How to Defeat Juggernauts in Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode

Juggernauts are heavily armored enemies in Modern Warfare 3. They are featured as a boss fight in Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival Mode. They are much tougher than normal enemies. Juggernauts appeared in Modern Warfare 2 as well, but their appearance has changed slightly since then.

Juggernauts can not be killed very easily. It's best to keep your distance from them because their armor protects them very well. Juggernauts will rappel from a helicopter in Spec Ops Survival Mode. There may be one juggernaut or multiple juggernauts.

How to Defeat Juggernauts in Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival Mode

It's not wise to take on Juggernauts at close range. Run away from them, but keep shooting at them at the same time, as they are persistent. Juggernauts have very powerful armor, but do not move very fast. Bullets can damage a juggernaut, but bullets will not be as effective as explosives.

Best Ways to Defeat a Juggernaut in Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival Mode

  • Plant Claymores in front of a juggernaut. Make sure to plant as many as possible before they rappel down the helicopter. Claymores cost $1000 for 5.
  • Throw frag grenades at juggernauts, but do it from a distance so you are not open to take damage. Cook the grenade before throwing so it explodes near the juggernaut.
  • Throw C4 at juggernauts to cause massive damage! Just be careful as it takes time to throw the C4 and detonate it. If possible, throw and detonate the C4 when a juggernaut is coming around a corner.
  • Shoot the Juggernaut when it is stunned from a C4!
  • Use a predator missile to kill a juggernaut. Buy the predator missile kill streak in Spec Ops Survival Mode.
  • Make sure that you are at a far distance when using the predator missile to kill a juggernaut, otherwise, you may get shot whilst using it.

Defeat a Juggernaut in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival Mode

Also make sure that you or your teammate do not get downed by a juggernaut. It will be very difficult to revive your team mate when the juggernaut is shooting you. Keep your distance or keep moving behind cover to recover health. If you or your team mate dies, it's game over, unlike zombie mode in Call of Duty Black Ops where only one player needs to be alive for the game to continue into higher rounds.

Don't risk reviving your team mate if you are going to be shot down by a juggernaut. Finish off the juggernaut(s) before your team mate bleeds out. It's okay to revive your team mate as long as a juggernaut is not nearby, though. Just do not attempt to revive your team mate if a juggernaut is standing right next to him or her.

Juggernauts are very powerful enemies in Modern Warfare 3, but can be taken down. Explosives are the best way to go, but if you do not have any, just shoot the hell out of a juggernaut and keep your distance and hide behind cover!

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How do you defeat juggernauts? 111 comments

Nexusx2 profile image

Nexusx2 5 years ago

Thanks, I could never get those guys. Maybe i'll go back and try again. Voted up. Good work!

CoD GoD 5 years ago

Try 100 Light Machine Gun rounds (Flashbang first)

Aaron aka Reaper 5 years ago

If you can get open shots on their back, their armor is a little weaker on their back so if you get open shots from behind...TAKE THEM. Also if it is a Juggernaut with a riot shield and they put a teammate in last stand where they are bleeding out but still are able to use their pistol. The riot shield juggernauts will often focus on them and completely ignore the other player. If so, OPEN UP ON THEM FROM BEHIND BUT STILL KEEP YOUR DISTANCE AS THEY MAY TURN AROUND ON YOU. If worked for me and my wife...but we both put a hurt on him real quick before she got downed.

Karl 5 years ago

No mate ya can kill a jug with any assault guns,ball you gotta do is flashbang then run toward them and throw all your rounds into his head then ya sorted they are vulnable when flashbanged

Me 5 years ago

Thanks, what I do is stun, grenade, stun, grenade and so on! Then you SHOOT THE HECK OUT OF HIM!

bobby and Dustin 5 years ago

Me and dustin find no trouble in defeating the juggernauts in special ops survival mode we find it to be challenging at times but with the proper equipment Such as you need grenade turret the machine gun turret high powered shotguns lots of claymores in c 4 frag grenade in flash grenades and delta squad and riot control team airstrike or predator missile and good solid team work defeating any juggernaut or normal enemy they will pose no problem even for higher levels

WBAidan (PS3) 5 years ago

Easiest way is when you see the helicopters coming in get C4 plant it in and around the smoke an leg it! Blow it up and use a predator for the remaining one but if you have loads set up traps with claymore and C4 easy peasy

Ryan 5 years ago

If you've unlocked the striker just keeps firing round of that gun into it, after flashing it, works fine for me and my mate, if you don't have it I'd say flash, claymore, grenade.

L.Szigety 5 years ago

The "flashbang and then 12 striker rounds up close" method tends to take out a Juggernaut quite well.

What really bothered me about MW3 was the ineffectiveness of the AS50 and the Barrett 50 in comparison to MW2, and the over-effectiveness of the Striker. 12gauge rounds are generally loaded with lead pellets/slugs, or steel pellets, and are not capable of penetrating ballistic vests such as what bomb squad personnel normally carry(Level IV) whereas a 50BMG carries 14,000 ft/lbs of energy and easily would make swiss cheese of such armour, as MW2 aptly showed.

A little more realism would have been appreciated in a "new and improved" version of an already popular classic.

David 5 years ago

I just use an air strike. Throw it into the area they land when they throw the smoke down. Garunteed kill!

btokeneveryday 5 years ago

Best way is explosives but if you shoot just above the throat and just below the chin there is a spot with no armor and it only takes one magazine. Kill em all, let God sort them out!!!

Rhino 5 years ago

I just use predator missiles to defeat juggernauts. Kills them instantly every time. Riot shield squad are pretty good too.

Me 5 years ago

Us strike a clip and a half should kill at close and use flashes to make it easier

tuckdawg815 on xbox 5 years ago

look the jugernot isn't that hard to kill flash him then shoot his head over and over till death i made it to round 38 on underground and me and my brother hav a awesome stradegy and if u don't believe me send me ur phone number and ill send a video or picture just message me here and once i get xbox live back ill play with also ill tell u our stradegy

evilcheese 5 years ago

Kill 3 jugs in a matter of seconds - If you want to kill three jugs really fast just buy an airstrike and funnel them into one spot. Actively use cover and use flashes to slow down the closer ones until they are all good and clumped up. Throw the airstrike at one of them - it will stick - then throw a flashbang to make sure they stay put and run like hell. I have used this to successfully kill 2 Gold + a Riot Jug on Wave 30+. Of course you have to be in a spot where the AC-130 can hit - alleyways will often block the airstrike.

If all else fails flash and shoot.

Pile of C-4 - If you can funnel them through to a corner that you have loaded with C-4 you can potentially take out three jugs. This is harder because they like to flank. (To automate the process put a claymore in front of it ;) )

As always these methods can be used for any number of Jugs, 5 C-4 seems to be very effective for quite a while - 10 is a waste as they are expensive and that is overkill (kill 2 jugs with 5 C-4 each or one with 10?), but to each their own right?

Oh BTW - The LMGs while nice for clip size etc, seem to take longer to kill the Jugs with then say an FAD. I usually buy an LMG with Dot and Grip and use the enemy ARs for the most part, Sleight of Hand is so necessary, especially for Solo. Then once up to wave 30 a riot shield can be invaluable - turtle?

derek 5 years ago

What do you have to do to earn a kill streak bonus in spec ops? I've done it before but don't know exactly what to do to get it and I've searched all around the internet trying to find out.

Snake Doctor 5 years ago

I usually just buy the L86 LSW, flash them and open fire at their head! works every time

Elmo 5 years ago

Also shooting the dogs that have C4 on them while they are near the jugs is very helpful

FK_U 5 years ago

flash bang them and then use c4 to kill them or use a sniper rifle / LMG.

the boss 5 years ago

All this is rather uneccessary.If u LMG them to the head, they'll die b4 u do. Most of the time.

Sherk 5 years ago

how many shots dose it take with the AS50?

dylan 5 years ago

i normaly stun with flashbang then use a striker

Huojf 5 years ago

In 2 player 3 jug you & friend get predator get 2 and flash other & shoot them with LMG's.

ididk 5 years ago

i use the the heavy guns on them like the second to the bottom on light michian guns

Jason Ta 5 years ago

easiest is to camp the airstrike and just keep using predators.

Chirag 5 years ago

What is the default key to use claymores in Spec Ops Survival mode? I see in keyboard bindings that '5' is assigned for assorted/special packages. But it does not work in game.



killer 5 years ago

the ultimate way to kill them is air strikes i air strike = 1 dead juggernaut

Rafffffe 5 years ago

Thanks. Useful but claymores are $1000 for 10

trueflex 5 years ago

ye,re all wrong the best thing i do is just get the predator missile and aim at the helicopter before the rope for the juggernauts can slide down and if that does not work then get the first sniper rifle available and keep going for head shots the same goes for the special ops mission in mw2 (snatch and grab)your secondary is an intervention,2 shots to the head and the juggernaut is down if this does not work the flash bang theory and the back of the jugggernaut are the best two ways combined

jugg killer 5 years ago

the best way to kill all three juggs on round 20 of spec ops resistance is to run as far away as you can when they get to you they will be all in one group flashbang them and pump as many clips into them as you can there all dead.

borce2 ps3 5 years ago

its easy take him down with a preadtor missle

Yayax 5 years ago

It's impossible to take out a helicopter that's carrying a juggernaut. Don't even try it.

joey 5 years ago

I use a machine pistol. Scorpian baby!!!

Myk13 5 years ago

Nah bro, why not be a Ninja flash bang the big sucker and use your knife the Serrated Edge lmao, but went there three of them different story, but those flash bang sure is handy :)

Joshua 5 years ago

there is one more way to kill a juggenaut get behind cover and shootat its head that is it weak spot

thomas 5 years ago

if there is two or more jugs get them close together get away and preadoter drone em killed aint they

killa 5 years ago

for one jugg get him to a car and u get on one side and he gets on the other and just shoot his head because he can't shoot you cuzz the cars in the way :D for 3 of them i just flash them and when they ar down i knife then and run then flash and shoot in the head with a LMG :D done and done :D

Melanie 5 years ago

Flashbang the asshole and use a striker shotgun on him. Super effective. Only downside to a striker is it takes time to reload unless yu have sleight of hand.

pocket bac 5 years ago

im rated 938 on solo survival on resistance...YAY!!...being one of the only good female pretty damn proud of myself...BUT, once you get past level 38 the juggarnauts get so damn fast! I have tried most these things, but at their high speed its just so hard. c4 seems to work the best i guess, was looking for the "miracle cure" for taking out a jugger.....damn

rat 5 years ago

As a 10 year old boy i have done a pretty good job. What i do is get $5000 and get a riot shield squad. And when they die you get to take their riot shield and use it to pancake them. If that dose not work use predator missile .

John 5 years ago

This method is only for the top 100 players in the world. Simply use a five seven.

unknown 4 years ago

i would get the best light machine gun and some flash bangs and then shoot the face.

Or get two sentry turrets and come up behind him and if he turns around flash bang!

and shoot!!!

dulles beast101 4 years ago

me and my sister put claymores and she throws flashbangs while i literally go up to him and keep shooting him in the head with a lightmachine gun IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!

some dude 4 years ago

I can't find any ways to kill the armored jugz fast... any suggestions for that?!?

some random dude 4 years ago

so if your partner die it will be very hard to kill jruggenauts

James 4 years ago

What I do and many others do as well is when a Jug starts to approach me I throw a flash bang and shoot the s*it outta it in the head with a light machine gun. Works for me every time! :D

Chris 4 years ago

Striker... everything else is inefficient and costs too much money. Go right up to him, you don't even need to stun unless he has a riot shield, then pop him 10-12 times and he's done.

FART FACE 4 years ago

Or you can just fart him with your throwing knife so flashbang throwing knife and then go all crazy on him with your guns and remember this symbol equal capital D

UNKNOWN 4 years ago

Sorry about my fart face account I was just trying to be funny but please remember the symbol in the future you all will see

impossibly effective 4 years ago

1 dsingle striker drum magazine will kill a juggernaut, or use to aa12 mags

mkmaster365 4 years ago

Throw knives aint in solo play last i checked...

I see no ways to kill armored jugs here... i know they survive my predetor missles cause after i hit em ddirectly they totally rearange my face.

Ryan 4 years ago

my favorite way to kill them works every time. you want to get around a corner with an LMG. as soon as the jug gets around the corner just bum-rush him unloading on his face. usually dies within 5 seconds of constant fire. it's o use this technique when it is best to use this technique whenever it is only you and the Juggernaut so if you're surrounded it's best to run. Good Luck!

YoMomma 4 years ago

Hey! Rafffffee.... Claymores cost $1000 for 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think before you type!

Nikhil 4 years ago

Rpg is very effective,it uses only 2 rpg to kill a juggernaut. always remember to have it with an acr , flashbang , claymores and ur luck.

assassin 4 years ago

I was playing sriver with my friend an he wint down with the juggernaut right by hem an all i had was a asult rifle the M16 an i had no problem tacking the juggernat

Jerry 4 years ago

i can't get the grip or any other under gun atachments all it keeps on saying is N/A. what dose that mean? pleas help.

maralize legajuana 4 years ago

the grip is only for LMG's and shotguns...

hard to hit a jug with the rpg when hes shootin you... makes the riticule jump and blow your friend behind him to bits...

tiyler 4 years ago

Shoot the juggernaut with the riot shield in the face that's what I do

maralize legajuan profile image

maralize legajuan 4 years ago

when i use rpg i get shot while aiming and hit my friends. the riot sheild glass breaks to pieces when i even look in the jugz general direction.

fastest ways i have found for multiple jugz is to slap 10 packs of C4 into a confined area and lead em all there. flash them so they all in the same place and then press the little rectangular botton.

modern warfare pro 4 years ago

what i do is just put 5 clamores and 5 c4s in the same spot by the weapon armory but first flash lead them to 3 in that area and automatic explosion

maralize legajuan profile image

maralize legajuan 4 years ago

well... cheapest way... is flashes and lmg...

most expensive is 10 C4's...

so the flashbang and lmg is good.

but if you use the c4 at least shoot a successful hit on the juggernaught for the 100% accuracy bonus.

delosd82 4 years ago

The best way to kill a juggernut is with aStriker Shotgun and you don't need even a flash.They are dead until the Striker first reload.

MW3girl 4 years ago


bleax 4 years ago

for me if you head shot a juggernaut it wont make a diffrentes MAby!

juggernaut 4 years ago

just use a predator missile it kills them fast and easy

chace 4 years ago

i use a predator missle to kill them but i do nt like using a striker because they take forever to reload.

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

the best way on spec ops is to get (need two players) get to sentry guns 2 riot shield squads light machine guns or you can use a predator missile i wrecking the predator missile is the most easiest thing on single player that's how i win do it on single player =) JUGGERNAUTS CAN SUCK MY B***S (balls) =)

XBOX NERD 4 years ago


XBOX NERD 4 years ago

i did not really mean t-bag them but they deserve for tring to kill me

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

use a predator missile in single player it is the most easiest thing.

dman47 4 years ago

Flashbang+rsass(acog) aim for the neck and back area

Shan 4 years ago

Grab a sniper and aim 4 the eyes and neck

Last Dawn x 4 years ago

Juggernauts are very fast in later rounds, the heavy armored ones are pretty hard to kill. On wave 49 me and my teamate had to shoot 2 mag's of a l86LSW light machine gun in his HEAD before he died, they get stronger each round they spawn. Even the regular onces will be a pain in the ass on later rounds. So watch yourself!

josh 4 years ago

use LMG lsw red dot

Huh? 4 years ago

You people are not using your brain! (No insult intended.) Think CQB, and I mean really close. If you catch on to what I am hinting at, you can kill it with just your knife. Of course, it will be easier and not take as long if you have the AA-12. (Once you figure it out, it might take you a little practice, but it's not hard to master.)

mw3master 4 years ago

its easy

XBOXNERD 4 years ago

don't listen to mw3master use bloody 186LSW with asoc scope and secondary the last light machine gun i don't now it lolli pop lolli pop ohh lolli pop lolli ohh lolli pop

XBOXNERD 4 years ago

what do you mean we are not using our brains

John 4 years ago

Use a ak-47

kelse 4 years ago

2 flashbangs thrown in front of it kill em

Timothy 4 years ago

I like to flash and use a spas

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

Why do you use a spaz i would 1 flash then go up to him with a striker ,go up yo him then start bouncing around in front of him then keep doing that till he dies

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

i mean keep shooting him till he dies

4 years ago

Is wave 20 solo good?

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

no it's not good k wave twenty is 3 JUGGERNAGHTS YOU RETARD no efence but still RETARD

Solar Warden 4 years ago

My tactic varies depending on the level.


Round 10 5 C4 by the truck with the grenade crate instant kill 1 Jug

Same tactic for 2 on round 15 with flash and head shoots from point blank for second jug.

Round 20 and same tactic with flashes and running for the other 2 (or a pared missile if you want)

Round 26 is jugs and men and chopers so your on your own from here. My best is 42 on solo resistance.

Seatown make use of the airstrike. My best is 43 on solo.

Oasis: Set 2 machine gun sentry's on the balcony and then set in the tower and they will only come upthe right side. Your sentry's will rack up the cash for you. On jug rounds 4,9,14,19,24,28,32 get riot shield troops a pred and make sure the house with the sentry guns in is claymored up. And bring in the sentry's so the choppers don't destroy them. Kill one jug with a pred, take out the chopper while riot men are canon fodder to the jugs. Then flash and lmg or shotguns depending on preference. C4 is good too but also more risky. Also avoid fighting unless they are stunned by explosive or flash, you will never win standing your ground. My best is 32 solo play. My name is my gamer tag on xbox live so add me if you think you can help me get further on multiplayer. P.S. On oasis that puts me 217 in the world! :-)

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

I think he is a nerd at mw3 don't you recken guy's (solar warden)

Gfunk434 4 years ago

All very useful information. I am curious as to how one might pass wave 26 resistance. My Bud and I can't seem to find a groove as it were. Is there a solid way to pass this wave? We can make it to 26 no problem, then dead. It is very aggravating!!!

Solar Warden 4 years ago

Add me on box live and I'll show you how to beat that wave. Year in mind though it's called survivor so you should find a good defendable position with roof cover.

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

can i be added to your xbox friends list solar warden i didn't really mean your a nerd you were just talking nerdy

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

So can we be friends....?

Solar Warden 4 years ago

If you like, send me a request and we'll have a game.

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

LOL i don't have xbox live hehe but i will have it some day ;(

will 4 years ago

use a rpg 7

Bones671 4 years ago

you guys are funny , you can't knife a jugg or shoot down the chopper , you have to be patient and be smart . especially beyond wave 39 in seatown . jump out he back door make sure you have at least one lmg and run the route following all of the crates while planting claymores . eventually not even predators even work anymore . some of you are just plain stupid . ( no offence to the smart ones ) be real because theres people asking for advise .

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

blah blah blah blah...... lol

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

what do you mean jump out the door stupid name the place in the ma retard

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

some one should see my t-bag joke up the top it's funny

Not Nerd 4 years ago

Nerd, nobody on here is lookin for jokes. Chances are their on here obviously looking for an answer. But I have an mw3 universal answer. Get. A. Life. (Although CoD is fun)

cajun 4 years ago

my claymore key won't work. anyone have that problem, or solution

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

mines fine did you have a spaz and threw it

cajun 4 years ago

figued it out, thanks anyway

XBOX NERD 4 years ago

i changed my name to alpha elephent

alpha elephant 4 years ago

i'm typing this at school lol quit random i'm in grade 5 and typing this at school

SilentChaos01 4 years ago

Juggs are a joke. First, i took out 2 armored juggs and a riot shield one on wave 24 of resistance (solo) with this. In the back of that main house near the air support, put down one grenade sentry and one regular sentry on either side of the green table, but behind it. You stand in the kitchen, behind the wall. They don't shoot you. The juggs will focus on the two sentries. Flash them and start shooting them in the head. I recommend using an LMG, FAD ,ACR, Barrett, or the AK47. it works with all of these. Occasionally, a jugg might walk into your immediate area, but completely ignore you. this happened to me once. just knife them. keep flashing em too. This is cqc instance. OR buy an airstrike, and wait for the round to start. the door you are not watching, which is the one on the opposite side of the house. wait for the juggs to come, but throw the airstrike when they are nearing, or use a pred to nail them both at the same time when the about to go through the doorway. It works. then it leaves you with one jugg to take out. the riot juggs are easy. They might trap you into the corner if you are camping in the kitchen, all you have to do is throw a flash over their heads, and pick up an easy triple (because of the sentries). but their juggs, so... anyway when you flash a riot jugg, they will drop their shield. this makes them a bit easier to take out, but that makes a total of 3 juggs shooting you. watch out for the dogs on wave 30, because you have 3 juggs with unlimited ammo in a pkp pecheneg coming at you. Kill the dogs, because they kill screw you up .this is how i died on wave 30. Hope this helps. Add me in PS3 if you feel like it. My psn is SilentChaos01

CHAOS 4 years ago

juggers aren't as hard as every one says, just use an ACR in their heads (easier because of the lack of recoil) or use the last LMG in the armory (survival mode) all in the head. I survived a head on fight with one by keeping him still (narrow alley) and opened wide

djssss 3 years ago

another thing you can do is flash one and then aim for its head. Doing this seems to take care of the juggernaught very fast. Or if there are 2 ppl you can flash it go for headshots and f that doesn't do the trick have your partner flash and shoot whle you reload. Another this you can do if there are two ppl and 2+ juggernaughts is get them to split up because as long as they are flashed you wont have to worry about one another going down

ADRIAN 3 years ago

i usually kill the juggernaut by trowing flash grenades stabbing behind his back and my friend Ahmad shoots him so it's not that hard as it looks but on level 130 i saw it on a video how they were wild but the sad part is we can only go up to wave 25 and if you can show us any any tips on resistance please hep me any way i am only 15 my name is adrian and my friend Ahmad is 10 PROFILE NAME (lEGGIT ORANGE 10)

john the beast 3 years ago

Throw a flash at the ground in front of him. Use the striker wit a grip and a scope is optional but make sure u have fast reload. It u miss one bullet knife him.

oscar 2 years ago

I can take down a juggernaut with a FAD or a five-seven

sardaar 23 months ago

Plz tell me how to use C4 when I buy it a remote appears which has no effect when I press it

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