How to Mod your Wii Without a Modchip

Softmodding a Nintendo Wii

A small hub that tells you how to softmod your Wii
A small hub that tells you how to softmod your Wii

Softmodding - unlocking the Wii to play burned games

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to mod your Wii and play burned games? Well - it is possible; and you don't even need a mod chip! Let me introduce to you: How to mod Your Wii by Softmodding!

Over the past few months I kinda stopped playing my Wii. Maybe because Resident Evil 5 was released for Xbox 360, or maybe because I couldn't find any more Wii games worth buying. Don't get me wrong - I would really like to play games like Super Mario Galaxy, Boom Blox, Resident Evil 4, Mario Kart and a lot of others, but I just couldn't afford them.

So I started to look into modding my Wii with a chip (Wiikey modchip)... What I didn't like about this was these two things:

  • You have to physically open and install the modchip or send your Wii to someone who knows how to do this.
  • It's very expensive - especially if you have a newer Wii model.

So I thought to myself "there must be other ways on how I can mod my Wii". I started searching the internet, and ended up at some forums, that told me about the alternative to chipmodding - Wii softmodding. Softmodding essentially does the same as chipmodding - the only difference is:

  • You don't need a modchip
  • It does not void the warranty of the console
  • It is a lot cheaper
  • It can be done by anyone in matter of minutes

So if you want to mod your Wii I highly recommend that you look at some guides on how to softmod your Wii. Unfortunately there are not many good guides out there. When I softmodded my Wii I had three or four taps open in my browser and my head was spinning! Youtube guides, forum posts etc. It was very confusing and took quite some time to get it right. So I decided to create my own guide on how to softmod a Wii( I think it turned out pretty neat and simple - even a kid should be able to follow these steps :)

I might want to add that although everyone seems to play "pirated" games these days it is still illegal! Although chances of getting caught is equal to 0% I just wanted to point it out anyway... Softmodding a Wii in itself is not illegal in any way though. You can use this to play back-ups of your own games, you can play imported games, you can watch dvds on your Wii, play games you have made yourself and so on...

So lets wrap this up: If you want to legally mod your Wii today - very cheap and easy - you should find yourself a guide on how to SOFTMOD your Wii and forget all about chipmodding!

Hope you found this article interesting and good luck with the softmodding - Now I'll go play some Punch Out with my friends! :)

If you want to learn how to softmod your Wii I have made this very simple guide:

I also just started this blog:

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unknown 6 years ago

hop this works

tity 5 years ago

it burns when i take poopoos

Wii New user 5 years ago

All you complainers...go f**K yourself. All you know how to do is complain. If you have nothing good to say just go F yourselves. Thank you for taking the time and cost to put this information site up for all us newbies that have little or no money. Cheers.

rooster 4 years ago


brandchannel 3 years ago

go to hell

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