How to Find and Kill the Time Lost Proto Drake

Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

What is The Time-Lost Proto-Drake?

The Time-Lost Proto-Drake is a rare spawn mob in the Storm Peaks of Northrend that drops the Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. The "Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake" allows you to summon the Time-Lost Proto-Drake as a mount. This mount is one of the most rare and desirable mounts in World of Warcraft due to the exceptional difficulty in finding it. The mob is on a very long respawn timer and shares a cooldown with another rare spawn in the zone, so it may take you a very long time to find this mount. It is important to know where to look and what to do in order to increase your chances at finding The Time-Lost Proto-Drake.

Finding the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

Information about the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is primarily based upon what World of Warcraft players have found out through experience. Little information has been confirmed by GM'S but most of the techniques for finding the Drake are based on the compiled experiences of players and are subject to error.


  • The Time-Lost Proto-Drake shares a spawn point and path with Vyragosa. Vyragosa and The Time-Lost Proto-Drake cannot spawn at the same time, so you should kill Vyragosa when you see it.
  • The Time-Lost Proto-Drake is on a long spawn timer. You will most likely need to be very patient. Some people find him right away and some people have hunted for many months without being able to find and kill him. It is very competitive so be prepared for when you see him.

Maps I found online:

Useful Extras:

  • Use NPCScan Addon so that you can do something else while waiting for the drake to appear. Make sure the sound is working so you will be alerted when he is spotted.
  • Have Snowfall Lager (or another slow fall) ready so you do not die when tagging the drake and falling.

How to Hunt for the Drake

Prepare your NPCScan addon and slowfall.  Study the flight paths seen in the links to the maps.  Decide where you will camp or fly.  Fly or camp yourself, or NPCScan and let it run while you are in listening distance.  Be prepared to fight as soon as you see the Drake!

Flight Path Video from YouTube

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shadorn 7 years ago

ill try xD

bok 6 years ago

you noob

wolf 6 years ago

how noob?

wolf 6 years ago

how noob?

mefast 6 years ago

not 6 months and i stel sherch gl&hf

mut 6 years ago

Nah nothing has been confirmed by any GM... I asked one and he said it's impossible to any GM to confirm any in game hints :). BTW all of this timer thing is a big BS! I've been waiting and waiting and camping and camping and you know what? Ppl says Vyragosa has a shorter timer around 12h. I've waited damn 5days just for vyragosa. 3days for Dirkee. And guess what, there weren't any TLPD spawn since the 3.3.0a patch on my realm :).

Rare Rare but still. I'll start the lottery and when I win the prize I MAY get a chance to see it die :p.

Gavi 6 years ago

The time lost drake will also despawn within 20 minutes if it is not killed, which may be why no one has the mount on your server. If you're not waiting in the right spot, no one may ever see him.

highwarlordw 6 years ago

I have killed Vyragosa a few times and like each day i check if the Time Lost Proto Drake is there but its not i saw him dead a few weeks ago

Moloue  6 years ago

lol i randomly bumped into him while flying up from the basecamp, wasn't even looking for him just pure luck

:D 6 years ago

Lol I saw this vid here and went up to Stormpeaks for a quick check and he was sitting smack in the first spot I checked. :D

shammy "D" 6 years ago

this guy would be wasome to find! i guess ide better get looking >_>

Tala 6 years ago

Just killed vyragosa lukcy day got the rare mount in the satchel of goods, was actually looking for time-lost and instead found her killed her waited antoher day , and nothing still looking now. but rare spawn, seen it dead and the worst ive seen it alive but i was on a FP >.< once i came back to kill it it was alrdy dead just my luck hope to find it heard it awesome..

unknown 6 years ago

Fact about time lost.

First of all there is no 6 hour respawn timer that's bs...

Both Vyra and TLPD do share the same paths and some of the same spawn points, but not all of the same spawn points.

They ALWAYS spawn at a 5 minute mark e.g. 6:00 or 6:05 or 6:20 or 6:35 ... They can spawn within 5 minutes of each other as well as spawn weeks apart.

I have personally seen TLPD spawn while Vyragosas corpse was still on the ground. Vyragosas corpse will despawn exactly 30 minutes after she is killed and so will TLPD. At any 5 minute interval TLPD or Vyragosa can spawn. No they can not spawn at the same time which a lot of people are talking about. There are 3 rolls done every 5 minutes 1 is a roll to spawn the rare 2 is where it will spawn and 3 is what will spawn. Vyra and TLPD do share a spawn timer but not with any other rares. I have seen dirkee and Vyragosa up at the exact same time as well. Hopefully this information is useful to you all and good luck.

CharredDeath 6 years ago

Dude I am so gonna hunt this ho down. o:<

ista 6 years ago

what is the song in the video?

chãos 6 years ago

been patting over and over the spawn points and camping for what seems like weeks but haven't seen they dead or alive I have the worst dam luck with rare spawns and especially mounts

mertymerty 6 years ago

Vyragosa doesn't despawn after 30 minutes, When i killed her, her body disapeared in about 30 seconds

warrior250 6 years ago

been farming drake got it on almost all my lev 70+ toons hehe hav fun looking for them :)

Williamstnch 6 years ago

found this rare elite at boars breath sun, july 19,2010 at 1:05 am

you don't need slow fall anything to get aggro from the mob,unless you have an instant spell/ability that hits at range and want to tag them before another player does

ferelm0726 6 years ago

@ ista the song is Storm by Alexander Perls

Memorize 6 years ago

The guy who posted saying it spawns on 5 minute marks is wrong. It spawned directly behind me at 3:52AM server time. You are also wrong about the 20 minute despawn, as it took me 25 minutes to successfully kill it (I fell to my death 5 times and DC'd twice, lost him 4 times at least.) I am very lucky that absolutely no one else saw it. Another interesting fact I've seen in most reported kills, is that they are all on or near 2-3AM server times on Saturday or Sunday mornings. For example, I got it at 3:52AM Saturday. The guy who posted a little before me got it at 1AM on a Sunday. Just an interesting note there. I was also at the Boar's Breath Lake.

dondonding 6 years ago

i have killed TLPD at the top of the cave at bor's breath.. i w8 theri for 4 days striaght online.. and i see it.. focus on one spot and w8

doodah 6 years ago

I killed it on my warrior for about some months ago so keep going, get it before cataclysm they may delete it then.

Zerral 5 years ago

Ok, i have come up with a theory on his timer. Vyeragosa spawns 2 times a day. TLPD spawns once a week in the place of Vyeragosa for 20 mins then it will despawn if not killed. Now the "week" resets with saturday at midnight, or when the servers are reset (like world bosses, when the server resets, the world bosses are "killed"). Now, tell me if you find TLPD and have the day and time, so I can figure out the specifics... Thank you for the info, and ur welcome...(btw, I have proof that my theory is correct if it's week is on sunday....despwaned on me.../cry)

Liz 5 years ago

The Time Lost Proto drake spawned at 12.00 on saturday

Tirakh's friend ;p 5 years ago

My friend Tirakh got the mount and he doesn't believe i can get it while i level!! >:o .... i think it has to do with me being only level 67 Shadow Priest with 9k HP and 8375 Mana >_< ....i want him to sh!t himself if i get it before im a 80 like him!! >:)

Jay 5 years ago

Hi Zerral, Your theory was disproven by my experience with TLPD just last night. It spawned once at 6:20pm and then again at ~3am.

Zerral 5 years ago

hey Jay, did you see tlpd or did someone say they saw it? about 99% of the time people do not know that TLPD is not the blue drake. A lot of people think that Vyeragosa is TLPD and they think that TLPD spawns exactly 6 hours or 7 hours or whatever after the last kill. The first question i ask the person who says they saw it is"what color was it?" this way i know if they know what tlpd looks like. Thank you for your information, if you or anyone else finds something wrong or something right about my theory, please tell me

Andre 5 years ago

So Zerral what your saying is that when the server resets, right at that moment TLPD will spawn, is that what your saying?

lolos 5 years ago

i kill vytagosha now?

Justin 5 years ago

guys 99% of the threads here are theory and most are wrong. 10:43pm on a tuesday night TLPD spawned, how do i know it was him? my NPC scan hit his dead body. so i waited, 2 times vyragosa spawned within a 12 hour period and the 3rd spawn was TLPD again. throw any averages, any time mechanics any spawn time theory's you have out the window. once one is killed, all we know for a fact is the timer resets for the next spawn..that's it. Get the mods you need (_npcscan and _npcscan.overlay) and wait it out. you will see more of vyragosa for some reason than TLPD, but the only one that spawns once a week is Dirkee, the rest spawn multiple times a week at any given time. You either get lucky, or a LOT of sitting and waiting.

shlong 5 years ago

omg theres in fish on my toasted tree cheese

david 5 years ago

ok guys all respawn randomly. there are no time increments. but only one can be going at a time

Nick 5 years ago

Looking for it at the moment. First time I tried I ran into the body of Vyragosa. Hopefully I'll find it since I'm in a low-pop server. Good luck to all of you. I'll post my results.

Argae 5 years ago

Is this still an available mob in cataclysm ? if it is, how do you know if it's actually alive?

David 5 years ago

my npc snanner caught TLPD to days ago, so i quess it is still alive in cataclysm.

Gortak  5 years ago

i cant find him

thorgs 5 years ago

do u have to be 70 to get the mount cause i just killed Vyra open stachel and just gold in there

John 5 years ago

I was just passing by, I didn't knew what the hack or who the hack was TLPD when a saw a yellow drake flying near me... Well, it was rare because of that silver dragon on the target's head so I killed him. Droped the mount and "Yes"!. I search for info about TLPD on Google and some wow database sites, and I was impressed by how lucky I am... Now, I'm going to bet all my money in casinos.

Cya ! :D

Johanssen 5 years ago

TIPS: Use the addon NpcScan & SilverDragon. NpcScan will show everypath for every rare on the map and SilverDragon will remember were u see them but the main purpose is that when u get near it it will flash your screen and make a loud noise so u can sit in one spot and sit there and watch tv while u wait for him to waltz by. Another tip is to make a macro (/target Time-Lost) and spam it as you fly around so it will auto target it when u come within range. ive spent maybe 3 hours total so far searching constantly for it so its pretty sneaky. it flies counter-clockwise so fly clockwise to meet it head on. stay maybe 50 yards above the ground. u must have Artisan Flying to use this mount. GoodLuck

dobejackal 5 years ago

I bagged the time lost proto drake this morning. at 7.20+-am in the region of the frozen lake heading was towards the valkyr village. it was flying about 2 feet above the mobs heads at the time i bagged it and got some nifty irems .

Gold 20 frot cloth 1 stack some crystaline's and Time forwarded talisman of the champion. i took some picks so email me and i can get back to u

TAREK 5 years ago

at 1:15 am i saw vyragosa cropse behind it i saw a wolf

i clicked on it it was rare elite named skoll i killed it

after 2 min i was attacked by LTD

dashji 5 years ago

I have been searching for that about 5 hours and can't find it. All my friends got it and i just want it. They just say camp the spot at the frozen lake its the best place. Any1 know better spawn camp point?

Pff 5 years ago

So, can anyone tell for sure that TLPD can be found right after Vyragosa is dead? people say so much different stories here no clue what to believe. I killed Vyragosa now and still wondering if I should be still camping here or should i come back here in 6-12 hours or whatever is the respawn time...

hiya 5 years ago

first of all i have campted for 3 weeks straight computer on and i havnt seen eny tlpd and every thing that these people are sating is bull it can respond eny were eny time it can be vyrgo or tlpd.

hiya 5 years ago

pff it deos not respond right after there a spawn timer of 2 hour and then it could be eny time after that sometime the spond timer could be 6 hour adn then a wait after that.

GoHabs 5 years ago

theres alot of wrong junk posted here but one of my guildmates just made put his guide in our new forums so maybe you can check it out. its all recent information too

deathsend 5 years ago

been looking for this thing for 6 months now.... i camp at 30,65 (co-ordinates from Titan Panel add-on)which is a famous camp spot. i have seen vyra there twice. and saw vyra again slightly north of there. haven't seen tlpd alive or dead yet. any tips on better spawn spots/flight paths? and thanks unknown. ill take that into account

Bøx 5 years ago

Ive been camping him for weeks spending over 10 hours a day trying to kill the TLPD. I know the spawn points, paths and i have scan and overlay and i have never seen TLPD dead or alive. Ive seen Vyra 6 times, Skoll 2 and Dirkee 3

galos 5 years ago

Does Skoll shares a spawn timer with vyragosa or time-lost proto-drake?

7inch 5 years ago

Vyra and TLPD doesn't share spawn timer with other rare mobs.

battleman 5 years ago

all information about anything (including the TLPD) is valuable information... when someone says "20 min despawn", it can diverge your tactic on acquiring this drake, for better or worse, what you choose to do with that information ultimately makes or breaks your chances of getting the TLPD... take in all information and decide for yourself if it's correct or not.

becky 5 years ago

i saw this at about 7:15pm after waiting since 3pm. it killed me as i didn't expect to see it and it knocked me off my mount. i got back to find it as fast as i could and tried to aggro it for about 5 mins but it was always just out of range. then a horde killed it one shot just as i was in range...just my luck aye :|

Deathsend 5 years ago

Got mine last month! Stay at the fl spawn and you have a 50-75% chance to see the beautiful thing

Carcharodon 5 years ago

I bagged Vyragosa at Bor's Breath two nights ago at 11:31 PM EDT on the Borean Tundra US server, so I've been hanging around the Storm Peaks a lot the last two days. Earlier tonight, I finished my dailies with the Oracles and headed over to the same spot where I spotted Vyragosa, and got there a little before 8:30 PM EDT. At about 8:32, I started flying up the canyon, and turned left toward the Engine of the Makers. Right before I got to that spot, my NPCScan went off for the TLPD. I hurredly started looking all around, but couldn't see it. I began flying around like mad in all directions, but still couldn't find it. I started to figure maybe the scanner was tripped by her corpse, which would explain why I couldn't see her flying around. Even if she was flying, I thought someone else would have seen her by then and I missed my chance. I decided to take one more loop back to Bor's Breath and turned left toward Brunnhildar Village, and lo and behold, there she was flying right toward me! I flew right into her so she would aggro me, and I slowly led her to a fairly level spot on the side of the mountain. I'm a Death Knight, so as soon as I landed I pulled her right next to me and finished her off pretty quickly. I couldn't believe that I had finally bagged her. As to her flight path, I think she probably spawned somewhere around the Engine of the Makers and was headed toward Brunnhildar Village. That would explain why I couldn't find her when my NPCScan went off. I was heading north, and she was flying away from me to the east. That also explains why I finally ran into her when I headed south back to Bor's Breath and turned left toward Brunnhildar Village. I'm just amazed someone else didn't see her first with me wasting all that time looking for her. Just lucky, I guess! Good hunting!

YES! 4 years ago

Just got him! :) the camping spot and addons worked

Tihghan 4 years ago

Was on this site... heard a noise went on it was dead under me

Pat 4 years ago

Some information is invorrect Vyragosa and Time Lost have been up at the same time before.

Tihghan 4 years ago

@ pat, I don't think so, but i may be wrong, i have never seen or heard of this before everyone says it cant happen, if you have a screen shot or proof then i will believe you

Bored2death 4 years ago

I did not get a screen shot, nor did my stepson. BUT I found the TLPD dead 2 days ago @30.7-65.2 and my heart broke. I have been looking for this rare for about 2 years and that was the first time i saw him. My stepson didn't get a screen shot, b/c the minute he tagged the tlpd and brought it to the ground last night at the same spawn point as me, we was instantly ganked by 3 85 horde that were secretly hovering over him waiting. None the less, he wasted 7 hours of sitting in front of a laptop to have his just deserved camp ripped from his grasp. My inly suggestion to you, If your looking for the TLPD make sure you look above you b4 you tag it.

troyz 4 years ago

after i camped 6 months i found him 2 times in just 2 days and killed him both times ! ;D

matt 4 years ago

Those are my Kills of vyra and tlpd i killed every single Vyra that spawned and killed both TLPD the second i killed was when i logged back in after going to bed that night

Vyra-2.16pm friday 21st

Vyra-1.43am sunday 23rd

Vyra-9.18am sunday 23rd

Vyra-1.50pm sunday 23rd

Vyra-11.28pm Sunday23rd

Vyra-10.05am monday24th

Vyra-7.33pm monday 24th

TLPD 12.06am Tuesday25th

TLPD 11.17am Tuesday

heytlpd 4 years ago

matt, where did you camp?

24/7camp 4 years ago

damn matt tell me where you camped

Matt 4 years ago

I camp at WaterFall and stay there for 15-20mins at a time,t hen from waterfall i have a quick fly to Froze Lake and from there i go to Bruunhilder Village i don't go to Ulduar as it is too far away, sorry i ahvent replied sooner guys, i forgot i wrote this, as we speak i am camping another TLPD for my Warlock my toons that have it are Hunter Paladin and Shaman, i camp from 8am-4am everyday hope this helps guys

anomynous 4 years ago

It's all about being in the right place at the right time. I came across him on the ulduar path. I take a special crated path which cuts off all the dead corners making the flight covering all 4 paths easier. This is much easier to do on a pve realm ecause you can't get jumped by enemy players and have your drake stolen.

anomynous 4 years ago

Also don't quit if you keep finding vyr. Keep waiting out there and eventually it will work out.

anomynous 4 years ago

Camping is also one of the easiest ways to lose the spawn. If your smart and patient like me. you'll fly around for 3+ hours straight waiting for it.

anomynous 4 years ago

I've come back here to tell you dirkee may be a key point in the spawns. I've expreimented twice with him. I've killed him and recorded how long it took for vyr to spawn afterwards. The first time it took her an hour and a half. The second i beleive she spawned 10-20 minutes after. I was in a bg. Experiment with this theory yourselves.

Killerloop 4 years ago

I found TLPD yesterday & i kill it near frozzen lake, he was on ground not flying - Server Dethpod

tlpdraper 4 years ago

I killed it today in brunnhildar. Looked like this:

My impression is that frozen lake might have more spawns, but brunnhildar has a better chance for the tlpd, whilst frozen lake is more vyra centered.

Could be random, though.

Eight 4 years ago

Considering the 'official' (wiki) research against all the personal acocunts here, it appears more that the TLPD and Vyra are completely random. I've seen Vyra twice; once when i first entered SP when i was levelling and again when camping TLPD with a friend, she spawned ontop of him and he fell to his death trying to fight her. Killed her at 6:30-7pm Sunday night. Friend stayed on, i had to go and he says she appeared again around 2:30. The information we were goin gon suggested 11-16 hour spawns and that they can't both be alive within 45 mins of eachother. Now considering the time gap, that information was pretty wrong. It seems either everyone is speculating and doesn't actually know, or that servers are different in themselves.

I'm on Nordrassil EU. Main is Lichéroth. Don't mind messages if you want to talk.

edp 4 years ago

i agree that its completely random, killed Vyra at 9:45 saturday night & got the TLPD at 7:30 Sunday night. imo the best spot to camp is in the Bor's Breath/the frozen lake area, had three-times as many Vyra kills there as i did flying around.

James 4 years ago

i saw 1 once, and i was going to kill it, but SOME1 ALREADY DID

patrick 4 years ago

What's funny is when I started wow,I was flying around and ran from tlpd. I didn't know I would spend 6 months trying to find him

Gthekid 4 years ago

Well this is funny I kill vyrgosa and then 5 min later killed dirkee and now waiting for to

blackmagika 4 years ago

lol im looking for the time lost proto drake now...been looking for it for about 19 hours and haven't been to sleep...i found and killed vyra and dirkee but no rare mount :(

Soulweaver/Malygos server 4 years ago

I killed Vrya about 4 times between thursday and sunday. I still haven't seened TLPD. I had givin up till i asked a random player in zone and mentioned that she seened him flying around in SP. Which confirmed he is on Malygos server how ever he may be very challenging to spot.

Hunter 4 years ago

I started to camp TLPD in WotLK, so more than 1,5 year ago. I am extremely unlucky, because I saw TLPD dead 5 times. I killed Vyragosa like 30 times. What I do? I am camping one spawn point (mostly Waterfall, because Bor's Breath is constantly occupied) and sitting like that for few hours, approximately 6-10 hours per day. And Gues what? Nothing. I am running out of patience. Someone told me to fly around instead of camping one point. I tried that but still nothing happens. Hope to kill it soon!

ponderance 4 years ago

this page is a disgrace for real information

check out, you won't regret it. what the hell is this crap hahaha, what year is this? wrath's been out so long, it sucks shit like this is still around and not updated or fixed.

nIKOLA 4 years ago

I found his dead body somebody killed him:( it's not that hard i don't even have the npc scan (downloaded) and my comp is really laggy :P but i know where to look now tnx for the help.

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