How to Make Balloon Swords

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            Balloon swords, for me, are indispensable kid party devices. For me, a party is never complete without these fun toys. So, I assume that you already bought those skinny balloon tubes but have no idea how to make those things, right? Well, I might help you how to create a variety of these swords.

            We should start making the balloon version that most kids love. The first step is to inflate the whole length of the balloon except for a one-inch tip. Hold it in your non-dominant hand. Then, about five inches from the end where the balloon knot is, twist the balloon twice, therefore dividing it into two segments. You have now started to create the sword handle. I will call the border between the two segments as the “twist”. Do not let go of the two segments yet or they will untwist. Then, about three inches from where the “twist” is, bend the longer segment of the balloon towards you. You have now a folded balloon in your non-dominant hand. Then, twist the two segments in the area where the original “twist” is located. You have now created one of the two “hand guards” for your sword. To create the second hand guard, fold anew three inches of the longer segment towards you and repeat the previous process. Your two hand guards should have the same size. Then, straighten out the balloon and its “hand guards”. You have now created your first sword balloon.

            Another version of the balloon is where you create three “hand guards” for your sword balloon. I must say that it is the most stable of all the swords and are therefore the best “weapon” to be used in swordfights. For the purpose of easy reference, we will call this design as “Three- Handguard Sword”. Just follow the previous instructions above and then create a third hand guard by bending another three inches of the longer segment. Twist the bended balloon and now you have the third handguard. Straighten out the balloon so as to make it appear nice.

            Another variation of the Three-Handguard Sword is the one that comes with a knob at the end of the sword handle. First, inflate the whole segment of the balloon except for a two-inch tip. Then, create the knob of the handle. You can do this by inserting the knot of the balloon, found at the tip, into the interior portion of the balloon using your finger. And then using the other hand, grasp the balloon about two inches from where the knotted portion was and pinch. Then, use your free hand to grab the balloon, then twist. You have just now created the knob of the handle. You can then follow all the remaining instructions stated previously above to make the Three-Handguard Sword.

            The last design is actually the easiest to make. It is called the Saber sword balloon. First, inflate the whole length of the balloon except for a one-inch tip. Then, about one and a half inch from the knotted end of the balloon, twist the balloon twice. Hold this with your non-dominant hand and do not let go as it will untwist. Then, about 5 inches from the “twist”, bend the longer segment of the balloon towards you. Then, twist the two segments in the exact area where the original twist is located. You have now created a circle in the middle of the balloon. Next, insert the longer segment of the balloon into this circle. Continue to insert the whole longer segment until you form a handle and a sword blade. You now have made a Saber sword balloon.

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