How to Master a Fighter in Mortal Kombat 9

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Mortal Kombat for Xbox 360 and PS3 includes 14 silver trophies, one of which being "My Kung Fu is Strong" which requires you to gain mastery of 1 fighter. The only gold trophy you may achieve is "My Kung Fu is Stronger" which requires you to gain mastery of all fighters in Mortal Kombat.

My Kung Fu is Strong - Gain mastery of 1 fighter in Mortal Kombat

My Kung Fu is Stronger - Gain mastery of all fighters in Mortal Kombat.

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How to Master a Fighter in Mortal Kombat

In order to master 1, or all, of the fighters in Mortal Kombat 9, you must meet the following goals with each one:

Victories - Score 100 victories

Finished - Execute 100+ fatalities

Internal Damage - Perform and land 150+ X-ray specials

Blood Spilled - Spill 10,000 or more pints of blood(of your enemies)

Devotion - Play a total of 24 hours with each fighter(displayed in days:hours:minutes form)

You can check the specific stats of each player by traveling to Nekropolis from the krypt. Choose the fighter you wish to know more about and select view stats. Your goal is to reach the milestone in each category; Victories, Finished, Internal Damage, Blood Spilled, and Devotion.

You can check each fighters stats by traveling to Nekropolis from the krypt and selecting the specific fighter and viewing their stats. Your goal is to reach each milestone to gain the mastery ranking.

How to master a fighter quickly in Mortal Kombat - Let's speed up the process a bit..

While the obvious(and seemingly most fun) way to master each fighter in MK9 is to play through the different modes with them, whether online or ladder matches, and sincerely master each one to a certain degree; There are also a few ways to speed up the process for you trophy/achievement hungry junkies out there. Just be ready to get a little bored.

Victories - The best way to build your victories up quickly is to play 2-player matches by yourself. Boring, I know, but you can rack up almost a victory a minute doing this.

Finished - To quickly increase the number of finishers you have executed just be sure to perform a finisher at the end of each lonely 2-player match mentioned above. Your victories and finishers will increase at an even rate.

Internal Damage - While playing a 2-player match by yourself, be sure to save your special bar until you've built up enough to perform an X-ray attack. If done correctly you will be able to perform 2 X-ray attacks per complete match.

Blood Spilled - While doing the above you will rack up blood spilled pints as well. Some moves are better than others for spilling the maximum amount of blood. The uppercut definitely ranks up there with the best of them. Weapons based moves also work well. You will most likely average around 100 pints per match won.

Devotion - This is probably the most annoying of all the stats. Playing for 24-hours with a player that you don't particularly care for can be a daunting task. Luckily, there's a way around it... sort of. Start a two player match with infinite timer and choose the two players you would like to boost. Then simply leave your console on and do something else. The devotion of each fighter will increase. Remember, the time is written in days:hours:minutes form so 00:00:15 means you've played with them for 15 minutes not 15 seconds.UPDATE: Credit to Ben(see below) for letting us know if you play a tag match instead of a two player match you get credit for both fighters. Cuts the entire process in half ladies and gents.

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???? 5 years ago

wow that's a lot of time ad up all the fighter 28* 24 = 672 which means over all it will take 28 day or more to complete every charricters 24 hour time

Ben 5 years ago


If you do as above but with 2 vs 2 matches you get the time for both players even if the 2nd one is on the tag line. Therefore cutting your time in half :)

Ben 5 years ago

Ps that also works for getting the ladder trophy for every fighter. If you use tag ladder it unlocks endings for both fighter and which ever fighters ending isn't showed when you beat Shao Kahn you can see it in Nekropolis

penningl profile image

penningl 5 years ago from U.S. Author

Good stuff Ben, thanks for the extra tips. I thought I tried doing tag matches and only the tagged in fighter's time went up but I guess I read it wrong.

Yes, lot's of time question mark guy but as far as hunting for the platinum trophy(PS3) goes it's, in my opinion, relatively easy compared to some of the other trophies/achievements.

Sorry for the late reply.

Fujin 5 years ago

By victories do you mean one round or 2 rounds equals one victory ?

penningl profile image

penningl 5 years ago from U.S. Author

2 rounds equals one victory I'm pretty sure.

qqweqweqweqweqwe 5 years ago

###****>>>>for the x-ray put the kombat code 466-466 in for infinite xray that way you can get more xrays per fight

merq 5 years ago

use 044-440 code and one round matches. that way one hit wins you the fight and you can perform a fatality.

onewithsmile 5 years ago

I love dan forden...TOASTY

eyad 5 years ago

i think that if you do armless kombat you will get load of blood pint cause it keeps bleeding

Crazeh.__. 5 years ago

I want to master the devotion time for a character but everytime I use them the time doesn't increase :/ I don't know what Im doing wrong I even added more rounds to the arcade.

MrCico 4 years ago

for executing more x-ray's ,you can use (4,6,6) (4,6,6) Unlimited Super Meter in a tag vs match and perform like 8 per match

Zack 4 years ago

I have everything mastered for Scorpion, my favorite character by far, besides devotion, and I only have like 6 hours, and I'm not leaving my ps3 on for a whole day just to get a trophy, that's such a waste of time and a cheat. Also, I have more tips:


If you go to options and change the # of battles to 1, you will get more victories and fatalities in less time at the cost of less X-Rays.


If you make player 2 attack you, your X-Ray bar will go up along with his, so you can switch between attacking and X-rays back and forth between the characters. Also, if you change the # of battles to 3 (or whatever the maximum is) You can get more X-Rays in at the cost of victories and fatalities.

MrCico 4 years ago


for executing more x-ray's ,you1ll have to go in options change number of rounds to 3 and after you can use (4,6,6) (4,6,6) Unlimited Super Meter in a tag vs match and perform at least 18 x-ray1s per match

and for fights and finishes u can set the noumber of round to 1 and use the code 044-440 code and at the end perform fatality (i use to select the bridge level and perform a pit, because is shorter in this way you can go trough matches faster)

JOELVASSELL 4 years ago


Ej 4 years ago

Does it count towards both fighters for x-rays and blood spilled per match regardless which one wins in a vs fight? Or just for the winner?

hi m oten 4 years ago

yeah it counts for both the fightrs.

thomas 4 years ago

Would it still work if you use some of the game modes you unlock from the krypt?

jone 4 years ago


Bruna 2 years ago

Sounds like Bushido blade on the ps1. There were 2 games in the series and they were made to be more resialtic then other fighters. You could take out peoples arms or legs or even kill them in 1 hit if you struck the right place. Very good and very fun games, I still have my copies of them and play them from time to time.

Alex 2 years ago

Hi Dimitri,Wii is really great game colnsoe. I'm not fun of computer games, but Wii impressed me a lot. I had great hours playing it with friends./PaweĊ‚

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