How to Play Indoor Miniature Crazy Golf

In the wonderful British summers we get you can’t always go out with the kids to play games.And many of the indoor attractions are way too expensive.Like playing miniature crazy golf. Yesterday we bought a book called ‘Things to do with Dad’ and one of the ideas we tried out this afternoon was called Indoor Miniature Crazy Golf.

The idea is to use as many house hold things as possible to create a miniature crazy golf course.You can use things like books, pans, toilet rolls…but we got even more creative: see below for details!

Reuben (5 years old) has a ‘Gator Golf’ set which we use for the balls and the clubs…but we didn’t find the balls for it!So we used a miniature basket ball instead.

Hole #1

In the bathroom (now called ‘the bunker) we started in the bath.Neither the two boys, nor Mum or me could get the ball out of the bath.We allowed 3 strokes and then a free drop out of the bath, playing the ball from where it lay.We had to then get it into the green bucket, which was in the shower cubicle.Because it was a big step, we used a plastic toy road to help.

Hole #2

Roo’s bedroom.From the doorway, a simple negotiation of the toys on the floor, up into his car transporter.Much harder than it looked!

Hole #3

Down the stairs. We hit the ball down the stairs, onto the first landing, then the second quarter landing, then we hit the ball into a cycling helmet.Because we missed, we allowed the ball to be dropped over the shoulder as a stroke onto the lower quarter step, and replayed the stoke, otherwise you couldn’t get the ball into the helmet.

Hole #4

A long hole this one, and surprisingly tricky.From the front door, down the hallway through into the back room.Under a chair THEN loop back ground to go under the chair the other way!From here, a simple put into the pan.I say simple, kids scored 4 strokes each; Mrs G scored 3 strokes…and I got it in in 9!!!

Hole #5

Our favourite hole.A short put: we hit the ball up the book into the back of Byron’s (eldest son) remote control pick-up truck.Then we drove it forwards then we turned it around and we reversed the truck hard into a cooling rack which was sloped downwards into the grill pan.The force of the jolt knocked the ball from the back of the truck onto cooling rack so that it rolled down it.We all got it down in 3 strokes.

Hole #6

We put the 4 kitchen chairs together in a long line so that the seats formed a straight line, and we hit the ball along the chair seats but if it rolled off then we put it back on, with the cost of an extra stroke.We had to get the ball into the washing basket at the end of the line of chairs.

Hole #7

A seemingly simple task of putting the ball across the kitchen floor and into an awaiting pan, negotiating 4 other pans.Reuben came up with an idea to hit the ball around the silver pan first which made it much harder.Then we hit it around a second pan and tried to get it into another pan which we rested on it’s side.

Hole #8

A straight shot through into the back toilet.The hole was a toilet roll holder – one of those long tubular types.

Hole #9

We hit the ball up a book, and a cooling rack into the downstairs shower cubicle, then had to put the ball into the plug hole.The ball was bigger than the hole of course!

Alternative ideas:

If you haven’t got a putting set, you could use any balls around the house, from ping pong to tennis.Avoid those small super-bouncy balls though as they could smash something.For clubs anything long could work, as long as they have enough surface area to hit the ball with.You could even wrap a newspaper up tightly and use that.

All in all, a splendid book all about things to do with Dad, and I (dad) enjoyed it.Building the course was just as much fun, and it whiled away the afternoon.

Fun scores for the activity (out of 10):

Byron: 9

Reuben: 152

Dad: 10

Mum: 9.5

Gator Golf game
Gator Golf game

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