How to Play as Monsters In Skyrim (Mod)

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This is part 1 of my 2 part tutorial on how to make any monster fully playable in Skyrim and shape shift into it with a spell. On this page, I show you how to fix the camera view for each monster race and enable all of it's attack animations to be used by the player. I also show you how to create a new variation of each monster race so you have the ability to turn into whichever visual variation you wish to.

In part 2, I will teach you how to create new shape shifting spells that will allow you to turn into the monsters you make playable here. When you are finished with the part 1, click the following link to go to part 2: How to Create New Shape Shifting Spells in Skyrim

Before We Get Started

Before we get started and I show you how to make monsters playable in Skyrim, I would first like to announce that I just barely released the final version of my own Master Shape Shifter mod version 2.8.4. Watch the trailer for it below and, if you want, after the video post I'll list intructions on how you can download it yourself! :-]

Then after that, the tutorial will continue.

Download Master Shape Shifter Mod v1.8.4

You can download my Master Shape Shifter mod in the video description of the following link on Youtube! Enjoy. :]

Step 1 - Round Up Your Tools

Before you can start making various monsters playable in Skyrim, you need to round up your tools!

For this tutorial you will need the following:

1) NifSkope with Skyrim XML file

2) The Creation Kit

3) Fallout Mod Manager

Step 2 - Fix The Camera

Monster's cameras are, by default, at ground level in between the monster's legs for some reason. To fix this, we need to add a new camera bone to whichever monster you want to make playable.

First off, you need to extract the skeleton.nif file of the monster you wish to play as and put it under Data\Meshes\Actors\<whatever the monster's name is> . To do this, go to your Skyrim\Data directory and right click 'Meshes.bsa'. (If the monster you want is in an expansion pack, DLC or mod, you may have to instead open the .bsa file of that mod.) Now, select 'open with...' and from the list that appears, select FOMM.

Navigate to the directory of the creature you want and extract the skeleton.nif file to the directory specified above. You will also need to extract the main character's skeleton.nif file. You can find that under actors/character/character assets/skeleton.nif.

So far so good? Now open up NifSkope and load up the skeleton .nif file of the creature's skeleton you extracted. Open a second window of Nifskope and open up the character's skeleton .nif file as well so you can see both side by side.

You want to copy the 'camera 3rd' section from the main character's skeleton to your monster's skeleton. To do this, right click 'camera 3rd' and select 'block > copy branch'. Then right click at the top of your monster's skeleton . nif file where it says 'skeleton.nif' and select 'block > paste branch.'

Now you want to go back over to your main character's skeleton file and, for each of the entries including and under 'camera 3rd', click the little 'txt' icon in the bottom window panel and that will pop up a dialogue box that says 'select a string or enter a new one.'

Copy whatever text is in the bottom field and go over to your monster's .nif file and click the same little 'txt' button there. Paste the text you copied from your main character's file here. Do this for all five lines. When you are finished, you should have something similar to the picture to the right.

Great! Now save your skeleton.nif file for the monster to replace the old one.

To test at this point, fire up Skyrim and open the console. Use player.setrace 'whatever race the monster is' to make sure your camera is working properly.

If, for whatever reason, the monster and camera are shaking uncontrollably, shrink the dimensions of the bounding box (which shows up as BBX [2] in NifSkope). Some monsters, like the frostbite spider and dog, do this.

Step 3 - Enable Your Monster's Attacks

Close out of FOMM and NifSkope, if you haven't already and open up the Creation Kit.

Load up Skyrim.esm and click File > Save to save your new plugin. Once you have done that, go under Gameplay > Animations from the menu bar at the top of the window. This will load up a list of all the .hkx animation behavior files in the game.

Navigate to the monster you want to edit and click the little plus sign next to it, to expand the list of all of it's behaviors and their related animations.

Now, some monsters will already have entries called 'ActionLeftAttack' or 'ActionRightAttack', but even if they do, they won't be able to attack most of the time, except for the draugr and skeletons. I am about to show you how to enable their attacks whether they have them or not.


#1 Right click at the top of the list where it says Actors\<monster category>\behaviors <monster type>\etc and select 'Insert Child'. This will bring up a list of new behaviors you can add.

Add the following:





#2 Go through to each of the actions you just added and enter a name under 'ID' and then select which attack animation you want each behavior to trigger. I recommend using ActionJump for the forward power attack and dual attack as a different power attack.

#3. Click 'OK' then click save.


For example, the Falmer has his left attack animation set to use magic and his right attack button set to use his bow, when it's equipped.

If you run into a similar situation, the solution is simple. Simply select either the right or left attack and, instead of messing with the stuff underneath it, just change the animation of the behavior ITSELF from 'NONE' to whatever attack animation you want to play.

NOTE #1: When testing out the attacks in game, I have found that the wolves and dogs attacks naturally don't hit when they attack most things - including NPCS. They play the animation, but their attacks don't register as hitting the NPC.

The solution I have found to this is to open up the monster's skeleton.nif file in NifSkope and go to the section called 'NPCRoot'. Here you, you need adjust the translation by sliding it forward on the Y axis by 20 points. So, I would change Y from 0 to 20 and save it.

In addition to adding 20 points to the Y axis of NPCRoot, you also need to subtract 20 points off the Y axis dimension of BBX [2], which is the character's bounding box.

Now, depending on the size of the creature, you may need to adjust the NPC Root translation and BBX [2] Y dimension by MORE or LESS than 20 points. The rule of thumb here is that the creature's head should be visibly sticking out of the bounding box while his body is still within it.

This solved most of my issues.

However, sometimes, such as in the case of the horker and mammoth, this alone does not work. If you find a monster that this isn't fixing the problem with, in the Creation Kit, go under 'Character > Race' in the left hand object window. Double click on the race of the monster you are trying to fix and go under the 'Combat Data' tab. Change the 'Unnarmed Reach' box. I normally double the number that's already there and then experiment from there.

In fact, if the monster you wish to play as non-bipedal, you better do this, I've found.

NOTE #2: If for whatever reason some of your monster's attacks stop working in game, it's because you were previously a different creature with spells equipped. To fix this, open up your magic menu and equip and spell in both hands, then unequip it. You may have to use player.setrace to go to another creature and then back to the one you want to be at the moment in order to get it to work, but this should re-enable your attacks.

NOTE #3: If your creature attacks with it's head (such as dragons shouting), you need to disable the head tracking, so it won't always be looking in the opposite direction of where you are trying to aim. To do this, open up the creature's race entry under 'Character > Races' in the toolset and uncheck the box that says something along the lines of 'uses head tracking.' This will allow you to aim the dragons head toward wherever the target is.

Step #4 - Choose Your Variation of Monster

There are tons of different variations of monsters in the game that are not currently assigned their own race. This means you can't play as all of those other variations, without doing this first.

#1 In the Creation Kit, go under 'Race'. Look for the race of monster that is the base type that you want to play as. Open it, and go over to the 'Body Data' tab. Now, under the tab that says 'Skin', you will see it's currently set to whatever variation is default. Take a look on the drop down list to see what other variations there are BUT DO NOT CHANGE IT YET!

#2 Find the variation you want to play as and LEAVE THE DROP DOWN BOX AT DEFAULT SETTINGS FOR NOW. Instead, Change the name of the race in the top box that says 'ID' to match the variation you want to play as. Click 'OK' and it will prompt you with a message saying that race doesn't already exists - do you want to create a new race? Click YES! If you click 'no', you may cause serious issues.

#3 Now, load the new race back up off the race menu. Under the 'General Data' tab (where you start), in the bottom right hand corner it will say 'Copied Data' with two drop down boxes underneath that are currently set to 'NONE'. Change both of these to whatever the base monster type race was that you duplicated.

#4 Go back under 'Body Data' and NOW you can select the variation of monster you want. Take note of the name of the monster race you changed it to, because that's what you will use in the console command player.setrace to turn into the monster in game.

Then again, if you forget, you can always use the console command 'findform race <keyword of monster's name>' and it will return a list of matching races in the game.

Step #5 - Become The Monster

Once you have done both all of the previous steps, it's time to jump in game and test everything out, so load up Skyrim Launcher and make sure your .esp file is selected from the Data list. Launch the game.

Once in game, go player.setrace <whatever race you just modified>. You should be able to attack and have your camera in the correct place.

Now, you'll probably want your monster specific spells and weapons. To get them, use the console command 'help <keyword from monster's name> 4'. This will bring up a list of all the instances of the monster's name in the game. Use the page up and page down keys to scroll through this list until you find entries called 'SPEL' or 'WEAP' or even 'ARMO' or 'AMMO'.

Once you found what you want, use player.additem or player.addspell to get them.

If it's an item, you need to specify a quantity at the end. For example, 'player.additem 0001AC43 1'.

If it's a spell, you'll also need to use 'player.equipspell <refcode> left' (or right, if you want to equip the spell in the right hand.) You may even have to do player.equipitem, if it's a weapon that's not set to show up in your inventory.

NOTE: If you put the spell in the wrong hand, it will mess up the monster so it can't attack at all. If this happens, setrace to another monster and then set it back and try the other hand.

At this point, you are ready to create a new shape shifting spell that will allow you to transform into this creature at will! To learn how to do this, click through the link to part 2: How to Create New Shape Shifting Spells in Skyrim.

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Robert 5 years ago

Shit i don't even get step 2 done.

I think i do alright with the skeleton.nif but not able to get it working ;(

Why don't u just release the mod already?

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City Author

Still not quite finished adding everything I would like to add. :] aaaand the video still isn't at 20,000 views yet.

Robert 5 years ago

20 thousand? -_- well lets hope u get those soon.

Can u explain me what iam doing wrong? i have those skeleton.nifs in my created /meshes/actors folder, but it doesn't seem to work and i really don't know why. Did i forget somethin?

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City Author

Did you copy the camera bones correctly? Did you go through and change the txt names for each of the 5 parts? If they are in the correct directories, it must have something to do with incorrectly modifying the skeleton.nif camera bones.

Robert 5 years ago

i got it already the path was wrong.

its not meshes/actors/what ever monstername, its meshes/actors/monstername/character assets/skeleton.nif

managed to get my dragon attacking, but as u said iam not able to make him hit any target no matter what i do :(

can't fly either...just shout over and over...

wondering if i ever get my dragon for a flight...

Crimsonfilm 5 years ago

uhmm... is it normal for my character's skeleton.nif file to have only one value on the left side when I load it up using the NifSkope?

Crimsonfilm 5 years ago

nevermind, I was looking at the block list instead of block details xD

Crimsonfilm 5 years ago

crap, okay, I can't find the "3d Camera" that you mentioned x.x

Crimsonfilm 5 years ago

like... I'm using the dragon priest, and all I can find is "3rd Person"

Crimsonfilm 5 years ago

nevermind, I got it... I'm so horrible D: you can delete all my other comments xD

robert 5 years ago

Jared can u tell me the Parameters to make a dragon Hit? Iam trying Hard but nothin is working

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City Author

Robert, if you're changing the bounding box so the dragon's head is sticking out and it's still not hitting, go in Creation Kit and under DragonRace (or whatever race it is) change the unarmed damage under the combat data tab.

kyle 5 years ago

so, how does one load the files to nifskope? it just says this whenever I try

""failed to load file header (version 14020007,""

"failed to load nif from 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/meshes/actor/characterskeleton.nif'"

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City Author

You need Throttle Kitty's Skyrim XML file for it.

kyle 5 years ago

is that from nifskope? googled it but im not sure which one to get

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City Author

Yes, it's an add-on for nifskope. You can get it from here:

kyle 5 years ago

so after downloading, what do i do with it?

kyle 5 years ago

and now all the files are .hkx

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City Author

.hkx are animations. You don't need to mess with those until you're inside the creation kit to enable the attacks. Put it in the Nifskope folder and say yes when it asks you to over-write the old one.

Now you'll be able to open the skeleton.nif files from Skyrim.

kyle 5 years ago

still doesn't work, i replaced the file, and got this

""failed to load file header (version 14020007,""

"failed to load nif from 'C:/Users/Kyle/Desktop/meshes/actor/skeleton.nif'"

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City Author

Are you sure that it over-wrote the old one?

If so, I have no idea why that could be happening. Mine works fine and so does everyone else's that I've helped with this.

I just barely released my mod though, so if you want all of the polymorph spells already made, you can download it here:

Be sure to read the read me file as it explains how to use it. :]

If you would still like to make your own shape shifting mod, however, I would google your error that you're getting and see if anyone else has had that issue and what might be causing it.

Best of luck!

kyle 5 years ago

just figured out 7zip does .rar files, downloaded your mod, this is awesome! thanks a ton

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City Author

Any time, man. :] Version 2.8 is coming soon with some great changes like visual effects for the spells and no longer having to complete the companions guild to get them to work, so stay tuned.

Djile 4 years ago

to fix the camera i've tried to export the file but i don't really understand where i'm supposed to put the "skeleton.nif". U said to use the Data/Meshes/... but in the Data directories i don't have Meshes.

rayhaku 4 years ago

Hmm, my monster is invisible, I even did the copied morph data part correctly.

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 4 years ago from New York City Author

You must have accidentally made a mistake somewhere along. However, I released my most recent version of the shape shifter mod so you could just get that. Here is the link:

rayhaku 4 years ago

I guess I could just do that. I was hoping to only use bear and sabrecat. Thanks anyway for the reply though.

Buff the bear's defense, stam, and hp.

Then give the cat increased attack speed, movement speed, and stealth.

profile image

SpiritFireSoldier 4 years ago

Jared, I am new to this. I did follow your steps, but when I got to the "camera 3rd" part, I got lost. At my end, there seems to be no 'camera 3rd' listed. All I see is '3rd person', which I am guessing is not the same thing.

Can you help me?

Vincent Valentine 4 years ago

Please help. Where do i put the skeleton.nif file after I am at the end of step 2. If its in the meshes file, how do i get it in there. Thanks in advance.

Kat 4 years ago

Is there a other kind of Fallout Mod Manager? as it's a bit hard to follow it all as I don't have fallout and the instalion wants me to add the game...

NinJim 4 years ago

total thanks bro, I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Throttle Kitty's Skyrim XML file was what I was missing.

Aezeal 4 years ago

I'm trying this with a steamcenturion (which does have a copied race I'm actually using which didn't change anything in body section or anything)

But after doing this tutorial I still have camera between legs and before I did this he could attack and now he can't....

Is there something special with that creature type or is it me (and in that case what did I do wrong).

Aezeal 4 years ago

Forget my comment; today it did work (w/o additional changes) must have been something in CK or skyrim, even though I used a clean save.

Zac 4 years ago

Um I'm making a Slaughterfish transformation and whenever I try to turn into one it crashes to the desktop

Ryan 4 years ago

listen i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really v reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally want this mod so can u plz plz plz plz plz add at least a pre version because i cant do this cause im 10 and nothing works nifskope don't work and i don't own fallout

Ryan 4 years ago

hey anyone who got it to work can u uplode it cause this der brain wont even if it has errors i want it

Ryhor 4 years ago

I can't fix the camera. Could you look at this and say what the problem is?

Ryan 4 years ago

hey im stuck with the camera thing cause i don't know how to get the skeleton.nif file in the skyrim meshes please help ive wanted to be certan creatures in skyrim for ages

Shayne 4 years ago

Whenever i go to extract the skeleton.nif it brings up a window, and i find data and meshes but it asks me to save to or overwrite the entire meshes directory. Can someone help?

Jake 4 years ago

Hey, I got to the part, "Copy whatever text is in the bottom field and go over to your monster's .nif file and click the same little 'txt' button there..." and filled in all the fields for the monster's .nif, and when I went to test it out (at this point you said it should work) by using player.setrace, it still have me the camera view of their feet. I followed all instructions before that, so I'm not really sure what went wrong. If you read this, think you can explain those steps a little more thoroughly? Maybe I missed something, or maybe I did something wrong. Thanks for this article too by the way, this is the first mod I've ever attempted for Skyrim (hopefully not the last ;))

Mr. Jester 4 years ago

Hey I can't get past step 2!

What do you have to do to replace the file? And there's a camara01 in the monsters skeleton file do I have to delete that? And do I have to use creation kit at any point? :)

Someone 4 years ago

How do I replace the skeleton.nif file?

SIAO 4 years ago

For some reason my Draugr Ragdoll is always t-position do you know how to fix that?

mcbel profile image

mcbel 4 years ago from New Hampshire


jmk1992 4 years ago

this is confusing as hell. i copied the branch in step 2 but now i can't find it in my monster's inf file thing...

jmk1992 4 years ago

im sorry i meant nif file.

jmk1992 4 years ago

Figured it out. man i'm an idiot. I tested it and it's working, thanks. now my next question is; Can I just "copy and paste" all the animations from the character behavior file to my monster's behavior file?

Laura 4 years ago

This is a really helpful tutorial, but I'm curious to know if you can somehow apply this technique to a follower in order for them to change their form as well? I attempted to set one of mine up with a polymorph custom spell but no luck...

Ben 4 years ago

Hi, I've followed your explanation to the letter but when I activate the spell nothing happens. I get the effect like the spell is activated but I remain human. Any idea why or how to fix this?

Sergio 4 years ago

I did everything you say in Readme.txt and nothing change. What's worng?

Paolo 4 years ago

Hey Jared. Just wanted to thank you for an amazing 2-part tutorial. I've managed to create my own morph spell which transforms my character to a Sabre Cat. Would it be possible though to enable Sabre Cats to use powers so that I can make a revert to Human form spell? Currently when I play as a Sabre Cat I cannot access menus. Pressing 'Q' nor 'TAB' doesn't seem to be doing anything. Cheers.

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 4 years ago from New York City Author

Hey Paolo. :] Glad you enjoyed my tutorial. I wasn't able to figure out how to make the sabre cat or certain other creatures use powers in game, so how I resolved this was creating an in-game item called 'revert human form'. Then I created an external bat file called 'bat r', that added the staff to the player. Thirdly, I attached a section of the polymorph script that says that, when the player receives the item 'revert human form', to basically change him back into this human form. The last step was I wrote an autohotkey prgram that made pressing 'F1' in game execute bat r. This ultimately made it so pressing F1 in game gave you the item which turned you back into a human, then removed the item.

As linked in the top of my tutorial, my very own polymorph mod has the is functionality built into it. Feel free to check it out.

Paolo 4 years ago

Great. I'll try to do something similar to what you did. I may need to fiddle around with scripting. Is there some sort of reference you can suggest to get started with scripting? Plus I'm not sure if you have time to explain this but I was also wondering how to use a custom skin for creatures. I managed to make the ArmorAddon to use for the skin and used the custom DDS file for the new TextureSet but all I get in-game is an invisible sabre cat. When I use the base sabre cat skin everything is fine. I'm not sure what I'm missing. It would probably be nice if you can do a tutorial on something like this :D But anyway, thanks again.

Paolo 4 years ago

Sorry for the double post. I managed to figure out how to use the custom skin. I set the Copied Data section back to NONE and that did the trick. Got one other question though. You mentioned that if you've never finished the quest of becoming a werewolf you will never be able to go back to your original form? There's no workaround for this? Does this mean the revert form for your mod will not work if the user hasn't done the quest?

Christo 4 years ago

Alright, got the camera all set, everything's good on that front, but once I SetPlayerRace I only have a basic right hand swing, and if I open any menus then close them again I have no attacks whatsoever... There's something in the setting animations that I'm not understanding/doing correctly.

Christo 4 years ago

...and yes, unlike most people I read the tutorial in its entirety before asking. Repeatedly. I tried the "help 'race'" tactic to search fro my races spell list, lo and behold there are none. I added the "Flames" spell to my race itself, tried again, "Flames" now shows up TWICE in my Destruction list, and yet remains unusable. I'm doing all this with a dup. of the Flame Atronach race.

GuruSR 3 years ago

I'm working on a transformation quest, I've made a Draugr Warlord race, set the skeleton up properly, but when the player is transformed back to normal from that race (I tried removing all the race's spells and keywords), going into town, people cower when the player gets close. They didn't do this before the transformation to the Draugr Warlord, and I can't find anything that would cause them to cower as such! Nothing, all the spells and all the abilities are properly removed, I am not sure what else could be causing it. Anyone have any suggestions?


GuruSR 3 years ago

Solved my issue above, now trying to track down how to erase the "player" as a player and make it look like the player actually *is* the race and not the player. Not sure if PlayerFaction is all I need to remove and add the factions of the other race, since it seems that isn't all of it.


Meee 3 years ago

Hi there.

I have successfully fixed the cam for the chaurus hunter and am in third person view, this tutorial is truly amazing, but the cam shakes and I have no idea where this... bounding box can be found. It isn't listed at the skeleton and don't know where to find it.

Can someone help please?

Quick Question 3 years ago

Do we really need the fallout mod manager to do this if so, Why?

Quick Question 3 years ago

Disregard That...

DAMN IT!!! 3 years ago


Quick Question 3 years ago


I can't even extract the .nif to Data\Meshes\Actors\(whatever the monster's name is) every time I try it says [path does not exists, Check the path and try again] WTF. I have the Skyrim.xml everything seems to be working fine but i can't get to step 3 without fu#king extracting the GOD DAMN MOTHER FU##ING FILE F##KEN SH#T BIT#H!!!

Pharmc965 3 years ago

Hello! ddadegd interesting ddadegd site! I'm really like it! Very, very ddadegd good!

rory 3 years ago

I was going to do it, but can you get a huminoid creature (ie spriggan) to wear armor

Ryan J. 3 years ago

Okay so I'm confused.

I found both .nif for the skeletons.

I extracted them both to my desktop.

Then I went and took copied the necessary branches from the Character's skeleton.nif and copied them to the others.

Did the TXT insertions.

But then you say to just save and overwrite the old one.

How do I overwrite it?

Where should I have extracted the files to originally? This information would've been useful.

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 3 years ago from New York City Author

@Ryan - I *did* say where.

"First off, you need to extract the skeleton.nif file of the monster you wish to play as and put it under Data\Meshes\Actors\whatever the monster's name is "

Ryan J. 3 years ago

I actually did notice you said that moments after. Apologies for the hostility.

But I actually meant for a DLC monster.

Such as the Gargoyle.

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 3 years ago from New York City Author

It should go in the same folder, if I remember right. I made a gargoyle shapeshift spell a few months ago and I believe I put it in the same folder.

Ryan J 3 years ago

I tried doing meshes\actors\DLC01\Gargoyle

And meshes\dlc01\actors\gargoyle

And nothing. I would glady appreciate the help with this, I've been wanting to do a quest mod featuring the transformation into a Gargoyle.

This would help greatly.

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 3 years ago from New York City Author

Have you tried just Data\Meshes\Actors\? Without the DLC folder? It's been so long since I've done this I am trying to remember how I did the DLC creatures.

Ryan J 3 years ago

I have, although in the .bsa for the DLC it says vampirebrute,

So maybe I should be doing


Also, should I be adding it to Character assets folder?

Or JUST the VampireBrute\Gargoyle?

sir 3 years ago

for me there is no way to save it to the meshes\actors file ? am i supposed to use fomm to save it into the meshes file or do i just create new folders ?

Tywele 2 years ago

Hi, I wanted to follow your tutorial by making a spriggan shape shifting spell. But I wanted to do all spriggan forms (spriggan, spriggan matron, earth mother and burnt) but I only found a skeleton.nif for the standard spriggan and the burnt one. Does that mean the matron and earth mother one are using the same skeleton.nif as the standard one?

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 2 years ago from New York City Author

@Tywele - Yes, they all use the same skeleton. The skeleton is the animations in game, so whenever in question, ask yourself if the two monsters use the same animation set.

@sir - Yes, create new folders. There shouldn't be any there to begin with.

@Ryan - That is correct. Always use the exact pathname and folder names that it says in FOMM in the .bsa archives.

[Rox] 2 years ago

I really doing this a lot and thank you for showing us how to do this!

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 2 years ago from New York City Author

Glad you're enjoying it. :]

Dumbass 2 years ago

Could you make a video? I don't understand the part where you need to do something with the texts :( PLEASE HELP!

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 2 years ago from New York City Author

I don't believe I have any of the software I used to have or the tools any more. It's been ages since I've played Skyrim or modded it at all. Lately I've been playing a lot of D3. Which part specifically? Are you referring to the part where you need to rename the branches in NifSkope? If so, what seems to be the issue?

Dumbass 2 years ago

My issue is that Im from Finland and I don't understand this part below.

Now you want to go back over to your main character's skeleton file and, for each of the entries including and under 'camera 3rd', click the little 'txt' icon in the bottom window panel and that will pop up a dialogue box that says 'select a string or enter a new one.'

Copy whatever text is in the bottom field and go over to your monster's .nif file and click the same little 'txt' button there. Paste the text you copied from your main character's file here. Do this for all five lines. When you are finished, you should have something similar to the picture to the right. :(

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 2 years ago from New York City Author

Oh okay. So you know the main character's skeleton nif file? You open that up in one window in Nifskope and you open the monster whose skeleton you are creating a camera for in Nifskope in another window and have them open side by side. Then you go under 'camera 3rd', by clicking the little symbol that expands it so you see a lot of other things appear below it. Then click 'txt' next to them and select what it says, right click 'copy' then create a new branch by right clicking on the 'camera 3rd' part of your monster. Once you do that, right click 'copy paste' the text into the blank places so it looks exactly like the main character's camera 3rd entry. Do that for each section below 'camera 3rd' on your monster's skeleton.

Dumbass 2 years ago

I messed up the skeletons before, so I have to reinstall the game. But I think I understand that part now. Ill try it again when I have reinstalled the game. Thanks :)

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jaredbangerter 2 years ago from New York City Author

Sounds good! :] Good luck.

Salad 2 years ago

Hey just followed this along and completed part 2, but I cannot seem to use a modded creature though. I am using a modded flame atronach, only difference is that it's blue. I can become it via setrace no problem, but put it into the spell and then nothing happens while the regular flame Atronach does work, I am simply selecting the modded creature race.

Confused 2 years ago

Hey...I am working on a mod, and part of features the player transforming into a giant fox. Basically, the fox is within its own race, and it unique to other foxes. It also has its own skeleton, which is modified properly with the camera and everything. It all works smoothly...the spell and being able to run around as the creature, however, I cannot get the attacks to work at all. I set up attacks under the animation tabs, and have a different attack assigned to each button. What am I doing wrong? My fox won't perform any attacks at all in the game. The most it can do is go in and out of attack mode. :/

Yarag 2 years ago

Why is the Master shapeshifter mod under review by a mod? Could you look into this? I've been trying to access it for couple of hours. Want to play as a dragon priest so bad :(

AWP HunteR 2 years ago

I can't find camera 3d!

Can any1 help me?

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Danny Carello 2 years ago from Gwinn, Michigan

How to you get the spells to work on the monsters such as Spider and Chaurus Reaper poison spit to work

pyro9999 6 months ago

so im trying to make the gargoyles playable and ive done all of the steps with no real problems and ive made a new folder for it and everything and its not working. i put a vampirebrute folder in data/meshes/characters with the character assets folder and i edited the skeleton like you said to but i dunno if its not registering something or what but the camera isnt fixed. ive tried naming the folder a few different things like gargoyle and dlc1vampirebrute but nothing is happening... help plz? ill keep working on it though i dunno if ill succeed...

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