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Dreamworks has done it again. The Creators of Shrek have created another instant Classic. This movie is loosely based on the children's novel of the same title. If If you haven't seen this movie yet you really should. This is not one you want to wait until it comes out in DVD. The 3-D effects were awesome. You were actually flying with Hiccup as he and Toothless were soaring through the sky. This movie has left an impression on me and I am sure a bigger impression on my son. If you want to keep the memory of this movie alive then pick out a piece of How To Train your Dragon merchandise here. We have plush dragons. I promise the they will behave if you give them a good home. We also have action figures that put the McDonald's brands to shame, ( although they were pretty good!)

 Re- live the moments of this great movie again and again.  Toothless, the gronkles and the zipplebacks are all back to save the day! 

First we will address the stars of the show, the Dragons. First up is the Zippleback Dragon two headed and fierce if provoked, but as cute as a kitty if you treat them right! This plush dragon stands 39 inches tall!

The next on our list is the Plush Gronkle. It has pose able wings.

The Plush Nightmare Dragon is next it is 30 inches tall.

The Night Fury is 33 inches long.

And the Plush Deadly Nadder is 34 inches. All of these plushes can double as a pillow if you are trusting enough to sleep with them! The How to Train your Dragon plush dragons are going fast so get them while they last!

Then we have the Mini talking plush Night fury, he talking Plush Terrible Terror and my son's favorite the talking Gronkle. Pet any of these dragons to hear their ferocious howl!

The Talking Gronkle is five inches tall and roars when you touch it. The Gronkle received three and half stars from two customer reviews. Parents love that this is small.  Children love that this toy makes noise!  Parents commented that Amazon had the best price!

The Mini Talking Night Fury is also five inches high.  Parents gave this talking dragon three out of four stars.Parents state the eyes, nostrils and mouth are sewn well.  They also comment how much their children enjoy this Night Fury.

The Mini Plush Talking Nader is pretty cute too.  It has it's eyes mouth and even teeth embroidered into it.  I love how it has the light blue and the contrasting yellow.

The Mini Plush Talking Terrible Terror stand five inches tall and is bright green.  he has eyes embroidered into him along with his nostrils and little smile.  This  is a very popular talking dragon as there are very few left at this time!

How about the Dark Grey Mini Plush Gronkle. All six of his eyes are embroidered into his head.  And all of his teeth!

Collect all of the dragons and characters from the movie. These four inc plastic collectibles depict the in detail the Dragons from the Dreamworks production, How to Train your Dragon. Collect the Grunkle, the Night Fury and the Zippleback and the Terrible Terror. Even collect some of the viking characters from the Movie. Collect Hiccup the hero.

Hiccup comes in Viking garb with his own crossbow. Customers like the detail on Hiccup. Order one soon there are very few left.

The Zippleback action figure is just one of the dragons featured as an action figure. It is four inches tall and sets on a spring. Parents state this dragon is a nice collectible. 

The Deadly Nadder action figure stands four inches tall.   It also has a stand you can hook with a spring.

How to train your Dragon for your gaming system

Nintendo Ds brings us the movie as a video game. This game allows you to be any of the six dragons from the movie. You can modify their appearances to your liking. Help your dragon level up by fighting vikings. Become the ultimate dragon trainer! This game is reasonably priced. For one or two players.

This game is also available for Playstation 2.

How to Train Your Dragon is available on the Wii system too

 This is right up my son's alley.  Hatch your very own Dragon egg!  Just place in warm water to see he surprise inside.  Sometimes it will be a dragon and sometimes it will be a viking.  Which one will you get?  Try some out today!

Coming Soon The Movie!

 This is definitely a must have for your DVD collection or your Blu-Ray.  Sign up now to be notified when this movie becomes available so you can relive this movie again and again!

Decorate your child's room in their favorite theme.. How to train Your Dragon! This Sheet set is for a twin bed. it includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a pillow case.  Complete the look with a twin comforter!

Keep your loved ones warm aand comfy with a How to Train Your Dragon Pillow and throw.  The Blanket features Toothless.

 There are books for every age here. The How to Train Your Dragon Board Book lets your youngster mix and match dragon parts to create your own dragon. There are over 200 dragon combinations. The How to Train Your Dragon Chapter Book is made for readers ages 9 through 12.  This novel is based on the movie. Cressida Cowell has made several books based on the characters in the movie.  These series of books are made for reader ages 8 through 12.

 If you are intersted in adorning your walls with How to Train Your Dragon Posters, there are many to choose from!  Several posters feature Toothless as well as the other Dragons!

 You can be a dragon slayer much less a dragon trainer without your viking hat!!  These are reasonably priced party hats.  There are three to a pack.

Favorite Dragon

In the Movie, How to Train Your Dragon, who was your favorite Dragon?

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paige  5 years ago

ahh this film is amazing,we watched this and then watched avatar and we prefered this,so im now looking at the merchandise to buy something for my mum for her birthday :)

William 5 years ago

Pure amazing film, just a shame on the let down of the merchandise

Sally 6 years ago

I have watched this movie like a blillion times and never get tired of it

meliss 6 years ago

dude i loved this movie. soooo good!

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

Sounds like a terrific movie you sold me. I love dreamworks. Nice job.

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

It is an awesome movie! Thanks for stopping by!

Sandyspider profile image

Sandyspider 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

I want to see this! So cool.

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