How to Select Water and Bath Toys For Your Kids

Water Toys -Will they suit for the babies ?

These toys or the so called bath toys are made to suit the babies which help their time in water playing or to divert the attention of the baby so to have an interaction with the parents. These toys are usually made of plastic which may also include soaps of various nature and variety of sponges in very different sizes like the characters seen in cartoons .

List of Water and Bath Toys for Babies

Look at some of the toys for babies

Mickey Mouse bath toys

There is a wide range of Mickey Mouse bath toys to be collected as well as own them. They had been a staple of international culture of pop for more than 80 years, Mickey Mouse is liked and loved by every body ,children young and old, especially in the bath. Take the brand new bath toys for water amusement or hunt the older collectible ones to enhance your water collection of bath toys.

Water Toys

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WaterWheel Play Table
WaterWheel Play Table
WaterWheel Play Table

Water and Bath Toys

Bath mobiles

For your baby's tub play you can select a wide range of toys. Bath toys are mend for the baby to have a look or to have a play with different objects dangling in the water,while having bath ,the most popular is the bath mobiles

Bath Boats

The small version of ships are made as plastic which is used as bath boats they are usually popular with elder children as they float on the water during bath .The rubber ducks are popular among them which is made of yellow colored plastic as well as orange bills , these ducks make noises when it is squeezed and it floats on the water

There are different types of waters squirter's from the range of animals to the guns both the children as well as the baby has fun using these toys .The sponges are made in different varieties and they act as a source of interest for the baby.

  • Bubble bath special solutions are accompanied with bubble toys When a ring is passes through a soap solution and then waving in the air the bubbles are formed and floating over the bath
  • Bath books are story books made of plastic which can be used for reading during bath time without the fear of wetting the book under water.
  • The soft toys like bath puppets are made with fabrics like flannel which can be immersed in the water without fear. Normal toys can also be used as bath toys which children may enjoy playing like the Plastic balls Containers,Dolls etc

Select Your Water Toys

  • Stage One : firstly you should make yourself familiar with the wide range of water toys which are currently available at the market ,super markets and malls are ideal places at which you can search for the toys of your choice. Or you may contact toy companies like Pool Toy.
  • Stage Two:Where you want to or plan to use the water toys. The pubic pools are mostly restricted to use water toys by individuals or any flotation devices.
  • Stage three: Before going with water toys into the pool firstly identify the size of the pool, small pools can only accommodate few number of toys but big ones can fit a play island.
  • Stage Four: The Children's age is an important factor, smaller children will be happy with inflatable pool boats and other toys, while older children chose to have challenge of chasing sinking toys.
  • Stage Five: Toys can be selected based on price and quality ,select a budget reasonable for you can search products which comes under your limit and buy which has the reputation for good quality.
  • Stage Six: Storage space should be identified before you purchase these toys,do not buy lot of bulky toys it is very difficult to be stored.

Things to Remember before Selecting Your Toys

How well to Choose the Baby Bath Toys

When you are planning to buy bath toys then you should keep in mind that these toys should really entertain your child and also be safe .

When you choose the baby toys please try to consider the following things.:

  • Is the toys safe for use ? 
  • Is the age of the child is right at this point of time ?
  • Is this a sturdy toy? 
  • Is this toy create any safety problem? Or it may have any chance to break as pieces which may cause harm to your child ?The Color as well as design makes any appeal ?

  • Step One -Strictly follow the age recommendations and never try to give it to children of lower age which may result in shock,choking as well as drowning.

  • Step Two - Do not try to purchase unusual and out of date bath toys as they are often manufactured with lower safety features than modern ones.

  • Step Three - Ensure that bath toys which you are going to purchase are authentic at your local shop by Disney-approval ,as well as legally licensed products.

  • Step Four -Bring with you some of the friends along to enhance your tub time fun and also you can use Disney features like Donald to play with.

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AllMomNeeds2know 6 years ago

The toy that u have pictured was a lot of fun for my 2 year old. Great hub!!! luv ur articles...Fiona

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Kevin Peter 6 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Do you know the name of that toy ? Am searched for the same toy in Amazon But I didn,t Get it. If you know the name send it to me

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