How to Make a Demotivational Poster

In case you don't know a “demotivational poster” is a parody of the more traditional motivational pictures with captions that are often sold as posters or seen online. Here is an example of a real one:

And here is an example of a cynical and humorous twist on the formula the serves as an excellent example of a demotivational poster:

They are very easy to make if you are so inclined. You don't have to have any photo-shopping or paint skills to make one. There are a number of websites like . All you have to do is find a picture, upload it, and add a humorous caption. I suppose you could make a serious one but where's the fun in that? Not all demotivational posters specifically deal with motivation at all, however. The conventions have shifted over time that the formula is now just commonly used to tell a joke in a matter-of-fact tone:

Demotivational posters are a great source of humor made possible by the internet but if you go searching for more be careful. Many are crude or sexual in nature.

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peanutroaster profile image

peanutroaster 4 years ago from New England

You forgot to mention to make sure you have the rights to use the photograph. Just finding a photograph on the Internet and using it is stealing.

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