How to Make a Chemical Car

Chemical Car?

A Chemical Car basically is a toy propelled by a chemical reaction. Here, the car is made in such a way that it can be easily propelled by carbon-dioxide gas coming out at the back. You can even call it a rocket car!

Me and my friends had to make this car for a chemistry project so I thought while we are at it, why not publish it so that people have an idea how interesting it is. Also functions as a model for anybody requiring to make a chemical car!

Things required

  • A Gatorade or Sportade Bottle 600 mL
  • 3 Full rolls of Insulation tape (same colour)
  • An extra roll of insulation tape.
  • A plastic craft board (To make the body)
  • One straw (The hardest and biggest you can get)
  • 3 3-inch bolts

The tools required are :

  • Strong scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Knife

That's about all the things you need.

Where everything goes

Here, I will explain where each material goes.

The Wheels : There are 3 wheels in this model and each weel is comprised of 1 insulation tape, 2 bits of plastic circles and one 1-inch long piece of straw. The bolts act as axles.

The body : The body is mainly from the plastic card-board piece and of course the bottle. The bottle is the engine of the car and propels it. Therefore it is pointed backwards. The extra roll of insulation tape is used to hold everything in place.

That's it. It's that simple. Let's get to work.

The Wheels

Here's how to make the wheels.

Trace 2 circles on the plastic board using the insulation tape and cut it out. These circles are used to close the sides of the wheel. Make sure no part of the circle is bigger than the insulation tape and it wouldn't hurt to make it a bit smaller.

Find the centre of these circles and bore a hole through it using the knife to fit the straw. This is important. If you mess up this part, you will get a rather rocky car!!

Use the craft glue to glue these circles to the side of the insulation tape and let it dry. After drying make sure it is firmly stuck by tugging gently. Poke the straw through the insulation tape through the other side. Cut the ends. That's the wheel. Make two more of those.

The Body

Cut two identical pieces of the shape seen on the right. Make sure the holes where the wheels go are big enough and the whole thing is big enough for the bottle.

Use insulation tape to tape the two layers together. The three blue strips across the black body in the photo is the tape holding the two layers together.

Do not place the bottle on top yet. It makes a lot easier this way when you add the wheels.

Putting together

Slip each wheel over a 3-inch bolt and secure the sides of the bolts to the sides of the wheel-holes using insulation tape. It is recommended to place the board on something which is as high as the radius of the wheel (not obstructing the wheel-hole) to do this.

Turn it over and you get the neat surface with the bolts hidden under securely. Try to roll it. If you find it OK, proceed. If not, the holes might not be big enough. Widen it a bit and try again.

Place the bottle in the middle of neat surface and use insulation tape to secure it. Make sure the nozzle is facing backwards. That's it. Your car is done. All you have to do now is put some vinegar in it and some baking soda in a tissue paper and close it immedialtely. Shake it a bit so that the tissue paper get soaked and crumbles. The reaction occurs and creates a lot of gas inside.

Place the car on a dirty floor (if it is neat, get ready to clean it again) and remove the cap. Watch it race!

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nirmal 7 years ago

bring more experiments

Glenstorm profile image

Glenstorm 7 years ago from Singapore Author

I will. But there's not much interesting stuff lately to showcase

praveen 7 years ago

u didn't say abt d reaction which is occur in d bottle

poop 6 years ago


shashi 6 years ago

plz give the reaction occuring in the bottle

vipul 5 years ago

it is very interasting

artemis 5 years ago

is there any way prevent the water which is produced frm d reaction frm spilling out?

5 years ago




kalpesh chhabhaiya 5 years ago

ohhhhhhhhh thanx a lot really nice project 100% build it for my college competition...... :)

Nelson 5 years ago

Hey just use vinegar and baking soda for the reaction..... It produces enough thrust to propel the car... WE won the first prize in one such competition held at Techfest

isha 5 years ago

but how does a car work on CO2 as a fuel

vijay 5 years ago

Can we use any other chemicals...

Sagar rathod 4 years ago

Really nice project. . .

VAgina 4 years ago

this 2256su5cks

Err 3 years ago

This is cool

bobby 3 years ago

uranium or you can use plutonium that react with helium as the reaction for the best result, haha!

Amber 2 years ago

Haha u guys don't know how to do this!!

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