Facebook Bejeweled Blitz Tips and Comprehensive Guide

Rare Cat Eye Gem

New Phoneix Prism
New Phoneix Prism | Source
Cost: 25000 Rare Cat Eye Gem, give you bonus score after your game finished
Cost: 25000 Rare Cat Eye Gem, give you bonus score after your game finished

Daily Spin

3 Gems in a Row for Big Rewards!
3 Gems in a Row for Big Rewards!
Daily Spin: You can make a few to 1 million gold coins in Daily Spin!
Daily Spin: You can make a few to 1 million gold coins in Daily Spin!
phoenix prism
phoenix prism

Enjoy the Latest Daily Spin of Bejeweled Blitz

Popcap's Bejeweled Blitz is one of the most popular facebook puzzle games where millions of people rushing for the 1st rank in their scoreboard everyday competing with their friends. This 1 minute short gaming experience do really drag your attention and make you addicted to it!

The Latest Bejeweled Blitz versions update has been released on June-3-2011. Comes with a new features of "The Rise of the Phoenix!" a new rare gem harvest price at 75,000 coins.

The Phoenix Prism summon six prisms into your game board, these wildcard gems will match any color to trigger a diagonal blast (a power up version of star gems while it can be triggered whenever you want!) The effiency of Phoenix Prism has already reflected with it's expensive cost! Keep play in the Bejewled Blitz and farm with your first Phoenix Prism Now!

Daily Spin allowing players to gain extra bonus coins by a daily spinning machines! Three Jewel in a row will grants you up to 1 million golden coins instantly (Blue Gems)and players can buy any Boost-up freely! Play Bejeweled Blitz at: http://apps.facebook.com/bejeweledblitz/

As so many people asking for the tips on how to scoring high in facebook bejeweled blitz game, here is an official tips in the site: http://apps.facebook.com/bejeweledblitz/gameplay.php read it through carefully to get brief understanding on the "Bonus Gems" functions and used it wisely!

Although there are tons of cheat at firefox adds-on that players can find in the internet to helps you "cheating" for high score, I am not trying to recommend any of it. As players should enjoy the game itself rather than rushing for a "fake" score, that is no point to brag with something you actually didn't possesed at all! Try to enjoy the game instead, needless to say that using of add-on may resulted in account banned when this game violation's been detected.

So, here comes with my tips to score over 500,000 - Updates: 500k is my average score when "Bejeweled Daily Spin" Introduced, with all 3 Boost as standard in each game. In fact, you need some luck to score higher. My latest highest score is 749,000.

Back to the tips, you have to understand these points:

1. Try to be fast enough to recognize the best connection you can find of. A simple "3-in-a-row" is worthing much less score than a "5-in-a-row". To get bonus Gems like hypercube, Star gem and Flame gem retains higher priority than you get a quick 3-row connects. (Staying Calm and don't over reacted on the timer~ hence you would probably missed the HyperCube / Star Gems by connecting it to a Flame Gem!) You will only get around 200k even you connect as much 3-Gems as possible, so bear in mind that you need cascade combination rather!

Bonus Gems that triggers "Trained Reaction" is much more important than making a lot 3 in-a-row. Targets on Gems' Quality rathen than Quantity.

2. To keep / generate bonus gems like hypercube, star gem and flame gem is important because the scoring concepts prioritize as below: (Base on this priority ranking to detonate the gems respectively)

i) Multiplier Gem - is the major contribution in scoring, each mutliplier gem exploded will lead to next level of multiplier. Scoring 400,000 will mostly require you detonate a x7 multiplier gem. So this is the 1st Priority to detonate it just as you see it. (How to attach multiplier gem described in below)

ii)Blazing Speed - is the time when you have boosted the bar to max level and step into blazing speed period, if you trained many gems in time and fast enough to stack up the speed bar, you will enter into blazing speed where every normal 3 connections will be exploded (same as Flame Gem effects). If you are stacking up with x7 or x8 multiplier gem, that will be a remarkable scores! You can recognize when you will going into Blazing Speed by the pitch tone in the game.

iii) Hypercube / Star Gem - in my point of view, sometimes star gem is even more effective then hypercube as star gem effectively clears the horizontal line and vertical lines of gems which guaranteed a good area of cleansing (that important to trigger an automatic cascade). Hypercube may somehow ineffective when the gems surrounded did not occupied much space. (But 2 Hypercube together would clear the whole map - mass volume of scores!!!)

(Use it Right away!) - you should detonate the hypercube right away as if it existed unless you see "rooms" that you could make TWO hypercube resides each other directionally. While align two hypercube together would cleansed the whole map, it is the best while this happened at the last seconds of your game! Hypercube should be detonated right away, though its tempting to hold until better chance, but Bejeweled Blitz is a 60 seconds game, you can not expect there always be a better chance to apply hypercube while you are forfeiting 3 or 5 more seconds, maybe you will be awarded with another hypercube or star gem by those cascade detonation!

(iv) Star Gem - effectively clears horizontal and vertical lines of gems (obviously the best position to explode Star Gem is around the center area!)
Hypercube - clears all gems in a kind. Link 2 Hypercube together will cleanse all the gems in the map!

3. The highest prioirty of Bejeweled Blitz is to attain Multiplier Gems as many as you can and finish it off as soon as possible. Stacking up to a x8 multiplier gems should rewarding you a nice finishing scores!

To attain Multiplier Gems follows this rules:

Multiplier Gem - These gems are created by creating large cascades or using power gems to destroy a lot of gems at one time. Matching the Multiplier Gem will multiply all points you get from then until the end of the game.

In my experience, to attain a multiplier gem is not specifically means you finish the connection in the fastest speed, you have to be well-planned (or as lucky to) for the dropping gems automatically connects with the laid gems surrounded "without player interference". You can hear a sound tone raising gradually into higher flag to recognize whether you are "Cascading" all the way to get a multiplier gems. 5 consequent chain will rewarding you a multiplier gems. So if you can make a chain (either 3-in a row or more) that connects 2 sets of gems, you are just need to be "as lucky" waiting for the dropping gems automatically fills the remaining connections itself.

4. From the advices above - you understands that how to attain the multiplier gems which essentially means that you should always keeps the gems ploted well together, at least most gems should be 2 by 2 together so it comes easier for "Falling Gems" fits in the gap and trigger the cascade connection.

5. Always play at the bottom and center point of area (as possible). To detonate Mulitplier Gems located at the Top lines or Diagons of the game map is the most hardest task! Try to move every boost / special gems into the center point, so the awarded multiplier gems or another hypecube / star gems could also be falling into the center (the ideal location). Always playing at the lower position is somehow beneficial too, as you could likely having better chance to trigger longer detonation i. Just imagine if you connect 3 gems in a row at the top lines, it usually stucked when the new 3 dropping didn't fit in. Because you are actually losing the upper area so its 25% chance less for the dropping gems could be detonated automatically.

6. My last tips that I recognized from most of my friends (beginners in Bejeweled) is: DON'T waste your time looking and enjoying for the chained connections. You shouldn't be distracted at all by watching how marvelous the explosion you created, you should always keep your eye on those static area and looking for your next steps. Many of my friends do stunned for a few seconds watching the cascades where they actually losing precious times to attain higher scores!

Keep you eye on the board looking for next combinations!

Hope these helps you scoring well in the game! Enjoy Bejeweled!


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x8 Multiplier Gem (Make sure you grabbed x3 Multiplier before 30sec!)
x8 Multiplier Gem (Make sure you grabbed x3 Multiplier before 30sec!)


Selection of Boost

  • The mystery gem ($6,000) puts a random special gem on the board when you start
  • The detonator ($3,000) is a one-time chance to demolish every special gem on the board
  • The scrambler ($4,000) mixes up the gems on the board on demand, up to two times
  • The additional time item ($4,500) (referred to as +5 seconds in the list)
  • The multiplier ($7,500) comes with the x2 multiplier at the begining of the game

This is important to spend your coins wisely as the player is only allowed to purchase of 3 power Boost at a time. Always stack enough coins before purchase any boost as you should consider purchase any "3" at any game!

*Mulitplier is a-must boost up as you saved a lot more time to stack up your scores when your points collected has been muitplied by two at within 3 seconds. Extra +5 seconds timer boost is another critical boost up for higher scores as those last 5 seconds are usally critically scoring points with x8 or x9 multipliers.

The Last Room of 3 Boost:

1. Mystery Gem Boost: rendering a random mystery gem which can be Fire Gem (NO!), Star Gem (Yes!), HyperCube (Great!)

2. Scramble: scramble can be unexpectedly useful when you are in chain reactioning.

3. Detonator: as a professional players targeting to score the highest in the leaderboard, you should be able to detonate any Boost gems by yourself ;)

Special: Moonstone

Appear randomly after the game finished. Moonstone costing $25000 with the functions as presenting 3 Flame Gems at the game started. It's a nice "random" extra Boost with Moon Stone, so be prepared to keep 43000 coins anytime (25000 + 18000)

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Comments 36 comments

d hunt 6 years ago

great tips

studentcashnow profile image

studentcashnow 6 years ago

i have to cheat end of story lol

sun 6 years ago

studentcashnow: me too :P

Black Sofa 6 years ago

Wow, thanks for taking the time to make this guide. It is going to help me so much.


mcaine 6 years ago

awesome...coolest tips ever seen

madamad 6 years ago

great thanks!!!!

PaulaK profile image

PaulaK 6 years ago from Austin. Texas

I want that score! Thanks for the tips!

daniko 6 years ago

is there any highscore top , like an all time one? or even a weekly one .... that i would find interesting.

funmoojo profile image

funmoojo 6 years ago Author

hi daniko, by the moment, FB bejweled blitz game only show the highest score among your friends!

C.Y. 6 years ago

Does anyone know why I am not getting the daily spin in Bejeweled, appreciate any advise

funmoojo profile image

funmoojo 6 years ago Author

hi C.Y. i have no problem at all~ and i made a 1m coins yesterday :D

Guess its probably the timer is not yet reset, just wait! ;)

mdbfan 6 years ago

I am not getting the daily spin opportunity either. :(

Irish 6 years ago

Can you remove your ranking on facebook?


Charlene 6 years ago

I have not been offered a free spin for several days, and tried the suggestions on the Technical Support, does anyone have any other suggestions for me? I really miss the daily free spins.

slkstarlite 6 years ago

My daily spin begins and then the spin window goes blank and the spinning just continues and doesn't stop...I have to refresh and so lose everything...boo hoo Has anyone had the same problem?

funmoojo profile image

funmoojo 6 years ago Author

i have no problem with daily spin, wonder what happened on you guys' pc. Is that something related to your firewall setting such as blocked cookies? jvm?

alex 6 years ago

how do u cheat?

martina 6 years ago

how come im not getting a ree spin on bejewelled the last couple of days ???

alpinedigital 5 years ago

saving coin, he says? I have 2.5 million in coin. Most of my game is practice practice, not attempts to score high. This builds so much coin, plus collectin shared coin/free spin adds up nice!

ivanov 5 years ago

?????? ?????? ? ????-??????? ?????!

funmoojo profile image

funmoojo 5 years ago Author

re alp, utilizing the extra buff bought from the coins is actually a part of the game, I see no point why we shouldn't admit the higher scored brought by these buffs :)

cyndi 5 years ago

is there any way to get a cheat to get the cat's eye gemstone in bejeweled blitz on facebook? It doesn't offer it very much and I love that gemstone

funmoojo profile image

funmoojo 5 years ago Author

yes cyndi, i love the cat's eye too! but i dont think there are cheats to get the gem. Using any cheat engine on fb games would most likely causing an error :P

LMKordus 5 years ago

Why can't I buy coins using Firefox to access Bejeweled Blitz??? Very annoying!

GrammarPolice 4 years ago

Great tips. Too bad the grammar is so bad that it is barely readable!

Jamie Lynn Correlli 4 years ago

Can they show us the doggone badges?! I couldn't find the right website to show the 100 rank badges!! :'(

My 10-year-old son is so obsessed with these rank badges and he really wants to take pictures of all of them with his iPad and wants to put them in a photo album so he gets as overexcited as possible! :-!

Lorenz 4 years ago

why is the score keeps on resetting every week????? this really pisses me off.

Bill Lowe 4 years ago

cannot open bejeweled blitz on face book anymore. What has gone wrong?

Bill Lowe 4 years ago

Still cannot open bejeweled from facebook

Cathy 4 years ago

Cannot load bejeweled blitz, or other games on facebook anymore. What do i need to do

lch 4 years ago

Coins still not adding up on bejeweled...... Hope someone at popcap figures this out soon.

Futamarka 3 years ago

Хотите проверить себя? Нет лучшего индикатора, чем утреннее собрание смены. Когда вы собираете сотрудников перед трудовым днем, насколько вы озабочены тем, в каком настроении ваш персонал начнет работу сегодня? Порой менеджеры дают такое утреннее «напутствие» обслуживающему персоналу, после которого в пору писать заявление об уходе; ни о каком хорошем настроении на работе говорить в таком случае просто не приходится. И хорошо, если после пары часов сотрудник придет в себя и улыбнется-таки покупателю искренней, доброжелательной улыбкой. Основной идеей shift-meeting является яркий, позитивный «заряд», который менеджер передает всему коллективу. К сожалению, чаще всего все сводится к объяснению обязанностей на сегодня и перечислению товаров в «стоп-листе».

plepsisfaph 3 years ago

When i used to acquire high on living nevertheless lately I've piled up any level of resistance.

markjonesgypcom 3 years ago

Speed is the essence with luck of the board layout. You can get Blazing Steed going at a much slower pace than you would think, but you have to keep the rhythm consistent.

I would normally score between 550-975k with Blazing Steed from the start with 3 specials, extra time, scramble and the Multiplier. These extras are a must, forget the Mystery Gem & Detonator.

The in-game Multiplier is the most important weapon, start racking them up early as possible for big scores.

Haven't made the million yet but I've hit the late 900,000 a few times now!

cheer 3 years ago

does anybody know how to get 2 flames gems with danator.

Johnb376 2 years ago

Really enjoyed reading ur blog. egkeeedgckbc

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