How to Find The Best Legos For Your Child

Legos are one of the most popular toys ever produced and are familiar to all of us. They have been around since the 1950's and have developed from simple building blocks to the huge range of sets encompassing all the most popular movies and cartoons that children love today. from large blocks for tiny hands to intricate models with moving parts and motors Legos are suitable for everyone including the child in most adults! They are perfect for any age and gender and make great gifts for Xmas and birthdays. Another Lego set is always welcome!

How to choose an age appropriate Lego set

Traditional Lego sets are not appropriate for all age groups as the small blocks would be a choking hazard for very small children. Instead choose the sets with larger blocks that are specially made for the under three's. Older children can be given classic Lego sets and they will enjoy sets with farm animals, fire stations, dinosaurs and castles. For th teenager the Technic range is great as they are harder to build and require some degree of skill. They also include motors and moving parts.

Sets for boys or girls

Although many parents prefer to not separate toys according to gender there is no doubt that Lego does make sets specifically for girls or boys. The girl's range includes fairy princesses and dancing sets as well as houses and big pink blocks for smaller girls. Although many girls enjoy Star Wars Lego sets they do seem to be enjoyed more by boys! When you are buying a set for a child don't assume that a little girl won't like Star Wars! many of them do although most boys, it must be said won't appreciate a fairy princess Lego set! Sets such as Harry Potter or Indiana Jones will appeal to everyone as will all the classic sets. Technically minded older girls will also like the Technic range and may be highly offended if you assume they are just for the boys!

Lego has always marketed their classic sets towards both girls and boys with no distinction and only recently produced these more gender specific sets. The majority of the sets are perfect for all children regardless of their gender so you really won't have a problem choosing a set for a present.

Lego Exo Force - The good guys  by hyku
Lego Exo Force - The good guys by hyku

Lego Exo Force Action Figures

Action figures are popular with all children to populate their scenes and one of the bestselling are the Lego Exo Force range. Based on the Japanese anime and manga Tv programs they are loved by both boys and girls.

The exo Force line includes the humans:

Hikaru ( light, shining),Takeshi (warrior),Ryo (bright),Ha-Ya-To (falcon),Keiken (experience) andHitomi (pupil)

and the robots:

Meca One, Devastators and Iron Drones

Some Favorite Lego Sets

Legos are perfect for children from toddlers to adolescents and are a fun way to develop construction skills and their imagination. Older children will develop finer motor skills and logic as they put together the complicated larger models.

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