Paladin (weapon Terra Hammer)(HP:318)(Defence 446)(Attack 350)Lv 50

Warrior (weapon Erdrick Sword)(HP: 237)(Defence 296)(Attack 398)Lv 39

Priest (weapon Mega-Magical Mace)(HP: 177)(Defence 206) (Attack 148)(MP:261)Lv 39

Theif (weapon Combusticlaws)(HP:227)(Defence 172)(Attack 292)Lv 38

They all have the weapon book from the quests so it be a bit easier. i found a way to kill corvus in 4 or 3 turns but the bad thing is that i have to raise the tension of my warrior to 100 and use gigagash but i have to worry about the disruptive wave so what should i do

Epos77 4 years ago

Whats the cost of the Headsman Axe?

Jack Runal 4 years ago

Solod Corvus as paladin lvl 47

Inferno blade

Sacred armor

Meteor bracer

Boss shield

Majority of other classes lvl 40

With class skills 100 max

Still pretty hard

Knight watch saved me plus

Gigaslash and -25% mp cost from sage class

Honestly falcon slash plus hocus focus to restore mp were essential

Overall entirely possible to solo at level 40 with paladin

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Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Jack Runal: That's really impressive. I think the hardest part of Corvus if you try to solo him is the fact that he can put you to sleep and that all of his attacks will be centered on the same character. If you can get past that, I'd think it'd actually be a bit easier solo.

Thanks for commenting!

silver96 4 years ago

i have a question my team is

main lvl 41 gladiator

manahog lvl 41 mage and priest lvl 42 and thief lvl 40 ish there equipment for main is executioners axe dragon warrior helm mirror armour battlers bracers sturdy slacks dragon boots and spirit bracer

the mages eqiupment is rune staff power shield magical hat flowing dress leather gauntlets transparent tights wizard wellies and prayer ring my priest is storm spear dark shield spellward circlet dark robe battlers bracer seabreeze skirt frugal footware and goddess ring my thief is equipped with fire claws disturbin turban mirror armour battlers bracer seabreeze skirt steel sabatons and ruby of protection

there stats are main hp 250 mp 51 mage hp 176 mp 261 priest hp 187 mp 140 thief hp 217 mp 56 there tree skills are main 87 in axe 35 in sword 14 in guts mage wand 84 whip 4 shield 7 spell craft 18priest is spear 97 faith 21 thief knife 7 sword 38 claw 100 acquisitiveness 3 for the thief has wippingboy abillity

why can i not win anything you could suggest would be nice too no

silver96 4 years ago

team is now main 42 mage is now 42 and preist is now 42 thief is 40

Minstrel9 4 years ago

I have..

Minstrel lvl 43

Martial Artist lvl 44

Warrior lvl 44

Mage lvl42

He ALWAYS get criticals whenever I fight him It's so annoying.

Crystal 4 years ago

I have a level 39 minstrel (me) another minstrel level 38 (my healer) and two warriors both on level 39. Should I change my vocations or will I be right you reckon??

MsAvenger 4 years ago

I have a minstrel on level 40, another minstrel who is my healer on level 40, two warriors both on level 40. I cannot beat Corvus because at the end I only have on warrior fighting him and he keeps on healing continuously.

Desprate 4 years ago

Dude heres my team

gladiator- lvl 38

warrior-lvl 40

priest- lvl 35

mage- lvl 37

some how i dont think my teams working so good and my hero the main character is my main damge dealer so using egg on would be kinda of a waste of a turn or it could be very risky anyway any tips on how to deafeat him with this team plz and thank you

Yuki 4 years ago

I have a brother who has the game, so I got a little jealous and got it myself, I got to Corvus (the second time) with his help and my team:

Minstrel: like 35

Martial Artist: same

Theif: 34

and my team stank.

So I started again now and my team is

Minstrel: 45

Mage: 43

Priest: 45.

I've tried like, 5 times and I died. :P And I can't get my brother to help because he got to level 99 beat baramos (legendary grotto boss) and revocated. What to do???

-Your average American gaming preteen

Yuki 4 years ago

Hey, long story short my brother got this game so I got jealous and got it myself. Made myself a team of me (Minstrel: 35), Martial Artist: 34 and Thief: 33. Got to Corvus with my brother's help (like level 60 Minstrel) couldn't beat him. So I started over, now I'm at Corvus again and this is my team:

Minstrel: lvl 45

Mage: lvl 43

Priest: lvl 44

Warrior: lvl 45.

I would get my brother to help BUT, he beat the game got to LEVEL 99 beat Baramos and REVOCATED. Now he's lvl 40 sucks to be me...

-Your average American gaming preteen

guest 4 years ago

i have been trying for days but i cant defeat corvus, then my bro started and beat him before me with 4 gladiators!!!!!

anyway, is my team ok:

lvl 47 armentalist (me)

lvl 50 warrior

lvl37 priest

lvl 43 thief

ps. apparently i should turn my thief into a mage but i dunno????

Yuki 4 years ago


Your thief is okay BUT, if you REALLY want to beat Corvus turn him into a Mage. Level up your priest ALOT (At least lvl. 40).

Keep your Thief a Mage.

*Spoiler Alert*

You're going to want him a Mage for Leviathon (again), and Yore (Another form of Master of Nu'un), AND Nodoph (Another form of Nemean)(All from Story Mode Extra Quests)(You need to do finish other quests(Check another website for all quests).

Yuki 4 years ago

Never mind I FINALLY beat Corvus AND got the Starflight AND beat Corvus a second time!!! :) When I got Stella back I did my happy dance for almost TEN MINUTES!

In my winning run only my Mage died!!! :) In my second run Corvus thought it was cute to kill everyone at least TWICE!

magic burster vs corvus 4 years ago

still cant beat him plus im new level 42 gladitor erdicks sword helm big boss shield catropic armour erdricks gloves dw boots venus tear level 50 warrior level 36 sage lv 39 priest ps dw = dragon warrior catropic = gold mirrior armour lv 50 warrior= muiltiplayer friend my warrior lv 43

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

Can you make that a bit more understandable? i.e.:

Main Char: Equipment


Member2: Equipment



Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

Or something like that.

Ellie 4 years ago

Uhhhhh :L

First of all what's a sage and how'd u get one?!?! And then my team is all level 49's and they r minstrel, warrior, thief and gladiator. Should I change one to Mage or a priest or sommin?

Darkesse 4 years ago

I cant beat Corvus but I have a reasonably good party:

Minstrel (lvl 59)

Ranger (lvl 44)

Mage (46)

Paladin (41)

My Ranger is my best healer and also a big damager. Im training my mage as a sage also. Whats the best way to level him up?


Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Ellie: You can unlock the Sage vocation by completing a quest found in a bookcase in Gittingham Palace.

And yes, you should change one of your characters to Priest or Sage. A Mage is only good if you already have a good healer.

@Darkesse: Well, I haven't played DQ IX in months. I'd get your Mage's Sage level to around 40-ish and then switch to Sage. You need someone who can Kazing or Multiheal. Kazing lets you bring someone back to life with 100% probability and Multiheal heals the entire party.

The best way to level up any character before you beat the game is by going to the Bowhole and beating on Liquid Metal Slimes. If you luck out and get a grotto that leads to a high density of Metal Slimes, you can beat on those as well.

Hope this helps!

Ellie 4 years ago

Thanks! I'm keeping my minstrel gonna hav a padalin, priest and warrior. What lvl should they be b4 I try to defeat Corvus?

mimi 4 years ago

ok i have a lv.37 mage and two lv.39 warriors, and i'm also lv. 39. my mage know caduceus, both my warriors know gigaslash, and one has a spirit bracer, do you think this willbe enough to beat corvus?

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago


Ummm... look at this FREAKING HUBPAGE!

What does it say? About lvl 40 - 45.

Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

Did I run everybody off? D:

Yuki 4 years ago

Yo, Winterfate, I'm not questioning your skills or anything, and you helped me greatly, but if you really want help go to this site:

and like you said omniheal MAY be overkill...

My brother knows everything about this game so just ask!

mimi 4 years ago

ok! i finally beat corvus! this way works too: if you have a level 50 minstrel (me), a level 37 mage on fight wisely, a priest of the same level on focus on healing and a level 44 warrior doing your all-out attacks, the whole party has power shields, you the mage and the warrior know gigaslash and one of you has the gigagash booklet, then you're pretty much good to go and should make it while losing only one party member if you're lucky. and those of you who wanna try plants, poisons of death curses on mister corvus, those ore useless.

Sebastian Michaelis 4 years ago

I beat Corvus with a party of 2 gladiators and two priests. All were level 40. I pumbled him with the gladiators while the priests healed when necessary. The priests were set on auto. (Focus on healing) I finished the quests for level forty: thief, minstrel, warrior, gladiator and priest. It takes awhile but it’s worth it. You gain: Gritty Ditty, the chance to counter normal attacks, the chance to do double damage on a normal strike, Wave of relief, and the thief was just good for normal battles: it sometimes steals items on its own. I gave my gladiators moonwart bulbs and 2 of the revive leafs. I gave one of them the healing dew as well. The easy way to gain skill points is to go to Alltrades Abby and change your characters vocations. When you gain skill points: DON’T USE THEM. Use them for the skill you want, I recommend maxing out the shield and the paladin’s virtue (You gain resilience and 80+ to your natural hp!). Then use the rest to max out your preferred weapon. If you have a ranger, I recommend maxing out the bow then taking the quest from that guy at swinedimples. The first request is to use Flutter Disaster on 10 pekerals. Easy. If your box skill is maxed, exit the building then enter and talk to him again. He’ll have two requests: the first one is kill 10 boss trolls with Rain of Pain, the second one is requested after you tell him you beat the boss trolls. You have to give him Wonder Pants, I don’t have the recipe but you should have it. He’ll give you a scroll giving that character the skill: Shining Shot, it does around 100-300 damage to all enemies and is great when training. My gladiators had shields and maxed virtue as well as my priests. I head one extreme magical mending with a wand, as well as maxed enlightenment (For the Sage vocation) and he had 400 mp. The other priest had exceptionally high magical mending and a bow. I equipped two spirit bracers to the gladiators and they had tons of mp, so I kept using parallex. Remember this was the long way to victory but it was flawless. Happy questing! 

DQIX noob 3 years ago


Are you still answering DQ IX questions?

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 3 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Well, if I can still remember the answer to the question asked. :P

I haven't actually played DQIX in over a year, and I'm kind of busy with other things, but if you ask me a question and I can answer it, I'll do my best.

DQIX noob 3 years ago

Do you know anything about the legendary armour set? I got them after fighting a grotto boss

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 3 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Well, I do know that they are actually the third highest tier of armor. To get the top tier of armor requires that you use the alchemy pot and roll a successful Alchemiracle. An Alchemiracle occurs 10% of the time that you use alchemy to make the second highest tier of armor.

So, in other words, the ability to max out any piece of equipment is dependent on luck. Better start save-abusing. :P

Also, here's a full list of recipes from the Dragon's Den.

Hope this helps! :)

DQIX noob 3 years ago

Thanks for the info and for getting back so quick. Great article as well really helped.:-)

Lord of the Sword 3 years ago


Hey, I'm back Winterfate!

I just wanted to say that the game automatically saves once you get an alchemiracle (or not) to prevent save-abusing. E.G. If you don't get an alchemiracle, you have to reset to the first in the line of that top tier line and start all over.

jilyforever 3 years ago

i've played dq9 before, but then i moved and my mum threw it out accidently :( i've bought it again though and i was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to start up again as i have not played in a year... Thanks!!

carly 3 years ago

I have a level 43 warrior as my main character

I have a level 42 theif with fire claws

I have a level 43 mage

and a level 35 minstrel...

how do I beat corvus with these guys?

Lord of the Sword 3 years ago

The minstrel looks a bit low leveled to be facing Corvus.

The mage, warrior, and minstrel are good, but what would you use a thief for. Corvus doesn't have any steals, and they have mediocre attack and defence.

I would recommend changing the thief to a priest or sage and level it until it gets Multiheal.

What all that means: Level up the Minstrel, and change thief to priest/sage and level THAT up until it gets Multiheal.

CB 3 years ago

ok in my party i have

Minstrel (level 50)

Warrior (level 50)

Martial Artist (level 50)

Thief (level 50)

and i CANNOT beat him.. AT ALL! its really pissing me off. is there anything i can do to fix it.. without changing my party? :) i dont like changing it, cuz i only changed vocations once and then i have to train them and everything -___- but if i really have to... i guess i will

CB 3 years ago

And if i DO have to change... which one should i change? And to what?

DQ 9 player 3 years ago

Ok so i have:

A paladin level 42

Strength 160

Hp 272

Attack 315

Defence 383

Sword skill 100

Martial artist level 43

Strength 191

HP 245

Attack 333

Defence 159

Staff skill 100

Priest level 42 (also the healer)

Str 89

HP 187

Att 163

Def 185

Wand skill 86

And a gladiator level 42

Str 237

HP 255

Att 390

Def 210

Hammer skill 100

So do you think i should be able to defeat corvus? I tried a few times and failed miserably. I was also thinking of making a character a sage, but i don't know. I want the sage to take a bit of pressure off my priest for healing. But raising a character from level one to 42 seems like a long ordeal, but i'll do it if i have to. Also, should i change weapons on a character? Any help is appreciated!

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 3 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Well, hello there DQ 9 player. I haven't played this game in ages, but it seems to me that you should be able to beat Corvus. If you get beat up by Corvus repeatedly, you could always get 100 Fans on your Paladin and get Reverse Cycle. This will reflect any breath attacks Corvus may use. You can use Magic Mirror (40 Shields) to reflect magic spells. Then, you just have your Paladin use Forbearance and block every non-physical attack for a few turns. Of course, that takes a LOT of grinding, and I don't feel like you should need it. :)

@CB: You need a Priest or a Sage, and Thieves are pretty bad unless you have a lot of different skills for them. Rangers make better Thieves than actual Thieves do if you get 100 in the Thief's vocation unique skill tree (VUST for short).

CB 3 years ago

thanks :) i think im gonna change him to a sage

Lord of the Sword 3 years ago

Hello, Winter! It's me again. I just wanted to say hi, since we haven't met in so long. It sucks that you don't play DQIX anymore, because you gave the best advice. Hope everything is going alright.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 3 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

@Lord of the Sword: Hello there! Well, there wasn't a lot for me to do anymore in DQIX, besides max out the stats of all of my characters (which takes a LONG time) and try to get all of the Legacy Boss maps. :/

Thanks for worrying. I'm doing great. Hope you're doing great as well. :)

Lord of the Sword 3 years ago

Yeah, everything is going fine here.

You know... there is that new DQX game for... I believe the PC? You should check it out.

Justin 3 years ago

I spent 250 hrs playing to get my team of 4 up to level 25 in every vocation (except luminary). My team was in the 30s and 40s upon facing Corvus. Pally had 550hp at level 42. The team obliterated him. He was a complete disappointment and i am actually really pissed off I invested so many hours. The grottos are repetitive and boring to me too :( I guess i spoiled the game for myself.

Lord of the Sword 3 years ago

All games must end eventually, even one as difficult and as massive as DQIX. That is one of the great sadnesses of video games and books: however big the programmer or author makes them, they still must end sometime, and you must move on to the next adventure.

Matthew 3 years ago

what if you are the damage dealer what do you do now?

Lord of the Sword 3 years ago

Could you elaborate on that? A bit more info than "if you are the damage dealer?". For what? Stats? Gotta help me out here, man.

Lord of the Sword 3 years ago

We HAVE to start back up this article! If anyone is listening, let's do it.

Matthew 3 years ago

to be more exact I'm a lv 35 gladiator with a lv 45 warrior a lv28 priest and a lv39 mage (I killed the king of the house of git with that party)

Matthew 3 years ago

just in case if you are wondering what sword I have I have erdrick's sword a 4 star weapon with 158 attack

Matthew 3 years ago

the article told me that you need to egg on your damage dealer but I am the damage dealer get it now, lord of the sword?

A.J. 3 years ago

OMG you only have to be 35-40!?!?! I've been trying to hit 70 and I'm in early sixties now!! ughhh I wish I saw this earlier -_-

Masterbdg701 3 years ago


Same here. I've got a team of 50's and I have only recently learned that Sage's have a multiheal ability. I'll try to get them to 60 anyway and see how that goes...

Connor 2 years ago

Is this all right to fight Corvus ?

Gladiator (Ash) lv 35 HP 219 MP 19 Defence 256 Attack 323 (Axe skill 64 Hammer skill 24 sword skill 9 Guts 3 Fisticuff 3)

Priest (Brock) lv 35 HP 158 MP 219 Defence 179 Attack 94 (wand skill 84)

Warrior (Pikachu) lv 35 HP215 MP 32 Defence 289 Attack 300 (sword skill 84) (courage skill 8)

Priest (Misty) lv 34 HP 157 MP 248 Defence 162 Attack 144 (Wand skill 1000

and I cant get no life bracer.

Connor 2 years ago

Pikachu is now on lv 36 sword skill 90

gepeTooRs 4 months ago

Fantastic article. Looking forward for more posts like this.

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